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New Game, RPers Wanted!

Discussion in 'Role-play Corner' started by Urithrand, Jan 16, 2008.

  1. Urithrand

    Urithrand Mind turning the light off? ★ SPS Account Holder Veteran

    Jul 26, 2004
    Likes Received:
    [19:49] <+Cadaran> 67 o_0
    [19:49] <+Razan> Ohh
    06[19:49] * Pirin shouts "Bugger off, you three, do you want to die here?" in common
    [19:49] <+Razan> (Was gonna say... Think an init that high deserves a couple of suprise rounds XD)
    [19:50] <Pirin> (Pardon my French ;))
    [19:50] <+Imnolu> It was 18 -_-
    [19:50] <+Cadaran> [you rolled that in the garden room]
    [19:52] <+Cadaran> [can we do something?]
    [19:52] <+Imnolu> I kicked the door in.
    [19:52] <Pirin> "Does anyone have some sort of smoke torch, or alchemists' fire, or something like that?"
    [19:52] <Pirin> "Otherwise, I will be 2 meters behind those leading the charge."
    [19:52] <+Imnolu> (Guys, the door is technically open right now)
    [19:53] <@Gruta> (Then it's Pirins turn I believe)
    01[19:53] <@Dungeon_Master> Hokay!
    01[19:53] <@Dungeon_Master> No it's not
    01[19:53] <@Dungeon_Master> The first goblin sends an arrow directly at Imnolu who opened the door
    01[19:53] <@Dungeon_Master> !roll d20+1
    [19:53] <@Mystra> Dungeon_Master, d20+1: 4 (Total: 4, Avg: 4.00)
    06[19:54] * +Imnolu dodges Matrix style
    01[19:54] <@Dungeon_Master> lol
    [19:54] <Pirin> "Okay, are we going in?" Pirin asks, and if they nod, he calls for to Oxena "Lady of Winds! If we ever honored you, grant us your blessing to win this day!" he half-sings, half-shouts
    01[19:54] <@Dungeon_Master> She indeed dodges the arrow with very little effort
    01[19:54] <@Dungeon_Master> Pirin! You're up!
    [19:54] <Pirin> (standard action: cast bless. All get +1 attack, +1 morale saves vs fear)
    [19:55] <Pirin> (move action: ready spear)
    01[19:55] <@Dungeon_Master> Hokay, wanna move anywhere?
    01[19:55] <@Dungeon_Master> It takes a move action to ready a spear? o.O
    [19:55] <+Razan> (Isn't readying a standard or full round?)
    01[19:56] <@Dungeon_Master> Well whatever, I'll allow it
    [19:56] <+Cadaran> [how far away is their little chair fort?]
    01[19:56] <@Dungeon_Master> The second Goblin fires at the magic man! Pirin!
    [19:56] <Pirin> (No, I mean take it our or whatever... I think you needed quick draw for it to be free.. Well if he can move he moves inside and takes cover if possible)
    01[19:56] <@Dungeon_Master> Too late
    01[19:56] <@Dungeon_Master> Cadaran, about 30ft away
    01[19:56] <@Dungeon_Master> !roll d20+1
    [19:56] <@Mystra> Dungeon_Master, d20+1: 6 (Total: 6, Avg: 6.00)
    01[19:56] <@Dungeon_Master> The second arrow flies wide, hitting the wall
    [19:56] <+Cadaran> [can they see Pirin through the doorwar? i thought Immy would be standing in it]
    [19:56] <+Cadaran> doorway*
    [19:57] <Pirin> (AC 13, let me know if I have some cover)
    01[19:57] <@Dungeon_Master> (Why is everyone in Coronation Street such a dispicable excuse for a human being?)
    01[19:57] <@Dungeon_Master> Cadaran!
    01[19:57] <@Dungeon_Master> Your turn
    [19:57] <Pirin> (Say what?)
    [19:57] <+Cadaran> [can i get past immy in the doorway?]
    01[19:58] <@Dungeon_Master> Sure, it's wide enough
    06[19:58] * +Cadaran moves towards the Goblins forst thing
    01[19:58] <@Dungeon_Master> You can reach them
    01[19:58] <@Dungeon_Master> Melee range?
    06[19:58] * +Cadaran attacks the nearest goblin
    [19:59] <+Cadaran> [only got a long sword]
    01[19:59] <@Dungeon_Master> Sure
    [19:59] <+Cadaran> !roll 1d20+4
    [19:59] <@Mystra> Cadaran, 1d20+4: 15 (Total: 15, Avg: 15.00)
    01[19:59] <@Dungeon_Master> You strike him soundly
    [19:59] <+Cadaran> !roll 1d8+2
    [19:59] <@Mystra> Cadaran, 1d8+2: 3 (Total: 3, Avg: 3.00)
    01[19:59] <@Dungeon_Master> brb#
    01[20:00] <@Dungeon_Master> the sword slashes across his gut and he bleeds heavily, but he's still standing and extremely angry
    01[20:00] <@Dungeon_Master> Razan!
    01[20:00] <@Dungeon_Master> You're up
    01[20:00] <@Dungeon_Master> Cast a damn spell!
    01[20:01] <@Dungeon_Master> :¬P
    [20:01] <+Razan> Shush, dick :¬P
    06[20:01] * +Razan moves into the room, and FIRES AN ARROW LOL
    01[20:01] <@Dungeon_Master> -_-
    [20:01] <+Razan> At the goblins, obviously
    [20:01] <+Razan> !roll 1d20+2
    01[20:01] <@Dungeon_Master> The arrow drops inexplicably out of the air >_>
    [20:01] <@Mystra> Razan, 1d20+2: 12 (Total: 12, Avg: 12.00)
    01[20:01] <@Dungeon_Master> Gruta!
    [20:01] <Pirin> (is everyone adding their +1?)
    [20:02] <+Cadaran> [oh, no]
    [20:02] <+Razan> oops
    [20:02] <+Razan> I got 13
    [20:02] <+Cadaran> [didnt make a difference to my roll]
    01[20:02] <@Dungeon_Master> Well regardless it doesn't change any misses
    01[20:02] <@Dungeon_Master> GRUTA
    01[20:02] <@Dungeon_Master> Hello?
    01[20:02] <@Dungeon_Master> :¬P
    06[20:02] * @Dungeon_Master prods Occy
    06[20:03] * @Gruta shouts out and charges the nearest Goblin
    01[20:03] <@Dungeon_Master> You can't charge
    01[20:03] <@Dungeon_Master> There's a pile of debris in the way
    [20:03] <@Gruta> (Well I walk then XD)
    01[20:03] <@Dungeon_Master> But you can reach them with a standard move aqction
    01[20:03] <@Dungeon_Master> :p
    [20:03] <@Gruta> !roll 1d20+5
    [20:03] <@Mystra> Gruta, 1d20+5: 25 (Total: 25, Avg: 25.00)
    01[20:03] <@Dungeon_Master> W00T!
    [20:04] <@Gruta> !roll 1d20+5
    01[20:04] <@Dungeon_Master> Confirm?
    [20:04] <@Mystra> Gruta, 1d20+5: 15 (Total: 15, Avg: 15.00)
    01[20:04] <@Dungeon_Master> It's a crit
    [20:04] <@Gruta> :¬o
    [20:04] <+Razan> lol
    01[20:04] <@Dungeon_Master> Your club bears down ominously!
    [20:04] <+Razan> A million? XD
    [20:04] <@Gruta> (Halberd)
    01[20:04] <@Dungeon_Master> Your halberd too!
    01[20:04] <@Dungeon_Master> :¬P
    04[20:04] <+Razan> Tim, just assume it's dead >_>
    01[20:04] <@Dungeon_Master> lmao
    [20:04] <@Gruta> !roll 6d8+7
    [20:04] <@Mystra> Gruta, 6d8+7: 33 (Total: 33, Avg: 5.50)
    01[20:04] <@Dungeon_Master> The manner of death is just as important
    [20:04] <+Razan> lmao
    [20:04] <Pirin> (6d8?)
    [20:05] <@Gruta> (x3 damage :3)
    01[20:05] <@Dungeon_Master> The goblin looks almost comical as it body explodes into a mess of brownish green blood and bits of bone and hair
    [20:05] <Pirin> (eep... is a goblin even supposed to split this way?)
    [20:05] <@Gruta> (And it's +21 not +7 >_>)
    01[20:05] <@Dungeon_Master> You are spattered with warm blood, trickling down your bare skin
    [20:05] <@Gruta> (I'm wearing armour!)
    06[20:05] * Pirin looks with mouth open.
    01[20:05] <@Dungeon_Master> Not on your face :¬P
    [20:05] <@Gruta> (touché)
    [20:06] <+Razan> "Holy Jehovah!"
    01[20:06] <@Dungeon_Master> The other two Goblins stare at Gruta in tarror
    [20:06] <@Gruta> TARROR!
    01[20:06] <@Dungeon_Master> Imnolu!
    [20:06] <+Cadaran> [how do you have a 2d8 for the halberd?]
    [20:06] <@Gruta> (LARGE!)
    01[20:06] <@Dungeon_Master> She's a large creature
    [20:06] <+Imnolu> !rol 1d20+1
    [20:06] <+Razan> (She's large :¬P)
    01[20:06] <@Dungeon_Master> We've been through this :¬P
    [20:06] <+Imnolu> !roll 1d20+1
    [20:06] <+Cadaran> [ah]
    [20:06] <@Mystra> Imnolu, 1d20+1: 13 (Total: 13, Avg: 13.00)
    [20:06] <+Cadaran> [i forget]
    01[20:06] <@Dungeon_Master> Immy did you add an extra 1?
    01[20:06] <@Dungeon_Master> For the spell?
    [20:06] <+Imnolu> Er, no?
    [20:06] <+Imnolu> So 14
    01[20:06] <@Dungeon_Master> Awesome, what are you attacking with?
    [20:06] <+Imnolu> Sword
    01[20:07] <@Dungeon_Master> From there? 0_0
    01[20:07] <@Dungeon_Master> That's a long old sword...
    06[20:07] * +Imnolu shrugs
    01[20:07] <@Dungeon_Master> Unless you're throwing it? :¬D
    [20:07] <+Cadaran> [throwing swords? >_> ]
    [20:07] <+Razan> (Oh go on)
    06[20:07] * +Imnolu hurls her sword
    06[20:07] * @Dungeon_Master shrugs
    01[20:07] <@Dungeon_Master> If you say so
    01[20:07] <@Dungeon_Master> Roll damage
    06[20:07] * +Imnolu grabs her and her brother's dagger from her backpack
    [20:07] <+Imnolu> !roll 1d8+1
    [20:07] <@Mystra> Imnolu, 1d8+1: 6 (Total: 6, Avg: 6.00)
    [20:07] <Pirin> (swordchucks, yo)
    [20:08] <@Gruta> (Wait, thrown sword?! o_0)
    [20:08] <Pirin> (it works if you treat it as improvised)
    [20:08] <+Razan> (How many swords would a swordchuck chuck....)
    01[20:08] <@Dungeon_Master> The sword flies Braveheart stylie across the room, coming down to impale the goblin in front of Cadaran
    [20:08] <Pirin> (Woot! Go Immy!)
    01[20:08] <@Dungeon_Master> Blood once more splashes outwards, soaking Cad as the goblin drops, twitching violently to the floor
    06[20:09] * +Cadaran blinks as a sword appears from no where taking out the Goblin infront of him
    01[20:09] <@Dungeon_Master> Luckeh :¬D
    01[20:09] <@Dungeon_Master> Pirin!
    01[20:09] <@Dungeon_Master> Your go!
    [20:09] <+Imnolu> "Sorry, Cad!"
    [20:09] <Pirin> can I move to attack the last goblin?
    [20:09] <Pirin> (in melee?)
    01[20:09] <@Dungeon_Master> Sure
    06[20:10] * Pirin runs towards the goblin, seeking to impale the little greenskin
    [20:10] <Pirin> !roll 1d20+2
    [20:10] <@Mystra> Pirin, 1d20+2: 15 (Total: 15, Avg: 15.00)
    01[20:10] <@Dungeon_Master> You hit!
    01[20:10] <@Dungeon_Master> Rawr!
    [20:10] <Pirin> !roll 1d8+1;damage
    [20:10] <@Mystra> Pirin, 1d8+1: 6 (Total: 6, Avg: 6.00) [damage]
    01[20:10] <@Dungeon_Master> Mystra, what's with the good rolls tonight?
    [20:10] <@Mystra> Dungeon_Master, maybe -- give me more money and ask again.
    [20:11] <+Imnolu> Don't jinx it!
    01[20:11] <@Dungeon_Master> Your spear takes him painfully in the stomach. The goblin drops to one knee, panting heavily and fearful for his life, eyes wide
    [20:11] <Pirin> (Mystra and Oxena went to school together.)
    [20:11] <Pirin> "Which way out?"
    01[20:11] <@Dungeon_Master> He is doing what apparently looks like pleading in Goblin
    01[20:11] <@Dungeon_Master> Blood is trickling from his mouth
    [20:11] <Pirin> (I hope he understands common)
    01[20:11] <@Dungeon_Master> His hour is near
    [20:12] <+Cadaran> "Someone heal him"
    01[20:12] <@Dungeon_Master> He spits gobbledegook at you crying
    06[20:12] * +Imnolu goes towards the goblin
    01[20:12] <@Dungeon_Master> He draws back, scuttling away from you
    01[20:12] <@Dungeon_Master> He is bleeding a lot
    [20:12] <+Cadaran> "Imnolu, do not hurt him any more"
    06[20:12] * Pirin mutters a prayer and tries to touch the goblin
    06[20:12] * +Razan points directly at the goblin and starts speaking in arcane tongues
    [20:12] <+Cadaran> "Razan!"
    [20:12] <Pirin> (CMW)
    01[20:12] <@Dungeon_Master> Pirin, touch attack
    [20:12] <+Razan> !roll 1d4+1
    [20:12] <@Mystra> Razan, 1d4+1: 2 (Total: 2, Avg: 2.00)
    [20:12] <+Imnolu> "Cadaran, I don't plan to."
    [20:12] <Pirin> !roll 1d20+2
    [20:12] <@Mystra> Pirin, 1d20+2: 20 (Total: 20, Avg: 20.00)
    [20:13] <Pirin> (do I get str to touch attacks?)
    01[20:13] <@Dungeon_Master> Yep
    [20:13] <Pirin> "Little fool"
