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New Game, RPers Wanted!

Discussion in 'Role-play Corner' started by Urithrand, Jan 16, 2008.

  1. Urithrand

    Urithrand Mind turning the light off? ★ SPS Account Holder Veteran

    Jul 26, 2004
    Likes Received:
    OK, this session was ok, but like I told you all last week, there were a few problems.

    • This is a large group. Not everyone can talk at once, and about a different subject.
    • I found myself being completely talked over a number of times.
    • People were not paying attention! A number of times we were left waiting for quite some time while someone wasn't looking at what was going on.
    • Although you are role-playing and therefore make decisions based on how your character would feel, there was a huge cockup here. Sometimes you just have to use your initiative. Please don't let Pibli get smashed up while the rest of you just stand and stare, it's very rude.

    A lot of this is "teething" problems getting used to a new group, and partly because we have several new RPers here, but I'm confident we'll get there fairly quickly. This week we will (hopefully) be embarking on a campaign and this will self-cure a few problems. Please try to be aware of these points while we play ;)

    Also, Vorondil please stop saying "I'm a rogue and I have contacts underground." Not being funny, there's not a rogue on the face of the planet who would give this information to people he just met. No offence.
  2. The Shaman Gems: 28/31
    Latest gem: Star Sapphire

    Oct 18, 2004
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    Well, that's that. While I am not making any apologies, I thought that we would start at 19:00 as before, and I spent half an hour before and since trying get my sister off the computer. Unfortunately, WoW prevailed over sibling love so I had to find an e-cafe. It appears that I'm having more problems with meeting the schedule as expected, and I would like to know if everyone would prefer that I leave.

    I apologize for the troubles and wish you a good morning, afternoon or evening - as the case is when you read this.
  3. Elfen Lied

    Elfen Lied The Bird of Hermes is my name, eating my wings to

    Jan 18, 2006
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    Damn, another day that didn't work out, I may have to give this one a miss.
  4. Urithrand

    Urithrand Mind turning the light off? ★ SPS Account Holder Veteran

    Jul 26, 2004
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    If you think these problems will continue to interfere, then yeah it's probably best that you leave, but it would be sad to lose players so early on, so if you can get past whatever is interfering you're totally welcome to stay. Could you please let me know though?
  5. Elfen Lied

    Elfen Lied The Bird of Hermes is my name, eating my wings to

    Jan 18, 2006
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    Not likely to happy. Sorry.

    Irratic hours.
  6. Urithrand

    Urithrand Mind turning the light off? ★ SPS Account Holder Veteran

    Jul 26, 2004
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    Log from last night:

