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Pool of Radiance Patch Info

Discussion in 'Game/SP News & Comments' started by NewsPro, Dec 18, 2001.

  1. NewsPro Gems: 30/31
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    May 19, 2015
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    (Originally posted by Darien)

    The readme file for PoR patch v1.3 has been posted on the official forums, but the patch itself isn't available just yet. Here's the list of fixes covered by this latest addendum to the game.

    Pool of Radiance 1.3 Patch Readme


    The Pool of Radiance 1.3 Patch fixes many game play bugs and game balance problems in both single player and multiplayer. The 1.3 Patch is compatible with Pool of Radiance 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2. However, the 1.3 patch does not include the 1.1 installer/uninstaller patch. We recommend you use the 1.1 installer/uninstaller patch to uninstall 1.1 and 1.2 versions of Pool of Radiance.

    1.3 Patch Fixes
    -Single Player-

    Elena and Garras attacking the party
    Two enemies getting involved in the same combat creating a can't continue issue
    Doors relocking once closed and losing the key
    Problems with Jarial appearing in multiple places at once
    Getting stuck near Preybelish in the dungeons
    Fifth character gets stuck in a rock after level transition
    Problems with Eadred and only one party member trying to free him
    Activating the draw bridge from Stillwater causes problems
    Dwarven Statues attack you incorrectly in the Dwarven Tomb
    Eadred stuck in wall when go to retrieve him
    Pelendralaar takes no action and gets an error message
    Monsters not making saves when moving through web
    Wrong texture on cone of cold sometimes
    Incorporeal monsters get stuck in walls when turned in a wall
    Points put into Open Lock while blind don't show
    Effects of fountains don't match descriptions
    Delay Poison causes Poison to get stuck
    Defend isn't working correctly
    Orcs getting more than 1 AoO
    Margoyles not moving to engage party
    Improved invisibility not working correctly on all equipment
    Walk into wall in the Hall of Stone
    Hanging woman returns at pumphouse after saving and reloading
    Poison from trapped chest not dissipating with sleep
    Word of Venom speaks itself every time you pass
    Character able to move at 0 HP
    Level drained not working properly if level up occurs after
    Players not getting AoO against Pelendralaar
    Part of House of Gems that monsters don't follow party
    Remove Fear not working correctly
    AC and save bonuses not showing up on character sheet from prot from evil
    Damage showing as 0 above character if vampiric touch on player
    Shields not providing AC bonus is Mage Armor is on character
    Immune message not showing up all the time
    Prot from Evil not giving saving throw bonus all the time
    AoO being missed by characters if a surprise round occurs
    Saving throw penalty stacks with itself for Cause Fear
    Too many times the game informs user that a feat has been used
    Pathing problem with a hallway
    Detect Magic not working properly
    Monsters visible in a room even though a message that nothing is seen is given
    Casting spells on Athan before he joins party has inappropriate text message appear
    Poison graphic still appears over dead character's body
    Attacking a stunned character does not give bonuses
    Stunned character's still receive Dex bonuses
    Character is not awoken when hit by magic missile and asleep
    Healing animation plays when Cult mage dies of Melf's Acid Arrow
    Sunderstone shows wrong number of charges
    Spell Resistance not displayed when spells are cast
    Wrong text message when climbing down a well
    Switching party leaders after searching an invalid object will cause leader not to move
    Monsters lose AoO after surprise round
    Spell effects appear on rest screen
    Orogs engaging combat before the party discovered a secret door in the Catacombs - First Cellar
    Orogs getting stuck in a fence in the Deep Hall
    Greyanna's Drow can't be targeted if you talked to her too long

    Client's character sheet remains on screen as Host in quitting
    Changing party leader while transitioning causes the leader icon to follow the cursor
    Book does not have charges
    Graphics problem when using the view character icon
    Drinking from fountains gives effects to players and hosts
    Host can cast client's spells when client's spell is selected
    Various out of sync issues with screens being up
    Error message appears on host machine instead of clients in combat
    Spells do not refresh with new games
    Load Game grayed out inappropriately
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