    01[20:13] <@Dungeon_Master> But you hit anyway :p
    01[20:13] <@Dungeon_Master> But unfortunately, Razan has murdered him in cold blood.
    [20:13] <Pirin> (before or after I healed him?)
    06[20:13] * +Cadaran turns towards Razan
    01[20:13] <@Dungeon_Master> The spell takes the goblin in the chest and he drops dead instantly
    [20:13] <+Razan> (Finally, some recognition!)
    01[20:13] <@Dungeon_Master> Before
    [20:13] <+Cadaran> "Why did you do that?"
    [20:14] <+Razan> "They're scum, they deserve worse"
    06[20:14] * +Imnolu spins the dagger in her hand, walks to Razan and points it at his throat
    [20:14] <+Cadaran> "You killed him in cold blood!"
    06[20:14] * +Cadaran steps between Immy and Razan
    [20:14] <+Imnolu> "He pleaded. He pleaded for your kindness and you murdered him. You're filth, do you know that?"
    06[20:15] * +Imnolu shoves Cadaran out of the way
    [20:15] <+Razan> "You'd rather have let him live?"
    06[20:15] * Pirin sighs. "Not much we could do, either way. By Astaroth's seven horns, Razan, if you don't have pity at least have reason. He could have led us out"
    [20:15] <+Cadaran> [str check...]
    [20:15] <Pirin> "Do you think he was stupid enough to try anything?"
    [20:15] <+Imnolu> "I'd rather see what he meant. But no, you couldn't even give him a chance."
    [20:15] <+Imnolu> !roll 1d20+1;shove Cad
    [20:15] <@Mystra> Imnolu, 1d20+1: 9 (Total: 9, Avg: 9.00) [shove Cad]
    [20:15] <+Cadaran> [FAIL!]
    [20:15] <+Imnolu> Screw it, I shove you anyway
    [20:15] <@Gruta> (opposed strength isn't it?)
    01[20:16] <@Dungeon_Master> Yes
    [20:16] <+Cadaran> !roll 1d20+2
    [20:16] <@Mystra> Cadaran, 1d20+2: 9 (Total: 9, Avg: 9.00)
    [20:16] <+Cadaran> [i can haz better mod?]
    06[20:16] * Pirin says a short prayer for the souls of the dead, then looks around the room trying to find something of note.
    06[20:16] * +Imnolu walks away from Razan
    01[20:16] <@Dungeon_Master> Nope, she pushes past, but you don't fall over
    [20:16] <Pirin> (What do we see in the room?)
    [20:16] <+Imnolu> Oh, no I don't then
    [20:16] <@Gruta> (0_o)
    [20:16] <+Cadaran> [what? we were equal]
    01[20:17] <@Dungeon_Master> Yes#
    06[20:17] * +Imnolu presses her dagger at Razan's throat, enough to catch some blood on it.
    01[20:17] <@Dungeon_Master> That's why you didn't fall over
    [20:17] <+Imnolu> And then walks away XD
    01[20:17] <@Dungeon_Master> If she'd beaten you, you would have been pushed off your feet
    [20:17] <+Cadaran> [and if i had won?]
    01[20:17] <@Dungeon_Master> But you didn't win either, so your attempt to stop her failed
    [20:17] <+Imnolu> (Cad, it doesn't matter now)
    [20:17] <Pirin> "Ok, stop it you two. There's not much to do now," Pirin says, his voice bitter.
    [20:17] <+Razan> (I didn't realise you could draw blood on someone without any kind of roll..)
    [20:18] <Pirin> (anyone injured?)
    01[20:18] <@Dungeon_Master> Is anyone going to look around? XD
    [20:18] <@Gruta> (Pirin was)
    06[20:18] * +Imnolu exits the room
    06[20:18] * +Cadaran drags the bodies of the goblins into a corner
    [20:18] <Pirin> (I was about to, but I don't want to seem my mates kill each other again. Priorities.)
    [20:18] <+Razan> "That girl will learn eventually"
    06[20:18] * Pirin helps.
    06[20:18] * +Cadaran says a prayer to Hydrienna for their souls
    [20:18] <Pirin> "Her, or you." Pirin says evenly.
    01[20:18] <@Dungeon_Master> There are 3 exits to this room, one to the south , one to the East and one to the North
    06[20:18] * +Imnolu exited through the door they came from
    [20:19] <+Cadaran> "Razan, there was no need to kill the goblin, he was beaten"
    [20:19] <Pirin> !roll 1d20+2
    [20:19] <@Mystra> Pirin, 1d20+2: 4 (Total: 4, Avg: 4.00)
    01[20:19] <@Dungeon_Master> Imnolu, the God of progress curses you :¬P
    [20:19] <Pirin> (spot)
    [20:19] <Pirin> !roll 1d20+2; search
    [20:19] <@Mystra> Pirin, 1d20+2: 10 (Total: 10, Avg: 10.00) [search]
    [20:19] <@Gruta> "We had no way of asking the goblin the way out, like she said."
    01[20:19] <@Dungeon_Master> You see the floor
    [20:19] <Pirin> (W00t!)
    [20:19] <+Cadaran> "We didnt need to kill him"
    [20:19] <+Razan> "Cadaran, did you forget that seconds ago he was trying to kill us?"
    [20:19] <+Cadaran> "He was in no state to carry on killing us"
    01[20:19] <@Dungeon_Master> The door to the south is where the goblins have erected their little fortress of furniture
    01[20:20] <@Dungeon_Master> Near it anyway
    [20:20] <+Razan> "Maybe so, but if the situations had been reversed, do you think he'd have been merciful?"
    [20:20] <Pirin> "No, but I think we are better than goblins."
    01[20:20] <@Dungeon_Master> The door to the east os covered in silver lines, runes or decoration you're not sure
    06[20:20] * +Imnolu reenters the room and walks towards the southern door and kicks it through
    06[20:20] * Pirin interevenes.
    [20:20] <+Cadaran> "No, but they are evil creatures, are YOU an evil creature?"
    [20:20] <+Imnolu> !roll 1d20+1
    01[20:20] <@Dungeon_Master> Strength check Immy :¬P
    [20:20] <@Mystra> Imnolu, 1d20+1: 4 (Total: 4, Avg: 4.00)
    [20:20] <+Imnolu> oW >.<
    [20:20] <+Razan> "In battle there's no right or wrong"
    01[20:20] <@Dungeon_Master> You kick the door but it doesn't so much as rattle.
    01[20:21] <@Dungeon_Master> Your foot hurts
    [20:21] <+Imnolu> !roll 1d20+1
    [20:21] <@Mystra> Imnolu, 1d20+1: 12 (Total: 12, Avg: 12.00)
    [20:21] <+Cadaran> "The battle had ended before you killed him"
    06[20:21] * +Imnolu tries again
    06[20:21] * Pirin notices Immy. "Immy, could ou help me check over there" pointing at the east door.
    [20:21] <Pirin> "It looks... important."
    06[20:21] * +Imnolu nods
    06[20:21] * @Gruta heads towards the southern door and tries to open it the conventional way
    06[20:21] * +Imnolu examines the door
    [20:21] <+Razan> "A matter of opinion."
    01[20:21] <@Dungeon_Master> Imnolu, the door isn't actually locked Imight add
    [20:21] <Pirin> !roll spot 1d20+2;spot
    [20:21] <@Mystra> Error: Could not parse term 'spot'
    [20:21] <+Cadaran> "And yes, there is ALWAYS Right and Wrong, and Good and Evil"
    [20:21] <Pirin> !roll 1d20+2;spot
    [20:21] <@Mystra> Pirin, 1d20+2: 3 (Total: 3, Avg: 3.00) [spot]
    [20:21] <+Imnolu> "Shut up, Razan. No one cares for your opinion."
    [20:22] <+Imnolu> !roll 1d20+4;Spot
    [20:22] <@Mystra> Imnolu, 1d20+4: 6 (Total: 6, Avg: 6.00) [Spot]
    04[20:22] <+Imnolu> Tim, you jinxed it!
    01[20:22] <@Dungeon_Master> Nobody has spotted anything other than four walls and a floor yet >_>
    [20:22] <Pirin> (last call, anyone wounded? that CMW can't be held for that long.)
    [20:22] <+Cadaran> [no]
    01[20:22] <@Dungeon_Master> Nobody was hit
    06[20:22] * +Razan raises his staff slightly... But drops it back to his side
    [20:22] <+Imnolu> !roll 1d20+5;Search room
    [20:22] <@Mystra> Imnolu, 1d20+5: 14 (Total: 14, Avg: 14.00) [Search room]
    [20:22] <Pirin> "Anyway, let's save this for after we get out of here."
    [20:23] <@Gruta> "You cannot live in black and white. What is neccessary is done. Opinion clouds everything."
    01[20:23] <@Dungeon_Master> Imnolu, you find nothing of interest. The corpses of the goblins have nothing interesting either, simple leather armour and short-bows
    [20:23] <+Cadaran> "But Gruta, that is you Opinion"
    [20:23] <+Cadaran> Your*
    06[20:23] * @Gruta shrugs
    [20:23] <@Gruta> "And?"
    [20:23] <Pirin> (Is there something particular about the south and west doors?)
    04[20:23] <@Gruta> (What's behind the door, Tim?)
    01[20:23] <@Dungeon_Master> Anyway
    01[20:24] <@Dungeon_Master> Gruta
    01[20:24] <@Dungeon_Master> The door opens easily
    [20:24] <+Cadaran> "Does that not mean you are clouded, and not able to make a clear judgement?"
    01[20:24] <@Dungeon_Master> This room appears to be the bottom of a sewer opening. Far above you you can see th gratings of a drain, and the floor here is damp and boggy. There are several items in the mud, but retrieving them would involve getting dirty.
    06[20:24] * @Gruta is dirty anyway and goes for it
    [20:24] <+Cadaran> [arnt we already dirty you said]
    [20:24] <Pirin> (can I get them with the help of the spear?)
    [20:24] <@Gruta> "If I am clouded, then I'm sure you are all as well."
    01[20:24] <@Dungeon_Master> Yes but this is wet and dirty
    01[20:24] <@Dungeon_Master> That was just grubby dirty
    01[20:24] <@Dungeon_Master> Pirin, no
    01[20:25] <@Dungeon_Master> Unless your spear has eyes :¬P
    [20:25] <Pirin> (I thought of using it to get them near... I see them, righ?)
    [20:25] <+Cadaran> "I did not claim to be otherwise, but i at least know what is Right and Wrong, and the killing of that Goblin was wrong"
    06[20:25] * +Imnolu notices the objects
    01[20:25] <@Dungeon_Master> You can take 20
    06[20:25] * +Imnolu tries to retrieve them XD
    01[20:25] <@Dungeon_Master> But it'd mean getting covered from head to toe in mud
    01[20:25] <@Dungeon_Master> Search check for anyone entering the mud
    [20:25] <@Gruta> !roll 1d20+1
    01[20:26] <@Dungeon_Master> Like I said, you can take 20 if you like
    [20:26] <@Mystra> Gruta, 1d20+1: 16 (Total: 16, Avg: 16.00)
    [20:26] <Pirin> (What do we see from outside? Do we have a clue what the objects are?)
    [20:26] <@Gruta> oh, I take 20 then
    01[20:26] <@Dungeon_Master> But very dirty XD
    [20:26] <+Imnolu> Same
    01[20:26] <@Dungeon_Master> Gruta and Imnolu, you spend a long time wading about in the mud
    [20:26] <@Gruta> I thought you were at the East door anyway :¬P
    01[20:26] <@Dungeon_Master> But your efforts are well rewarded
    06[20:27] * +Razan idly spins his quarterstaff
    01[20:27] <@Dungeon_Master> You find a small amount of money, 27 coppers and a single silver in total, an ornate longsword, sunken beneath the mud in the grip of a skeletal hand. Just a hand, and a chalice in the mud. It is nothing much to look at, being made of clay and quite heavy, but you notice that it is completely undamaged and if you hold it upright, it begins to fill with clean, crisp water slowly.
    [20:27] <Pirin> (and then people wonder why adventurers always clear out trash cans)
    01[20:27] <@Dungeon_Master> But while you're in there, you are bitten
    01[20:27] <@Dungeon_Master> A rat rears its head and nips Gruta on the thumb for 2 damage
    06[20:28] * @Gruta shakes it off idly
    01[20:28] <@Dungeon_Master> The rat squeaks loudly and runs off
    06[20:28] * +Imnolu clears the mud out of her eyes
    01[20:28] <@Dungeon_Master> You both look a bit like shambling mounds
    01[20:28] <@Dungeon_Master> Or mud golems
    [20:29] <Pirin> "Any of you needs some water?" Pirin says, extending the waterskin
    06[20:29] * +Cadaran walks over to the room
    [20:29] <Pirin> (I've taken a nip from it, first)
    [20:29] <+Razan> (Omigawd! A pair of mud golems! *killkillkill*)
    [20:29] <+Cadaran> "Are you two quite done playing in the mud?"
    [20:29] <@Gruta> "We have water, sir."
    [20:29] <Pirin> (only a paladin could see mudwrestling and complain)
    [20:29] <+Razan> (Bahaha)
  2. Urithrand