    03[19:06] * Urithrand is now known as Dungeon_Master
    [19:07] <+Dalveen> argh
    03[19:07] * Dalveen is now known as Vorondil
    [19:07] <+Vorondil> just spilled boiling chicken stock on my jeans
    [19:08] <+Vorondil> they were just out the washer aswell
    03[19:08] * Fairie (~yay_chees@host86-134-203-85.range86-134.btcentralplus.com) has joined #sp_mm
    01[19:08] <Dungeon_Master> Oops :p
    [19:08] <+Vorondil> good news tho, my food is ready and im good to go
    01[19:08] <Dungeon_Master> Heya Gabs :D
    [19:08] <Fairie> Hery guys
    [19:08] <Fairie> *hey
    [19:08] <+Vorondil> hi gabs
    03[19:08] * SP_visitor84 is now known as The_Shaman
    03[19:08] * Mystra sets mode: +v Fairie
    [19:08] <The_Shaman> Hi
    06[19:08] * Dungeon_Master prods Octara
    [19:08] <The_Shaman> gabs?
    01[19:09] <Dungeon_Master> Fairie ;)
    [19:09] <+Vorondil> Fairie = Gabs
    [19:09] <The_Shaman> ah, nice to know
    [19:09] <+CJ`> Ooh
    [19:09] <+CJ`> People showed up!
    [19:09] <+Vorondil> CJ playing Rulebook?
    03[19:09] * Octara is now known as Pibli
    03[19:09] * CJ` is now known as Rulebook
    03[19:09] * Fairie is now known as Imnolu
    [19:09] <+Rulebook> Yes :¬P
    06[19:09] * +Imnolu is shattered -_-
    [19:10] <+Vorondil> lol
    [19:10] <+Vorondil> pfft
    [19:10] <+Vorondil> grow a pair
    [19:10] <+Vorondil> so am i
    [19:10] <+Rulebook> Sal not in?
    [19:10] <Pibli> no sleep, semi-paralysed, in agony, suspected broken arm :¬P
    [19:10] <+Vorondil> Oc wins
    [19:10] <+Vorondil> wait, isnt that just your character? :p
    [19:10] <Pibli> for once, no :¬P
    01[19:11] <Dungeon_Master> lol
    01[19:11] <Dungeon_Master> Pib is fighting fit!
    [19:11] <+Vorondil> have to rectify that...
    [19:11] <+Imnolu> Are we all healed by now?
    01[19:11] <Dungeon_Master> Yeah
    01[19:11] <Dungeon_Master> Whenever you are herbally healed and have a good night's rest, you're healed to full HP
    01[19:11] <Dungeon_Master> Just a little sore :p
    01[19:12] <Dungeon_Master> Is everyone ready?
    [19:12] <+Vorondil> pfft, i wasnt even hurt... ;)
    [19:12] <Pibli> no because I kept getting hit :¬P
    01[19:12] <Dungeon_Master> That's because you're a ***** and just stood and watched :¬D
    [19:12] <+Vorondil> i *tryed* to hit... >_>
    01[19:12] <Dungeon_Master> XD
    01[19:12] <Dungeon_Master> Anywhoo
    [19:12] <Pibli> yeah, Vorondil, grow a pair :¬P
    01[19:12] <Dungeon_Master> Let's get going, shall we? XD
    01[19:13] <Dungeon_Master> IC please!
    01[19:13] <Dungeon_Master> Last thing, you were eating some breakfast in Garbnol's shop
    01[19:14] <Dungeon_Master> He's informed you that the man who attacked Pib was a bounty hunter, and your best bet would be to hunt down whoever hired him rather than the dwarf himself
    [19:14] <Pibli> "We'll be needin' tae get out o' here soon."
    [19:14] <Pibli> "We can' keep puttin' your shop at risk, Mr Garbnol"
    01[19:14] <Dungeon_Master> "Aye," the gnome sighs, "you'll be back soon enough I'd imagine."
    01[19:14] <Dungeon_Master> "Not at all!" He grins, "You've shwn me a marvellous time!"
    [19:15] <Pibli> "I'll have tae start a tab!"
    01[19:15] <Dungeon_Master> "No credit." He winks
    [19:15] <+Vorondil> "Well, Mr Garbnol, your hospitality has been most welcome, unlike some other peoples..."
    [19:16] <Pibli> "An' I'm sure all this trouble is a simple misunderstandin'"
    01[19:17] <Dungeon_Master> "Not at all, master rogue, it has, as I said, been a pleasure."
    03[19:17] * The_Shaman is now known as Pirin
    [19:17] <+Vorondil> "Where to now tho?"
    06[19:17] * Dungeon_Master slaps Vorondil around a bit with a large trout
    01[19:17] <Dungeon_Master> *though
    [19:17] <Pirin> "Master rogue?" Pirin says with a cough
    [19:17] <+Vorondil> (oh, thought i'd done something wrong >_> Call it accent...)
    [19:17] <Pibli> ("Where'd tha' trout come from?!?")
    01[19:18] <Dungeon_Master> (XD)
    01[19:18] <Dungeon_Master> (God!)
    [19:18] <+Vorondil> (the Grammar and Spelling God)
    [19:18] <Pibli> (Which one? XD)
    [19:18] <Pirin> "We thank you for your hospitality, Master Garbnol" Pirin says after a few short coughs
    01[19:18] <Dungeon_Master> (Hydrienna, lady of dictionarium :¬D)
    [19:18] <+Vorondil> (Syntax The Mighty)
    01[19:18] <Dungeon_Master> (LMFAO)
    01[19:19] <Dungeon_Master> "Not at all, not at all" Garbnol repeats with a grin once more
    [19:19] <Pirin> "May Oxena's blessings be on your home"
    01[19:19] <Dungeon_Master> "As I said, you are all welcome here any time, and master rogue I would appreciate it if you would leave the herbs you stole at the door."
    01[19:19] <Dungeon_Master> "They're very dangerous in the wrong hands."
    [19:19] <+Vorondil> "What herbs?"
    [19:19] <Pibli> "Ach! A thief!"
    06[19:19] * +Vorondil looks around shiftly
    01[19:20] <Dungeon_Master> The gnome winks mischeviously
    01[19:20] <Dungeon_Master> -i
    [19:20] <+Vorondil> "Oh, THOOOSE herbs, err, they are for my new vase..."
    01[19:20] <Dungeon_Master> "Anyhow, I have a long day's business ahead of me, you should all scoot now!"
    01[19:21] <Dungeon_Master> "If you wish to keep them it will be 2 silver young me."
    01[19:21] <Dungeon_Master> man*
    01[19:21] <Dungeon_Master> "And DON'T eat them."
    06[19:21] * +Vorondil slyly puts the herbs back on the table
    06[19:21] * Pirin checks his pockets quickly
    [19:21] <+Vorondil> "i have nooooooo idea what you are talking about
    01[19:21] <Dungeon_Master> "Indeed. Off with you now!"
    [19:21] <+Vorondil> "
    06[19:22] * Pibli doesn't look amused and shuffles out the door
    01[19:22] <Dungeon_Master> "Farewell my friends, may hydrienna watch over you."
    [19:22] <Pibli> "Farewell, Mr Garbol!"
    01[19:22] <Dungeon_Master> He makes a symbol with his hands
    06[19:22] * +Vorondil follows Pibli out the door
    [19:22] <+Vorondil> "always good to have a shield infront of me..."
    01[19:23] <Dungeon_Master> The street outside is awash with warm sunsine with a pleasant breeze playing with your hair
    [19:23] <+Vorondil> (what if im bald? eh? eh?)
    [19:23] <Pirin> "Until soon, Master Garbnol" Pirin says, waving at the gnome, and then goes out
    01[19:23] <Dungeon_Master> People mill about slowly, enjoying the sunshine and browsing in shop windows
    01[19:23] <Dungeon_Master> (Well you're not. Shaddap :¬P)
    [19:24] <+Vorondil> "Doesnt look so dangerous"
    [19:24] <Pirin> "So, any ideas?"
    [19:24] <Pirin> "I'm thinking of seeing if any of my brethren know more about the guard here"
    [19:24] <+Vorondil> "We could follow Garbnols advice, or we could all just go our seperate ways"
    [19:24] <Pibli> "We could jus' travel on"
    [19:24] <Pirin> ((Is there a word like sistren?))
    [19:25] <Pibli> (No)
    [19:25] <Pibli> (Bretheren isn't gender specific)
    01[19:25] <Dungeon_Master> (Any more than "mankind")
    [19:25] <Pibli> "Well we dinnae know who they're e'en after"
    01[19:25] <Dungeon_Master> (Where's Immy?)
    [19:26] <+Imnolu> (I'm here..?)
    [19:26] <+Vorondil> (at the toilert?)
    01[19:26] <Dungeon_Master> (Oh, you're just quiet is all :p)
    01[19:26] <Dungeon_Master> Everyone roll a spot check
    01[19:27] <Dungeon_Master> please
    [19:27] <+Vorondil> !1d20+6
    [19:27] <Pibli> !roll 1d20
    [19:27] <@Mystra> Pibli, 1d20: 1 (Total: 1, Avg: 1.00)
    [19:27] <+Vorondil> !roll 1d20+6
    [19:27] <@Mystra> Vorondil, 1d20+6: 20 (Total: 20, Avg: 20.00)
    [19:27] <+Imnolu> !2d0+4
    01[19:27] <Dungeon_Master> Pibli sees a lovely wall
    [19:27] <+Imnolu> (whoops)
    [19:27] <+Imnolu> !roll 1d20+4
    [19:27] <@Mystra> Imnolu, 1d20+4: 16 (Total: 16, Avg: 16.00)
    06[19:27] * Pibli admires said wall
    [19:27] <Pibli> "Well built tha' is"
    01[19:28] <Dungeon_Master> Both Vorondil and Immy notice in the distance a pair of men in guard uniform wandering about the shops, not really patrolling very well, but heading in your direction. They are still out of earshot
    01[19:28] <Dungeon_Master> (LMFAO)
    [19:28] <Pirin> !roll 1d20+3
    [19:28] <@Mystra> Pirin, 1d20+3: 16 (Total: 16, Avg: 16.00)
    [19:28] <+Vorondil> "Guys, i hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it looks like we have company"
    01[19:28] <Dungeon_Master> Pirin notices them a bit later :p
    [19:28] <Pibli> "I like visitors!"
    [19:29] <+Imnolu> "Ideas?"
    01[19:29] <Dungeon_Master> They haven't actually noticed you yet.
    06[19:29] * +Vorondil sinks into the shadow
    06[19:29] * Pirin looks for a nearby alley or shop we could go in
    01[19:29] <Dungeon_Master> Who said there were shadows? :¬P
    [19:29] <Pibli> "What visitors do we have?"
    [19:29] <+Vorondil> (house + sun = shadows)
    01[19:29] <Dungeon_Master> Pirin notices a slim alleyway not far from where they stand that seems to lead away from the bustle
    [19:29] <+Vorondil> "Guards, heading our way"
    [19:29] <+Imnolu> "Guards over there, Pib"
    [19:29] <+Vorondil> "i suggest we move"
    [19:30] <Pibli> "Then we walk away"
    06[19:30] * Pibli heads off into the crowd
    [19:30] <+Vorondil> "Wait!"
    [19:30] <+Imnolu> "Better to seperate than stay together"
    [19:30] <Pirin> "in here" Pirin whispers hoarsely and heads for the alley
    [19:30] <+Vorondil> "And if another merc attacks us?"
    06[19:30] * +Vorondil follows Pirin
    [19:30] <Pirin> (does it lead somewhere or is it a dead end?)
    01[19:30] <Dungeon_Master> The direction Pibli is headed in leads away from the center, towards the college of magic
    06[19:30] * Pibli turns to Vorondil then follows him
    [19:30] <+Vorondil> "Don't know about you, but i like saftey in numbers
    01[19:31] <Dungeon_Master> (You don't know, look down it :¬P)
    06[19:31] * +Vorondil looks down the alley
    [19:31] <Pibli> "Where we goin'?"
    06[19:31] * +Imnolu follows on last
    [19:31] <Pirin> (didn't I already?)
    [19:31] <Pirin> "Hopefully away from trouble"
    [19:31] <+Vorondil> "Towards the College of Magic it seems"
    01[19:31] <Dungeon_Master> It leads away from the center to another street where few people seem to be walking
    [19:31] <+Vorondil> (is there a dock or slums in the town?)
    01[19:32] <Dungeon_Master> There is a small dock, but not very active these days
    01[19:32] <Dungeon_Master> There are no "slums"
    06[19:32] * Pirin walks briskly towards the quieter street
    [19:32] <+Imnolu> (Where are the guards now?)
    01[19:32] <Dungeon_Master> But the furthest outskirts of the city are much less wealthy than the inner parts.
    [19:32] <+Vorondil> "I say we head to the docks, always places to lay low there"
    [19:32] <Pirin> (If I'm the first to reach it, I'll peek out first)
    01[19:33] <Dungeon_Master> The guards have not yet passed the other end of the alley
    [19:33] <+Imnolu> (Wait, won't we cross them as they go past?)
    [19:33] <Pirin> "The docks? We don't exactly look like sailors"
    [19:33] <+Vorondil> "I suggest we move around another corner, lest they looks down here"
    [19:33] <+Vorondil> "It is not just sailors that hang around the docks, my poor naive Pirin"
    03[19:34] * @Taluntain (~ask@Taluntain.user.gamesurge) has left #sp_mm
    [19:34] <+Vorondil> "And unless anyone else has an idea?"
    [19:35] <+Imnolu> "Get into a crowd"
    [19:35] <+Imnolu> "Do as Pib was earlier, get into a crowd and split up."
    [19:35] <+Vorondil> "So someone can slip a knife in my vertebrate without anyone seeing? no thanks"
    [19:35] <+Imnolu> "You overestimate the guards"
    [19:35] <Pibli> "Why would they do tha'?"
    [19:35] <+Imnolu> (Assassin's creed death!)
    02[19:35] * @Mystra (~Mystra@ip68-4-180-92.oc.oc.cox.net) Quit (Read error: EOF from client)
    [19:35] <+Imnolu> (:¬O)
    [19:35] <+Vorondil> "We have already had 1 merc attack us"
    [19:36] <Pirin> ((OMG we just scared mystra!))
    01[19:36] <Dungeon_Master> (It's ok)
    01[19:36] <Dungeon_Master> (Tal's de-activated her I think)
    03[19:36] * Mystra (~Mystra@ip68-4-180-92.oc.oc.cox.net) has joined #sp_mm
    03[19:36] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Mystra
    01[19:36] <Dungeon_Master> Mystra, wb
    [19:36] <Pirin> "He's got a point - it's not just the guards who are looking for you"
    [19:36] <+Imnolu> "We're all standing here, in a group. We're painfully obvious here."
    [19:36] <Pirin> "Well, us now"
    01[19:36] -> *mystra* op cbowles
    [19:36] <@Mystra> Dungeon_Master, you wish.
    03[19:36] * Mystra sets mode: +o Dungeon_Master
    [19:37] <+Vorondil> "That is why we should head to the Docks"
    [19:37] <Pirin> "I think the quicker we know just who and why we're facing, the better. We can't really hide if we don't know from whom."
    01[19:37] <@Dungeon_Master> Imnolu, you're standing in a dark alley
    [19:37] <+Imnolu> "If we do, go seperetly."
    [19:37] <+Imnolu> (Sp ftl)
    [19:37] <+Vorondil> "No one see's me unless i let them, so it does not matter to me"
    [19:37] <+Imnolu> "Same applies to we can't fight someone when we don't know who to fight."
    [19:38] <+Vorondil> "We need a safe house, somewhere we can rest when we are not out looking for info"
    [19:38] <+Vorondil> "Plenty of them down the docks, it isnt as busy as it used to be"
    [19:39] <+Vorondil> (brb 2 secs)
    06[19:39] * Pirin looks at Vorondil "Pride is a dangerous thing to have in excess, my friend"
    01[19:39] <@Dungeon_Master> Is anyone watching where they entered the alley?
    [19:40] <Pibli> "Aye, an' greed"
    [19:40] <Pirin> (I said I'd look out of it before we entered the street)
    [19:40] <+Vorondil> !roll 1d20+6
    [19:40] <Pirin> (if we're there already, I suppose no)
    [19:40] <@Mystra> Vorondil, 1d20+6: 7 (Total: 7, Avg: 7.00)
    01[19:40] <@Dungeon_Master> Awha?
    01[19:40] <@Dungeon_Master> You all left the street and entered an alley
    01[19:40] <@Dungeon_Master> afaik, you're still down that alley
    [19:40] <+Vorondil> (well, to spot anyone spying on us, failed badly)
    [19:40] <Pirin> (well, Pirin has been going down it for a while now)
    [19:41] <Pirin> (I thought so has everyone else)
    [19:41] <+Vorondil> (i've been hiding in a shadow in the alley, talking to the others)
    01[19:41] <@Dungeon_Master> I thought everyone was hiding in the alley...
    [19:41] <+Vorondil> (so did i)
    01[19:42] <@Dungeon_Master> Well anyway...
    01[19:42] <@Dungeon_Master> Continue :¬P
    01[19:42] <@Dungeon_Master> And please tell me what you're doing
    [19:42] <+Vorondil> "Are we agreed then?"
    06[19:42] * Pirin continues
    [19:42] <Pibli> "Tae what?"
    [19:43] <Pirin> "If you'd rather we hide until it's over, I doubt it"
    [19:43] <+Vorondil> "We head to the docks and find a safe place to stay, then we can go out looking for info"
    [19:43] <Pirin> "Isn't any of you a native of this town?"
    [19:43] <Pibli> "I'm not"
    [19:43] <+Vorondil> "No, but i do know my way around"
    [19:44] <+Vorondil> (Knowledge:local + 7 ;) )
    [19:44] <+Imnolu> (I have K: Local +3 .. I know this place?)
    01[19:44] <@Dungeon_Master> (Knowledge: Vorondil is wearing womens' underwear + 50 :D)
    [19:44] <Pirin> "If we go there and then out again, it's easier for someone looking for us to know where to find us"
    01[19:44] <@Dungeon_Master> (Immy, to some degree, yeah :))
    [19:44] <+Imnolu> (Safe!)
    01[19:45] <@Dungeon_Master> (XD)
    [19:45] <Pibli> ( I know nothing XD)
    [19:45] <Pirin> (oooh, I didn't know craft (disturbing mental image) was an acceptable skill for that game :p )
    [19:45] <+Vorondil> "Only if you make it obvious, and the person would have to be following us"
    [19:46] <Pirin> "If there' a bounty hunter on our trails, he or she might have some contacts in the docks"
    [19:46] <+Vorondil> "Anyway, do you have a better plan?"
    [19:46] <Pibli> "Why don' we jus' stay at an inn? People roun' there may know sommut"
    [19:46] <Pirin> "We look for information first?"
    [19:46] <+Vorondil> "And then what?"
    01[19:46] <@Dungeon_Master> Wow, I could just sit and watch instead of DMing here XD)
    [19:47] <Pibli> "No idea until we know what we know"
    [19:47] <Pirin> "Then we act on it," Pirin says, shrugging
    [19:47] <+Vorondil> "And where do you sugest we get this information from?"
    [19:47] <Pirin> (did we reach the alley yet?)
    01[19:47] <@Dungeon_Master> (You've been down the alley for ages...)
    01[19:47] <@Dungeon_Master> (It was a few feet from Garbnol's shop :¬P)
    [19:48] <Pirin> "You mentioned some contacts... I mentioned mine..."
    [19:48] <Pibli> "What contacts?"
    [19:48] <+Vorondil> "Mine are in the Dock, hence why i suggested we go there"
    01[19:48] <@Dungeon_Master> (They don't have contacts in those days, just monacles!)
    [19:48] <+Vorondil> (rofl)
    [19:48] <Pirin> "Ah, then it's different"
    [19:48] <Pibli> (*whap*)
    [19:49] <+Vorondil> "Now, shall we proceed?"
    06[19:49] * Pirin shrugs
    06[19:49] * Pibli shuffles off towards the docks
    [19:49] <Pirin> "As long as we find answers rather than daggers in our backs, there's no harm in trying"
    01[19:50] <@Dungeon_Master> The docks are back the way you came
    01[19:51] <@Dungeon_Master> Onto the main street and off to the west, past the council halls
    [19:51] <+Vorondil> "you guys stay back here, away from the alley entrance, i shall go look out for the guards"
    [19:51] <Pirin> ((What is in the direction where we're going, apart from iirc the mage college?))
    01[19:53] <@Dungeon_Master> You were headed away from the town center
    [19:53] <+Vorondil> "agreed?"
    01[19:53] <@Dungeon_Master> towards the college and residential area
    [19:53] <+Imnolu> (Are we totally lost, or what? XD)
    [19:54] <+Vorondil> (no)
    01[19:54] <@Dungeon_Master> Some of you know where you are, others not so much :¬P
    [19:54] <+Vorondil> (i know exactly where my char is)
    06[19:54] * +Vorondil creeps back to the entrance and looks out for the guards
    [19:54] <+Vorondil> (spot again?)
    06[19:55] * Pibli looks around her
    01[19:55] <@Dungeon_Master> Yeah
    [19:55] <+Vorondil> !roll 1d20+6
    [19:55] <@Mystra> Vorondil, 1d20+6: 24 (Total: 24, Avg: 24.00)
    01[19:55] <@Dungeon_Master> There are no guards to be seen and only one person is anywhere near you, by the looks of a holy man, robed in white and walking slowly away from where you stand, apparently oblivious to you
    06[19:56] * +Vorondil calls back to the others "Its clear, follow me"
    06[19:57] * Pirin follows, carefully
    [19:57] <+Vorondil> (don't suppose anyones got a skill like "sense motive" or something?)
    [19:57] <Pirin> (I will look around before I enter the alley)
    [19:57] <+Imnolu> (I do)
    [19:57] <+Vorondil> (your already in the bloody alley)
    [19:57] <+Vorondil> (were going BACK to the main street)
    [19:57] <Pirin> (I meant the street)
    01[19:57] <@Dungeon_Master> As the sun gets higher in the sky the temperature is rising to a very pleasant heat
    [19:58] <+Imnolu> (Why'd you want sense motive?)
    [19:58] <Pirin> (sheesh, anyway, sense motive is usable untrained anyway)
    01[19:58] <@Dungeon_Master> (Vorindil, no need to be nasty :¬P)
    [19:58] <+Vorondil> (immy, do sense motie on the white robbed "priest")
    [19:58] <+Vorondil> (+0 ;) )
    [19:58] <+Imnolu> !roll 1d20+4
    01[19:58] <@Dungeon_Master> (You'd have to *speak* to him first...)
    [19:58] <@Mystra> Imnolu, 1d20+4: 11 (Total: 11, Avg: 11.00)
    06[19:58] * @Dungeon_Master slaps Vorondil around a bit with a large trout
    [19:58] <+Vorondil> (is there no skill that lets you tell if someone is acting shifty?)
    01[19:59] <@Dungeon_Master> Well I just described what he's doing :¬P
    [19:59] <Pibli> (Sense Motive)
    [20:00] <+Vorondil> (you said "apparently" that makes me suspicous ;) )
    01[20:00] <@Dungeon_Master> He appears to be walking slowly and uttering a prayer, still oblivious to your presence
    01[20:00] <@Dungeon_Master> You notice nothing suspicious about him
    [20:00] <+Vorondil> "Ok, lets move out"
    06[20:00] * Pirin looks at the holy man with curiosity
    [20:00] <+Vorondil> (is the street going n/s or e/w?)
    06[20:00] * Pibli would like some feedback at some point...
    [20:01] <Pirin> !roll 1d20+6 (knowledge: religion to check for any clue just what's holy about him - and for which denomination)
    [20:01] <@Mystra> Error: Could not parse term '(knowledge:'
    [20:01] <Pirin> !roll 1d20+6
    [20:01] <@Mystra> Pirin, 1d20+6: 10 (Total: 10, Avg: 10.00)
    [20:01] <Pirin> (nice, I should have just taken 10)
    01[20:03] <@Dungeon_Master> He's praying and wearing robes
    01[20:03] <@Dungeon_Master> (I have half an hour people, sorry)
    [20:03] <+Vorondil> (the street?)
    [20:03] <+Vorondil> (n/s or e/w)
    01[20:04] <@Dungeon_Master> It runs from East to West
    [20:04] <Pirin> (are there any particular decorations on them?)
    06[20:04] * +Vorondil heads west down the street
    01[20:04] <@Dungeon_Master> Spot check
    [20:04] <+Imnolu> (Do we actually care?!)
    [20:04] <Pibli> (If you don't, don't ask.)
    [20:05] <+Vorondil> "are you coming, Pirin?"
    01[20:05] <@Dungeon_Master> A large crowd of people begins to gather outside the inn
    [20:06] <Pirin> !roll 1d20+2
    [20:06] <@Mystra> Pirin, 1d20+2: 18 (Total: 18, Avg: 18.00)
    [20:06] <+Vorondil> !roll 1d20+6 (spot what they are looking at)
    [20:06] <@Mystra> Error: Could not parse term '(spot'
    [20:06] <+Vorondil> !roll 1d20+6
    [20:06] <@Mystra> Vorondil, 1d20+6: 19 (Total: 19, Avg: 19.00)
    [20:06] <Pibli> (Anything happening to me, Tim?)
    01[20:06] <@Dungeon_Master> Vorondil, the correct way is !roll d20+6;spot
    [20:07] <+Vorondil> (gotcha)
    01[20:07] <@Dungeon_Master> Pibli, nobody seems to be paying particular attention to you
    [20:07] <+Imnolu> !roll 1d20+4
    [20:07] <@Mystra> Imnolu, 1d20+4: 20 (Total: 20, Avg: 20.00)
    [20:07] <Pirin> (I'm supposed to be interested in religion, after all)
    01[20:07] <@Dungeon_Master> Pirin, your spot check turns something up
    [20:07] <Pibli> (Do I get to the docks?)
    [20:07] <+Vorondil> (we havnt even started on our way yet)
    [20:07] <Pibli> ([19:49] * Pibli shuffles off towards the docks)
    01[20:07] <@Dungeon_Master> You notice a very small emblem on the sleeve of his robe, too small to see clearly from here
    [20:07] <+Vorondil> (ah)
    [20:08] <+Vorondil> "Guys, where did Pibli go?"
    01[20:08] <@Dungeon_Master> Pibli, you're walking past a massive building surrounded by a cast iron fence.
    [20:08] <+Imnolu> "She decided to go to the docks, as we were about to"
    [20:08] <Pibli> (I never said that)
    [20:08] <+Vorondil> "How rude, she could of waited"
    01[20:09] <@Dungeon_Master> In the center of the front courtward is what appears to be a statue of a dying oak tree, at least 50 feet tall
    01[20:09] <@Dungeon_Master> courtyard*
    06[20:09] * Pirin looks where the others are/were
    [20:09] <Pibli> any sign what the building is?
    06[20:09] * Pirin casts 1 last look at the man, and goes after them
    01[20:09] <@Dungeon_Master> It looks like the center of power in the city, some kind of council building
    01[20:10] <@Dungeon_Master> It is a large 3/4 circle centered around the stone tree
    [20:10] <+Vorondil> (Is Pibli stopped there?)
    [20:10] <Pibli> (How would you know? :¬P)
    06[20:10] * Pibli looks to see if there is a noticeboard nearby
    06[20:11] * @Dungeon_Master whaps the meta-gamers with a large sign
    [20:11] <+Vorondil> (was gonna say, if she is, then we could just skip to us catching her up, unless something is gonna happen to us between where we are)
    01[20:11] <@Dungeon_Master> Pibli, there aren't any signs you can see
    [20:11] <Pirin> "What's the matter" Pirin whispes to the nearest (party member)
    06[20:12] * Pibli continues on then
    [20:12] <+Vorondil> "Nothing, i suggest we carry on to the docks"
    01[20:13] <@Dungeon_Master> The road leading to the docks passes through a busy marketplace
    [20:13] <Pirin> (I keep my eyes open... anything interesting?)
    [20:13] <+Vorondil> !roll 1d20;Spot
    03[20:13] * Felinoid (~Felinoid@mdsnwigjbas01-pool3-a103.mdsnwigj.tds.net) has joined #sp_mm
    [20:14] <@Mystra> Vorondil, 1d20: 16 (Total: 16, Avg: 16.00) [Spot]
    [20:14] <+Vorondil> err
    01[20:14] <@Dungeon_Master> Heyo Fel
    [20:14] <+Vorondil> !roll 1d20+6;Spot
    [20:14] <@Mystra> Vorondil, 1d20+6: 22 (Total: 22, Avg: 22.00) [Spot]
    [20:14] <Felinoid> hey
    [20:14] <+Vorondil> (lol, rolled a 16 both times...)
    [20:15] <+Imnolu> !roll 1d20+4
    [20:15] <@Mystra> Imnolu, 1d20+4: 19 (Total: 19, Avg: 19.00)
    [20:15] <Pirin> (Hi man)
    [20:15] <Pirin> !roll 1d20+2
    [20:15] <@Mystra> Pirin, 1d20+2: 20 (Total: 20, Avg: 20.00)
    01[20:16] <@Dungeon_Master> There is nothing of great interest, a number of stalls selling fruits, meats, exotic materials and the like
    06[20:16] * +Vorondil keeps to the side of the crowds and carries on down the street
    06[20:17] * Pirin continues calmly
    01[20:18] <@Dungeon_Master> Hawkers shove smelly fish and rotting fruit under your noses as you walk past, shouting bad slogans down your ears
    01[20:18] <@Dungeon_Master> (Ten minutes guys)
    [20:18] <+Vorondil> (get us to the docks then... :p)
    01[20:19] <@Dungeon_Master> As you leave the other side of the market you notice a slight downturn in the quality of the buildings
    [20:19] <+Vorondil> "We are getting close"
    01[20:19] <@Dungeon_Master> Eventually the walls are nthing more than mud and wattle
    01[20:19] <@Dungeon_Master> The smell of the sea becomes strong, and you can taste salt on your lips
    06[20:20] * Pibli wonders where she is XD
    [20:20] <+Vorondil> "Well, we are here guys, lets find us an empty house"
    01[20:20] <@Dungeon_Master> After a fe more minutes, you can hear the sound of shouting sailors and a group of men singing a sea shanty in some house of ill repute somehwhere
    01[20:20] <@Dungeon_Master> Very few people can be seen
    [20:20] <+Vorondil> (oh, we werent there yet?)
    06[20:22] * Pirin sighs, then hums in tune to the song that they hear
    [20:22] <+Vorondil> "I wouldnt have thought you familiar with that kind of little dity"
    01[20:22] <@Dungeon_Master> The road finally opens up into a large area, maybe quarter a mile long with jetties stretching out into the sea
    [20:23] <+Vorondil> "Ah, know we are here"
    01[20:23] <@Dungeon_Master> Only one ship is in the harbour, swarming with men naked from the waist up
    [20:23] <+Vorondil> (now*)
    [20:23] <+Vorondil> (any chance i can do a spot to see if there are any obvious empty houses?)
    01[20:23] <@Dungeon_Master> Go for it
    [20:23] <+Vorondil> !roll 1d20+6
    [20:24] <@Mystra> Vorondil, 1d20+6: 15 (Total: 15, Avg: 15.00)
    [20:24] <+Vorondil> (or would it be a search?)
    [20:24] <Pibli> (Search)
    [20:24] <Pibli> (You're actively looking for something)
    [20:24] <Pirin> Pirin shrugs "I've been around"
    [20:24] <+Vorondil> !roll 1d20+9;search
    [20:24] <@Mystra> Vorondil, 1d20+9: 25 (Total: 25, Avg: 25.00) [search]
    [20:24] <Pirin> !roll 1d20+2
    [20:24] <@Mystra> Pirin, 1d20+2: 21 (Total: 21, Avg: 21.00)
    01[20:24] <@Dungeon_Master> It isn't difficult to find an uninhabited house, but the doors and windows are boarded up
    [20:25] <Pirin> (damn)
    01[20:25] <@Dungeon_Master> You will need to force your way in
    [20:25] <Pibli> (Uri, where am I? :¬P)
    01[20:25] <@Dungeon_Master> How would I know? :¬P
    01[20:25] <@Dungeon_Master> I just describe the locale :D
    [20:25] <+Vorondil> "Where is that damn dwarf when we need her??"
    [20:25] <Pibli> (Because it's your town so you'd know where I was in relation to things?)
    [20:25] <+Vorondil> (you said you carried on towards the dock, i presume you reached it before us, so where did you go then?)
    01[20:26] <@Dungeon_Master> Well I described whe area, it's up to you where you stop walking :p
    01[20:26] <@Dungeon_Master> they*
    01[20:26] <@Dungeon_Master> the*
    06[20:26] * Pirin looks for a more secluded house
    [20:27] <+Vorondil> (lol, shes in the sea if she didnt stop walking)
    [20:27] <Pibli> So I went through the market like the others or what?
    [20:27] <Pirin> "So where are those, er, contacts of yours?"
    [20:27] <+Vorondil> "good idea Pirin, maybe we should just grab the first one we find"
    [20:27] <+Vorondil> "They don;t like strangers, lets find a house and i shall go looking"
    01[20:28] <@Dungeon_Master> Yes
    01[20:28] <@Dungeon_Master> afaik, you were headed this way to the docks
    06[20:28] * Pibli wanders about the dock until she sees the others
    01[20:28] <@Dungeon_Master> OK, I'm gonna have to go now
    01[20:28] <@Dungeon_Master> As we need some food
    03[20:28] * Pibli is now known as Octara
    [20:28] <+Vorondil> (can we jsut presume, now that Pibli has met us, that we are in a house?)
    01[20:28] <@Dungeon_Master> But I'll leave the window open, assume you get inside an empty house and you can social until I return
  7. Urithrand

