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POLL: Favorite D&D version

Discussion in 'Dungeons & Dragons + Other RPGs' started by Maurolava, Jan 25, 2006.

  1. Rawgrim Gems: 21/31
    Latest gem: Pearl

    Dec 11, 2004
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    None offence taken Yoshimo`s heart, so don`t worry about it. I don`t see it as a personal attack from the oposition when he\she makes valid points in discussion (some people do though hehe). And I stand corrected with the elephant str score, I checked after posting, and it was, as you pointed out, the 2ed str score. So my bad on that one. But as for your blade barrier comment, I still disagree.You sumon 8 longswords , EACH doing 1d8 damage. Ergo the damage reduction should count against each d8. Had it been a single giant sword doing 8d8 it wouldn`t be a problem. also I would think that with the monk`s becoming etheral for 1 round per level is way overpowerd. I mean a monk fights a fighter, he uses all but one attacks, and uses the final attack as a free action to activate his etheralness. Then its the fighters turn, who now has a 50 percent miss chance on all his attacks. Then the monk uses his first attack as a free action again, and becomes corporal, dealing damage untill his final attack, and repeats the process. Ohh and I have been wondering about something, wich I haven`t found the answer to. Nobody seems to know. What happens to a magical creature\being if it walks into an area of anti-magic\dead magic? Good question yes? Hope for some good replies.

    PS- I wasn`t bashing 3ed, it sounds like it I know. But I was explaining why I dislike it. My fav d&d rules are the 2ed rules, for the record.
  2. Yoshimo's Heart Gems: 13/31
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    Jul 11, 2005
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    Interestingly enough the blade barrier description in 3.5 states that it is a wall made up of blades of force and is in fact a force spell. It unfortunately does not state whether they effect as a majic weapon but since it is a force effect it may not need to. Also while it may make sense for each d6 in a BB is a single blade hitting you the spell is balanced to be used as a single gian hit of blades at once though for fun and flavor you could settle it as individual attacks.

    Ah yes empty body is sweet but it works like the spell and therefor takes a standard action to use (though I admit it is a little confusing how they wrote it and if you press the issue I will admit to be at an impass and be unable to prove what I just said). Thus he could go ethereal but he couldnt attack until his next turn. Now if this is a free action then it is way overpowered as then he could actually attack in the round he uses the ability.

    I will admit monks are a bit powerful and leave some classes a little wanting but getting to those high levels of power is very difficult.

    Anti magic shellness. Good question and I have an answer! Summoned creatures and incorpeal undead wink out while the field is in their area and reapear when the field leaves their area. Those Creatures with spell resistance within the filed when the spell is cast have to pass their SR checks in order to not wink out.

    The spell does not effect Golems or other magical constructs that are permanent and self sustaining. Non summuned Elementals, Corpereal undead, and outsiders are not effected except that they can not use their spell like abilities and supernatural abilities while in the field.

    Woo hoo ask more fun questions I like those and I will be back soon!

    edit: aww Fel I thought for sure if you were going to compare using tomatoes then you would say that 2nd is a tomatoe and 3rd is Ketchup! Also hey I am all for arguing with the knowledge that noone is going to change their mind and we are doing it for fun! Oh and I will go with 3rd becuae it is more fun to argue for third against something classic like 2nd which is very difficult to do (especially since that is what brought me in to D&D) and besides I have my 3rd books on me and thus I can make better arguements for 3rd rather than for 2nd information wise (I remember a lot of its info but not everything).

    [ February 19, 2006, 19:41: Message edited by: Yoshimo's Heart ]
  3. Felinoid

    Felinoid Who did the what now? ★ SPS Account Holder

    Jun 13, 2005
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    Definitely no, because I do like ketchup (I was one of those weird kids who would suck it right out of the packet :alien: ), but I still hate tomatoes. And it is because of this possibility of making something good out of something completely cr*p that I will ever even give 3.5e a try. :p But it ain't happenin' any time soon.

    I'd say 2e is more like an ambrosia fruit anyway. ;)
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