    Urithrand Mind turning the light off? ★ SPS Account Holder Veteran

    Jul 26, 2004
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    01[20:30] <@Dungeon_Master> (LMAO)
    01[20:30] <@Dungeon_Master> (Or a gay guy XD)
    01[20:30] <@Dungeon_Master> (>_>)
    [20:30] <+Cadaran> "Hmm, thats a rather intersting cup"
    [20:30] <Pirin> (I dunno about them. Just because they don't have sex with women doesn't mean they don't find it interesting)
    [20:30] <@Gruta> "Blessed by Hydrienna"
    [20:30] <+Cadaran> "Maybe you could use it to clean yourselves..."
    [20:30] <@Gruta> (Who says Paladins are chaste? :¬P)
    [20:30] <Pirin> "Mind if I take a look," Pirin asks, politely.
    [20:31] <Pirin> !roll 1d20+7;spellcraft
    [20:31] <@Mystra> Pirin, 1d20+7: 21 (Total: 21, Avg: 21.00) [spellcraft]
    06[20:31] * @Gruta passes the chalice to Pirin
    [20:31] <Pirin> (on cup and sword, afterwards)
    01[20:31] <@Dungeon_Master> Pirin, the chalice rings a bell in your head
    06[20:31] * Pirin handles the cup carefully.
    01[20:32] <@Dungeon_Master> it is the chalice of Hydrienna's blessing, created by the lady herself for her wine
    06[20:32] * Pirin looks at it, his eyes opening. "Oh. Oh, my."
    [20:32] <+Cadaran> "What is it?"
    [20:32] <Pirin> (opening widely, I mean.)
    01[20:32] <@Dungeon_Master> When you hold it upright, it fills with magical water
    06[20:32] * +Razan looks up, curiously
    01[20:32] <@Dungeon_Master> Chalice of Hydrienna: Creates one Potion of Cure Light Wounds per day
    01[20:33] <@Dungeon_Master> You can drink it direct from the chalice or you can bottle it for later
    01[20:33] <@Dungeon_Master> The sword is not magical
    [20:33] <+Cadaran> [does it count as an infinite source of water?]
    [20:33] <Pirin> "Quite the prize, I guess. Perhaps it was why all this mud was here... A chalice of Hydrienna herself. Legends say that she drank from this very chalice on a feast, and it forever fills with water given her blessing."
    01[20:34] <@Dungeon_Master> No, it only makes the potions
    [20:34] <+Cadaran> [awww]
    01[20:34] <@Dungeon_Master> Once you've used it, it doesn't refil until the next day
    [20:34] <+Razan> "Interesting"
    [20:34] <+Cadaran> "Does anyone have an empty bottle for that water?"
    01[20:34] <@Dungeon_Master> Only Pirin knows that of course
    [20:34] <Pirin> "If the legends are true, those who drink can stave off age itself... and have their wounds cured by the touch of the goddess. Personally, I think the latter is more likely."
    01[20:34] <@Dungeon_Master> (Nice touch ;))
    [20:35] <Pirin> "Who found it?"
    01[20:35] <@Dungeon_Master> Imnolu did
    [20:35] <+Imnolu> Yo!
    06[20:36] * Pirin turns to Immy. "Hydrienna has given you her blessing. Wear it with pride."
    06[20:36] * +Imnolu fetches her sword that she threw >_>
    [20:36] <Pirin> !roll 1d20+7;knowledge-religion
    [20:36] <@Mystra> Pirin, 1d20+7: 21 (Total: 21, Avg: 21.00) [knowledge-religion]
    [20:36] <+Cadaran> [im afk, following Pirin]
    01[20:36] <@Dungeon_Master> Imnolu, it's wedged rather hard in the Goblin's body
    [20:36] <+Imnolu> !roll 1d20+1
    [20:36] <@Mystra> Imnolu, 1d20+1: 6 (Total: 6, Avg: 6.00)
    01[20:36] <@Dungeon_Master> And you can't pull it free
    [20:36] <+Imnolu> ... Shut up -_-
    [20:36] <Pirin> (would finding an artifact like that signify a deity's favor?)
    01[20:37] <@Dungeon_Master> Trust me, if you have a deity's favour they'll let you know :¬P
    [20:37] <Pirin> (Hey, omens are the bread and butter of religion ;) )
    01[20:37] <@Dungeon_Master> My deities prefer the sledgehammer approach :¬P
    01[20:37] <@Dungeon_Master> You favoured. You evil!!!
    [20:37] <@Gruta> (Like the NORSE!)
    06[20:38] * Pirin exits the room, if there is nothing else of interest
    06[20:38] * +Razan picks up the newly found Longsword
    01[20:38] <@Dungeon_Master> lol
    [20:38] <Pirin> (there aren't any doors or such apart from the one we entered through, right?)
    01[20:38] <@Dungeon_Master> The only exit you haven't tried is the one decorated with pictures in silver wire
    06[20:38] * +Imnolu motions to Razan for the sword
    [20:38] <+Imnolu> "Seeing as I now don't have one."
    01[20:38] <@Dungeon_Master> On the Eastern side of the room you fought the goblins in
    [20:38] <Pirin> (wait, I thought we had passed through the eastern one.)
    01[20:38] <@Dungeon_Master> The mud room was a tiny room
    [20:38] <+Razan> "As long as you promise not to attack me with it"
    01[20:38] <@Dungeon_Master> No, you left through the southern door
    [20:39] <+Imnolu> "With this particular weapon, I promise."
    [20:39] <Pirin> (My bad)
    [20:39] <+Razan> "How comforting"
    01[20:39] <@Dungeon_Master> Imnolu, the sword is extremely well made
    06[20:39] * +Razan passes it over
    01[20:39] <@Dungeon_Master> It seems to swing in perfect balance in your hand
    [20:39] <+Razan> "Right, as for your old sword..."
    [20:39] <+Razan> DM, can I try ti get it?
    01[20:39] <@Dungeon_Master> If you really want to
    [20:39] <+Razan> !roll 1d20
    [20:39] <@Mystra> Razan, 1d20: 5 (Total: 5, Avg: 5.00)
    [20:39] <+Razan> Sigh
    01[20:39] <@Dungeon_Master> You can't even lift it let alone get it out
    06[20:40] * +Razan tries harder
    [20:40] <+Razan> !roll 1d20
    [20:40] <@Mystra> Razan, 1d20: 16 (Total: 16, Avg: 16.00)
    [20:40] <+Imnolu> (What loot did I pick up other than the sword?)
    01[20:40] <@Dungeon_Master> Razan, it still doesn't budge
    [20:40] <+Razan> ...Is this goblin made of instant dry cement?
    [20:40] <Pirin> !roll 1d20+5;knowledge(arcana)
    [20:40] <@Mystra> Pirin, 1d20+5: 24 (Total: 24, Avg: 24.00) [knowledge(arcana)]
    [20:40] <Pirin> "Razan, come over. This looks interesting."
    01[20:40] <@Dungeon_Master> Pirin, the pictures are not magical as far as you can tell. They appear to be mere decoration
    [20:41] <Pirin> (are they describing anything?)
    01[20:41] <@Dungeon_Master> And Razan, have you ever tried to un-wedge a sword which is impaled its entire length through a goblen? :¬P
    01[20:41] <@Dungeon_Master> Pirin, no, just pretty pictures
    [20:42] <Pirin> "Doesn't this remind you of the Gromthean saga? Notice the ornaments here."
    01[20:42] <@Dungeon_Master> Does anyone have craft weapon?
    06[20:42] * @Gruta decides to have a go at the sword, seeing it as a challenge!
    [20:42] <@Gruta> !roll 1d20+5
    [20:42] <@Mystra> Gruta, 1d20+5: 25 (Total: 25, Avg: 25.00)
    01[20:42] <@Dungeon_Master> Gruta, the sword swings free, spattering blood over everyone anew!
    06[20:43] * @Gruta passes it handle first to Razan
    [20:43] <Pirin> "Oh, damn it."
    [20:43] <+Razan> "Thanks"
    06[20:43] * +Razan swings it a couple of times
    01[20:43] <@Dungeon_Master> It seems slightly... bent
    03[20:43] * sal_dindins is now known as Salamander3
    [20:43] <Pirin> (who took the other goodies from the mud room? There were some coins and a shuriken, iirc)
    [20:44] <Pirin> "Immy, do you think the door is safe?"
    01[20:44] <@Dungeon_Master> Shuriken? o.O
    [20:44] <Pirin> "This doesn't look magical," he says nodding up
    01[20:44] <@Dungeon_Master> Who said anything about a shuriken? :¬S
    [20:44] <+Imnolu> "Define ... safe."
    [20:44] <@Gruta> (I think he means the silver coin)
    [20:44] <+Razan> Would a Mending spell fix the sword?
    [20:45] <Pirin> (oops, sorry, I saw sunken hand or some such and read shuriken.)
    01[20:45] <@Dungeon_Master> lol
    01[20:45] <@Dungeon_Master> Razan, no, it's not snapped, it needs a good whack with a smithy's hammer
    [20:45] <Pirin> "Would we be impaled, poisoned, or otherwise immediately harmed upon trying to open it, sans the reaction of hostile creatures on the other side"
    [20:45] <Pirin> "Would that do?"
    06[20:45] * Pirin winks
    [20:45] <+Imnolu> "No idea, let's give it a go."
    06[20:45] * +Imnolu tries the door
    01[20:46] <@Dungeon_Master> It swings open without a sound
    06[20:46] * Pirin peeks
    06[20:46] * +Razan takes the sword anyway and catches up to the group
    [20:46] <+Imnolu> !roll 1d20+6;listen
    [20:46] <@Mystra> Imnolu, 1d20+6: 18 (Total: 18, Avg: 18.00) [listen]
    01[20:46] <@Dungeon_Master> You hear nothing.
    01[20:46] <@Dungeon_Master> Nothing at all.
    06[20:46] * @Gruta is following
    06[20:46] * +Imnolu motions to the group to be quiet
    [20:46] <+Imnolu> (How well lit?)
    [20:47] <Pirin> (what do we see?)
    01[20:47] <@Dungeon_Master> This room is silent, and looks well kept.
    01[20:47] <@Dungeon_Master> There are torches around the wall which burn with no flicker or sound
    [20:47] <+Imnolu> !roll 1d20+5;move silently
    [20:47] <@Mystra> Imnolu, 1d20+5: 20 (Total: 20, Avg: 20.00) [move silently]
    01[20:47] <@Dungeon_Master> Immy, you are as silent as the room around you
    06[20:47] * +Imnolu creeps in
    01[20:47] <@Dungeon_Master> Wisdom checks everyone
    [20:48] <@Gruta> !roll 1d20-1
    [20:48] <+Imnolu> !roll 1d10+1
    [20:48] <@Mystra> Gruta, 1d20-1: 11 (Total: 11, Avg: 11.00)
    [20:48] <Pirin> !roll 1d20+2
    [20:48] <@Mystra> Imnolu, 1d10+1: 10 (Total: 10, Avg: 10.00)
    [20:48] <@Mystra> Pirin, 1d20+2: 6 (Total: 6, Avg: 6.00)
    [20:48] <+Razan> (Everyone? o.O)
    01[20:48] <@Dungeon_Master> Yes, everyone
    [20:48] <+Cadaran> !roll 1d20+1
    [20:48] <@Mystra> Cadaran, 1d20+1: 16 (Total: 16, Avg: 16.00)
    [20:48] <+Razan> !roll 1d20+3
    [20:48] <@Mystra> Razan, 1d20+3: 21 (Total: 21, Avg: 21.00)
    01[20:48] <@Dungeon_Master> Cadaran and Razan, You get the feeling of magic around this room, nobody has stepped inside here for centuries.
    01[20:48] <@Dungeon_Master> In the center of the room is a pedestal, and on the pedestal is a pair of boots. A shaft of light is falling on the boots from a hole in the ceiling.
    [20:48] <+Razan> Spellcraft to determine more about the magic?
    01[20:48] <@Dungeon_Master> Sure
    [20:48] <+Razan> !roll 1d20+4
    [20:48] <@Mystra> Razan, 1d20+4: 5 (Total: 5, Avg: 5.00)
    [20:49] <+Razan> ****ing Mystra
    01[20:49] <@Dungeon_Master> You ascertain the magic is magical
    [20:49] <Pirin> (do I notice they are looking something?)
    01[20:49] <@Dungeon_Master> And nowt more interesting :¬P
    [20:49] <+Razan> "There's something strange in here"
    [20:49] <Pirin> (who do you think you are, Elminster?)
    06[20:49] * +Imnolu looks very wary
    01[20:49] <@Dungeon_Master> People, stop fishing for information when you're not even in the room :¬P
    06[20:49] * +Cadaran walks into the room
    [20:49] <+Imnolu> "Guys... be wary."
    06[20:49] * Pirin makes a step into the room, carefully.
    [20:49] <+Razan> "Be careful..."
    03[20:49] * Taluntain (~ask@Taluntain.user.gamesurge) has joined #sp_mm
    03[20:49] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Taluntain
    [20:49] <Pirin> !roll 1d20+7
    [20:49] <@Mystra> Pirin, 1d20+7: 27 (Total: 27, Avg: 27.00)
    [20:49] <Pirin> (spellcraft)
    06[20:50] * +Imnolu walks halfway from the door to the boots
    01[20:50] <@Dungeon_Master> Pirin, the magic is quite obviously coming from the boots
    01[20:50] <@Dungeon_Master> You recognise them from lore
    [20:50] <+Imnolu> DM, do I die?
    [20:50] <+Razan> "Would you like me to bring them closer by magic?"
    [20:50] <Pirin> "It's coming from the pedestal, I'd say the boots."
    01[20:50] <@Dungeon_Master> Immy, nothing happens as yet :¬P
    03[20:50] * @Taluntain (~ask@Taluntain.user.gamesurge) has left #sp_mm
    [20:50] <+Imnolu> "I wouldn't take them off that pedestal if I were you..
    [20:51] <Salamander3> (bag of sand, anyone?)
    01[20:51] <@Dungeon_Master> (o.O)
    06[20:51] * +Imnolu walks up to the boots and examines the pedestal itself
    01[20:51] <@Dungeon_Master> Immy, search check
    [20:51] <+Imnolu> !roll 1d20+5
    [20:51] <@Mystra> Imnolu, 1d20+5: 16 (Total: 16, Avg: 16.00)
    [20:51] <+Cadaran> [brb]
    04[20:52] <Salamander3> (tim - I was thinking indiana jones. :p)
    01[20:52] <@Dungeon_Master> Immy, you don't see anything untoward
    06[20:52] * +Imnolu touches the boots with her index finger and steps back
    [20:52] <Pirin> "I'm having a baad feeling about this place," Pirin says, cautiously
    01[20:52] <@Dungeon_Master> !roll d20+10
    [20:52] <@Mystra> Dungeon_Master, d20+10: 20 (Total: 20, Avg: 20.00)
    01[20:52] <@Dungeon_Master> Imnolu
    [20:52] <+Imnolu> (Don't be Obi Wan -_-)
    01[20:52] <@Dungeon_Master> !roll d6
    [20:52] <@Mystra> Dungeon_Master, d6: 2 (Total: 2, Avg: 2.00)
    04[20:52] <+Imnolu> Timmeh?
    01[20:52] <@Dungeon_Master> Make a fort save plase
    01[20:52] <@Dungeon_Master> please*
    [20:53] <+Imnolu> !roll 1d20+1
    [20:53] <@Mystra> Imnolu, 1d20+1: 5 (Total: 5, Avg: 5.00)
    01[20:53] <@Dungeon_Master> Imnolu, you are struck by a painful dart!
    [20:53] <+Imnolu> yey!
    01[20:53] <@Dungeon_Master> It deals immediately 2 points of damage
    [20:53] <Salamander3> (ooh.. >.<)
    01[20:53] <@Dungeon_Master> !roll d4
    [20:53] <@Mystra> Dungeon_Master, d4: 4 (Total: 4, Avg: 4.00)
    01[20:54] <@Dungeon_Master> And 4 points of constitution damage as poison courses through you!
    [20:54] <+Imnolu> What damage? o,O
    06[20:54] * +Razan drags Immy away from the boots
    [20:54] <Pirin> "Drat. Where did that come from?"
    [20:54] <+Cadaran> [back]
    [20:54] <+Razan> "I warned you"
    01[20:54] <@Dungeon_Master> Constitution damage
    [20:54] <+Imnolu> "Yeah, yeah."
    [20:54] <+Razan> !roll 1d20+3;Heal
    [20:54] <@Mystra> Razan, 1d20+3: 11 (Total: 11, Avg: 11.00) [Heal]
    01[20:54] <@Dungeon_Master> Lose 2 HP per level
    [20:54] <+Razan> (Attempting to stop the poison)
    01[20:55] <@Dungeon_Master> You fail, but you do heal her back to full hp
    06[20:55] * @Gruta moves into the room and stands over the group protectively
    [20:56] <+Razan> "I could lift the boots with magic"
    [20:56] <+Cadaran> !roll 1d20+6;Heal
    01[20:56] <@Dungeon_Master> Imnolu, the poison is extremely painful
    [20:56] <@Mystra> Cadaran, 1d20+6: 16 (Total: 16, Avg: 16.00) [Heal]
    06[20:56] * Pirin takes up the dart. "Damn," he mutters, seeing the coloration.
    [20:56] <+Cadaran> [trying to stop poison aswell]
    [20:56] <Pirin> "Immy, we need to get you out of here. Can you walk," he says,concerned?
    01[20:56] <@Dungeon_Master> Cadaran, you didn't heal the constitution damage, but the poison does not progress any further
    [20:56] <+Imnolu> DM - where'd I get hit?
    01[20:56] <@Dungeon_Master> In the neck
    [20:56] <+Cadaran> "She should be stable now"
    [20:56] <Pirin> !roll 1d20+2
    [20:56] <@Mystra> Pirin, 1d20+2: 8 (Total: 8, Avg: 8.00)
    06[20:56] * +Imnolu wavers a bit, holding her neck
    [20:57] <+Razan> "She alright, then?"
    [20:57] <+Cadaran> "She will feel weak, but shouldnt get any weaker"
    01[20:57] <@Dungeon_Master> The pain begins to subside
    [20:57] <+Cadaran> "Although, we need to get her out of here"
    [20:57] <+Imnolu> "I'm fine.."
    [20:57] <Pirin> "Damn," Pirin says once again, concerned. "Give me a minute."
    06[20:57] * +Imnolu wobbles a bit
    06[20:58] * Pirin concentrates, repeating an incantation, then looks around carefully
    01[20:58] <@Dungeon_Master> You obviously still are down 4 HP
    01[20:58] <@Dungeon_Master> Your maximun is lowered by your damaged constitution
    06[20:58] * +Razan carefully tries to lift the boots via Mage Hand
    [20:58] <Pirin> (Detect magic, if I find anything other than the boots magica, I check it for 3 rounds. If not, I check the boots before going out.)
    [20:58] <Pirin> !roll 1d20+7;spellcraft to determine school
    [20:58] <@Mystra> Pirin, 1d20+7: 26 (Total: 26, Avg: 26.00) [spellcraft to determine school]
    01[20:58] <@Dungeon_Master> Pirin, the only magic in the room is centered around the boots and the tiny dart which now lays harmless on the floor
    06[20:59] * +Imnolu picks up the dart
    [20:59] <+Razan> Technically, I suppose I can only lift one at a time..
    06[20:59] * Pirin examines the boot, then dart, very carefully
    01[20:59] <@Dungeon_Master> Pirin, the school of magic on the boots is illusion
    [20:59] <+Imnolu> !rl..
    [20:59] <+Imnolu> oops
    [20:59] <+Imnolu> !roll 1d20+4;spot
    [20:59] <@Mystra> Imnolu, 1d20+4: 24 (Total: 24, Avg: 24.00) [spot]
    [20:59] <+Razan> DM, can I lift them? :¬P
    [20:59] <+Imnolu> markings on the dart
    01[21:00] <@Dungeon_Master> Yes you can lift them no problem
    [21:00] <+Razan> I put them on the floor in front of me
    [21:00] <Pirin> (and the dart?)
    01[21:00] <@Dungeon_Master> The dart has only a faint aura which seems to be spent on its one use
    06[21:00] * +Razan pokes the boots
    06[21:00] * Pirin looks at the boots with some surprise. "Now that is strange..."
    01[21:00] <@Dungeon_Master> It is too small to make an effective weapon for any small or medium creature
    06[21:01] * Pirin looks at Razan with interest
    01[21:01] <@Dungeon_Master> When you take the boots, a slight breeze ruffles your hair then dissipates once again. The harder you look at them, the more you seem to want to look away from them. They seem like just an ordinary pair of boots.
    06[21:01] * +Imnolu picks the boots up
    [21:01] <+Razan> Can I spellcraft to guess what they are?
    01[21:01] <@Dungeon_Master> Sure
    [21:01] <+Razan> !roll 1d20+4
    [21:01] <@Mystra> Razan, 1d20+4: 22 (Total: 22, Avg: 22.00)
    01[21:01] <@Dungeon_Master> Razan, you suddenly remember something you heard of long ago.
    [21:02] <+Razan> "Ahh, interesting..."
    [21:02] <Pirin> (I thought I had been doing that ;) )
    01[21:02] <@Dungeon_Master> They are the boots of the chameleon
    [21:02] <Pirin> "Indeed."
    06[21:02] * +Imnolu turns the boots over
    06[21:02] * +Razan tosses one over and over in his hands
    01[21:02] <@Dungeon_Master> Otherwise known as the Boots of Pyramos' Abstinence
    01[21:02] <@Dungeon_Master> Once per day the party member receives +20 to hide and Move silently for 5 minutes.
    [21:02] <Pirin> "There was a faint whiff of obscuring magic about them."
    [21:03] <+Imnolu> "Know of these boots, Razan?"
    [21:03] <+Razan> "They help the wearer hide.. The magic can only be used once a day, but it's very powerful"
    01[21:03] <@Dungeon_Master> Obviously, most people in a trade where keeping invisible is omportant would kill for an artifact of this power.
    [21:03] <+Razan> "These could be what you came here for."
    [21:04] <+Imnolu> !roll 1d20+4;spot markings on boots
    [21:04] <@Mystra> Imnolu, 1d20+4: 11 (Total: 11, Avg: 11.00) [spot markings on boots]
    [21:04] <+Razan> "They're extremely rare and valuable."
    06[21:04] * +Imnolu looks around the room
    01[21:04] <@Dungeon_Master> There are no markings, but the harder you stare at them, the greater your desire to look away. It's almost like they hurt your head with the effort it takes to keep your eyes locked on them
    [21:04] <+Imnolu> "There is something wrong with these boots.."
    [21:05] <@Gruta> "They're small"
    01[21:05] <@Dungeon_Master> Yes, they are.
    [21:05] <+Razan> "It could be the magic of them. They shift under your gaze, and the wearer appears much the same"
    [21:05] <Pirin> "I think the magic is supposed to make it easy to look elsewhere, but after that incident it could help to examine them further before we use them."
  3. Urithrand