    Urithrand Mind turning the light off? ★ SPS Account Holder Veteran

    Jul 26, 2004
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    03[20:28] * Vorondil is now known as Dalveen
    01[20:29] <@Dungeon_Master> or not :p
    [20:29] <+Dalveen> How long you going for?
    [20:29] <Octara> I'll social if others want to
    01[20:29] <@Dungeon_Master> Couple of hours maybe
    01[20:29] <@Dungeon_Master> Possibly less
    03[20:29] * Dalveen is now known as Vorondil
    [20:29] <+Vorondil> we carrying on afterwards?
    01[20:29] <@Dungeon_Master> Depends how long I'm gone
    [20:30] <+Vorondil> well, i need to do some stuff for 40 mins or so
    [20:30] <+Vorondil> you guys social, i'll have a nap in the corner
    [20:30] <Pirin> "Why, afraid we'd cramp your style?" Pirin looks with almost-earnest confusion
    [20:30] <+Vorondil> i'll be back soon tho
    [20:30] <+Vorondil> "No, like i said, they do not like strangers
    [20:30] <+Vorondil> "
    [20:31] <+Vorondil> "They would cut your throat before they shared infromation with you"
    [20:31] <+Vorondil> "Leave me jsut now, i need to think"
    06[20:31] * +Vorondil heads into another room and closes the door
    01[20:32] <@Dungeon_Master> bbiab
    [20:32] <Octara> (If anyone needs me, just query me to join in)
    03[20:33] * Mystra sets mode: +o Octara
    06[20:38] * +Rulebook got permission to play-DM a bit ^_^
    [20:38] <@Octara> *this* could be interesting
    [20:38] <+Rulebook> Relax, i'm not actually gonna DO it
    [20:38] <+Rulebook> I've never even opened a DM guide
    [20:38] <@Octara> XD
    [20:39] <+Rulebook> You guys have found yourself a pretty crappy house
    [20:39] <+Rulebook> The place is dirty and dark, due to the boarded up windows
    [20:39] <+Rulebook> It appears to have 2 rooms upstairs, and 2 downstairs
    [20:40] <+Rulebook> Each room is roughly 20ft wide by 15ft deep, though the back rooms are slightly smaller as they ahve to accomodate the stairs
    [20:40] <+Rulebook> There are a couple of bits of damaged furniture scattered throughout the house
    [20:41] <+Rulebook> The front room upstairs has a funny smell coming from a large stain on the floor
    [20:41] <+Rulebook> Booyah :¬P
    06[20:43] * +Imnolu goes and sits in a corner in the front room, studying her surroundings
    [20:43] <Pirin> (wow, and we haven't even open it yet ;P)
    [20:43] <+Rulebook> (Dal said you made your way into the house)
    06[20:43] * Pirin opens the door and his nose twitches
    [20:43] <Pirin> (we did? Okay)
    [20:43] <+Rulebook> (Anyway, as acting DM, I say you did. Suck it.)
    [20:44] <Pirin> "That was another reason why I wanted to get the work done first"
    [20:44] <+Rulebook> Pirin, a rat scurries away from the door as you open it
    06[20:45] * Pirin jumps back a bit, startled
    [20:45] <+Rulebook> The lock on the door is broken - It appears to have been kicked in at some point
    06[20:50] * Pirin goes to check the rooms for any other nice surprises
    [20:50] <+Imnolu> (Was about to do the same XD)
    [20:50] <+Imnolu> (Worth a search thingy?)
    [20:51] <+Rulebook> (Just a sec)
    [20:51] <Pirin> !roll 1d20+2
    [20:51] <@Mystra> Pirin, 1d20+2: 5 (Total: 5, Avg: 5.00)
    [20:51] <Pirin> (actually I expected to see more rats and maybe the occasional spider web)
    [20:51] <+Rulebook> The house is pretty bare. In the back downstairs room, there are 3 chairs (One particularly unstable looking) and a table
    [20:52] <+Rulebook> The whole place is dusty, dirty, and dark - All the windows are boarded up
    [20:52] <+Rulebook> Upstairs is much the same story
    [20:52] <+Rulebook> There are a couple of spider webs, but you don't see anymore rats
    06[20:53] * +Imnolu jumps on the chairs
    [20:53] <+Rulebook> All of them?
    [20:53] <+Imnolu> *shrug*
    [20:53] <+Rulebook> Two of them support your weight easily, but as you land on the third one, a leg snaps
    [20:53] <+Rulebook> Make a balance check
    [20:54] <+Imnolu> !roll 1d20+4
    [20:54] <@Mystra> Imnolu, 1d20+4: 15 (Total: 15, Avg: 15.00)
    [20:54] <+Rulebook> You land on your feet
    06[20:54] * Pirin looks with curiosity
    [20:54] <+Imnolu> "O.O"
    [20:54] <+Rulebook> You now have a room with 2 chairs, a table, and some bits of wood that look suspiciously like a broken chair :¬P
    [20:54] <Pirin> "Bravo for the show, but what got into you?"
    [20:54] <+Imnolu> "Long story"
    [20:56] <+Imnolu> (Any of the doors about here locked?)
    [20:57] <+Rulebook> There are no doors inside the house
    [20:57] <+Imnolu> (oooook)
    [20:57] <Pirin> "We're in no hurry at the moment," he says, looking around with a smile "and there doesn't seem to be much else to do"
    [20:57] <+Rulebook> Only the front door, with the aforementioned busted lock
    06[21:10] * +Imnolu does a flip

    Much better this time, you all seemed to have some idea of character and purpose, although indecision and mis-understanding are still a slight problem :p
  8. Cap'n CJ

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    May 29, 2004
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    Urithrand has told me to tell you lot that the RP is on tonight, and will start at 8pm GMT, so please do your best to be there!

    - Rulebook
  9. The Shaman Gems: 28/31
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    Oct 18, 2004
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    8 PM GMT? Ok, but I won't be able to stay until too late, I've got work starting at 7 am tomorrow.
  10. The Shaman Gems: 28/31
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    Oct 18, 2004
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    Hi gang! I might have problem meeting up with you tomorrow. I'm doing a night shift from 9 pm GMT, and I'll need some time to commute. I can make it util 7:30 or so at the latest, but that's kinda neither here nor there.
  11. Urithrand

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    Jul 26, 2004
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    Here's the logs from the last two sessions:

    03[20:04] * Urithrand is now known as Dungeon_Master
    01[20:04] <@Dungeon_Master> IC please everyone
    03[20:04] * Retrieving #sp_mm modes...
    03[20:04] * Dungeon_Master changes topic to 'www.sorcerers.net - Minstrel's Medallion - RP In Progress'
    03[20:05] * The_Shaman is now known as Pirin
    [20:05] <Pirin> ((OK, unless I'm forgetting something we were waiting for our party rogue to get back to us, right?))
    03[20:05] * Dalveen is now known as Vorondil
    01[20:05] <@Dungeon_Master> Yeup
    [20:05] <+Vorondil> err
    [20:05] <+Vorondil> well
    [20:06] <+Vorondil> (sorry, was browsing)
    01[20:06] <@Dungeon_Master> Hehe
    01[20:06] <@Dungeon_Master> Fairie?
    01[20:06] <@Dungeon_Master> Are you there?
    [20:06] <+Vorondil> (did Pibli ever join up with us again?)
    [20:06] <+CJ`> Nope
    01[20:06] <@Dungeon_Master> afaik she was looking about the docks
    [20:06] <+CJ`> (Oops...)
    [20:07] <Pirin> ((Pibli was the dwarven nun, right?))
    [20:07] <+Vorondil> (if i miss a front bracket, its cos my 9 key is messed up and doesnt work sometimes)
    01[20:07] <@Dungeon_Master> lol
    06[20:07] * Pirin says "Okay, were we supposed to look for Pibli, or the owther way around"
    [20:07] <+CJ`> (She's not a nun, she's an alcoholic fighter)
    01[20:07] <@Dungeon_Master> (Otherwise known as a dwarf XD)
    [20:07] <Pirin> ((So much for having a good intelligence score, and why does one preclude the other?))
    03[20:08] * Krug_Hamstead (~lizard_of@ has joined #sp_mm
    [20:08] <Krug_Hamstead> Good evening all.
    03[20:08] * Octara (~Octara@ has joined #sp_mm
    03[20:08] * Mystra sets mode: +o Octara
    [20:08] <+Vorondil> (hi Oc)
    [20:08] <+Vorondil> (hmm, hitting my 9 key has made it work better)
    [20:08] <Pirin> ((Hi guys))
    06[20:08] * +CJ` considers Rulebooking or not
    [20:09] <Pirin> (("American components, Russian components, all made in Taiwan"))
    [20:09] <Krug_Hamstead> (bash the numberpad till it starts spitting out hadron colliders.)
    [20:09] <+Vorondil> (CJ, im gonna annoy you with questions even if you dont)
    [20:09] <Pirin> ((favourite line in Armageddon ;)))
    03[20:09] * CJ` is now known as Rulebook
    03[20:09] * Octara is now known as Pibli
    01[20:09] <@Dungeon_Master> (brb)
    [20:09] <+Vorondil> (ok, Pibli has to find us, or someone bump into her)
    [20:10] <Pirin> ((We're in an abandoned, half-wrecked shack. You up to it, Pibs?))
    [20:10] <@Pibli> (Up to what?)
    [20:10] <+Vorondil> (finding us :p)
    [20:10] <Pirin> ((Finding us))
    [20:11] <Pirin> ((Oxena's breath, when did you take a level in forum ninja, you ;) ?))
    [20:11] <+Vorondil> (wha?)
    [20:11] <@Pibli> (Well I'm the docks.)
    [20:12] <+Vorondil> (someone find her...)
    06[20:12] * +Vorondil looks up from his seat in the corner
    [20:12] <Krug_Hamstead> (I've been semi-briefed as to what happened before. can anyone give me a quick 2-line summary of the last session i missed?)
    [20:12] <Pirin> ((So far only our thief is outside))
    [20:12] <+Vorondil> "Well, we're here now, whats our first move"
    [20:12] <+Rulebook> (Krug - nothing happened.
    [20:12] <+Rulebook> )
    06[20:12] * @Pibli wanders about the docks
    [20:12] <+Vorondil> (we walked down to the docks, Oc got seperated)
    [20:12] <Pirin> ((Not much, really, we went in the docks and our thief #1 is looking for contacts))
    [20:12] <Krug_Hamstead> (.... very good.)
    [20:13] <+Vorondil> (im still in the house...)
    [20:13] <Krug_Hamstead> (nice use of the 2 line thing, intentional or not, CJ.:p)
    06[20:13] * Pirin scratches head "Ok, I doubt Pibli will find us here... does anyone else want to go look for her?"
    [20:13] <+Rulebook> (Erm.... Intentional....)
    [20:13] <Krug_Hamstead> (*shifty eyes*)
    06[20:14] * Pirin looks around, uncertainly?
    [20:14] <+Vorondil> "Where would we start looking?"
    [20:14] <+Vorondil> "Lets see, alcholic dwarf female, in the docks"
    [20:14] <Krug_Hamstead> (was i blue-bubbled or did i stay with the herbalist?)
    [20:14] <+Vorondil> "Check the nearest pub?"
    [20:14] <Pirin> "Back around the way we came from, I guess... although the pub isn't a bad idea anyway."
    [20:15] <Pirin> "She's an alcoholic - for a dwarf? Oxena help me."
    [20:15] <Pirin> "Just how much liquor would that involve," Pirin whispers?
    [20:15] <@Pibli> (How the hell am I an alcoholic? o_0)
    [20:15] <+Vorondil> (dunno, someone said it earlier :p)
    [20:15] <+Rulebook> (Dwarf, beardface...)
    [20:16] <Pirin> ((It was decided completely democratically ;) 3 vs, er 1))
    [20:16] <@Pibli> (Yeah, Dal, you :¬P)
    [20:16] <Pirin> ((The one being you ;)))
    [20:16] <+Vorondil> (we still have no DM btw...)
    [20:16] <@Pibli> (I noticed XD)
    [20:16] <Krug_Hamstead> (
    [20:16] <Krug_Hamstead> ...
    [20:16] <Pirin> "Well, she isn't here, alright... Anyone else coming?" Pirin says, heading for the door?
    [20:16] <Pirin> ((Krug, where are you folks?))
    [20:17] <+Vorondil> (is that a question? are you or arnt you heading for the door?)
    [20:17] <+Vorondil> (i think Krug is assumed to have tagged along with us)
    [20:17] <Krug_Hamstead> ((i think i was blue bubbled for the last bit. ))
    [20:17] <+Vorondil> (damn, i wish we had mobiles on our chars...)
    [20:18] <Krug_Hamstead> ((psionics ftw!))
    [20:18] <+Vorondil> (what is Uri doing?)
    [20:18] <Pirin> ((Mindlink is cute, but at that level we couldn't do much with it - trust me, I'm running a telepath in another campaign.))
    [20:19] <Krug_Hamstead> ((i was joking pirin. and voro - he's stroking his rat, if you get my meaning. ;D))
    [20:19] <+Vorondil> (couldnt we talk to each other?)
    [20:19] <Pirin> ((Was Vorondil our rogu #1))
    [20:19] <+Vorondil> (lol sala)
    [20:19] <Pirin> ((Yeah, I guess - remind me to take Craft wondrous items soon ;) ))
    [20:19] <+Rulebook> OKAY GUYS
    [20:19] <+Rulebook> Enough with the ((banter))
    [20:20] <@Pibli> well someone get the DM then
    [20:20] <+Vorondil> (so, hows the weather near you guys?)
    [20:20] <+Rulebook> I can pretend! :¬P
    06[20:20] * Pirin looks around for anyone to say they'll look for Pibs with him.
    [20:21] <+Vorondil> "I guess we should go find her before she gets into trouble like last time"
    06[20:21] * +Vorondil follows Pirin towards the door
    [20:21] <Krug_Hamstead> "I'll look for pibs with you..." a salacious grin crosses his face. "a little stroll in the backalleys, what harm can be done?"
    [20:21] <@Pibli> (You mean when I had a 18Str dwarf with a greatclub thrown at me and you guys sat and watched? XD)
    [20:21] <+Vorondil> (CJ, wanna phone Gabs?)
    [20:21] <Pirin> "Just how did you get in that fight anyway? She looks fairly peaceful... compared to some of you guys."
    [20:21] <+Vorondil> (Aye Pibli :p)
    [20:22] <Pirin> "No offense"
    [20:22] <+Vorondil> "I dunno, i was just walking out an Alley and i saw the fight"
    06[20:22] * Pirin goes out the door and looks around for anything
    01[20:22] <@Dungeon_Master> (Eating my dinner)
    [20:22] <+Vorondil> "I'm still trying to work out why i jumped in"
    [20:22] <@Pibli> (You didn't!)
    06[20:23] * +Vorondil follows Pirin out the door and looks around aswell
    [20:23] <+Vorondil> (i did, not my fault i never hit anything)
    [20:23] <Pirin> "Didn't you know each other from before?" Pirin asks as he heads back towards the alley unless anyone has other ideas.
    [20:23] <@Pibli> (I've been beaten to near death and the bloody elf got more sympathy than me XD Damn high cha scores...)
    [20:23] <+Vorondil> (what alley?)
    [20:23] <Pirin> ((the one we came from?))
    [20:23] <+Vorondil> (that was back in the market, were in the docks now)
    [20:23] <Pirin> ((Is there some skill we can use now?))
    01[20:24] <@Dungeon_Master> (like?)
    [20:24] <+Vorondil> (yeh, its a spell called summon DM...)
    [20:24] <+Vorondil> (:o)
    [20:24] <+Rulebook> Spot check would be appropriate to find her
    06[20:24] * Pirin starts heading towards market.
    01[20:24] <@Dungeon_Master> XD
    [20:24] <+Vorondil> "Where you going?"
    [20:24] <Pirin> ((Beats me, knowledge local sounds a bit weird ;) ))
    [20:24] <+Vorondil> "She said she was heading down this way, we should stick around the docks"
    [20:25] <@Pibli> (Someone had to XD)
    [20:25] <+Rulebook> Anyone looking for Pibli, roll spot checks
    [20:25] <@Pibli> !Roll 1d20
    [20:25] <@Mystra> Pibli, 1d20: 16 (Total: 16, Avg: 16.00)
    01[20:25] <@Dungeon_Master> lol
    [20:25] <+Rulebook> Pib, do the same if you actually want to find the foolish lot again :¬P
    [20:25] <Pirin> "Ok, you've seen more of this city than me... What's the major "landmark" here?"
    01[20:25] <@Dungeon_Master> Pbli finds herself
    [20:25] <+Vorondil> !roll 1d20+6
    [20:25] <@Mystra> Vorondil, 1d20+6: 9 (Total: 9, Avg: 9.00)
    [20:25] <Krug_Hamstead> !roll 1d20
    [20:25] <@Mystra> Krug_Hamstead, 1d20: 9 (Total: 9, Avg: 9.00)
    01[20:25] <@Dungeon_Master> Everyone else finds a wall
    [20:25] <Pirin> !roll 1d20+2
    [20:25] <@Mystra> Pirin, 1d20+2: 3 (Total: 3, Avg: 3.00)
    [20:25] <+Vorondil> "The major landmark would be the sea"
    [20:26] <Krug_Hamstead> "yaay! wall!"
    [20:26] <Pirin> (C.o.a.S.!)
    01[20:26] <@Dungeon_Master> Pib finds the others no problem
    [20:26] <@Pibli> "Hello!"
    [20:26] <+Vorondil> "Ah, there you are"
    [20:26] <Pirin> "Er, hi miss... Oh, that's you!"
    [20:26] <+Vorondil> "No fights since we were gone?"
    [20:26] <@Pibli> "Eh? Why woul' I fight?"
    [20:27] <Pirin> "Great, we're set now."
    [20:27] <@Pibli> "Where were you lot?"
    [20:27] <Pirin> "Looking for you, the last few minutes"
    [20:27] <+Vorondil> "We were having a debate in that alley, when you wandered off"
    [20:27] <@Pibli> "I wa' in tha docks!"
    [20:27] <Pirin> "Other than that Vorondil was supposed to contact some of his people, and I was thinking of contacting some of mine."
    06[20:27] * Krug_Hamstead stretches, drawing his sword but keeping it lowered.
    [20:28] <Krug_Hamstead> "So, what's the plan then?"
    [20:28] <@Pibli> "Not my faul' if ye talk but cannae walk"
    [20:28] <+Vorondil> "See anything interesting on your little walk?"
    [20:28] <@Pibli> "There's a lovely wall back there"
    06[20:28] * Pirin says to the side "I'd say wait for them to finish, then do something."
    [20:28] <@Pibli> "An' a gov'men' buildin' somewhere"
    [20:28] <Krug_Hamstead> "Oh, I saw that wall. "
    [20:28] <@Pibli> (Krug and I are afk. Edibles)
    [20:28] <+Vorondil> "Goverment building? The council chamber you mean?"
    [20:28] <Krug_Hamstead> (Will be back ASAP.)
    01[20:29] <@Dungeon_Master> I think we should pause
    [20:29] <+Vorondil> (ok)
    01[20:29] <@Dungeon_Master> 2 AFK and me trying to eat etc.
    [20:29] <Pirin> "Didn't we all ;) I don't think it's a good idea going there yet, though."
    [20:29] <Pirin> "I mean that bounty hunter might have been hired by the government."
    [20:29] <+Vorondil> (were paused)
    [20:29] <Pirin> (cool, when do we meet back?)
    01[20:29] <@Dungeon_Master> Say 30 mins?
    [20:29] <Pirin> sounds okay.
    [20:29] <+Vorondil> cool, i can cook my stir fry
    [20:30] <Pirin> any plans for then? Unless someone wanted my char somewhere, I was thinking of heading to the shrine.
    [20:30] <Pirin> Someone else wants to tag along?
    01[20:30] <@Dungeon_Master> Up to you guys
    [20:30] <+Rulebook> What's your church gonna know about a bounty hunter?
    [20:33] <Pirin> (I suspect they might at least have an idea of who the political players in town would be and what's the deal with that guard captain)
    [20:33] <Pirin> ((organized religion FTW ;) ))
    [20:35] <Pirin> ((What was the name of that captain btw?))
    [20:41] <+Fairie> (Crap! Guys, I'm so sorry)
    [20:41] <+Rulebook> (They've stopped for a bit
    [20:44] <+Vorondil> im back
    [20:45] <Pirin> no prob, we should be back in a few minutes
    01[20:45] <@Dungeon_Master> 15 mins
    [20:45] <Pirin> you with us?
    03[20:47] * Fairie is now known as Imnolu
    [20:52] <+Imnolu> We're starting at 9 I take it
    [20:53] <+Vorondil> aye
    [20:53] <Pirin> I guess... I'm ready when you are.
    01[20:53] <@Dungeon_Master> Yes
    [20:54] <Pirin> BTW, Faerie do you know what we did in the last hour?
    [20:54] <+Imnolu> Will read up
    [20:54] <Pirin> Well, most of it was finally finding Pibly, but I still have to ask
    [20:54] <Pirin> ok
    [20:55] <+Imnolu> Ok, I'm up to date
    01[20:56] <@Dungeon_Master> cool
    [21:02] <Pirin> okay, ready when you are.
    01[21:02] <@Dungeon_Master> Same
    [21:02] <Pirin> DM, what was the name of that guard captain who gave us trouble?
    01[21:02] <@Dungeon_Master> I never said he gave you trouble ;)
    01[21:02] <@Dungeon_Master> And tbh I can't remember off the top of my head
    01[21:02] <@Dungeon_Master> I have it written down somewhere...
    [21:03] <Pirin> ok, right, who might have been behind the bounty hunter accident
    01[21:04] <@Dungeon_Master> Indeed
    01[21:05] <@Dungeon_Master> Right!
    01[21:05] <@Dungeon_Master> I am ready
    01[21:05] <@Dungeon_Master> Let us begin agan
    01[21:05] <@Dungeon_Master> again*
    01[21:06] <@Dungeon_Master> IC please
    [21:06] <+Vorondil> (none of the guards in the tavern fight had a name)
    [21:07] <+Vorondil> "Well, now that we have found the elusive Pibli, i have a couple of folk i wanna talk to, you guys wait here, i doubt they would react well to strangers"
    [21:08] <+Vorondil> (Lothis is the guard captain)
    [21:08] <Pirin> "I wanted to check something too... Perhaps we should meet again at the house or in some tavern?"
    [21:08] <Pirin> ((Cool))
    [21:08] <+Vorondil> "The house would be best"
    [21:09] <+Vorondil> "Pibli, Krug, Immy, you go with Pirin"
    [21:09] <Krug_Hamstead> "righto."
    06[21:10] * +Vorondil walks off in the other direction, towards his contacts house
    01[21:10] <@Dungeon_Master> (ty Vorondil)
    [21:10] <Pirin> "Just be careful, everyone... let's not draw too much attention"
    [21:10] <@Pibli> (PIBLI IS SPELT WITH AN I)
    01[21:10] <@Dungeon_Master> XD
    06[21:10] * Pirin goes towards the shrine
    [21:10] <@Pibli> (No excuse when the name is right there on the RIGHT OF THE SCREEN! :¬o)
    [21:10] <+Vorondil> (i have spelt it with two I's and an L
    [21:10] <+Vorondil> )
    01[21:10] <@Dungeon_Master> (PIB!)
    01[21:11] <@Dungeon_Master> (Guess what!?)
    01[21:11] <@Dungeon_Master> (I haz new ratty!)
    [21:11] <+Rulebook> (Now ain't the time)
    [21:11] <@Pibli> (Not another bloody one...)
    01[21:11] <@Dungeon_Master> (>_>)
    01[21:11] <@Dungeon_Master> Anywhoo
    [21:11] <+Vorondil> (Oc, i havnt spelt your name wrong yet)
    [21:11] <Pirin> (wth??)
    01[21:11] <@Dungeon_Master> Continue
    [21:11] <@Pibli> (Dal - Then I wasn't talking to you :¬P)
    [21:11] <+Vorondil> (oh)
    06[21:11] * Pirin continues walking, does the party see anything interesting to you?
    [21:12] <Pirin> (eh, sorry, that came out kinda weird)
    [21:12] <@Pibli> (just a bit)
    [21:12] <Krug_Hamstead> ("you see a large DM-looking object hovering in the sky.")
    01[21:12] <@Dungeon_Master> The shrine is off to the North of the council building you passed last eek
    [21:12] <+Vorondil> (lol)
    01[21:12] <@Dungeon_Master> week*
    [21:12] <+Vorondil> (while they walk, i can finish up with my contact)
    06[21:13] * +Vorondil reaches Gibb's door
    [21:13] <@Pibli> "So, we headin' back to tha 'ouse tae wait for th'others?"
    06[21:13] * +Vorondil knocks
    06[21:13] * Krug_Hamstead looks down at the dwarf.*
    [21:13] <Krug_Hamstead> "....my god you talk funny."
    06[21:13] * +Vorondil knocks twice, and then once sharply
    01[21:13] <@Dungeon_Master> There is a sudden scuffling behind the door as if several people all sudenly burst into action.