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    Jul 26, 2004
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    01[21:05] <@Dungeon_Master> They would be fitted to no-one larger than an elf
    06[21:06] * +Imnolu looks around the room regarding it's age
    [21:06] <+Razan> "Mind if I try them on?"
    [21:06] <Pirin> (ain't that convenient ;) )
    [21:06] <+Imnolu> "I guess no one's got this far..."
    06[21:06] * +Imnolu says to herself
    [21:06] <Pirin> "They do seem kinda... small. I doubt they'd fit you."
    01[21:06] <@Dungeon_Master> Imnolu, as you look around yourself, you realise the door you entered by is closed.
    [21:06] <+Cadaran> "Judging by the room where we found Gruta, i'd say you were right"
    [21:06] <+Imnolu> "... Did anyone close the door?"
    01[21:06] <@Dungeon_Master> you realise with horror that there is no handle on this side. No keyhole, no visible cracks around where the door was, it is moulded seamlessly with the wall.
    [21:06] <+Razan> (Pirin, i'm an elf :¬P)
    01[21:07] <@Dungeon_Master> The room is ancient, but there is no dust here
    06[21:07] * +Cadaran walks up to the door and feels around it
    [21:07] <Pirin> (Oh, yeah.)
    01[21:07] <@Dungeon_Master> There is nothing at all in this room aside from the boots and the pedestal
    01[21:07] <@Dungeon_Master> Cadaran, it's no use.
    [21:07] <Pirin> "We seem to be in, ah, a predicament."
    [21:07] <+Imnolu> "Razan, may I?"
    01[21:07] <@Dungeon_Master> It's as though there was never a door here in the first place
    [21:07] <+Cadaran> "Oh, great, now all we need is for the walls to close in"
    01[21:07] <@Dungeon_Master> There is only one other exit to the south
    [21:07] <+Razan> "Uh.. May you what?"
    [21:07] <+Imnolu> "Boots"
    06[21:07] * +Imnolu points
    [21:08] <+Razan> "Oh, of course"
    06[21:08] * +Razan hands them over
    04[21:08] * +Imnolu puts ONE BOOT, TIM on
    01[21:08] <@Dungeon_Master> The exit is decorated with silver wire identical to the first door on the other side
    06[21:08] * Pirin looks at the door... with DM if it's still going (it should detect any magic, i.e. from magical traps.)
    [21:08] <+Imnolu> ... DM?
    01[21:08] <@Dungeon_Master> Imnolu, you suddenly feel very safe and secure, as though you are completely invisible to the world.
    [21:08] <@Gruta> (Anyone seen the chinese elephant man :¬x)
    [21:08] <+Cadaran> [detect Magic]
    [21:08] <Salamander3> (detect magic.)
    06[21:09] * +Imnolu puts the other boot on
    01[21:09] <@Dungeon_Master> There is nothing magical about this door
    01[21:09] <@Dungeon_Master> Immy, the feeling is now complete
    06[21:09] * +Imnolu stands up and looks at her feet, admiring the boots
    06[21:09] * @Gruta heads towards the second door
    [21:09] <@Gruta> (WEll, only door XD)
    01[21:09] <@Dungeon_Master> You feel as though you could walk past your own group if you needed to, and be completely invisible,
    [21:09] <+Razan> Does she look any different to us?
    01[21:09] <@Dungeon_Master> No, the magic hasn't been invoked yet
    01[21:10] <@Dungeon_Master> It will take effect when she wills it to
    06[21:10] * +Imnolu decides to head to the now gone door, brushing past Razan and Cadaran to test the boots
    [21:10] <Pirin> "We don't have much of a choice," Pirin mutters, and checks the door.
    [21:10] <Pirin> !spot 1d20+2
    01[21:10] <@Dungeon_Master> Imnolu, you have invoked the boots' single use
    [21:10] <+Imnolu> .... No I haven;t o.O
    01[21:10] <@Dungeon_Master> Pirin, it's search if you're looking for traps
    [21:10] <+Imnolu> Not properly >_>
    [21:10] <Pirin> !roll 1d20+2; search.
    [21:10] <@Mystra> Pirin, 1d20+2: 22 (Total: 22, Avg: 22.00) [search.]
    01[21:10] <@Dungeon_Master> If you're testing them, then you have :¬P
    [21:11] <+Imnolu> Then I'm not :!P
    01[21:11] <@Dungeon_Master> There doesn't appear to be anything untoward
    06[21:11] * Pirin shrugs and nods at Gruta. "Shall we?" and pushes the door open carefully.
    06[21:11] * @Gruta nods back
    01[21:12] <@Dungeon_Master> Once more, the door opens effortlessly
    06[21:12] * +Cadaran walks over to Pirin
    06[21:12] * +Imnolu walks to the new door
    06[21:12] * @Gruta looks through
    01[21:12] <@Dungeon_Master> Empty
    06[21:12] * @Gruta walks through, halberd raised
    01[21:12] <@Dungeon_Master> Nothing happens
    06[21:12] * +Cadaran walks into the room and looks around
    01[21:13] <@Dungeon_Master> Assuming you all follow?
    06[21:13] * +Razan wanders past Immy into the room
    06[21:13] * Pirin walks in, carefully. (do we see a door, or something else?)
    01[21:13] <@Dungeon_Master> As you step into this room, the door once again slams in an identical fashion to the one before, leaving no visible trace of a door. There is nothing in this 10 foot by 10 foot room, and you feel the same air of silence as the last room. There is only one exit from this room, directly ahead of you.
    [21:13] <+Imnolu> (Er, I'm outside..)
    01[21:13] <@Dungeon_Master> You get a sensation of finality about the door in front of you
    01[21:13] <@Dungeon_Master> Not any more Immy :¬P
    [21:14] <+Imnolu> ... That's mean
    01[21:14] <@Dungeon_Master> Unless you'd rather be trapped in the gauntlet forever?
    06[21:14] * +Razan tries the last door
    06[21:14] * +Imnolu walks in >_>
    02[21:14] * Pirin (~jirc@79-100-14-216.btc-net.bg) Quit (Quit)
    06[21:14] * +Cadaran follows Razan
    01[21:14] <@Dungeon_Master> Razan, the handle turns effortlessly
    03[21:14] * SP_visitor86 (~jirc@79-100-14-216.btc-net.bg) has joined #sp_mm
    06[21:14] * @Gruta follows readied
    01[21:14] <@Dungeon_Master> wb
    06[21:14] * +Imnolu steps behind Razan
    03[21:14] * SP_visitor86 is now known as Pirin
    06[21:14] * Pirin follows
    01[21:14] <@Dungeon_Master> As you step into this room, you see only one thing: Verman
    [21:14] <+Razan> "You!"
    01[21:14] <@Dungeon_Master> "You... you did it...?"
    06[21:15] * +Razan draws his sword
    01[21:15] <@Dungeon_Master> Verman looks at you, first amazed then triumphant
    [21:15] <@Gruta> (Who? >_> What does he look like?)
    [21:15] <+Cadaran> "Verman!"
    06[21:15] * +Imnolu looks at her father
    [21:15] <+Razan> "You bastard!"
    01[21:15] <@Dungeon_Master> "Shut up you!" He ignores the others and looks at Immy
    06[21:15] * @Gruta looks confused but holds her halberd steady still
    [21:15] <+Cadaran> "Calm down Razan, this is not the place"
    01[21:15] <@Dungeon_Master> "You succeeded my wonderful daughter..."
    06[21:15] * +Imnolu puts her hand on Razan's shoulder and whispers
    06[21:15] * Pirin scowls with weapon no less ready, muttering something.
    06[21:16] * +Razan keeps his sword raised
    01[21:16] <@Dungeon_Master> Verman looks happy, but there is something wrong in the expression onh his face... something slightly... manic
    [21:16] <+Imnolu> "I succeeded in your sick idea to put me and these people in danger?!"
    01[21:16] <@Dungeon_Master> "Your skill surpassed that of your brother, I knew you could do it!"
    [21:16] <+Cadaran> !roll 1d20+6;Sense Motive
    [21:16] <@Mystra> Cadaran, 1d20+6: 22 (Total: 22, Avg: 22.00) [Sense Motive]
    [21:16] <+Razan> "Why drag us into it?"
    [21:16] <+Imnolu> "How dare you risk our lives like this!"
    01[21:16] <@Dungeon_Master> Cadaran, he's simmering in readiness...
    [21:17] <+Cadaran> [thats all a 22 gets me o_0 ]
    [21:17] <+Imnolu> "Marus was a talent, and you sent him here to die!"
    [21:17] <Pirin> (o.O?)
    01[21:17] <@Dungeon_Master> "You helped my daughter survive... and.. bring them... to me..."
    01[21:17] <@Dungeon_Master> He is searching you with his eyes
    06[21:17] * +Imnolu looks at the bootas
    [21:17] <+Imnolu> *-a
    06[21:17] * +Imnolu draws her sword
    [21:17] <+Cadaran> "Bring what to you?"
    01[21:17] <@Dungeon_Master> His eyes suddenly lock on Imnolu's feet and he stares, open mouthed
    06[21:17] * +Cadaran pulls out his sword
    [21:18] <+Cadaran> "What are your intentions?"
    06[21:18] * +Imnolu steps again behind Razan and Cadaran
    01[21:18] <@Dungeon_Master> "My intentions?"
    01[21:18] <@Dungeon_Master> He laughs manically
    01[21:18] <@Dungeon_Master> "I intend to kill you all and take those beauties for my own!"
    01[21:18] <@Dungeon_Master> He is foaming slightly
    [21:18] <+Cadaran> "He wants the boots, he sent us like gophers for the boots!"
    [21:18] <Pirin> "What?" Pirin mouths incredulously, keeping his weapon ready.
    [21:18] <@Gruta> (Can I strike at him? XD)
    01[21:18] <@Dungeon_Master> INITS!!!
    [21:18] <@Gruta> !roll 1d20
    [21:18] <Pirin> !roll 1d20+2;attack
    [21:18] <@Mystra> Gruta, 1d20: 5 (Total: 5, Avg: 5.00)
    [21:18] <+Cadaran> !roll 1d20-1
    [21:18] <@Mystra> Pirin, 1d20+2: 21 (Total: 21, Avg: 21.00) [attack]
    [21:18] <@Mystra> Cadaran, 1d20-1: 7 (Total: 7, Avg: 7.00)
    06[21:18] * +Imnolu screams at her father
    [21:18] <+Razan> !roll 1d20+2
    [21:18] <+Imnolu> !roll 1d20+1
    [21:18] <@Mystra> Razan, 1d20+2: 5 (Total: 5, Avg: 5.00)
    [21:18] <@Mystra> Imnolu, 1d20+1: 10 (Total: 10, Avg: 10.00)
    01[21:18] <@Dungeon_Master> Pirin, you can't attack without rolling init
    [21:19] <+Imnolu> "You sent him too?! You sent him to die, you.."
    [21:19] <Pirin> !roll 1d20+4
    [21:19] <@Mystra> Pirin, 1d20+4: 8 (Total: 8, Avg: 8.00)
    01[21:19] <@Dungeon_Master> He's ready for you
    [21:19] <Pirin> (Why, I didn't want to wait for him to finish his speech, he was giving us clues already)
    [21:19] <@Gruta> (Because he was still ready)
    [21:20] <Pirin> (sheesh, okay.)
    [21:20] <+Razan> (Me and Groota got the same)
    [21:20] <@Gruta> (Same reason you can talk in combat really, he was just delaying)
    01[21:20] <@Dungeon_Master> Reroll gruta and raz
    [21:20] <Pirin> (do we have to wait for every two-bit villain to finish his little speech?)
    [21:20] <+Imnolu> "What is wrong with you?"
    [21:20] <@Gruta> !roll 1d20
    [21:20] <+Cadaran> [NP - BB - Blow Me Away... >_> ]
    [21:20] <@Mystra> Gruta, 1d20: 12 (Total: 12, Avg: 12.00)
    [21:20] <+Razan> !roll 1d20+2
    [21:20] <@Mystra> Razan, 1d20+2: 17 (Total: 17, Avg: 17.00)
    01[21:20] <@Dungeon_Master> kk
    01[21:21] <@Dungeon_Master> Verman runs at you with a longsword, striking at Cadaran first
    01[21:22] <@Dungeon_Master> !roll D20+5
    [21:22] <@Mystra> Dungeon_Master, D20+5: 13 (Total: 13, Avg: 13.00)
    [21:22] <+Cadaran> [miss!]
    01[21:22] <@Dungeon_Master> And misses spectacularly
    01[21:22] <@Dungeon_Master> Imnolu! Your father has betrayed and used you!
    04[21:22] <+Imnolu> (Well done there, Timmeh :¬P)
    01[21:23] <@Dungeon_Master> Show the bastard a thing or two about stabbing in the back!
    [21:23] <+Imnolu> !roll 1d20+1
    [21:23] <@Mystra> Imnolu, 1d20+1: 13 (Total: 13, Avg: 13.00)
    [21:23] <+Razan> Or don't! :¬P
    01[21:23] <@Dungeon_Master> He's standing near Cad, you can move around and flank if you waish
    [21:23] <+Imnolu> Me?
    01[21:23] <@Dungeon_Master> Yes
    [21:23] <+Imnolu> Sure thing
    06[21:23] * +Imnolu flanks
    01[21:23] <@Dungeon_Master> You should let me finish before you roll XD
    [21:23] <+Imnolu> Sorry XD
    01[21:23] <@Dungeon_Master> Your attack still misses, but he is flanked
    01[21:23] <@Dungeon_Master> Pirin!
    01[21:24] <@Dungeon_Master> You've been dragged from your peaceful life and subjected to this!
    06[21:24] * Pirin circles the scoundrel from the left and attacks
    01[21:24] <@Dungeon_Master> Show him you're no pitiful priest!
    [21:24] <Pirin> !roll 1d20+2
    [21:24] <@Mystra> Pirin, 1d20+2: 13 (Total: 13, Avg: 13.00)
    [21:24] <Pirin> (geez we get it already ;) )
    01[21:24] <@Dungeon_Master> Your hit slides off his armour, but he looks even madder than ever
    [21:24] <Pirin> (I am full of pity, but the bastard ain't getting any of it :D )
    01[21:25] <@Dungeon_Master> (Well I do apologise for trying to add a bit of atmosphere)
    06[21:25] * +Imnolu screams at Verman "Stop being a fool!"
    01[21:25] <@Dungeon_Master> (I'll just stick to the rolls then.)
    01[21:25] <@Dungeon_Master> Cad, your go.
    [21:25] <+Cadaran> !roll 1d20-2
    [21:25] <@Mystra> Cadaran, 1d20-2: 3 (Total: 3, Avg: 3.00)
    [21:25] <+Cadaran> !roll 1d20-6
    [21:25] <@Mystra> Cadaran, 1d20-6: 7 (Total: 7, Avg: 7.00)
    01[21:25] <@Dungeon_Master> Miss
    [21:25] <Pirin> (no worries, I was just kidding ;))
    01[21:25] <@Dungeon_Master> Raz, your go.
    [21:25] <+Cadaran> [shield bash fails :(]
    01[21:25] <@Dungeon_Master> (Pitifully)
    06[21:25] * +Razan casts Doom on him
    [21:26] <+Razan> DC14 will save
    01[21:26] <@Dungeon_Master> wtf is doom?
    [21:26] <+Razan> Cleric spell, level 1
    [21:26] <+Razan> RTFM :¬P
    01[21:26] <@Dungeon_Master> Will save?
    [21:26] <+Cadaran> [rofl]
    [21:26] <+Razan> Yup
    01[21:26] <@Dungeon_Master> Fail
    [21:26] <+Razan> He has -2 on attacks, damage, saves, and checks
    01[21:26] <@Dungeon_Master> Oh of course
    01[21:26] <@Dungeon_Master> I know that spell
    01[21:27] <@Dungeon_Master> Why the hell did I need to ask that? o.O
    01[21:27] <@Dungeon_Master> Anywhoo
    01[21:27] <@Dungeon_Master> Gruta!
    [21:27] <+Razan> He is also overcome with crushing dread XD
    01[21:27] <@Dungeon_Master> You have no idea why you're here!
    [21:27] <+Imnolu> (DM - he gonna talk back? XD)
    06[21:27] * @Gruta moves to his right and attacks with her halberd
    [21:27] <+Cadaran> [did he fail, or did the spell fail?]
    [21:27] <@Gruta> !roll 1d20+5
    [21:27] <@Mystra> Gruta, 1d20+5: 14 (Total: 14, Avg: 14.00)
    01[21:27] <@Dungeon_Master> Your halberd misses badly
    [21:27] <@Gruta> (+7, flanking with Pirin)
    01[21:27] <@Dungeon_Master> Verman looks slightly worried, foam and spit dripping from his mouth
    01[21:28] <@Dungeon_Master> Still a miss
    [21:28] <+Cadaran> o_0
    01[21:28] <@Dungeon_Master> He loks from one to the next and attacks the biggest - Gruta!
    01[21:28] <@Dungeon_Master> !roll d20+5
    [21:28] <@Mystra> Dungeon_Master, d20+5: 11 (Total: 11, Avg: 11.00)
    01[21:28] <@Dungeon_Master> Er -2 from that
    01[21:28] <@Dungeon_Master> So he misses rather painfully
    01[21:28] <@Dungeon_Master> Imnolu!
    [21:29] <+Imnolu> !roll 1d20+1
    [21:29] <@Mystra> Imnolu, 1d20+1: 21 (Total: 21, Avg: 21.00)
    01[21:29] <@Dungeon_Master> Roll again!
    [21:29] <+Imnolu> !roll 1d20
    [21:29] <@Mystra> Imnolu, 1d20: 4 (Total: 4, Avg: 4.00)
    01[21:29] <@Dungeon_Master> Aw, just a normal hit!
    [21:29] <+Razan> It's +3 :¬P
    01[21:29] <@Dungeon_Master> Roll damage!
    [21:29] <+Imnolu> !roll 1d8+1
    [21:29] <@Mystra> Imnolu, 1d8+1: 5 (Total: 5, Avg: 5.00)
    [21:29] <+Imnolu> What about flanking?
    [21:29] <Pirin> (sneak attack, right?)
    01[21:29] <@Dungeon_Master> Yes indeed
    01[21:29] <@Dungeon_Master> Roll sneak damage 1D6
    [21:29] <+Imnolu> Er... sorry, what? o.O
    01[21:29] <@Dungeon_Master> You're flanking him :)
    [21:29] <+Imnolu> !roll 1d6
    [21:29] <@Mystra> Imnolu, 1d6: 3 (Total: 3, Avg: 3.00)
    [21:30] <@Gruta> (I need to go in a sec for dinner)
    01[21:30] <@Dungeon_Master> The wound gashes Verman deeply and he coughs violently, bringing up a mouthful of blood and roaring with rage
    01[21:30] <@Dungeon_Master> Pirin!
    06[21:30] * +Imnolu looks somewhat shocked at what she's just done
    01[21:30] <@Dungeon_Master> (kk)
    [21:30] <Pirin> !roll 1d20+2
    [21:30] <@Mystra> Pirin, 1d20+2: 20 (Total: 20, Avg: 20.00)