    01[21:13] <@Dungeon_Master> A good few minutes pass before the door opens a tiny crack
    [21:14] <@Pibli> "I'm simpleh from the country, lad"
    [21:14] <Pirin> ((who was Immy)) Pirin thinks as he walks towards the shrine
    [21:14] <+Vorondil> "Gibbs, its me you fool"
    01[21:14] <@Dungeon_Master> "Who goes there!?"
    [21:14] <Krug_Hamstead> I raise my sword.
    [21:14] <+Vorondil> "Voro"
    01[21:14] <@Dungeon_Master> "Voro!" He exclaims, throwing the door wide with a grin
    [21:14] <Pirin> ((Is this for us or Voro?))
    [21:14] <@Pibli> (Voro)
    01[21:14] <@Dungeon_Master> (Vorondil)
    [21:14] <Pirin> ((Ah, okay))
    [21:14] <+Vorondil> (me :) )
    [21:14] <Krug_Hamstead> ....somewhere off in the distance that is nowhere near voro. >_>
    [21:14] <@Pibli> (Voro and Pirin have buggered off)
    01[21:14] <@Dungeon_Master> "Come in lad, how long has it been?"
    [21:15] <@Pibli> "C'mon, ye two, show me tha way!"
    [21:15] <+Vorondil> "Weeks, thanks"
    06[21:15] * +Vorondil walks inside
    [21:15] <+Imnolu> (Pirin, I'm Immy)
    [21:15] <+Vorondil> "Wheres Bobin?"
    01[21:15] <@Dungeon_Master> The shrine is ahead of Pirin, a large building where the top floor is considerably larger than the bottom, held aloft by large columns
    [21:15] <Pirin> "Sure, we're almost there."
    01[21:15] <@Dungeon_Master> "He's in the back room, by Oxena you gave us a scare!"
    01[21:16] <@Dungeon_Master> He shakes his head
    01[21:16] <@Dungeon_Master> (Can I please have one thing going on at a time)
    01[21:16] <@Dungeon_Master> (This is getting very confusing :p)
    01[21:16] <@Dungeon_Master> Pirin, you reach the shrine of the four elements
    01[21:17] <@Dungeon_Master> A thick fog is slowly enveloping the city
    06[21:17] * @Dungeon_Master pokes some random people
    [21:17] <+Vorondil> "I thought you would wait for the knock before going all haywire cleaning up your work"
    06[21:17] * Pirin looks up, and nods. "An auspicious omen, perhaps... Oxena lends us her shroud."
    [21:17] <+Vorondil> (wait waiting for Pirin n co)
    06[21:18] * Pirin approaches the shrine, looking for some acolyte or other clergy(wo)man to see.
    06[21:20] * Krug_Hamstead keeps walking with the remainder of the party. "so how bloody far IS this place?"
    06[21:20] * +Imnolu gets out a shiny copper and starts playing with it, flicking it in the air and calling it
    [21:20] <Pirin> "We're there, see the colonade?"
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    Jul 26, 2004
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    01[21:21] <@Dungeon_Master> There are no people outdoors, but four large heavy wooden doors leav into the building, one at each of the North, South, East and West.
    [21:21] <Krug_Hamstead> "no. no i don't.
    [21:21] <Krug_Hamstead> "*
    06[21:21] * Pirin enters from the East door.
    01[21:21] <@Dungeon_Master> (Yay, Rolly exploring his quarantine cage ^_^)
    06[21:21] * @Pibli waits for Krug and Imnolu to show her the way as they were in the safehouse at the last session and in theory know where it is
    [21:21] <+Vorondil> (so thats whats taking you so long :p)
    [21:22] <Pirin> "The Windlady's blessings on you," he says as he enters, before even checking whether there's someone inside
    [21:22] <@Pibli> (Tim pay attention! -_-)
    01[21:22] <@Dungeon_Master> A woman, no more that 18 years old turns to you from where she perches on the edge of a large basin, playing with the water within
    01[21:23] <@Dungeon_Master> "Can I help you, Oxien?"
    [21:24] <Pirin> "Well met," Pirin says, checking her attire for any signs of allegiance to Hydrienna or any other deity.
    [21:25] <Pirin> "Hydrielle," he adds if he sees the symbols of Hydriena.
    01[21:25] <@Dungeon_Master> (I'd have thought the basin of water was a pretty un-subtle giveaway :D)
    [21:25] <Pirin> "Can you let me know who maintains this shrine?"
    [21:26] <Pirin> ((I thought so too, but you never know ;) ))
    02[21:26] * +Imnolu (~yay_chees@host81-156-48-118.range81-156.btcentralplus.com) Quit (Read error: Operation timed out)
    01[21:26] <@Dungeon_Master> "'Tis a shrine of the four winds, there are priests and priestesses from each faith here in their respetive quarters
    01[21:26] <@Dungeon_Master> "
    [21:26] <@Pibli> (But mainly air :¬P)
    [21:27] <Pirin> "Thank you, sister." Pirin says with a slight bow before looking for a door likely to lead to the Air chambers.
    01[21:27] <@Dungeon_Master> (The four winds is respective of the four cardinal points, N E S & W
    01[21:28] <@Dungeon_Master> There are three doors leaving this one, each clearly marked with the symbol of the respective deity
    03[21:28] * Imnolu (~yay_chees@host86-148-149-32.range86-148.btcentralplus.com) has joined #sp_mm
    03[21:28] * Mystra sets mode: +v Imnolu
    01[21:28] <@Dungeon_Master> wb
    [21:28] <+Imnolu> sorry guys
    01[21:29] <@Dungeon_Master> np
    06[21:29] * @Pibli considers wandering off again...
    06[21:29] * Pirin nods goodbye to the hydrielle and enters the air chambers.
    [21:30] <+Imnolu> (so where exactly are we?)
    01[21:30] <@Dungeon_Master> As you enter the air chambers, a distinctive breeze picks up and you feel your har being slightly ruffled.
    06[21:30] * Krug_Hamstead sharpens his weaponsets in mild boredom...*
    [21:30] <Pirin> "Is there anything apart from that guard captain you needed to know about" he says to his companions as he does so.
    01[21:30] <@Dungeon_Master> hair*
    [21:30] <@Pibli> (Pirin. We're not with you.)
    06[21:30] * Pirin looks up reverently.
    [21:30] <Pirin> (ok, sorry, I thought you were, my bad.)
    01[21:30] <@Dungeon_Master> (As did I o.O)
    [21:31] <Pirin> (ok, is anyone with me?)
    [21:31] <@Pibli> (Nobody said they followed. When we decided to talk to one another we just got told to shut up and all :¬P)
    01[21:32] <@Dungeon_Master> I didn't tell you to shut up, I asked Voro if I could stop his conversation...
    [21:32] <@Pibli> (Krug, Pibli and I suspect Imnolu are where we all met up)
    [21:32] <@Pibli> (Misread that bit then.)
    [21:32] <Pirin> (Ok, I guess, but it came as a bit of a surprise... good that I didn't realize this during a battle ;))
    [21:32] <+Imnolu> (Seeing as I haven;t moved, that's likely
    01[21:32] <@Dungeon_Master> lol
    [21:33] <Pirin> heh
    01[21:33] <@Dungeon_Master> (Dom is being a pain in the ass...)
    01[21:33] <@Dungeon_Master> (He can smell another boy in the house)
    [21:33] <Pirin> anyway, let me know what I see... could be in another channel if you want to handle them as well, okay?
    [21:33] <@Pibli> (Can't you leave the rats alone long enough to get a game done? o_0)
    [21:34] <Pirin> (Hey don't diss Dom, one of my favourite chars ever)
    01[21:34] <@Dungeon_Master> (He's always out of his cage....)
    [21:34] <Pirin> (he's a rat, what do you expect?)
    01[21:34] <@Dungeon_Master> (I was responding to Pib)
    [21:36] <Pirin> (sure)
    [21:37] <@Pibli> (...)
    01[21:38] <@Dungeon_Master> (Are we quite done? This RP has come to a standstill)
    [21:38] <@Pibli> "Did it take you guys long tae find the docks?"
    06[21:38] * Krug_Hamstead puts away his sword.*
    [21:38] <Pirin> (I'm waiting to see something in the air quarters)
    [21:39] <+Vorondil> (i was waiting for Pirin to finish his little trip)
    06[21:39] * Pirin looks around with some curiosity to see how Oxena's temple is decorated here.
    [21:39] <Krug_Hamstead> "not too long. Though having to come find you was a pain in the arse. took forever."
    [21:39] <@Pibli> "Well we'd already said ta go to th' docks!"
    01[21:40] <@Dungeon_Master> The air portion of the temple looks larger on the inside than the outside suggests. There are several people walking around inside the room, all cowled heavily in white robes
    [21:40] <Krug_Hamstead> "Yea, 'cos I look like a local."
    [21:40] <@Pibli> "Yer a human, ye could be"
    [21:40] <Pirin> me looks around respectfully, trying to identify an authority figure or someone else he should introduce himself to.
    01[21:41] <@Dungeon_Master> The only person who responds to your entrance is a single priest who stands up as you enter, a full 7 feet tall and nods to you respectfully.
    [21:42] <Pirin> "Well met, brother," Pirin says. "May the light of the Lady shine on you."
    [21:42] <Krug_Hamstead> "Oh, so it's a racial thing now is it, Short Stuff? Perhaps if I were to look under every rock I'd expect you to know the entire granular build up of the earth beneath, hmm?"
    [21:43] <@Pibli> "Wll you were in town, were ye not? An' they're not right friendly to us folk."
    [21:43] <Pirin> "I am Pirin of the Western lands, and I am new here... Could you let me know who is who in this temple?"
    01[21:43] <@Dungeon_Master> "And may her breath cool you under the sun." The priest says calmly in response.
    06[21:43] * @Pibli gestures to Imnolu and herself
    06[21:43] * Krug_Hamstead snorts.
    [21:43] <Krug_Hamstead> "Then why are you here?"
    [21:43] <@Pibli> "Was on'y passin' thru'"
    01[21:44] <@Dungeon_Master> "We gave up our names in service of the lady. I am the high priest, and as such you may call me father. As for these others, they are brothers and sisters of us all."
    [21:44] <Krug_Hamstead> "And same here. I'm just here for information personally, but any destruction I can cause along the way is always a welcome difference to my studies.
    [21:44] <Krug_Hamstead> "*
    [21:45] <Pirin> "I see, father, I am glad to meet you. I apologize for the suddenness of my visit, but I have had some... singular experiences here and would like to know more of this fair city."
    01[21:46] <@Dungeon_Master> "Indeed, well knowledge is an admirable goal my friend. Ask what you will and I shall attempt to answer."
    [21:46] <@Pibli> "Now that ain' very nice, Krug."
    [21:47] <Pirin> "I and some of my friends may have inadvertently stepped afoul of some local customs, father, and now we must be careful."
    01[21:47] <@Dungeon_Master> "Ah, you travel with the dwarf?"
    [21:47] <Pirin> "What do you know of captain Lothis? I fear he may have a certain interest in some of my companions."
    01[21:48] <@Dungeon_Master> "She has caused quite a stir in these city walls.
    [21:48] <+Vorondil> (i knew it was Pibli!!)
    [21:48] <Pirin> "Already? You are well-informed indeed, father."
    [21:48] <Pirin> "I only met her yesterday... what has the stout one done?"
    01[21:48] <@Dungeon_Master> "Lothis? Indeed...? I can't see why he would trouble himself with such insignificant travellers..."
    [21:49] <+Imnolu> "I get the feeling we should have left that bar to begin with, Pibli.."
    01[21:49] <@Dungeon_Master> "She has done nothing but exist my child. Dwarves and their kin are not well received here any more."
    01[21:49] <@Dungeon_Master> "'tis a sad fact."
    [21:49] <Krug_Hamstead> "what's it to you if my intentions 'ain' very nice'?"
    [21:49] <+Rulebook> (Guys, why must the party explode all over the city? Stick together whenever you can...)
    [21:49] <@Pibli> "Aye well, that wasn'ae us, Elfy!"
    [21:49] <@Pibli> "Twas that bald man, where did he go anyhow?"
    [21:50] <Pirin> "Indeed? I am saddened that the guard would be reduced to picking fights with a lone dwarf... but we had an encounter with a dwarven bounty hunter."
    [21:50] <Pirin> "Does he work for the guard as well?"
    01[21:51] <@Dungeon_Master> "I assume you speak of the dwarf Grabser?"
    01[21:51] <@Dungeon_Master> "He works for no-one, but everyone at the same time as is the nature of the seekers of bounty."
    [21:52] <Pirin> "He's the one, I suppose... Apparently the authorities here are willing to compromise at times."
    [21:52] <Pirin> "Would you have any advise as to how best remedy the situation, father? It does not sit well with me that innocents are targeted out of simple bias."
    [21:52] <Pirin> "Is there a legal way out of this mess... or another one?"
    01[21:53] <@Dungeon_Master> "The law has no sanction in this situation my child."
    01[21:54] <@Dungeon_Master> "You must take this into your own hands. I fear only the dwarf himself could tell you who hired him, and he would not likely share in a hurry."
    [21:54] <Pirin> "A sad day when the law can't be used to rein in one of its "servants," " Pirin remarks with a wry smile.
    06[21:54] * +Imnolu looks around, bored
    [21:55] <Pirin> "I see, father. In this case, would you have any clue where we could begin our search for the rogue?"
    01[21:55] <@Dungeon_Master> "I would imagine any bounty hunter worth his salt would find you child, you would not have to look for him." He smiles wryly
    06[21:56] * Pirin laugs "So we only need to make sure he doesn't get to us first."
    [21:57] <Pirin> "Would there be anyone who might know more about this city, then?"
    [21:57] <+Imnolu> "Then we should try getting out of this place, yeah?"
    06[21:57] * +Imnolu rolls her eyes
    01[21:57] <@Dungeon_Master> The priest seems gladdened by the sound of laughter (Or so you assume, it's difficult to tell when you can't see someone under a thick robe
    [21:58] <Pirin> ((Ok guys, if something doesn't pop I'll be coming back asap))
    01[21:58] <@Dungeon_Master> "I would suggest you find your friends, you or they could be in grave danger,, child. You will need fighting company if you are to survive."
    06[21:59] * Pirin looks slightly worried. "Thank you, father. I am glad to find support and advice in these troubled times. Oxena's blessing be on you."
    01[22:00] <@Dungeon_Master> You are always welcome in the lady's house, child." He embraces him.
    06[22:00] * Pirin embraces the priest warmly
    [22:01] <+Vorondil> (pick his pocket!)
    [22:01] <+Rulebook> (Keep it PG-13)
    06[22:01] * Pirin looks if someone else looks to speak with him, and then makes to leave
    [22:01] <Pirin> ((Pervs))
    [22:01] <Pirin> ((Ok if nothing more happens, I'm heading back to the docks))
    06[22:02] * +Imnolu wanders out and sits on the ground, flicking the shiny copper again
    06[22:03] * +Vorondil exits Gibb's house
    [22:03] <+Vorondil> "Cya buddy, i'll make sure to not leave it so long next time"
    06[22:03] * +Vorondil stumbles slightly from ale consumption
    01[22:04] <@Dungeon_Master> The door slams behind him
    06[22:04] * +Vorondil starts walking back towards the "safe house" the group has acquired
    06[22:04] * Pirin walks towards the safehouse, troubled.
    06[22:04] * +Vorondil checks his pockets to see if all his gold is still on him
    [22:05] <+Vorondil> (is it?)
    01[22:06] <@Dungeon_Master> (Yeah, there is honour amongst thieves ;))
    [22:06] <+Vorondil> (lol)
    06[22:06] * +Vorondil barges through the door and sees Krug, Pibli and Immy waiting
    06[22:06] * @Dungeon_Master tickles Rolly
    [22:06] <+Vorondil> "Alright guys?"
    06[22:07] * Krug_Hamstead will be back in about half an hour, if it's still going on
    [22:07] <Krug_Hamstead> *...and if he's involved yet*
    [22:07] <+Vorondil> (damnit, we just got you back in :p)
    06[22:07] * Pirin goes in shortly afterwards
    06[22:07] * @Pibli greets Vorondil. For the sake of argument the three left behind got back to the safehouse because nothings ever going to get done otherwise XD
    [22:07] <Krug_Hamstead> ((sorry. gotta go home. will be back in asap.))
    06[22:07] * +Vorondil flops down into the last remaining chair
    01[22:07] <@Dungeon_Master> (np)
    02[22:07] * Krug_Hamstead (~lizard_of@ Quit (Quit)
    [22:08] <@Pibli> "Any joy, Vorondil?"
    [22:08] <Pirin> "Heya, what did you find on your end?"
    [22:08] <+Vorondil> (the other chair got broke)
    [22:08] <+Vorondil> "Maybe, whats it worth to yah"
    06[22:08] * +Vorondil hiccups
    [22:09] <+Rulebook> (There were 3, 1 got broken)