    01[21:30] <@Dungeon_Master> Hit!
    [21:30] <Pirin> !roll 1d8+1
    [21:30] <@Mystra> Pirin, 1d8+1: 6 (Total: 6, Avg: 6.00)
    01[21:31] <@Dungeon_Master> Isn't it +2?
    [21:31] <Pirin> "May the heavens curse you"
    [21:31] <Pirin> (no, do I get a bonus to damage?)
    01[21:31] <@Dungeon_Master> No, nvm
    [21:31] <Pirin> (actually, the attack should have been a 22 from the flank, but it doesn't matter)
    01[21:31] <@Dungeon_Master> Verman is stabbed deeply by the spear and begins to whimper insanely
    01[21:31] <@Dungeon_Master> Cadaran!
    06[21:31] * +Imnolu steps back towards the wall, unable to comprehend the sight before her
    [21:31] <+Cadaran> !roll 1d20+4
    [21:31] <@Mystra> Cadaran, 1d20+4: 23 (Total: 23, Avg: 23.00)
    [21:32] <+Cadaran> !roll 1d20+4
    [21:32] <@Mystra> Cadaran, 1d20+4: 9 (Total: 9, Avg: 9.00)
    [21:32] <+Cadaran> [fail : ]
    [21:32] <+Cadaran> :(
    [21:32] <Pirin> "Imnolu! tell him to surrender if he wants to live."
    [21:32] <+Cadaran> !roll 1d8+2
    [21:32] <@Mystra> Cadaran, 1d8+2: 8 (Total: 8, Avg: 8.00)
    [21:32] <Pirin> (why the hell did I just do that?)
    01[21:32] <@Dungeon_Master> Pirin, he doesn't look like he's really in a state of mind to listen...
    [21:32] <+Razan> (Yeah, even if he surrenders i'll kill him"
    [21:32] <+Razan> )*
    06[21:32] * +Imnolu yells at her father in harsh Elvan
    [21:32] <+Imnolu> *en
    [21:33] <Pirin> (I reckon you're right, although we could try it another way)
    01[21:33] <@Dungeon_Master> Hang on...
    01[21:33] <@Dungeon_Master> Cadaran
    [21:33] <+Imnolu> (Anyone other than Raz understand Elven?)
    01[21:33] <@Dungeon_Master> Your first attack
    [21:33] <Pirin> (me)
    01[21:33] <@Dungeon_Master> Was that a shield bash?
    [21:33] <+Cadaran> [no]
    01[21:33] <@Dungeon_Master> Ordinary hit?
    [21:33] <+Cadaran> [hence the +4 instead of -2]
    [21:33] <+Cadaran> [yes]
    01[21:34] <@Dungeon_Master> Oh
    [21:34] <+Cadaran> [should of been +5 from flank]
    01[21:34] <@Dungeon_Master> Cad's strike takes Verman straight in the chest
    [21:34] <+Cadaran> [longsword has crit range of 19-20]
    01[21:34] <@Dungeon_Master> His sword cuts deep
    [21:34] <Pirin> (If immy is still in position, yep.)
    [21:34] <+Imnolu> Um, I'm not now
    01[21:34] <@Dungeon_Master> Before Immy gets the chance to speak, Verman's eyes begin to water
    [21:34] <+Cadaran> [oh well, lucky i didnt add it :p ]
    01[21:34] <@Dungeon_Master> He looks up at Cadaran in disbelief
    [21:34] <@Gruta> (You can only move in your turn, Gabs, so you'd still be there)
    [21:35] <+Imnolu> (Ok, k. ty)
    01[21:35] <@Dungeon_Master> Then his eyes turn to Imnolu
    01[21:35] <@Dungeon_Master> "My daughter..."
    01[21:35] <@Dungeon_Master> He whispers
    06[21:35] * +Imnolu looks at her father in disgust
    01[21:35] <@Dungeon_Master> Blood is now dribbling from the corner of his mouth
    06[21:35] * +Cadaran pulls his sword out and tries to catch Verman if he falls
    01[21:35] <@Dungeon_Master> "I... I... don't know what to..." He falls dead in Cadaran's arms
    01[21:35] <@Dungeon_Master> his hand falls limp and the sword falls from his grip
    06[21:36] * +Imnolu 's eyes go wide, staring at her now dead father
    01[21:36] <@Dungeon_Master> His eyes still fixed on Imnolu
    06[21:36] * Pirin checks if he's still breathing
    [21:36] <+Razan> (What sword is it? I need a non-bent one)
    06[21:36] * +Cadaran slowly lowers him to the ground, muttering a prayer to Hyrdienna
    [21:36] <+Imnolu> (not the time -_-)
    01[21:36] <@Dungeon_Master> It's an extremely well made longsword
    [21:36] <Pirin> "Gone." he whispers hoarsely
    06[21:36] * +Razan eyes it, but doesn't move to take it
    06[21:36] * Pirin says a quiet prayer to Oxena if the man is truly dead
    [21:36] <+Cadaran> "Hydrienna, please let this tortured soul rest in peace."
    01[21:37] <@Dungeon_Master> Pirin, he is. Very much so.
    [21:37] <Pirin> "Amen."
    06[21:37] * +Imnolu suddenly sits on the floor and uses her hands to scrabble backwards, eyes fixed on Verman
    [21:37] <@Gruta> "What's going on? Who is this man?"
    [21:37] <Pirin> "Im," Pirin begins to say, then stops.
    [21:37] <Pirin> "Her father" Pirin whispers
    06[21:37] * +Cadaran whispers to Pirin "Do you want to go comfort her, losing her father and brother will not be easy"
    06[21:37] * +Razan drops his sword and leans against a wall with his eyes closed
    01[21:38] <@Dungeon_Master> (She already knew her brother was dead)
    06[21:38] * +Imnolu has tears slowly and silently rolling down her face
    [21:38] <+Cadaran> [i meant in the same week]
    [21:38] <+Imnolu> (he died a long time ago)
    [21:38] <Pirin> "I don't think I can... very well," he whispers back.
    [21:38] <+Cadaran> [she didnt have comfirmation till she found his body tho]
    [21:38] <+Imnolu> (touché)
    06[21:38] * @Gruta lowers her halberd
    [21:38] <+Imnolu> (he didn;t return for a number of years, one can only guess :¬P)
    [21:39] <+Cadaran> [people run away, especially from stark ravig mad fathers :p ]
    [21:39] <+Cadaran> raving*
    06[21:39] * +Imnolu looks at the boots and pulls them off and throws them accross the room
    [21:39] <@Gruta> (Gruta did XD)
    [21:39] <@Gruta> (Well, her mother did XD)
    [21:39] <+Cadaran> [indeed]
    [21:39] <Pirin> "Immy, can... can you help us arrange a proper ceremony? We can't just leave him like that."
    [21:39] <@Gruta> (bbiab, guys, EDIBLES!)
    01[21:40] <@Dungeon_Master> (Hokies)
    06[21:40] * +Imnolu appears to not notice
    [21:40] <Pirin> (CYA)
    01[21:40] <@Dungeon_Master> There is a rush of wind through the room
    [21:40] <Pirin> (I've never been good at funerals.)
    01[21:40] <@Dungeon_Master> The wind gets stronger and stronger
    06[21:40] * +Razan says a prayer under his breath
    01[21:40] <@Dungeon_Master> And before your very eyes, a construct of the very air slowly forms before you
    06[21:40] * Pirin shudders, muttering a prayer.
    01[21:40] <@Dungeon_Master> It solidifies into the image of a woman
    [21:40] <+Cadaran> "Pirin, you might want to get over here"
    01[21:41] <@Dungeon_Master> She walks to Pirin first and lays a hand on his head
    06[21:41] * +Cadaran bows to the image
    [21:41] <Pirin> (I am over here.)
    06[21:41] * +Razan looks curiously at this figure
    06[21:41] * Pirin bows. "My lady."
    01[21:41] <@Dungeon_Master> "My darling boy." She speaks. Her voice is echoey but gentle and womanly
    06[21:41] * Pirin can't help but smile, as his eyes face the floor.
    01[21:42] <@Dungeon_Master> "You continue to make me happy by child. Know this while you defend this poor young sparrow." She gestures at imnolu
    01[21:42] <@Dungeon_Master> "She is a child only, yet her battle is harsh."
    01[21:42] <@Dungeon_Master> She inclines her head before gliding over to Imnolu.
    01[21:42] <@Dungeon_Master> "Daughter..."
    [21:43] <Pirin> "I... will do my best," he mutters.
    01[21:43] <@Dungeon_Master> She lifts Imnolu's head gently
    06[21:43] * +Imnolu looks up at the figure
    06[21:43] * +Imnolu appears to be shaking somewhat
    01[21:43] <@Dungeon_Master> "I would tell you not to grieve, but to do such would defy your very nature."
    01[21:44] <@Dungeon_Master> "I have grieved myself for your dearest father since this... obsession took him. I regret many things child, and the creation of these... shoes... is one of them."
    [21:44] <+Cadaran> "I thought Pyramos created them?"
    [21:44] <+Cadaran> err
    01[21:44] <@Dungeon_Master> "I thought it would help my children of the shadow, but alas... not so."
    [21:44] <+Cadaran> [ ]*
    01[21:44] <@Dungeon_Master> She looks at Cadaran.
    06[21:44] * Pirin looks, eyes wide open.
    [21:44] <+Cadaran> [i didnt speak]
    01[21:44] <@Dungeon_Master> "No, you misunderstand."
    [21:44] <+Cadaran> [my bad]
    [21:45] <+Cadaran> [ignore the speech marks, i hit the wrong key]
    01[21:45] <@Dungeon_Master> "They are Pyramos abstinence."
    01[21:45] <@Dungeon_Master> "His lack of power, his non-existence. I created something his fire and light could not reveal."
    06[21:45] * +Razan mutters under his breath
    01[21:46] <@Dungeon_Master> "But they were too powerful. My sneaky brethren fought over them and killed one another until I spoke to your grandfather, my dearest daughter."
    01[21:46] <@Dungeon_Master> "Spoke to the father of your father and he sealed them within this maze many hundreds of years ago."
    01[21:47] <@Dungeon_Master> "It has been centuries since he came to my breast, but your father knew what his father before him had hidden."
    [21:47] <Salamander3> (hehe. boobies.)
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    Jul 26, 2004
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    [21:47] <+Imnolu> (I was thinking the EXACT same thing XD)
    01[21:47] <@Dungeon_Master> "He obsessed over my gift, thinking of no other. He abandoned his wife to death and torture, a most trying time."
    [21:47] <Salamander3> (*dodges impending whack from Oct*)
    [21:47] <+Cadaran> [brb]
    [21:47] <Pirin> "He what" Pirin whispers hoarsely, scandalized.
    06[21:48] * +Imnolu drops her head
    01[21:48] <@Dungeon_Master> "Finally, you have released him from his obsession. Do not regret what you have done, his own fate was sealed when he brought you here."
    [21:48] <+Imnolu> "My father, brother and mother are all now dead. I am what is left. How do I not regret my actions?!"
    01[21:48] <@Dungeon_Master> "And now, finally, he can be released from the pain of desire, to join his father at my breast. It is your turn to take up the mantle, my daughter."
    [21:49] <+Imnolu> "You mean.."
    01[21:49] <@Dungeon_Master> "Their deaths were not caused by you, yet you are the only one to continue their legacy."
    01[21:50] <@Dungeon_Master> (Incidentally, I would clarify as Shaman just asked, but thieves are Oxena's children. They hide from the light as the air does."
    01[21:50] <@Dungeon_Master> )
    01[21:51] <@Dungeon_Master> "My daughter, I do not expect you not to grieve. But I can offer you a small absolution."
    01[21:51] <@Dungeon_Master> "You have freed your father from a great deal of pain, and while your family has died, there will be a new family for you. Your children await you in the great pre-birth."
    01[21:52] <@Dungeon_Master> She turns away and looks at Pirin once again
    [21:52] <+Imnolu> (Sounds messy)
    01[21:52] <@Dungeon_Master> (lol)
    06[21:52] * +Razan picks up the boots
    [21:52] <Pirin> "Don't," Pirin whispers at Razan.
    01[21:52] <@Dungeon_Master> Oxena turns to Razan and screams at him insanely loudly.
    06[21:52] * +Imnolu looks at Razan
    01[21:53] <@Dungeon_Master> "Follower of my brother, you shall not touch my gift!"
    [21:53] <+Razan> "I was taking them back to her.."
    01[21:53] <@Dungeon_Master> "Those boots are your master's folly, he failure to light the dark I create."
    01[21:53] <@Dungeon_Master> "Touching them more than for a moment could cause... strange side effects."
    01[21:53] <@Dungeon_Master> She turns back to Pirin again
    [21:53] <+Razan> (I was holding them for a while earlier XD)
    06[21:53] * +Imnolu stares at the boots
    01[21:53] <@Dungeon_Master> (Oxena wasn't standing in front of you then :¬P)
    [21:54] <Pirin> (You weren't in the presence of a pissed-off goddess)
    [21:54] <+Razan> (She can go whore off :¬P)
    [21:54] <Pirin> (ninja'd ;) )
    [21:54] <Pirin> (BLASPHEMER!)
    [21:54] <Pirin> (ahem, sorry.)
    01[21:54] <@Dungeon_Master> "You my son are to defend my daughter for the rest of your days. She has had a very rough path to her position today, and it will become rougher still. I trust in your might."
    06[21:54] * +Razan carries the boots over to Imnolu
    01[21:54] <@Dungeon_Master> She touches her head once more to Imnolu's head.
    06[21:55] * +Imnolu scrabbles away from the boots
    [21:55] <+Razan> "They were meant for you"
    01[21:55] <@Dungeon_Master> "I trust you more than any other before you to bear my gift, child. I beg you, wear the boots so none other can find themn. They are no l,onger safe."
    [21:55] <Pirin> "I will help her as far as I can."
    01[21:56] <@Dungeon_Master> She smiles at pirin so kindly he feels his chest might burst with love
    [21:56] <+Cadaran> [bacl]
    01[21:56] <@Dungeon_Master> (wb)
    [21:56] <+Imnolu> "These boots.. my family is dead through these boots.. Why give them to me!? I have no want for them!"
    06[21:56] * Pirin makes a single step forward, his eyes watering.
    01[21:56] <@Dungeon_Master> "But I must go now, others amongst my children desire me now. My love goes with all of you, children. Farewell!"
    01[21:56] <@Dungeon_Master> With her final words, the image is blown away with the slightest breeze.
    01[21:57] <@Dungeon_Master> She is gone.
    [21:57] <Pirin> "Goodbye, Lady," Pirin says hoarsely. He appears... stunned.
    06[21:57] * +Imnolu rather suddenly bursts into tears
    06[21:58] * Pirin walks to her and, after a moment, puts a hand on her shoulder. "I am sorry for your loss."
    06[21:59] * +Imnolu throws his hand off
    [21:59] <+Imnolu> (Exits?)
    06[22:00] * Pirin appears hurt for a moment, then steps back. "I wish I had the answers," he mutters almost inaudibly.
    01[22:00] <@Dungeon_Master> The door out of the gauntlet stands before you, ripped off its hinges. You can tell Verman has been trying to get to the room with the boots in for many years, but never succeeded.
    06[22:00] * +Imnolu stands up, takes hold of the boots and walks out of the gauntlet, barefooted
    [22:01] <+Razan> I make no effort to hold onto them
    [22:01] <Pirin> "We need to arrange a decent burial for her father."
    01[22:01] <@Dungeon_Master> You arrive in your father's personal chambers on the other side of the door
    06[22:01] * +Imnolu stops and turns back to say to Pirin:
    01[22:01] <@Dungeon_Master> He has quite obviosuly been keeping a close eye on that door
    [22:01] <Pirin> "But first, to make sure we are in no danger."
    [22:01] <+Razan> "Pirin, leave that choice to her"
    [22:01] <+Imnolu> "Make no effort for him. None at all."
    [22:01] <+Imnolu> "Leave him to rot in this place."
    01[22:01] <@Dungeon_Master> As Imnolu speaks there is a sad sigh and a sudden breeze.
    01[22:02] <@Dungeon_Master> Her father's body dissipates like a puff of dust on the wind
    [22:02] <Pirin> "... Do you expect me to do so?"
    [22:02] <+Razan> (Did his kit go too? XD)
    01[22:02] <@Dungeon_Master> (Yes :¬P)
    06[22:02] * +Imnolu looks at the space where the body went, nods and continues out
    01[22:02] <@Dungeon_Master> (Shoulda looted him earlier >:¬D)
    [22:02] <+Razan> (Wanted the ****ing sword! >.<)
    06[22:02] * Pirin looks flabberghasted. "I suppose it has been arranged, then." and continues.
    01[22:02] <@Dungeon_Master> The sword was not in his hand
    [22:02] <Pirin> (Oh yes, what happened to his stuff?)
    01[22:02] <@Dungeon_Master> And thus, not taken
    06[22:03] * +Razan picks it up
    01[22:03] <@Dungeon_Master> I just said ;)
    01[22:03] <@Dungeon_Master> (WOOOOOOT!)
    06[22:03] * Pirin enters the door, shaking his hand at Razan
    [22:03] <+Razan> "No use leaving such a fine weapon"
    01[22:04] <@Dungeon_Master> Imnolu your father's chambers are exactly as you have seen them several times before.
    [22:04] <Pirin> "True, but it should belong to her by right," (he mutters)
    [22:04] <Pirin> "Though I doubt she will want it, but it's her choice."
    01[22:04] <@Dungeon_Master> Although, they are not your father's any more
    [22:04] <Pirin> (what do we see?)
    01[22:04] <@Dungeon_Master> They are yours
    01[22:04] <@Dungeon_Master> The room is an elaborate suite
    01[22:05] <@Dungeon_Master> It is messy and there are silks and fancy clothes abundant.
    06[22:05] * +Imnolu looks around
    06[22:05] * Pirin walks around.
    01[22:05] <@Dungeon_Master> There is a massive four-poster bed in the bedroom, and a room which seems to have a constant supply of hot water running through what looks like a bathtub, constantly refreshed
    [22:05] <Pirin> !roll 1d20+2;search
    [22:06] <@Mystra> Pirin, 1d20+2: 15 (Total: 15, Avg: 15.00) [search]
    01[22:06] <@Dungeon_Master> It is, basically, tacky and wasteful in every way.
    [22:06] <Pirin> (looking for something interesting)
    [22:06] <Pirin> "Quite opulent."
    06[22:06] * +Imnolu says quietly but with force: "Pirin, touch anything and you die."
    [22:07] <+Cadaran> "I suggest Immy and Gruta partake in that bath, they still are covered in mud
    [22:07] <+Imnolu> (together? ^_^)
    [22:07] <Pirin> "I would not. It is yours" he says, simply.
    01[22:07] <@Dungeon_Master> Pirin, I'm not sure Imnolu will appreciate you searching through her deceased father's bedroom ;)
    01[22:07] <@Dungeon_Master> :¬P
    [22:07] <Pirin> (I was examining it, not rummaging through it.)
    06[22:07] * +Imnolu exits the room, searching for a guild rogue
    [22:07] <Pirin> (I'm not that crass.)
    [22:08] <Pirin> (mud-covered and all?)
    06[22:08] * +Razan slowly follows Imnolu
    06[22:08] * Pirin follows Immy as well.
    [22:08] <+Imnolu> !roll 1d20+5;spot
    [22:08] <@Mystra> Imnolu, 1d20+5: 12 (Total: 12, Avg: 12.00) [spot]
    06[22:08] * +Cadaran follows
    [22:09] <+Imnolu> (Any rogues about?)
    [22:09] <+Imnolu> !roll 1d20+4;search
    [22:09] <@Mystra> Imnolu, 1d20+4: 21 (Total: 21, Avg: 21.00) [search]
    [22:09] <+Imnolu> (aplogies)
    01[22:09] <@Dungeon_Master> Lish is waiting in the "throne" room just outside
    01[22:09] <@Dungeon_Master> (np)
    01[22:10] <@Dungeon_Master> He is accompanied by two other, evil looking assassins
    [22:10] <Pirin> (do the rest of us know him?)
    [22:10] <+Imnolu> "I need to speak with Lish. You may either stay or leave."
    01[22:10] <@Dungeon_Master> (You've seen, but not spoken directly to him)
    [22:10] <+Cadaran> !roll 1d20+6;Sense Motive
    [22:10] <@Mystra> Cadaran, 1d20+6: 19 (Total: 19, Avg: 19.00) [Sense Motive]
    06[22:10] * Pirin nods, looking at the newcomers carefully.
    01[22:10] <@Dungeon_Master> Cadaran, these are some of the greatest thieves in all of the Wild Oak City
    01[22:10] <@Dungeon_Master> You can see neither motive nor anything else in their faces
    [22:10] <Pirin> (for the record, I'm holding my weapon ready again.)
    01[22:11] <@Dungeon_Master> Lish looks sad and walks towards Imnolu
    [22:11] <+Cadaran> [i r expert paladin tho]
    01[22:11] <@Dungeon_Master> "Oh my dearest Im."
    01[22:11] <@Dungeon_Master> He embraces her
    [22:11] <Pirin> (If I'm close, I ready an action toattack him if he tries to hit her)
    01[22:11] <@Dungeon_Master> "I wanted so much to warn you, I promise."
    06[22:11] * +Imnolu makes no attempt to hug back
    01[22:11] <@Dungeon_Master> He looks deeply hurt
    06[22:11] * +Cadaran loosens his sword in its sheaf
    06[22:11] * +Imnolu pushes Lish off carefully.
    [22:11] <+Imnolu> "You what?"
    06[22:11] * Pirin looks cautiously at the thief's hands.
    06[22:12] * +Cadaran eyes up the Assasins
    01[22:12] <@Dungeon_Master> "He's mad. He was anyway. Completely obsessed with something he only ever spoke of in his dreams. "Oxena's chosen." he used to scream..."
    06[22:12] * +Imnolu stays calm and quiet
    [22:12] <+Cadaran> "How do you know he is dead? you were not there"
    [22:12] <+Imnolu> "And you didn't tell me because?"
    01[22:12] <@Dungeon_Master> "I wanted so much to warn you to stay away, I had a feeling he meant to use you..."
    06[22:13] * +Imnolu yells
    [22:13] <+Imnolu> "Why didn't you tell me?"
    [22:13] <+Cadaran> "For all you know we have him tied up back there"
    [22:13] <+Imnolu> "Cadaran, please.."
    01[22:13] <@Dungeon_Master> "But he knew... He could see my love for you in my eyes. He warned me that if I warned you, he'd hunt you down and torture you in front of my very eyes."
    [22:13] <@Gruta> (reading up)
    01[22:13] <@Dungeon_Master> "It is selfish, but I couldn't bear it."
    01[22:14] <@Dungeon_Master> "You're no less than family to me my dearest little one."
    06[22:14] * Pirin looks at the man with doubt, but still keeps at the ready.
    06[22:14] * +Razan is still holding the sword he picked up
    01[22:15] <@Dungeon_Master> "But we digress, mjy little sister."
    01[22:15] <@Dungeon_Master> He looks around himself with a smile
    01[22:15] <@Dungeon_Master> "This... it's all yours now..."
    01[22:15] <@Dungeon_Master> "The tyrant is gone, and the guild is yours to command."
    06[22:15] * +Razan looks around pretty unconsciously
    06[22:15] * +Imnolu nods
    [22:16] <+Razan> "You'll have to excuse me if i'm still a little wary"
    06[22:16] * +Cadaran still has his hand on his sword hilt
    [22:17] <+Razan> (I'm only holding my sword because I don't have a scabbard for it XD)
    [22:17] <+Imnolu> "Do the rogues know of my father's death?"
    [22:17] <@Gruta> (*whaps Sal* ;¬))
    [22:17] <@Gruta> (Why do I always miss divine intervention?)
    [22:17] <+Cadaran> [rofl]
    01[22:18] <@Dungeon_Master> "They do not. But I cannot say..." He goes a little red... "I can't say many will mourn for him."
    06[22:18] * @Gruta is watching everyone warily at this point
    [22:18] <+Imnolu> "Call them. All of them."
    01[22:18] <@Dungeon_Master> "I love you little sister, but your father was a basterd to all but you."
    01[22:18] <@Dungeon_Master> Hokay
    [22:18] <+Imnolu> "I don't wish to talk more on him."
    01[22:19] <@Dungeon_Master> After a long time, the entire guild is gathered in the throne room, looking warily up at the group on the dais. Whispers abound through the guild of thieves."
    01[22:19] <@Dungeon_Master> "SILENCE!" Lish shouts above the murmer
    06[22:19] * +Cadaran has relaxed somewhat, but is still looking around warily
    01[22:20] <@Dungeon_Master> "Our princess wishes to speak!"
    [22:20] <+Razan> (Are we on the dais or in the crowd?)
    01[22:20] <@Dungeon_Master> (BTW guys)
    06[22:20] * +Imnolu looks over her .. comrades (I guess XD) who are behind her
    01[22:20] <@Dungeon_Master> (You're all on the dais)
    01[22:20] <@Dungeon_Master> (This might seem a little Immy oriented right now)
    06[22:20] * +Razan gives Imnolu a slight nod
    06[22:20] * @Gruta is wary
    [22:20] <+Cadaran> [In soviet Russia, Comrades look over you!]
    01[22:20] <@Dungeon_Master> (But I want to clarify, she's the only one who's been in the group from the start XD)
    01[22:20] <@Dungeon_Master> (You'll all get your day, don't worry ;) )
    [22:21] <+Imnolu> "Good evening, Rogues. Forgive my bluntness, but my father is dead."
    [22:21] <@Gruta> (I was away when we started again XD)
    01[22:21] <@Dungeon_Master> There is another murmer
    06[22:21] * Pirin looks with detached interest.
    [22:21] <+Cadaran> [you slayed Voro without a fight :( ]
    01[22:21] <@Dungeon_Master> (You told me to kill him)
    [22:21] <+Cadaran> [in the name of Party Balance]
    01[22:21] <@Dungeon_Master> (You don't get to choose how it happens)
    06[22:22] * @Dungeon_Master shrugs
    [22:22] <+Imnolu> "I command you all now. Anyone who has a problem with that will address me later. Those who are faithful, I won't let you down as my father did."
    01[22:22] <@Dungeon_Master> The onlookers seem slightly wary, but listen enraptured
    [22:22] <+Imnolu> "Lish.. anything to say?"
    01[22:23] <@Dungeon_Master> Lish steps forward. You know he's not one to pass up on the ooportunity to take the limelight
    01[22:23] <@Dungeon_Master> "I would like to add something." He smiles
    [22:23] <+Cadaran> [b grabbing a beer]
    [22:23] <+Cadaran> [brb*]
    01[22:23] <@Dungeon_Master> He turns to the crowd theatrically
    06[22:23] * +Imnolu raises an eyebrow
    01[22:23] <@Dungeon_Master> "This young lady is the first in over 500 years to conquer the gauntlet."
    01[22:24] <@Dungeon_Master> "No less, she is the only surviving heir of the scoundell Verman's
    01[22:24] <@Dungeon_Master> Bloodline"
    01[22:24] <@Dungeon_Master> "She has hidden from me for a week and she has captured the hearts of our entire guild."
    01[22:24] <@Dungeon_Master> "And now more than that, she has defeated her father of longer years and greater experience in combat."
    01[22:25] <@Dungeon_Master> "Now, I can't speak for the guild entore."
    06[22:25] * +Imnolu cuts in
    01[22:25] <@Dungeon_Master> "I can't say what you're all feeling."
    [22:25] <+Imnolu> "Lish, you forget those around me. I'd be for the same fate of Marus if it weren't for them."
    01[22:25] <@Dungeon_Master> "But I love this lady like the sister I never had, and I will follow her to the grave."
    06[22:25] * @Dungeon_Master ponders a moment
    01[22:26] <@Dungeon_Master> "And these others. These followers of hers. Companions, friends, I don't know which."
    [22:26] <+Imnolu> "I think.. friends, Lish."
    01[22:26] <@Dungeon_Master> "They have liberated us from the tyrant. They helped her every step of the way. They protected her."
    01[22:26] <@Dungeon_Master> "I say Cheers! Cheers to the princess and c heers to the protecters of hers!"
    [22:27] <+Cadaran> ["some of us fell on spikes for her" Cadaran points at Pirin...]
    01[22:27] <@Dungeon_Master> The entire crowd roars a toast to imnolu and drinks deeply, each seeming to carry their own hip flastk
    06[22:27] * @Gruta looks uncomfortable
    [22:27] <+Imnolu> (lol, what rockers XD)
    06[22:27] * +Razan raises his sword and cheers with the crowd
    01[22:27] <@Dungeon_Master> They surge forward and smother the group with hugs and kisses, some throwing gifts and money :¬D
    06[22:27] * +Cadaran stays silent
    06[22:27] * @Gruta backs away
    06[22:27] * Pirin takes a drink from his own skin, but it doesn't have the same kick.
    06[22:28] * +Razan is swamped by the crowd
    01[22:28] <@Dungeon_Master> "FEAST! FEAST! FEAST!" The group chants
    06[22:28] * Pirin is a little overwhelmed, but tries to be friendly.
    [22:28] <+Imnolu> "Rogues, we are calm beings. Please be quiet!"
    01[22:28] <@Dungeon_Master> Silence falls ilmaost instantly
    [22:28] <Pirin> (you are?)
    [22:28] <+Imnolu> "Also, please refrain from smothering my friends?"
    06[22:28] * @Gruta towers above them :3
    01[22:28] <@Dungeon_Master> They watch Immy, waiting for the sign to party
    [22:29] <+Imnolu> "As you request, a banquet will be held. Tomorrow, in the main quarter. Now .. go celebrate your new beginning."
    06[22:29] * +Imnolu casually suggests at the gang to move or be trampled by the rogyes
    [22:29] <+Imnolu> *u
    01[22:29] <@Dungeon_Master> There is a massive cheer, and against her request, the group surges forward and lifts her onto their shoulders triumphantly before slowly, they wander off to continue their work.
    06[22:29] * Pirin moves a bit to the side.
    06[22:30] * +Cadaran backs away from the crowd
    [22:30] <Pirin> (wait, do they carry her with them?)
    [22:30] <+Imnolu> (no o.O(
    01[22:30] <@Dungeon_Master> (No, there's a few minutes of happy carrying before they lower her down again
    06[22:30] * +Imnolu feels slightly dizzy
    06[22:30] * +Cadaran mutters a prayer to Hyrienna asking for forgiveness for associating so strongly with theives
    [22:30] <Pirin> (ah, ok, felt a little like that)
    06[22:30] * @Gruta shifts uncomfortable
    [22:31] <@Gruta> "I should find the Priestess"
    01[22:31] <@Dungeon_Master> there is an almost amused scatter of rain over Cadaran's shoulders
    [22:31] <Pirin> "I guess congratulations are in order," Pirin smiles at Immy.
    [22:31] <+Cadaran> "Gruta, you need not find her, you are free from her enslavery of you"
    [22:31] <Pirin> "Priestess?"
    06[22:31] * @Gruta looks at Cadaran bewildered
    [22:31] <@Gruta> (You still don't know my name afaik XD)
    [22:31] <+Cadaran> "No one deserves to be a slave"
    [22:32] <@Gruta> (I don't know you guys either XD)
    [22:32] <@Gruta> "But... Mistress..."
    [22:32] <+Cadaran> [weve called you Gruta plenty of times]
    [22:32] <+Razan> (I haven't XD)
    [22:32] <+Cadaran> "Mistress cannot hurt you"
    [22:32] <@Gruta> (Only you have really :¬P)
    [22:32] <Pirin> "Amen to that," Pirin nods. "What was that about you being a slave?"
    [22:32] <+Cadaran> [meh]
    [22:32] <@Gruta> "I am her guard!"
    03[22:32] * Sorvo is now known as SorvoAway
    [22:32] <+Cadaran> "Did you have a choice in the matter?"
    06[22:33] * @Gruta looks at Cadaran and Pirin nervously
    [22:33] <@Gruta> "I am her guard..."
    [22:33] <+Cadaran> "Says who?"
    01[22:34] <@Dungeon_Master> Actually, Gruta introduced herself last session I believe
    [22:34] <@Gruta> (Ah right XD)
    [22:34] <+Cadaran> "Have you ever known a proper time when you were not her guard?"
    06[22:34] * @Gruta nods
    [22:34] <+Cadaran> "A time when you were free to do as you wanted?"
    06[22:34] * Pirin whispers to Cadaran. "What is that all about?"
    06[22:35] * +Cadaran whispers back "i will explain later"
    [22:35] <@Gruta> "I have lived well. I came into service of the Priestess in my tenth year. I will not say a word against her"
    [22:35] <+Cadaran> "But have you ever been FREE"
    01[22:35] <@Dungeon_Master> Lish comes to Imnolu
    01[22:35] <@Dungeon_Master> "I suppose you're going to be interested in some... information?"
    01[22:36] <@Dungeon_Master> "Your father witheld it, but we've known for some time."
    [22:36] <Pirin> "You are with us, Gruta. Do you want to leave us?"
    [22:36] <@Gruta> "... I was bought with honest coin... I'm... I'm her guard... and gladiator..."
    [22:36] <+Cadaran> "Bought?"
    01[22:36] <@Dungeon_Master> Lish pulls Imnolu to one side.
    [22:37] <+Cadaran> "If you were bought, then you are a slave, and slavery is wrong"
    06[22:37] * @Gruta looks shy
    [22:37] <Pirin> !roll 1d20+2;spot to notice Lish and Immy.
    [22:37] <@Mystra> Pirin, 1d20+2: 10 (Total: 10, Avg: 10.00) [spot to notice Lish and Immy.]
    [22:37] <+Cadaran> "I will not allow someone to enslave you"
    [22:37] <+Cadaran> "or any creature"
    [22:37] <@Gruta> "I am just an ogre"
    [22:37] <+Cadaran> "You are a sentient being, with a right to freedom"
    06[22:37] * @Gruta shrugs
    06[22:37] * +Razan is watching Cadaran curiously
    [22:38] <Pirin> "You are Gruta. If you want to be with her, so be it... But not because she owns you. No one does."
    [22:38] <+Cadaran> "a right to make your own choices, and not follow the orders of someone else"
    01[22:38] <@Dungeon_Master> Pirin, they seem to have gone elsewhere
    [22:38] <+Cadaran> "I will not stop you going back to her, but just think, wouldnt you like to be able to make your own choices?"
    06[22:38] * Pirin looks around, distraught. "Immy?"
    [22:38] <+Imnolu> "Pirin?"
    [22:39] <@Gruta> "Surely I should pay her back? My mistress bought me with honest coin, fed and housed me, gave me purpose."
    [22:39] <Pirin> "Sorry, I wondered where you went. We'll be here if you need us."
    06[22:39] * Pirin says, but he takes notice where Immy is.