    [22:09] <+Vorondil> "Well, if you're gonna give me THAT look, i found out whos paying Garbnol's wage"
    [22:10] <Pirin> "That's useful, I suppose."
    [22:10] <@Pibli> (Isn't Garbnol the gnome?)
    [22:10] <+Vorondil> "Some minor underling of Lothis"
    [22:10] <+Vorondil> (no)
    [22:10] <+Vorondil> "You get anything priest?"
    [22:10] <+Imnolu> (Garbnol was the herbalist..?)
    [22:10] <@Pibli> (Yeah)
    01[22:10] <@Dungeon_Master> No
    01[22:10] <@Dungeon_Master> Yes
    [22:11] <+Imnolu> -_-
    [22:11] <@Pibli> ...
    [22:11] <Pirin> "Some" Pirin nods "Lothis has been retaining Garbnol's services at times, but they're not on a permanent relationship."
    01[22:11] <@Dungeon_Master> Grabser was the Bounty hunter :¬P
    [22:11] <+Imnolu> (For Christ sake.)
    01[22:11] <@Dungeon_Master> Garbnol is the healer
    [22:11] <+Vorondil> (ok, well, we shall pretend Uri gave my the right name in the first place and switch Garbnol with Grabser in my sentence)
    [22:12] <Pirin> "Grabser, sorry. Anyway, Lothis is pretty independent from... well, anyone else. The idea was that if we want to be sure whom Grabser was working for at that point, we need to find him."
    [22:12] <+Vorondil> "I know where his employer is"
    [22:12] <Pirin> "Or, more likely, wait until he finds us - but this need not be a great idea."
    [22:12] <Pirin> "That would seem like the better choice, yes."
    [22:13] <+Vorondil> "The Friendly Face Tavern, we can get the innkeeper on our side, the Guard Luietenant bullies the crap out of him to get free keep"
    [22:13] <+Vorondil> "Rayber is his name"
    [22:13] <+Vorondil> "The guard that is"
    [22:14] <Pirin> "Ah, as long as the guardsman is not here, it should be doable "
    [22:14] <Pirin> "If he is, I suppose that can simplify our task"
    [22:15] <+Vorondil> "I suggest we get the innkeeper to sneak Immy and myself in, and let us search the room, while you guys keep watch"
    06[22:15] * +Imnolu nods
    06[22:16] * Pirin shrugs "Could work, I suppose. So you want us in the tavern or outside it?"
    [22:17] <+Vorondil> "Outside, so you can create some kind of noise, and we will bolt it out the room"
    [22:17] <+Vorondil> "Unless you have a better suggestion?"
    [22:17] <@Pibli> "Rayber... 'e the guy who started tha fight before, Imnolu?"
    [22:18] <+Imnolu> "Possibly"
    [22:18] <+Imnolu> (Dunno :S)
    [22:18] <Pirin> "Ok, then we should wait outside."
    [22:18] <+Vorondil> "What? You mean, he sent Grabser as a revenge attack?"
    [22:19] <@Pibli> "Coul' be"
    [22:19] <+Vorondil> (DM, what time of day is it?)
    [22:20] <Pirin> "He acted quite quickly, then. If that's true, he's most likely our man."
    01[22:20] <@Dungeon_Master> (It's mid morning.)
    01[22:20] <@Dungeon_Master> (You've done sweet FA since you left Garbnol really :¬P)
    [22:21] <+Imnolu> ( :) )
    01[22:22] <@Dungeon_Master> (I'm getting pretty tired, guys...
    01[22:22] <@Dungeon_Master> We need to wrap this up soon.)
    [22:22] <+Vorondil> (give us a sec, were about to break into someones room...)
    01[22:22] <@Dungeon_Master> (I know.)
    01[22:22] <@Dungeon_Master> (I've been follwing believe it or not :¬P_
    01[22:22] <@Dungeon_Master> )*
    [22:22] <+Vorondil> "I guess there is a good chance he could be at work just now"
    [22:23] <@Pibli> (Not! :¬P)
    [22:23] <+Vorondil> (if people reply quicker, we can move...)
    [22:23] <Pirin> "Ok, I'm ready then."
    [22:23] <+Vorondil> "Lets get going then"
    06[22:23] * +Vorondil leaves the house and heads towards the Inn
    06[22:23] * +Imnolu follows
    [22:23] <Pirin> "Do you have a way of alerting us apart from shouting if stuff goes south?"
    06[22:24] * Pirin follows
    [22:24] <+Imnolu> "I'll whistle"
    [22:24] <+Vorondil> "I think you will notice me jumping out the window..."
    06[22:24] * +Imnolu is a talented whistler, oh yes
    06[22:24] * @Pibli follows
    [22:24] <@Pibli> "I can hit summat with me axe"
    06[22:24] * Pirin chuckles "I'll probably do, but whistling might be better if we hear it."
    [22:24] <+Vorondil> (how far to the inn?)
    [22:24] <+Imnolu> "trust me, you'll hear it"
    06[22:25] * Pirin looks at Imnolu with some respect. "If you say so."
    [22:25] <Pirin> ((Ok, ready))
    01[22:25] <@Dungeon_Master> (Pib LMFAO)
    [22:25] <+Vorondil> (are we jsut skipping to the Inn?)
    [22:26] <+Vorondil> [i just broke my nine key]
    [22:27] <+Rulebook> (lol)
    [22:27] <+Vorondil> "Who wants to go in and get the innkeeper to let us in?"
    01[22:27] <@Dungeon_Master> [] is fine Vorondil ;)
    [22:27] <+Vorondil> [cool]
    [22:27] <+Imnolu> (emo)
    [22:27] <Pirin> "I could... how exactly did you part last time?"
    [22:28] <+Vorondil> "Im not the most persuasive"
    [22:28] <+Vorondil> "I have never met the man, im just going on some friendly info"
    [22:28] <Pirin> "I'd rather know in advance if I should expect some cutlery flying in my direction"
    01[22:28] <@Dungeon_Master> (Why is somthing as common and simple as eating so exceptionally cute when his ears are nearly the size of his head?)
    [22:28] <+Vorondil> [lol]
    [22:28] <Pirin> "I suppose I'll take you at your word"
    [22:29] <Pirin> (O-kayyyy ;))
    [22:29] <Pirin> "and hopefully not regret it too much later," he adds with a smile. "So you just want to be let in his rooms, then?"
    01[22:29] <@Dungeon_Master> (My new rat is teeny weeny but has humungous ears. He's a breed called a Dumbo rat.)
    [22:29] <+Vorondil> "Yes, maybe any keys to a safebox he might have aswell"
    [22:31] <+Imnolu> (Can we wrap this fight up asap? I need to go soon)
    [22:31] <+Vorondil> 9999999999999999999[well, if folk would DO something]
    [22:31] <+Vorondil> [err
    01[22:31] <@Dungeon_Master> (Yeah, can we like DO ANY GOD DAMN THING!!!!!?)
    [22:31] <+Vorondil> ]
    [22:32] <+Vorondil> [sorry]
    01[22:32] <@Dungeon_Master> (*ahem*)
    [22:32] <Pirin> "Well, the keys might be a problem"
    [22:32] <+Vorondil> [trying to fix the key...]
    06[22:32] * +Imnolu walks into the Inn
    [22:32] <Pirin> Apart from that, I'll see what I can do.
    [22:32] <+Vorondil> "just try your best, but get going, we dont have all day"
    06[22:32] * Pirin walks in the inn too.
    [22:32] <+Imnolu> (THANK YOU!)
    [22:32] <Pirin> "Oxena's blessing on you, good sir" he greets the innkeeper
    [22:33] <Pirin> "Some ale, if you could"
    01[22:33] <@Dungeon_Master> The innkeeper grins and pours a tankard
    01[22:33] <@Dungeon_Master> "I din' think you 'oly lot were allowed!"
    [22:33] <Pirin> "Thank you, kind sir. To your health"
    [22:33] <+Imnolu> "Your strongest alcohol in your largest glass, Innkeeper"
    [22:33] <Pirin> Pirin smiles "We should not indulge too much, that's true."
    [22:34] <Pirin> "I have a request for you, innkeeper... if it would not be too much bother."
    06[22:34] * +Imnolu taps her fingers impatiently
    01[22:34] <@Dungeon_Master> The innkeepes looks at Immy for a moment in surprise before shrugging with a sigh and pouring a large glass of a perfectly clear liquid
    06[22:34] * @Pibli orders an ale and stands beside the others
    01[22:34] <@Dungeon_Master> "Shoot. I ain't extendin' no credit."
    [22:34] <Pirin> "Some friends have used your establishment once, and fear they might have lost something... So they'd want to see if it's still there."
    [22:34] <+Imnolu> (Vodka drinks you in Soviet Russia? o.o)
    01[22:35] <@Dungeon_Master> Pible gets her ale quickly with a sympathetic smile
    01[22:35] <@Dungeon_Master> Roll a bluff check
    02[22:35] * Pirin (~jirc@87-126-174-164.btc-net.bg) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
    01[22:35] <@Dungeon_Master> thanooplz
    [22:35] <@Pibli> PiblI
    03[22:35] * SP_visitor19 (~jirc@87-126-174-164.btc-net.bg) has joined #sp_mm
    01[22:35] <@Dungeon_Master> wb
    [22:35] <SP_visitor19> ((The hell?))
    01[22:35] <@Dungeon_Master> lol
    03[22:35] * SP_visitor19 is now known as The_Shaman
    01[22:36] <@Dungeon_Master> Bluff check plz
    [22:36] <+Rulebook> (Change your name to Pirin and roll a bluff)
    03[22:36] * The_Shaman is now known as Pirin
    [22:36] <Pirin> (weird, I thought that'd still be diplo)
    [22:36] <+Rulebook> (No... You're lying)
    [22:36] <Pirin> (I'm trying to roll...)
    [22:36] <@Pibli> (What? Lying?)
    01[22:37] <@Dungeon_Master> lol
    [22:37] <+Imnolu> LOL Pible
    [22:37] <Pirin> (No, I'm trying not to say it out loud when there may be guardsmen around)
    06[22:37] * @Dungeon_Master waits
    [22:37] <Pirin> roll 1d20+1
    01[22:37] <@Dungeon_Master> You're still lying
    01[22:37] <@Dungeon_Master> And who said there were guards around? o.O
    01[22:37] <@Dungeon_Master> !roll d20+1
    [22:37] <@Mystra> Dungeon_Master, d20+1: 3 (Total: 3, Avg: 3.00)
    [22:37] <Pirin> !roll 1d20+1
    [22:37] <@Mystra> Pirin, 1d20+1: 8 (Total: 8, Avg: 8.00)
    [22:37] <+Rulebook> (Oh dear.)
    [22:37] <Pirin> CoaS either way
    01[22:37] <@Dungeon_Master> The innkeeper looks at you suspiciously
    06[22:38] * Pirin looks around.
    [22:38] <@Pibli> (wtf is CoaS?)
    [22:38] <+Imnolu> (Do I need to roll this?)
    [22:38] <Pirin> (c..p on a stick)
    01[22:38] <@Dungeon_Master> "You 'oly men ain't too god at lyin' nor drinkin' it would aseem."
    [22:38] <Pirin> "We try not to overindulge, I'm afraid," Pirin sighs
    [22:38] <+Imnolu> (brb)
    01[22:38] <@Dungeon_Master> Immy, no, you're not saying anything :p
    06[22:38] * +Vorondil walks into the Inn, sits down at the table
    [22:38] <+Vorondil> "Looks, Innkeeper, we got a deal for you, one that i KNOW will help you
    [22:39] <+Vorondil> "
    [22:39] <Pirin> "Some of my friends would like to have some safe rest, without being troubled by the authorities too much"
    01[22:39] <@Dungeon_Master> "'Scuse me?" He looks annoyed at the sudden interruption.
    [22:39] <Pirin> "If that's any consolation, we had not caused any problems too much"
    01[22:39] <@Dungeon_Master> "You'll not find rest away from the watch here."
    [22:39] <+Vorondil> "You dont like Rayber"
    01[22:39] <@Dungeon_Master> He stubbornly insists
    [22:39] <+Vorondil> "Its not a secret"
    01[22:39] <@Dungeon_Master> He stares at Voro
    [22:39] <Pirin> (when did you guys get in?)
    [22:40] <+Vorondil> "He intimidates you"
    [22:40] <+Vorondil> "Am i right?"
    01[22:40] <@Dungeon_Master> "I'd appreciate if you''d keep yer yap shut ifn' yeh please."
    [22:40] <Pirin> "Ok, you two, wait for a moment."
    [22:40] <+Vorondil> [can i roll a diplo check or anything?]
    [22:40] <Pirin> "We need as safe a place as can be for the moment... Of course you don't have to go out of your way for our sakes, but just try to keep it down"
    01[22:40] <@Dungeon_Master> (sure)
    [22:40] <Pirin> "I will find a way to return the favor"
    [22:40] <+Vorondil> !roll 1d20+1
    [22:40] <@Mystra> Vorondil, 1d20+1: 5 (Total: 5, Avg: 5.00)
    [22:41] <Pirin> !roll 1d20+4
    [22:41] <@Mystra> Pirin, 1d20+4: 14 (Total: 14, Avg: 14.00)
    [22:41] <+Vorondil> [oh ffs]
    01[22:41] <@Dungeon_Master> You totally fail to calm him down :¬S
    01[22:41] <@Dungeon_Master> The barkeep walks off
    [22:41] <Pirin> ((yeash, he was fairly calm before that))
    [22:41] <Pirin> ((in which direction?))
    [22:41] <+Vorondil> [Pirin, whatcha doing? we dont want a room, we want into Rayber's room]
    [22:41] <Pirin> (we try to get in, you can handle that later)
    06[22:42] * @Pibli drinks her ale merrily
    [22:42] <+Vorondil> [easier to make the innkeeper let us into his room[
    [22:42] <+Vorondil> [play on the fact the innkeeper doesnt like him]
    [22:42] <Pirin> "He doesn't, but he's scared."
    [22:43] <Pirin> ((anyway, where did the innkeeper go?))
    [22:43] <+Vorondil> "Go just ask him to let us in the room"
    01[22:43] <@Dungeon_Master> To serve other people, it's a busy tavern.
    [22:43] <+Vorondil> "Stop trying to lie to him, you cant"
    06[22:44] * Pirin clicks his tongue.
    [22:44] <+Vorondil> "or at least distract him for a few minutes"
    06[22:44] * Pirin looks if the innkeeper looks like he's coming back, and approaches him when he looks free.
    [22:44] <Pirin> "Perhaps, kind sir, you could at least not bother us for a while?"
    [22:45] <Pirin> "As I said, I will try to make it up to you in any way I can."
    [22:45] <+Imnolu> (back)
    [22:45] <+Vorondil> [any shadows near the stairwell up to the rooms?]
    01[22:45] <@Dungeon_Master> "And why should I stan' and waste me time talkin to someone as has just tried to lie to me? Hmm?"
    01[22:46] <@Dungeon_Master> (Plenty, there's only dim lighting in here._
    01[22:46] <@Dungeon_Master> )*
    [22:46] <+Imnolu> "Innkeeper, he meant no harm, be done with it"
    [22:46] <Pirin> "Because I tried to save you the trouble if anyone was overhearing us."
    06[22:46] * +Vorondil backs up into a shadow and creeps towards the stairs
    06[22:46] * +Imnolu watches Vorondil carefully
    [22:46] <@Pibli> "Another ale, Inkeep! Don' min' me friends. They're jus' daft"
    01[22:47] <@Dungeon_Master> The barkeep brings another ale
    06[22:47] * +Vorondil attempts to creep up the stairs
    [22:47] <Pirin> "I suppose it doesn't sound very convincing at the moment, but I would rather we did not disturb you too much."
    [22:47] <+Imnolu> (is there any other way other than the one voron took)
    [22:47] <@Pibli> "Thanks, sir"
    [22:47] <Pirin> "Good idea, Pibli. Cheers!" Pirin toasts the dwarf.
    01[22:47] <@Dungeon_Master> Voro, attempt a HiS
    03[22:47] * Krug_Hamstead (~lizard_of@cpc1-pool1-0-0-cust716.sotn.cable.ntl.com) has joined #sp_mm
    [22:47] <+Vorondil> [a hide?]
    [22:47] <@Pibli> (wb)
    01[22:48] <@Dungeon_Master> Immy, only if you climb the outside of the building, and you don't know which room is his
    01[22:48] <@Dungeon_Master> Yep
    [22:48] <+Imnolu> (ok)
    [22:48] <+Vorondil> !roll 1d20+19
    [22:48] <@Mystra> Vorondil, 1d20+19: 30 (Total: 30, Avg: 30.00)
    06[22:48] * Krug_Hamstead has returned
    [22:48] <+Imnolu> (What do I do to sneak up the stairs?)
    [22:48] <+Rulebook> (Crikey, Dal! +19?)
    01[22:48] <@Dungeon_Master> Tell me youre gonna do it then roll a Hide check
    [22:48] <+Vorondil> [cloak of Elvenkind :p]
    [22:48] <@Pibli> (We've met up at the house, devised a cunning plan to sneak into an Inn and discover the location of Rayber the man who hired the dwarven bounty hunter. Our intrepid heroes and now blundering social rolls that would make Richard proud :¬D)
    [22:48] <+Imnolu> (Ok, am gonna sneak up the stairs)
    [22:48] <+Imnolu> !roll 1d20+5
    [22:48] <@Mystra> Imnolu, 1d20+5: 22 (Total: 22, Avg: 22.00)
    [22:49] <+Rulebook> (ROFL)
    [22:49] <Pirin> ((Now they roll like heroes))
    01[22:49] <@Dungeon_Master> You both get to the top of the stairs with virtually no effort at al
    06[22:49] * +Vorondil whispers to Immy, "Now we need to find his room"
    [22:50] <+Imnolu> (listen check?)
    [22:50] <Pirin> "Where are you actually from, Pibli?"
    [22:50] <Krug_Hamstead> (righto. where am I now?)
    [22:50] <@Pibli> "A we village South o' here"
    01[22:50] <@Dungeon_Master> Sure, roll
    06[22:50] * +Vorondil puts his ear to the nearest door and checks if anyone is in
    [22:50] <+Imnolu> (Ok, how many doors?)
    [22:50] <@Pibli> "Live with me ma, da and nana on our farm"
    01[22:50] <@Dungeon_Master> There are six doors and another flight of stairs
    [22:50] <+Vorondil> !roll 1d20+6
    [22:50] <@Mystra> Vorondil, 1d20+6: 15 (Total: 15, Avg: 15.00)
    [22:51] <+Imnolu> (Dal, take 3 nearest)
    01[22:51] <@Dungeon_Master> Voro, you hear nothing inside
    [22:51] <Pirin> "Around here, somewhere?"
    [22:51] <+Imnolu> (move silently check, k?)
    06[22:51] * +Vorondil whispers "split them down the middle
  13. Urithrand

    Urithrand Mind turning the light off? ★ SPS Account Holder Veteran

    Jul 26, 2004
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    01[22:51] <@Dungeon_Master> Sure
    [22:51] <+Imnolu> !roll 1d20+5
    [22:51] <@Mystra> Imnolu, 1d20+5: 15 (Total: 15, Avg: 15.00)
    06[22:51] * +Vorondil opens the door slowly
    [22:51] <+Imnolu> Win or fail?
    01[22:51] <@Dungeon_Master> Voro, the room is empty and clean. The window is open letting a slight breeze in.
    01[22:51] <@Dungeon_Master> Immy, I can't tell you that :)
    [22:51] <+Imnolu> ...
    [22:52] <+Imnolu> (You can't tell me if my check went or not?)
    [22:52] <+Vorondil> !roll 1d20+9
    [22:52] <@Mystra> Vorondil, 1d20+9: 19 (Total: 19, Avg: 19.00)
    [22:52] <+Vorondil> [Search]
    01[22:52] <@Dungeon_Master> No, cause there's no reason that she would know if anything heard her
    [22:52] <Pirin> ((Guys, I need to call it a night soon))
    01[22:52] <@Dungeon_Master> You find nothing but a stick of seal wax
    [22:52] <Krug_Hamstead> (DM, where Am I now after all this?)
    [22:52] <+Imnolu> (listen check on the other 3 doors)
    [22:52] <+Imnolu> !roll 1d20+4
    [22:52] <@Mystra> Imnolu, 1d20+4: 11 (Total: 11, Avg: 11.00)
    01[22:52] <@Dungeon_Master> Krug, you're either in or outside the tavern
    [22:52] <+Imnolu> !roll 1d20+4
    [22:52] <@Mystra> Imnolu, 1d20+4: 10 (Total: 10, Avg: 10.00)
    [22:52] <+Imnolu> !roll 1d20+4
    [22:53] <@Mystra> Imnolu, 1d20+4: 23 (Total: 23, Avg: 23.00)
    01[22:53] <@Dungeon_Master> You didn't go in, so ou'd be waiting outside
    06[22:53] * +Vorondil moves outside the room
    01[22:53] <@Dungeon_Master> Immy, you hear nothing in any of them
    [22:53] <+Vorondil> !roll 1d20+9
    [22:53] <@Mystra> Vorondil, 1d20+9: 16 (Total: 16, Avg: 16.00)
    [22:53] <Krug_Hamstead> (the others are inside, sneaking around trying to get information about a guard?)
    [22:53] <+Vorondil> [Sneak]
    [22:53] <+Imnolu> "Nothing, Vorondil"
    [22:53] <+Imnolu> (Gonna search the 1st room)
    06[22:54] * +Vorondil Whispers "Nothing in that room, check inside them, he might not be in remember"
    [22:54] <+Imnolu> !roll 1d20+5
    [22:54] <@Mystra> Imnolu, 1d20+5: 25 (Total: 25, Avg: 25.00)
    [22:54] <+Imnolu> Win!
    [22:54] <+Rulebook> (Nice)
    06[22:54] * +Vorondil moves to the next door
    [22:54] <+Vorondil> !roll 1d20+6
    [22:54] <@Mystra> Vorondil, 1d20+6: 7 (Total: 7, Avg: 7.00)
    [22:54] <+Imnolu> O.O
    [22:54] <+Vorondil> [listen]
    [22:54] <+Imnolu> (Uri? Door?)
    [22:54] <+Vorondil> [are there key holes on the doors?]
    01[22:54] <@Dungeon_Master> You find nothing at all, all the cupboards are empty and you see only more of the same, empty room, window open and freshly made bed.
    [22:55] <+Imnolu> (search 2nd room)
    [22:55] <+Imnolu> !roll 1d20+5
    [22:55] <@Mystra> Imnolu, 1d20+5: 18 (Total: 18, Avg: 18.00)
    01[22:55] <@Dungeon_Master> Voro, nothing
    06[22:55] * +Vorondil opens the door slowly
    [22:55] <+Rulebook> (Immy, Voron, try to work together a little... Take turns and stuff. Make it easy for the poor DM)
    [22:55] <+Vorondil> [sorry]
    [22:55] <+Imnolu> (sorry)
    [22:56] <+Rulebook> (Don't apologise to me :¬P)
    [22:56] <+Imnolu> (dal, you finish then I'll search the 3rd room)
    [22:56] <+Vorondil> !roll 1d20+9; Search 2nd Room
    [22:56] <@Mystra> Vorondil, 1d20+9: 24 (Total: 24, Avg: 24.00) [Search 2nd Room]
    06[22:56] * Pirin chats up Pibli
    [22:56] <@Pibli> "Eh?"
    [22:57] <Krug_Hamstead> I enter the tavern/Inn, and walk straight up to the bar.
    01[22:57] <@Dungeon_Master> You find nothing different
    06[22:57] * +Imnolu whispers into the sky "DM, y'alright?"
    01[22:57] <@Dungeon_Master> (lol)
    06[22:57] * +Vorondil sneaks to the next room
    [22:57] <+Vorondil> !roll 1d20+6; Listen on 3rd
    [22:57] <@Mystra> Vorondil, 1d20+6: 16 (Total: 16, Avg: 16.00) [Listen on 3rd]
    01[22:57] <@Dungeon_Master> All the doors and rooms are silent and empty, freshly cleaned and vacated
    [22:58] <+Vorondil> [ok]
    06[22:58] * +Vorondil sneaks up the next flight of stairs
    01[22:58] <@Dungeon_Master> The windows are open and fresh air fills your lungs
    [22:58] <+Imnolu> (Ok, my 2nd room got ... 18?)
    [22:58] <Krug_Hamstead> "Can I get some service down here? Who's a man have to slaughter to get a drink?"
    [22:58] <+Imnolu> *whispers* "Vorondil, be careful"
    06[22:58] * +Vorondil whispers to Immy, they are all clean, next floor
    [22:58] <+Vorondil> " " *
    [22:58] <+Imnolu> (I didn't finish on the 2nd and third o.O
    [22:58] <Pirin> "I hope you're not meaning to drink alone," Pirin says, lifting his mug slightly.
    [22:58] <+Imnolu> (did you search all 6?)
    [22:58] <+Vorondil> [Uri just said they are all empty]
    01[22:59] <@Dungeon_Master> The barkeep throws Krug a dirty look and turns back to the drunken plump lady he speaks to at the end of the bar.
    06[22:59] * @Pibli elbows Krug in the knee
    [22:59] <+Imnolu> (kthx)
    [22:59] <@Pibli> "Watch yer words, fighter"
    06[22:59] * +Imnolu follows Vorondil up the stairs
    06[22:59] * +Vorondil reaches the top and looks about
    [22:59] <@Pibli> "I'm used tae drinkin' alone, Pirin, but I'll join ye if ye wish"
    [22:59] <Krug_Hamstead> I give Pibli and Pirin a subtle glance conveying that I'm pretending to not know them at the moment.
    [22:59] <+Imnolu> (doors? locks? noises?)
    [22:59] <Krug_Hamstead> By subtle glance i mean swift subtle shin kick.
    06[22:59] * @Pibli can't even spell subtle
    01[22:59] <@Dungeon_Master> The top of the stairs opens into a small entry hall
    01[23:00] <@Dungeon_Master> Doors open straight ahead and to the left and right
    [23:00] <+Vorondil> [how many?]
    01[23:00] <@Dungeon_Master> Doors?
    01[23:00] <@Dungeon_Master> ...3?
    [23:00] <+Vorondil> [oh, only 3]
    [23:00] <+Imnolu> !roll 1d20+4 (listen)
    [23:00] <@Mystra> Error: Could not parse term '(listen)'
    [23:00] <+Vorondil> !roll 1d20+6; Listen
    [23:00] <+Imnolu> (How's that work?)
    [23:00] <@Mystra> Vorondil, 1d20+6: 24 (Total: 24, Avg: 24.00) [Listen]
    [23:00] <+Vorondil> [semi-colon]
    [23:00] <+Imnolu> !roll 1d20+4
    [23:00] <@Mystra> Imnolu, 1d20+4: 16 (Total: 16, Avg: 16.00)
    [23:01] <Pirin> "So where are you from, warrior? You act as if you've seen your fair share of combat."
    [23:01] <Krug_Hamstead> "Oi, Barkeep. you going to serve or keep talking to the drunken heffer?"
    06[23:01] * Pirin gives Krug a mean look
    01[23:01] <@Dungeon_Master> The barkeep scowls and two half giants step towards Krug, cracking their knuckles menacingly
    [23:01] <Krug_Hamstead> "Well, you know, I'm from here and there.. "
    [23:01] <Pirin> "careful with your words, Krug, he's riled enough al... aw, crap."
    [23:01] <+Imnolu> (roflcopter)
    01[23:01] <@Dungeon_Master> "Keep yer tongue."
    06[23:01] * Pirin whispers
    [23:01] <@Pibli> "Now look a' that"
    [23:01] <@Pibli> "I ne'er noticed them around before!"
    [23:01] <Pirin> ((Ok, we're a heck of a diversion))
    [23:01] <+Imnolu> (how long'd you think we;ll be, Timmeh?)
    [23:02] <@Pibli> "Kinda impressive seein' they're bloody huge compared ta me!"
    [23:02] <Krug_Hamstead> "Sorry lads, didn't realise your mum drank here too. "
    [23:02] <Pirin> "I know what you mean," Pirin says, calm.
    06[23:02] * Krug_Hamstead turns back to the bar
    06[23:02] * Pirin looks to Pibli and then to Krug, exasperated.
    01[23:02] <@Dungeon_Master> You both press your ears against the solid wooden door and hear voices within. You can't make out what they are saying
    [23:02] <+Imnolu> (oooooooooooooooh)
    06[23:03] * Krug_Hamstead gets the barman's attention and slides a gold coin his way.
    01[23:03] <@Dungeon_Master> One of the half-giants grabs Krug by the head and lifts him effortlessly off the floor by it
    [23:03] <Krug_Hamstead> *...before being lifted by the head.*
    [23:03] <+Imnolu> (Dal, ideas?)
    01[23:03] <@Dungeon_Master> At arm's length, he can't even reach to fight back as he is thrown bodily out through the door while it is closed
    01[23:03] <@Dungeon_Master> !roll d10+4
    [23:03] <@Mystra> Dungeon_Master, d10+4: 14 (Total: 14, Avg: 14.00)
    01[23:03] <@Dungeon_Master> Taking 14 damage
    [23:03] <Krug_Hamstead> ...
    [23:03] <Krug_Hamstead> ooyah.
    06[23:03] * +Vorondil whispers to immy, "we need a diversion, something to get them out their room"
    06[23:04] * +Imnolu can hear a diversion :p
    [23:04] <Pirin> ((I'm sorry, that not enough a diversion for you.))
    [23:04] <+Vorondil> [does that make alot of noise Uri?]
    01[23:04] <@Dungeon_Master> (Er, yeah :¬P)
    01[23:04] <@Dungeon_Master> The Inn falls silent for a moment before everyone returns to their drinking.
    06[23:04] * Pirin looks at the sprawled dwarf with the "I don't know the berk" look.
    [23:04] <Krug_Hamstead> I'm lying unconcious on the ground.
    06[23:04] * +Vorondil hears the noise downstairs and sneaks quickly back into one of the empty rooms and closes the door
    06[23:05] * Pirin looks at Krug with some sorrow in his look.
    06[23:05] * +Imnolu yells "FIIIIIGHT! and hides in another door and waits for the people inside the room to leave
    [23:05] <+Imnolu> (*shrug*)
    [23:05] <+Vorondil> [nice Gabs]
    01[23:05] <@Dungeon_Master> With a sudden rush of activity, one of the patrons launches himself rather foolishly at the half-giant, and a bar brawl breaks out!
    [23:05] <Pirin> ((Can I get an untrained heal check to see if he's really messed up?))
    01[23:06] <@Dungeon_Master> (You can see he's unconscious and bleeding a bit, but he doesn't seem terribly injured.
    [23:06] <Pirin> Acting not too quickly, I take up the dwarf and take him to a corner.
    [23:06] <+Imnolu> (Did they leave the room? >_>)
    06[23:06] * @Pibli ensures her drink doesn't spill
    [23:06] <Krug_Hamstead> (( speak for yourself DM, I'm at -4. >_>;;
    [23:06] <Krug_Hamstead> ))*
    [23:06] <@Pibli> (Pirin, me?)
    [23:06] <Pirin> ((Look damn it, he doesn't say you're dying, why do you argue ;)))
    [23:06] <Krug_Hamstead> (( XD fine..))
    [23:06] <Pirin> ((not you, no worries ;)))
    01[23:06] <@Dungeon_Master> Immy, no.
    [23:06] <@Pibli> (Krug is human)
    [23:07] <+Imnolu> (Damn you, Tim)
    [23:07] <Pirin> ((I thought he was a dwarf. I take the man, then.))
    06[23:07] * @Pibli finishes up her drink and cracks her knuckles
    [23:07] <@Pibli> "Coul' do with a wee brawl to loosen up a bit!"
    06[23:07] * Pirin shakes his head and tries to see if there's something to do to patch him up
    [23:07] <Pirin> !1d20+2
    [23:07] <Pirin> heal
    [23:08] <Pirin> !roll 1d20+2
    [23:08] <@Mystra> Pirin, 1d20+2: 3 (Total: 3, Avg: 3.00)
    06[23:08] * @Pibli runs into the brawling
    [23:08] <Krug_Hamstead> ...
    [23:08] <+Rulebook> (You kill him)
    [23:08] <@Pibli> "WHOOOOOOOOOOOO!"
    06[23:08] * +Vorondil sneaks over to Immy
    01[23:08] <@Dungeon_Master> Immy and Voro jump violently as the doors at the top of the stairs burst open and someone or something comes crashing down the stairs in a terrible heap
    [23:08] <Pirin> (awwww... I don't have letters bold enough for that)
    01[23:08] <@Dungeon_Master> lmao
    06[23:08] * +Vorondil peaks out the room
    03[23:08] * Rulebook is now known as Kelvar
    06[23:09] * +Kelvar drops down next to the broken form of Rayber
    01[23:09] <@Dungeon_Master> There is a man in guards' uniform lying in a crumpled heap at the bottom of the stairs
    [23:09] <Krug_Hamstead> (What EYE find ironic is the fact that I'm the most bloodthirsty and yet I'm already unconcious before the fight even breaks out. D:)
    01[23:09] <@Dungeon_Master> (lmao)
    01[23:09] <@Dungeon_Master> (Should't've been so rude then :¬P)
    [23:09] <+Vorondil> "whats the hells"
    [23:09] <+Kelvar> "Who sent him!?"
    [23:09] <Pirin> ((It is ironic, considering that you caused it ;)))
    [23:09] <+Imnolu> "O.O"
    06[23:09] * +Kelvar kicks Rayber hard in the stomach
    [23:09] <+Imnolu> (what the F?!)
    01[23:09] <@Dungeon_Master> The form of Rayber coughs and laughs
    06[23:09] * @Pibli heads over to the stairs with all the grace of a hippopatmus on a rampage
    [23:09] <Krug_Hamstead> (XD It's the direct approach... I've raised myself from the age of 7. I'm childish and lack manners. XD)
    [23:10] <+Imnolu> "Voron, down or stay here?"
    [23:10] <@Pibli> (And your character?)
    [23:10] <Krug_Hamstead> (in game that is.)
    01[23:10] <@Dungeon_Master> "I have no idea, fool. It's not Lothis' style to use assassins." He laughs, a little blood coming out of the corner of his mouth
    [23:10] <+Vorondil> "Stay just now, see what happens"
    [23:10] <Krug_Hamstead> (mind your barbs, dear. you'll cut yourself one day.)
    [23:10] <Pirin> ((It is direct, and nobody's any directer than ogrekin))
    [23:10] <+Imnolu> !roll 1d20+4;Listen
    [23:10] <@Mystra> Imnolu, 1d20+4: 6 (Total: 6, Avg: 6.00) [Listen]
    [23:10] <+Imnolu> (Christ O.O)
    06[23:10] * +Kelvar drags him to his feet and hurls him down the stairs into the fight
    [23:10] <Pirin> (You were keepin' it real, and they were keeping it real-er ;) )
    [23:10] <@Pibli> (I'm still concsious though, lol(
    [23:10] <+Vorondil> !roll 1d20+6; Listen
    [23:10] <@Mystra> Vorondil, 1d20+6: 16 (Total: 16, Avg: 16.00) [Listen]
    01[23:10] <@Dungeon_Master> Immy and Voro, this is gather info
    [23:10] <+Vorondil> ah
    [23:11] <@Pibli> "What's 'appenin' 'ere then?"#
    [23:11] <+Imnolu> !roll 1d20+3
    [23:11] <+Vorondil> !roll 1d20+1; Gather Info
    [23:11] <@Mystra> Imnolu, 1d20+3: 12 (Total: 12, Avg: 12.00)
    [23:11] <@Mystra> Vorondil, 1d20+1: 7 (Total: 7, Avg: 7.00) [Gather Info]
    [23:11] <Pirin> (so can I do another heal check on him, or do I look at my handicraft)
    01[23:11] <@Dungeon_Master> pib sees the carnage
    01[23:11] <@Dungeon_Master> Pirin, if you wish to try another heal you're welcome to
    01[23:11] <@Dungeon_Master> Your last one sucked :p
    [23:11] <@Pibli> as in... you removed half is blood through such means
    06[23:12] * Pirin whispers a prayer to steady his hands after he nearly killed his, err... ally.
    01[23:12] <@Dungeon_Master> Rayber is caught up in the fight, trampled on at all sides. you doubt he will survive.
    [23:12] <Pirin> then takes out the healing kit again
    [23:12] <Pirin> !roll 1d20+2
    [23:12] <@Mystra> Pirin, 1d20+2: 15 (Total: 15, Avg: 15.00)
    [23:12] <@Pibli> "TIME OUT!"
    01[23:12] <@Dungeon_Master> You stabilise him and staunch the bleeding
    06[23:12] * @Pibli drags Rayber out the crowd
    06[23:12] * +Kelvar sees Pibli, and dashes down the stairs to her
    01[23:12] <@Dungeon_Master> Pibli's bellow causes the carnage to halt in a comical scene
    [23:12] <+Vorondil> [did the men fall down both sets of stairs?]
    [23:12] <+Kelvar> "Dwarf!"
    [23:13] <+Kelvar> (I threw him down both, Dal)
    01[23:13] <@Dungeon_Master> (No, Rayber did. Kelvar didn't fall down either)
    [23:13] <+Vorondil> [ah]
    [23:13] <+Vorondil> [ok]
    06[23:13] * Pirin tries to take the warrior outside for a moment
    06[23:13] * +Kelvar pulls Pibli away from Rayber
    06[23:14] * +Vorondil sneaks down the stairs
    [23:14] <@Pibli> "Oh, 'ello, baldy!"
    [23:14] <+Kelvar> "He's not the one that sent the assassin"
    [23:14] <@Pibli> "What about the boun'y 'unter?"
    [23:14] <+Vorondil> [wait, is CJ playing now?]
    [23:14] <@Pibli> (yup)
    [23:14] <+Kelvar> "This dog has no idea where he came from"
    01[23:14] <@Dungeon_Master> (Nah, its your imagination :¬P)
    [23:14] <+Vorondil> [ok, so he is one of us?]
    06[23:15] * +Kelvar shoves Rayber heavily into a wall
    [23:15] <+Vorondil> [i was so confused]
    01[23:15] <@Dungeon_Master> Rayber grunts in pain
    [23:15] <+Kelvar> "Whoever's after you, it's not him"
    [23:15] <@Pibli> "A'right then. Buy 'im an ale and lets be off!"
    [23:15] <+Kelvar> "Incidentally, are you alright?"
    01[23:15] <@Dungeon_Master> "Well not til you just attacked me, fool." He spits
    [23:16] <@Pibli> "Aye, I'm good"
    01[23:16] <@Dungeon_Master> "Now you'll have a bounty the size of a king's ransom on your head."
    [23:16] <@Pibli> "If ye be wantin', mister, I know a good 'erb man"
    06[23:16] * +Kelvar kicks Rayber in the unmentionables
    01[23:16] <@Dungeon_Master> He spits at Pib, spraying her with blood
    [23:16] <@Pibli> "Ach! No need fer such!"
    01[23:16] <@Dungeon_Master> *Then drops to the floor
    01[23:16] <@Dungeon_Master> :¬P
    [23:16] <+Kelvar> "Shouldn't spit at a lady... Didn't your mother teach you manners?"
    01[23:17] <@Dungeon_Master> He's too busy squirming on the floor to answer
    [23:17] <@Pibli> "I think he's done kicked the bucket"
    [23:17] <@Pibli> "oh, not yet"
    [23:17] <+Kelvar> "We should probably go"
    [23:17] <@Pibli> "Aye, sure, want a cover?"
    [23:17] <+Kelvar> "I'll be fine. Anyone else with you?"
    [23:18] <@Pibli> "Aye! Got a load of friends now!"
    06[23:18] * +Kelvar looks around
    [23:18] <+Imnolu> (Dal, where are we?)
    [23:18] <@Pibli> "Pirin is the priest helpin' the man who's been gianted."
    [23:18] <Pirin> ((Cya all, I really have to go))
    [23:18] <+Vorondil> {
    [23:18] <Pirin> Please NPC-play my character if you need him atm
    [23:18] <+Vorondil> [i moved down the stairs]
    [23:18] <Pirin> good night
    01[23:18] <@Dungeon_Master> Awh, later Pirin
    02[23:18] * Pirin (~jirc@87-126-174-164.btc-net.bg) Quit (Quit)
    [23:18] <@Pibli> "Imnolu tha elf, ye remem'er 'er? She's up thar with a guy named Vorondil. He seems a wee bit shifteh to me."
    06[23:18] * +Imnolu goes downstairs
    [23:19] <@Pibli> "Heyo, Imnolu"
    06[23:19] * +Imnolu looks somewhat startled
    01[23:19] <@Dungeon_Master> (LOL, shifteh XD)
    [23:19] <@Pibli> "Get Vorondil and lets meet outside"
    [23:19] <+Imnolu> "Hello again, Pibli.."
    06[23:19] * +Vorondil steps out the shadow
    [23:19] <+Vorondil> "Shifty, eh?"
    06[23:19] * +Imnolu nods at Kelvar
    02[23:19] * Krug_Hamstead (~lizard_of@cpc1-pool1-0-0-cust716.sotn.cable.ntl.com) Quit (Ping timeout)
    06[23:19] * +Kelvar spins to face Immy and Vor
    [23:19] <@Pibli> "I'll get Pirin and Krug, you can 'elp, Kelvar
    [23:19] <+Imnolu> "Your ribs alright?"
    [23:19] <+Kelvar> "Ah, little elf. How's your nose?"
    [23:19] <@Pibli> "TIME IN, LADS!"
    [23:20] <+Imnolu> "Much better now I'm not dripping blood, thank you"
    [23:20] <+Vorondil> [whats the check for trying to swipe Pibli's coin sack?
    [23:20] <+Vorondil> ]
    [23:20] <@Pibli> (Sleight of hand)
    01[23:20] <@Dungeon_Master> Sleight of hand
    [23:20] <+Kelvar> (Stupid, that's what it is)
    01[23:20] <@Dungeon_Master> lmao
    [23:20] <@Pibli> (Verses Sense motive?)
    [23:20] <+Imnolu> (lol)
    06[23:20] * +Kelvar heads for the exit
    01[23:20] <@Dungeon_Master> Depends
    [23:20] <+Vorondil> [hmm, i dont see that skill on my char sheet]
    01[23:20] <@Dungeon_Master> If she's being distracted by him at the time, yes
    [23:21] <+Vorondil> [can i roll it without any modifiers?]
    01[23:21] <@Dungeon_Master> It's a trained skill
    01[23:21] <@Dungeon_Master> iirc
    [23:21] <+Vorondil> ok
    01[23:21] <@Dungeon_Master> so no
    [23:21] <+Vorondil> [ok]*
    [23:21] <+Vorondil> [
    01[23:22] <@Dungeon_Master> However I don't know why it's not on your sheet...
    [23:22] <+Vorondil> "So, where to now?"
    [23:22] <+Kelvar> "We should get out of here, and fast. After a bar fight, guards are sure to turn up"
    [23:22] <+Imnolu> "Pibli, de ja vu?"
    [23:22] <+Vorondil> "And with a near dead guard at our feet, i wont look so good"
    [23:22] <@Pibli> "Aye"
    03[23:22] * Krug_Hamstead (~lizard_of@cpc1-pool1-0-0-cust830.sotn.cable.ntl.com) has joined #sp_mm
    [23:22] <+Kelvar> "I seem to be involved in these events more than i'd like
    [23:22] <@Pibli> (DId shouting Time In get the fight started again? XD)
    01[23:22] <@Dungeon_Master> wb
    06[23:23] * @Pibli feels ignored by the party XD
    [23:23] <Krug_Hamstead> (sorry. internet is ****ing up.)
    [23:23] <+Imnolu> "You appear at poor times, Kelvar."
    06[23:23] * +Imnolu pokes her tongue out at Kelvar
    [23:23] <+Vorondil> "So, who is this new guys?"
    01[23:23] <@Dungeon_Master> Pib lol
    [23:23] <@Pibli> "'es gone, Imnolu"
    [23:23] <+Vorondil> "I dont think we have been introduced"
    [23:23] <@Pibli> "C'mon, 'elp me get Krug"
    [23:23] <@Pibli> "We can chat later"
    06[23:23] * @Pibli goes towards Pirin and Krug
    [23:23] <+Imnolu> (when was that? o.o)
    06[23:23] * +Kelvar walks over to Krug
    06[23:24] * +Vorondil walks over to Krug
  14. Urithrand