    [22:39] <+Cadaran> "You can pay her back if you wish, but i do not beleive she will accept"
    [22:40] <Pirin> "Pay coin with coin, then.... but I think you have already done so well enough."
    06[22:40] * @Gruta looks rather torn
    [22:40] <+Cadaran> "We shall accompany you when you go visit her, if you would like?"
    [22:41] <+Imnolu> (Gotta go soon, guys)
    01[22:41] <@Dungeon_Master> (ok, np)
    [22:41] <@Gruta> "I should go see her..."
    [22:41] <Pirin> (have fun!)
    [22:41] <+Cadaran> "Would you like us to come along?"
    06[22:42] * @Gruta looks bashful and nods slightly
    [22:42] <@Gruta> "I know not where I even am"
    [22:42] <Pirin> "We could ask her if she doesn't mind you staying with us," Pirin adds.
    [22:42] <+Cadaran> "We are in Wild Oak City, where about does your misstress reside?"
    [22:43] <@Gruta> "The temple, of Hydrienna"
    [22:43] <+Cadaran> "In the city?"
    06[22:43] * @Gruta nods
    01[22:43] <@Dungeon_Master> Imnolu, level up!"
    01[22:43] <@Dungeon_Master> -"
    [22:43] <+Cadaran> "Splendid, we can leave as soon as Immy is finished here, if you want?"
    06[22:44] * Pirin nods. "Good, I should go there anyway."
    [22:44] <@Gruta> "Very well"
    [22:44] <+Razan> "I'm not sure i'd be so welcome in a temple of Hydrienna"
    [22:44] <+Imnolu> "Same"
    [22:44] <+Cadaran> "If i remember correctly, all the temples are at the same place"
    [22:44] <Pirin> "The shrine holds temples to all four gods"
    [22:44] <+Cadaran> "And joined together"
    01[22:45] <@Dungeon_Master> (Well remembered ^_^)
    [22:45] <+Cadaran> "Also, the gods do not hate each other"
    01[22:45] <@Dungeon_Master> (Indeed. There's no emnity between deities)
    [22:45] <+Razan> "I got that when I picked up the boots.."
    [22:45] <Pirin> "Though they aren't exactly on the best of terms, at times," Pirin smiles.
    01[22:45] <@Dungeon_Master> (Just when a follower of pyramos picks up boota called "Pyramos' abstinence" XD)
    01[22:45] <@Dungeon_Master> boots*
    06[22:46] * +Cadaran seeks out Immy
    [22:46] <+Cadaran> "We were thinking about heading to the temple, if you would like to accompany us"
    [22:46] <+Imnolu> "I think I'll stay here thanks, I need to speak with Lish more."
    [22:46] <Pirin> "Anyway, Gruta, we will speak with your... mistress... soon enough."
    [22:47] <+Cadaran> "Very well, im sure you will be able to find us wherever we are anyway"
    [22:47] <+Imnolu> "Of course"
    06[22:47] * +Cadaran heads back to the rest
    01[22:47] <@Dungeon_Master> Hokay, so everyone other than Imnolu is heading towards the temple?
    [22:48] <@Gruta> yup
    [22:48] <+Cadaran> yep
    [22:48] <+Razan> I suppose so
    01[22:48] <@Dungeon_Master> Right. immy stays to be briefed on taking care of the guild of thieves
    01[22:48] <@Dungeon_Master> And the rest of you are led by a helpful man of her employment to the nearest sewer opening
    01[22:48] <@Dungeon_Master> It opens to a bright mid-morning in the city
    01[22:48] <@Dungeon_Master> You're not far from the market
    01[22:49] <@Dungeon_Master> Near the building with the giant stone oak tree
    01[22:49] <@Dungeon_Master> The Temple is to the East of here
    [22:49] <Pirin> "Finally, some fresh air."
    [22:49] <+Cadaran> [are we able to skip straight to the temple?]
    06[22:49] * @Gruta heads Eastwards
    06[22:49] * +Razan breates deeply
    01[22:49] <@Dungeon_Master> (If you wish)
    [22:49] <+Razan> +h
    [22:49] <Pirin> "We could use a bath before entering the house of the gods, methinks"
    06[22:49] * @Gruta knows this area of the city pretty well
    06[22:49] * +Cadaran follows Gruta
    01[22:49] <@Dungeon_Master> (I thought you might appreciate a few minutes of "non dungeon" time XD)
    [22:50] <+Cadaran> "The gods accept their followers in any form"
    01[22:50] <@Dungeon_Master> Gruta, there is a bathhouse not far from here, a few minutes to the south
    [22:50] <Pirin> (can we get a bath somewhere, or do the people of this city shun such frolicking)
    [22:50] <+Cadaran> [anyway, with all these times Hydrienna has rained on me, i think im clean :p ]
    01[22:50] <@Dungeon_Master> It's just a sprinkling -_-)
    06[22:50] * +Razan casts Create Water above himself
    [22:50] <Pirin> "Perhaps, yet showing respect never hurts"
    [22:50] <Pirin> (show-off :))
    [22:50] <+Cadaran> "Gruta, wait a second"
    01[22:50] <@Dungeon_Master> A few litres of water crash down on Razan's head
    [22:51] <+Razan> "That'll do"
    01[22:51] <@Dungeon_Master> He's still filthy, but now he's wet too
    [22:51] <+Cadaran> "Would we be able to visit a bath house before we visit your mistress"
    [22:51] <+Cadaran> "She wouldnt like you turning up covered in mud"
    06[22:51] * @Gruta winces
    [22:51] <@Gruta> "True"
    [22:51] <@Gruta> "She gets angry enough after the pits"
    [22:51] <+Cadaran> "There is a bath house just south of here"
    06[22:52] * @Gruta follows the others
    [22:52] <Pirin> "It would be good if we could rest for a minute... too bad Immy is busy, there is something we ought to discuss with her."
    06[22:52] * Pirin follows, sighing.
    06[22:52] * +Cadaran heads to the bath house
    01[22:53] <@Dungeon_Master> The bath houses are almost uncomfortably warm and steamy
    01[22:53] <@Dungeon_Master> There a re large pools of hot water to clean yourselves in
    01[22:53] <@Dungeon_Master> Although the specifically male occupants look rather amazed asgruta walks in
    06[22:53] * +Cadaran takes off his armour and clothing and climbs into the pool
    [22:54] <Pirin> (Hell yeah, she's a whole lot of woman ;))
    01[22:54] <@Dungeon_Master> Do we skip this bit? :¬P
    [22:54] <+Cadaran> yes
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    01[22:54] <@Dungeon_Master> Hokay
    [22:54] <@Gruta> XD
    [22:54] <Pirin> yes
    06[22:54] * +Razan doesn't bother to have a bath
    01[22:54] <@Dungeon_Master> You all stand before the temple, clean and refreshed
    01[22:54] <@Dungeon_Master> Except razan
    [22:54] <+Cadaran> [except Razan it appears]
    [22:54] <+Cadaran> "Razan why do you not wash?"
    [22:54] <Pirin> (he's refreshed... I don't know about clean :) )
    06[22:54] * +Razan has pulled his hair back and rubbed his face clean, however
    01[22:54] <@Dungeon_Master> (brb, gotta take food away so Ticket is nil by mouth)
    01[22:56] <@Dungeon_Master> (back)
    [22:56] <+Cadaran> [wb]
    06[22:56] * +Cadaran walks into the shrine
    01[22:56] <@Dungeon_Master> (ty)
    [22:56] <Pirin> "So, do we go to the temple of Hydrienna first? I have some work at Oxena's home as well."
    01[22:57] <@Dungeon_Master> The shrine to hydrienna is warm and wet. Fountains fill the air with the sound of falling water
    [22:57] <+Cadaran> [not stepped into the temple yet, only into the shrine
    01[22:57] <@Dungeon_Master> They are the same thing :p
    [22:57] <+Cadaran> [the shrine contains all 4 temples iirc]
    06[22:58] * Pirin nods to Cadaran. "I guess you would like to speak?"
    [22:59] <+Cadaran> "Pirin, feel free to go visit Oxena if you wish"
    [22:59] <+Cadaran> "Razan, im sure you want to go visit Pyramos"
    [23:00] <Pirin> "Are you sure you can handle that priestess," Pirin says with a wink... but merry tone betrays concern.
    01[23:01] <@Dungeon_Master> Cadaran, a voice pierces you coldly
    [23:01] <+Cadaran> "I shall be fine, Hydrienna will protect me"
    01[23:01] <@Dungeon_Master> "Can I help you stranger?"
    [23:01] <+Cadaran> "Greetings"
    [23:01] <+Razan> "Cadaran, you'd think that, wouldn't you.."
    01[23:01] <@Dungeon_Master> "Who are you, paladin?" A woman dressed inblack demands
    [23:01] <+Cadaran> "I am a simple Paladin of Hydrienna, here to pay homage to my goddess"
    06[23:01] * +Razan heads to the shrine of Pyramos
    01[23:02] <@Dungeon_Master> "You... since when does Hydrienna take men in her name?"
    06[23:02] * Pirin heads to the shrine of Oxena.
    [23:02] <+Cadaran> "Since she blessed me with this hand"
    01[23:02] <@Dungeon_Master> The voice is venomous
    06[23:02] * +Cadaran holds out his hand of Ice"
    01[23:02] <@Dungeon_Master> The woman stares at the hand of ice, unbelieving and walking towards him
    01[23:02] <@Dungeon_Master> "She truly has blessed you indeed..."
    06[23:03] * @Gruta stands shyly
    01[23:03] <@Dungeon_Master> "Then mayhaps you will be willing to find something for me? A holy quest you could call it..."
    01[23:03] <@Dungeon_Master> the woman looks sharply at Gruta triumphantly
    01[23:03] <@Dungeon_Master> "NO MATTER!" She shrieks
    [23:03] <+Cadaran> "Anything for a priestess of my Goddess"
    [23:03] <+Cadaran> "Pardon?"
    01[23:03] <@Dungeon_Master> "It has walked straight in after you, male, my slave!"
    [23:04] <+Cadaran> "Your slave?"
    01[23:04] <@Dungeon_Master> She begins to walk towards gruta
    [23:04] <+Cadaran> "Since when does a follower of Hydrienna keep Slaves!"
    01[23:04] <@Dungeon_Master> "My slave indeed!"
    01[23:04] <@Dungeon_Master> She looks at Cad with a sneer
    06[23:04] * @Gruta bows her head
    01[23:04] <@Dungeon_Master> "I knew she was a fool to take on a man."
    01[23:04] <@Dungeon_Master> She spits on the floor near Cad.
    [23:04] <Pirin> (do we hear any of this?)
    [23:04] <+Cadaran> "You dare call my goddess a fool?"
    01[23:04] <@Dungeon_Master> No, you're elsewhere
    [23:04] <+Cadaran> "What kind of a prestess are you?"
    [23:05] <+Cadaran> priestess*
    01[23:05] <@Dungeon_Master> "I am the HIGH priestess!" She screams
    01[23:05] <@Dungeon_Master> The room begins to fill with steam
    [23:05] <+Cadaran> "You are corrupt!"
    01[23:05] <@Dungeon_Master> "I am her voice here in the city of Wild O#ak!"
    01[23:05] <@Dungeon_Master> "Ia am her !"
    01[23:05] <@Dungeon_Master> Oops
    06[23:05] * @Gruta looks anxious
    01[23:05] <@Dungeon_Master> "I am her human counterpart!"
    01[23:05] <@Dungeon_Master> She looks at gruta angrily
    06[23:06] * +Cadaran says a prayer to Hydrienna "Protect me from this priestess, she has been corrupt with the power you granted her, give me strength to do your will"
    01[23:06] <@Dungeon_Master> "You have followed this fool when you should have been seeking me!" She shrieks
    [23:06] <+Cadaran> "Do not give Gruta orders!"
    [23:06] <@Gruta> "I... I was trapped, Mistress."
    [23:06] <+Cadaran> "Slavery is wrong, you should know this"
    01[23:06] <@Dungeon_Master> With a sudden shriek, she runs at Gruta, but before she has moved a step, she is lifted from the floor by an unseen hand and runs in mid air
    01[23:07] <@Dungeon_Master> The steam suddenly condences and Hydrienna, for the second time, appears before Cadaran
    06[23:07] * @Gruta stands resigned to punishment
    06[23:07] * +Cadaran goes down upon one knee
    [23:07] <+Cadaran> "My lady"
    01[23:07] <@Dungeon_Master> "My child, you follow me as I asked, i am appeased." She places a hand on his head
    01[23:07] <@Dungeon_Master> "BUT YOU!"
    06[23:07] * +Cadaran smiles with love
    01[23:08] <@Dungeon_Master> The shout echoes from the distant mountains it would seem
    01[23:08] <@Dungeon_Master> "You have used my name falsely for the final time! You have claimed to be my voice on earth and the holiest of my order, but never did *I* CHOOSE YOU!"
    01[23:08] <@Dungeon_Master> The priestess appears to have wet herself
    [23:09] <+Cadaran> [rofl]
    01[23:09] <@Dungeon_Master> "I have been lenient, assuming you would do the best you could for me while you claimed this title, but NO!"
    [23:09] <Pirin> (Fitting, isn't it?)
    [23:09] <+Cadaran> ["its the condensation, honestly..."]
    01[23:09] <@Dungeon_Master> The priestess is still suspended in mid air
    01[23:10] <@Dungeon_Master> "I gave you chances, and I gave you leniency, but I have seen only EVIL!"
    01[23:10] <@Dungeon_Master> "And now I have run out of patience with you!"
    01[23:10] <@Dungeon_Master> "To my brother's arms you shall go, and you shall BURN there for all eternity!"
    01[23:10] <@Dungeon_Master> She sweeps her arm angrily, and the pristess bursts into flames
    01[23:11] <@Dungeon_Master> The priestess creams in agony, writhing in mid-air
    06[23:11] * @Gruta looks stricken
    01[23:11] <@Dungeon_Master> Her screams become more and more frenzied before after a final whimper, she bursts into nothing more than ashes
    [23:11] <+Cadaran> "Gruta, you need not feel sad, she was evil"
    01[23:11] <@Dungeon_Master> The ghoddess
    01[23:11] <@Dungeon_Master> Oops
    01[23:11] <@Dungeon_Master> The Goddess turns to Cadaran
    01[23:11] <@Dungeon_Master> "My quest for you still stands, paladin."
    01[23:12] <@Dungeon_Master> "I ask you to care for my poor, stricken child."
    [23:12] <+Cadaran> "I shall try my best"
    01[23:12] <@Dungeon_Master> "Teach her the beauty of freedom, and show her love and compassion, for she has never seen either."
    01[23:12] <@Dungeon_Master> She places a cold, wet hand on Gruta's chest
    01[23:13] <@Dungeon_Master> "You are a warrior of Hydrienna!"She states strongly
    06[23:13] * @Gruta looks wide eyed at the hand
    [23:13] <+Cadaran> [drunk and hookers off the table still? :p ]
    01[23:13] <@Dungeon_Master> "Not the slave of a false pretender. She bought you with money. I buy you with love."
    01[23:13] <@Dungeon_Master> "You are my slave now."
    01[23:13] <@Dungeon_Master> She bursts into a cloud of steam
    01[23:13] <@Dungeon_Master> The room clears, and she is gone
    06[23:14] * @Gruta stands short of breath
    01[23:14] <@Dungeon_Master> There is nothing but a pile of ashes where the priestess stood
    [23:14] <+Cadaran> "Gruta, you are free now, as you have always been"
    [23:15] <@Gruta> "But... what now?"
    [23:15] <+Cadaran> "Now you do as you wish"
    [23:15] <+Cadaran> "You could accompny us if you wish, we would be delighted to have you along, or you could make your own way in the world"
    [23:16] <+Cadaran> "Visiting anywhere you want, doing anything you wish"
    [23:16] <@Gruta> "I... will follow you"
    [23:16] <+Cadaran> "You do not follow us, you accompany us"
    01[23:16] <@Dungeon_Master> (Cadaran and Razan also get a level up)
    [23:16] <+Cadaran> [yay]
    06[23:16] * @Gruta nods slowly
    [23:17] <+Razan> (Booyah)
    [23:17] <+Cadaran> "You have freedom"
    [23:17] <@Gruta> "Then I will... accompany you"
    [23:17] <+Cadaran> "Excellent, the journey shall be that much better with you by our side"
    06[23:18] * +Cadaran heads towards the exit
    06[23:18] * @Gruta follows close behind
    [23:18] <+Cadaran> "Come, we can find the others now if you wish"
    01[23:18] <@Dungeon_Master> You step into the warm morning air,
    [23:18] <@Gruta> "Yes"
    [23:18] <@Gruta> (Aww, I'm still lvl 1 XD)
    01[23:18] <@Dungeon_Master> Gruta, you take a deep breath and look around yourself
    01[23:18] <@Dungeon_Master> It may be scary
    01[23:18] <@Dungeon_Master> And it may be exhilerating, you're not sure
    01[23:19] <@Dungeon_Master> But for the first time in your life, you're going where your feet take you
    01[23:19] <@Dungeon_Master> No orders from mistres
    01[23:19] <@Dungeon_Master> s
    [23:19] <@Gruta> Except Hydrienna XD
    01[23:19] <@Dungeon_Master> Ans only Hydrienna's lead to follow
    01[23:19] <@Dungeon_Master> But you're free
    01[23:19] <@Dungeon_Master> And even an ogre can't mistake the sensation
    01[23:20] <@Dungeon_Master> The air is yours to breathe
    01[23:20] <@Dungeon_Master> **endsession**
  6. Urithrand

    Urithrand Mind turning the light off? ★ SPS Account Holder Veteran

    Jul 26, 2004
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    Hokay guys, we're out of the gauntlet, and the game resumes tonight, usual time. I'll be there a little early if anyone wants to social a bit as you now have the opportunity, not being in dire straights XD
  7. Taluntain

    Taluntain Resident Alpha and Omega Staff Member ★ SPS Account Holder Resourceful Adored Veteran Pillars of Eternity SP Immortalizer (for helping immortalize Sorcerer's Place in the game!) New Server Contributor [2012] (for helping Sorcerer's Place lease a new, more powerful server!) Torment: Tides of Numenera SP Immortalizer (for helping immortalize Sorcerer's Place in the game!) BoM XenForo Migration Contributor [2015] (for helping support the migration to new forum software!)

    Jun 11, 2000
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    In the future you might just want to send me a text file of that and I can put it on SP so you don't have to chop the log into so many pieces to post it.
  8. Urithrand

    Urithrand Mind turning the light off? ★ SPS Account Holder Veteran

    Jul 26, 2004
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    I need some feedback here, is it worth me continuing this RP? TBH I'm not really sure it's working and it's starting to fall apart as far as people showing up is concerned. Last week 4 out of our 5 players couldn't make it and nobody had the courtesy to let me know in advance they wouldn't be there, meaning I spent a large amount of my day wasting my time.

    I don't think you guys really appreciate how much time it takes working on an RP to then have nobody show. I love being a DM but it's really quite frustrating to have to keep making allowances for people getting bored with their characters or suddenly deciding they'd rather be somewhere else. There's now only one original character, and she's thinking of leaving. My original storyline is ruined because it was directly centered on your original characters and I've had to entirely re-design the compaign in the last few weeks to accomodate, and now for the second week running it looks like we won't be having a game, which I'm being told an hour before the session should start.

    The group doesn't fit together properly, and you seem to spend more time squabbling than RPing and it's making the game run *extremely* slowly. You guys average about an hour + per room when dungeon crawling, and it's purely because you're arguing amongst yourselves.

    Despite all this I would very much like to continue, but I refuse to invest the time unless I'm sure it's going to be worth it.

    Am I wasting my time here?

    Edit: Please note this is not a personal attack on anyone. I am not bitching at anyone specifically, this is just general frustration.
    Last edited: Apr 21, 2008
  9. Urithrand

    Urithrand Mind turning the light off? ★ SPS Account Holder Veteran

    Jul 26, 2004
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    Sorry guys, no RP tonight. Not sure what's going to happen with the RP in general, going through a rough time right now. Will post here with any updates.
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