    Urithrand Mind turning the light off? ★ SPS Account Holder Veteran

    Jul 26, 2004
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    [23:24] <@Pibli> (Three minutes ago, Imn)
    [23:24] <+Kelvar> "I'll grab his legs..."
    [23:24] <+Vorondil> "Appears he was all talk and no action"
    06[23:24] * +Vorondil grabs his arms
    06[23:24] * +Imnolu watches with some interest
    06[23:24] * +Kelvar grabs Krug's legs
    06[23:25] * @Pibli moves chairs out the way to the exit
    06[23:25] * +Imnolu conciously tries to not jump on the chairs
    [23:25] <+Vorondil> "Its not exactly a short walk back to the docks, i say we go to Garbnols"
    [23:25] <+Kelvar> "Probably a good idea..."
    [23:25] <@Pibli> "In't tha' farther?"
    [23:25] <+Vorondil> [CRAP, i gotta go, gotta do 30 references in 30 mins, not gonna happen]
    01[23:26] <@Dungeon_Master> O_O
    01[23:26] <@Dungeon_Master> Bai
    [23:26] <+Vorondil> [if your here i will join in, NPC me]
    01[23:26] <@Dungeon_Master> ok
    [23:26] <@Pibli> good luck
    [23:28] <+Kelvar> "So where are we taking him? The healers?"
    01[23:28] <@Dungeon_Master> Vorondil takes one look at the unconscious Krug and decides he would be no challenge, wandering off around the bar aimlessly
    01[23:28] <@Dungeon_Master> "It's got my vote." Vorondil shrugs.
    [23:29] <Krug_Hamstead> (If I were concious I'd attest that.. ¬¬)
    [23:29] <+Kelvar> "Fine, help me carry him.."
    [23:29] <@Pibli> "I say we take 'im to the 'ideout, send Pirin to get 'erbs and th' like"
    [23:29] <+Kelvar> (Could always leave you to die :¬P)
    01[23:29] <@Dungeon_Master> He takes the unconscious man under the armpits
    [23:29] <+Kelvar> "Hideout?"
    [23:29] <@Pibli> "Aye, we got ourselves a wee place i nth' docks"
    [23:30] <+Imnolu> "Isn't Pirin carrying a .. limb?"
    [23:30] <+Kelvar> "Maybe it's better to take him there... We should stick to back alleys whenever possible"
    [23:30] <@Pibli> "Aye"
    [23:30] <+Kelvar> "Let's hurry, then..."
    [23:31] <+Imnolu> "I'll go, let you stronger ones carry the .. anyway, meet you at the hideout"
    06[23:31] * +Imnolu disappears in a puff of smoke ooooooh
    06[23:31] * +Kelvar and Vorondil head out the door and into the nearest alley
    01[23:32] <@Dungeon_Master> lol
    06[23:32] * @Dungeon_Master does fedetoblack
    01[23:32] <@Dungeon_Master> Aaaaaand scene open on hideout, all assembled :D
    [23:32] <+Kelvar> lol
    [23:32] <+Kelvar> "THIS is your hideout?"
    06[23:32] * +Imnolu holds out a small red bag, full of random herbs
    06[23:32] * +Kelvar looks with some dismay at the house
    [23:33] <+Imnolu> "It's got walls and a roof. Good enough?"
    [23:33] <+Kelvar> "I suppose so. Open the door, let's get him inside"
    06[23:33] * +Imnolu kicks open the door, stylishly
    06[23:34] * +Kelvar drags Krug inside and dumps him, rather unceremoniously, on the floor
    [23:34] <+Imnolu> (nice)
    [23:34] <Krug_Hamstead> (ooh.. dejavu.)
    [23:34] <+Kelvar> (DM, can I use the herbs to heal him?)
    01[23:34] <@Dungeon_Master> (LOL)
    [23:35] <+Kelvar> (Well, to try...)
    01[23:35] <@Dungeon_Master> (Only if you have points in heal)
    01[23:35] <@Dungeon_Master> ( Its a trained skill)
    [23:35] <+Kelvar> Ass.
    06[23:35] * +Imnolu wishes she'd grabbed Garbnol
    [23:35] <+Kelvar> (Er, no it's not)
    [23:35] <+Imnolu> (Can I do a thing where he magically appears from outside going Hi Everybody! ? >_>)
    01[23:35] <@Dungeon_Master> It is in this campaign ;)
    [23:35] <+Kelvar> (Heal can be used untrained...)
    01[23:36] <@Dungeon_Master> the healing and magic system in this campaign is all funky
    [23:36] <+Kelvar> (Awh :¬(
    [23:36] <+Kelvar> "Can anyone do anything for him?
    [23:36] <+Imnolu> (Dude, 80's, telephone call for you.)
    01[23:36] <@Dungeon_Master> The priest is allowed to roll a untrained heal check
    01[23:36] <@Dungeon_Master> Due to the nature of his craft
    01[23:37] <@Dungeon_Master> So !roll d20;pirin
    01[23:37] <@Dungeon_Master> !roll d20;Pirin
    01[23:37] <@Dungeon_Master> >_>
    [23:37] <@Mystra> Dungeon_Master, d20: 15 (Total: 15, Avg: 15.00) [Pirin]
    [23:37] <+Imnolu> lol
    [23:37] <+Kelvar> (I'd be better at it than that! I have a +2 from Wis...)
    01[23:37] <@Dungeon_Master> Pirin manages to restore 15 HP
    [23:37] <Krug_Hamstead> sweet.
    01[23:37] <@Dungeon_Master> *After* you sleep
    01[23:37] <@Dungeon_Master> You regain consciousness for now
    01[23:38] <@Dungeon_Master> Read the thread peeple :¬P
    [23:38] <+Kelvar> "Back in the land of the living, then?"
    [23:38] <Krug_Hamstead> *sits up, apparently still going through the fight in his head as he wakes.* ...brrble blah BIG BASTARD I'LL BATTER YOU- ...oh. hey... *slumps back on the bed, fast asleep.*
    [23:38] <+Kelvar> (Bed? You're on the floor, mate :¬P)
    [23:39] <Krug_Hamstead> (bed, floor. all the same to krug.)
    [23:39] <+Imnolu> (lol)
    [23:39] <+Kelvar> "Hmph. At least he's alright"
    06[23:39] * +Kelvar slumps down on the floor against the wall
    01[23:40] <@Dungeon_Master> (He never made it as far as the fight :¬P)
    [23:40] <@Pibli> (Any fight XD)
    01[23:40] <@Dungeon_Master> Well I think this is a good time to call time
    01[23:40] <@Dungeon_Master> *endsession*
    06[23:41] * +Imnolu falls asleep at her desk
    01[23:41] <@Dungeon_Master> lol
    03[23:41] * Dungeon_Master is now known as Urithrand
    [23:41] <+Kelvar> As if by magic, i'm back :¬P
    03[23:41] * Imnolu is now known as Fairie
    01[23:41] <@Urithrand> We finally seem to be getting somewhere :D
    03[23:41] * Kelvar is now known as CJ`
    03[23:41] * Krug_Hamstead is now known as salamander3
  15. Urithrand

    Urithrand Mind turning the light off? ★ SPS Account Holder Veteran

    Jul 26, 2004
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    And Last night's session:

    [20:28] <+Vorondil> pfft
    [20:28] <+Vorondil> i like being un-seen
    [20:28] <+Vorondil> it is purdy
    01[20:28] <@Dungeon_Master> It's snot green
    01[20:28] <@Dungeon_Master> With brown splodges
    [20:29] <+Vorondil> yup
    [20:29] <+Vorondil> many a decent cold on that cloak...
    [20:29] <+Vorondil> >_>
    [20:29] <+Kelvar> Someone let me know if we actually start :¬P
    [20:29] <+Vorondil> lol
    [20:30] <+Vorondil> Uri said he was finished eating
    01[20:31] <@Dungeon_Master> I did
    [20:31] <+Vorondil> lets rock
    01[20:31] <@Dungeon_Master> Indeed
    [20:31] <+Vorondil> well...
    [20:32] <+Vorondil> i resume we are all here?
    06[20:32] * +Kelvar looks around in an effort to guess where exactly he is :¬P
    [20:32] <+Vorondil> Roll Call!
    01[20:32] <@Dungeon_Master> With a "poof!" of smoke, the party finds itself dressed in bright green leprechaun outfits, their legs dancing uncontrollably
    [20:32] <+Imnolu> -_-
    06[20:32] * +Vorondil looks up at the sky and shouts "I hate you!"
    [20:33] <+Kelvar> I have seriously forgotten where we are or what we're doing
    [20:33] <+Vorondil> we are in the hideout
    01[20:33] <@Dungeon_Master> Aww crappit
    [20:33] <+Vorondil> we jsut discovered that they guy we thought had payed the merc hadnt
    01[20:33] <@Dungeon_Master> I gotta go
    [20:33] <+Vorondil> so now we are looking for the guy who sent him
    01[20:33] <@Dungeon_Master> CJ, play Kelvar/DM for a bit
    [20:33] <+Vorondil> whahaaaaa?
    [20:33] <+Kelvar> Whut!?
    [20:33] <+Vorondil> why?
    01[20:33] <@Dungeon_Master> I'll be back in a bit, I just gotta run
    [20:34] <+Vorondil> where?
    [20:34] <+Vorondil> for whom?
    01[20:34] <@Dungeon_Master> Half an hour tops, just go on without me for a bit
    01[20:34] <@Dungeon_Master> CJ can play DM
    03[20:34] * Dungeon_Master is now known as UriAFK
    [20:34] <+Kelvar> Ermm..
    [20:34] <+Vorondil> we kinda need your info...
    [20:34] <+Kelvar> He doesn't have any :¬P
    01[20:34] <@UriAFK> Hehe
    [20:34] <+Vorondil> were also out of leads
    [20:34] <+Kelvar> Alright..
    03[20:34] * Kelvar is now known as DM2
    [20:34] <+Imnolu> ...
    [20:35] <+Vorondil> the theives had nothing, nor did the priests
    01[20:35] <@UriAFK> But the lieutanant did
    01[20:35] <@UriAFK> ;)
    [20:35] <+Vorondil> Kelvar killed him
    [20:35] <+DM2> I didn't kill him, I wounded him a lot.
    [20:36] <@Pibli> jesus christ...
    [20:37] <+DM2> Alright guys
    [20:37] <+DM2> Someone has hired an assassin, you need to find out who.
    [20:37] <+Vorondil> indeed
    [20:37] <+DM2> You've beaten a guard captain to near-death and he had no answers
    [20:37] <+Vorondil> can we assault the assasin? :p
    [20:37] <+Imnolu> o.o
    [20:38] <+DM2> Religion hasn't come up with anything either
    [20:38] <+DM2> You're in your crappy little house - What do you do?
    [20:38] <+Vorondil> Drink!
    [20:38] <+DM2> You don't have anything :¬P
    [20:39] <+Vorondil> use a toothpick, piece of moldy break and 2 sheets of paper to construct a fountain of knowledge
    [20:39] <+Vorondil> wait, forgot to take my Macguyver feat
    [20:39] <+Vorondil> damn
    [20:39] <+DM2> Make a Craft (Fountain of Knowledge) check :¬P
    [20:39] <+Vorondil> !roll 1d20; Make a Craft (Fountain of Knowledge)
    [20:39] <@Mystra> Vorondil, 1d20: 9 (Total: 9, Avg: 9.00) [Make a Craft (Fountain of Knowledge)]
    [20:39] <+Vorondil> damn
    [20:39] <+DM2> No luck
    [20:40] <+DM2> You made a mess, though :¬)
    [20:40] <+Vorondil> if there was EVER a time for a natural 20, that was it
    [20:40] <+DM2> Come on guys, at least go for the obvious idea :¬P
    [20:40] <+Vorondil> its so obvious it escapes me... >_>
    [20:41] <+DM2> Pfft.
    [20:41] <+Vorondil> ask the gnome?
    [20:41] <+DM2> I don't know his name, but you can go talk to him if y'like
    [20:41] <+Vorondil> Garbnol
    [20:41] <+DM2> Yeah, that
    [20:41] <+Vorondil> can we go find Grabner?
    [20:41] <+DM2> Grabner being? :¬P
    [20:42] <+Vorondil> the dwarf assasin/merc
    [20:42] <+DM2> Sure
    [20:42] <+Vorondil> you know, other input here is welcome
    06[20:42] * +Vorondil whacks Pibli and Imnolu
    [20:42] <+DM2> Where do you want to look?
    [20:42] <+Vorondil> around the guard barracks
    [20:42] <+Vorondil> subtley tho
    [20:43] <+DM2> Anyone else going with you?
    [20:43] <+Vorondil> nah, they would be seen
    [20:43] <+Vorondil> well, they could hide out of site
    [20:43] <+DM2> You want to Hide while searching?
    [20:43] <+Vorondil> until i find him
    [20:43] <+Vorondil> indeed
    [20:44] <+DM2> Okay, you make your way to a shadowy alley nhear the guard barracks
    [20:44] <+DM2> it's a huge stone building
    [20:44] <+DM2> Roll a hide check
    [20:44] <+Vorondil> !roll 1d20+19;Hide
    [20:44] <@Mystra> Vorondil, 1d20+19: 29 (Total: 29, Avg: 29.00) [Hide]
    [20:44] <+DM2> Nice
    [20:44] <+Vorondil> :)
    [20:44] <+DM2> Okay
    [20:45] <+DM2> You're at the SW corner of the building
    [20:45] <+DM2> The only visible entrance is on the south edge
    [20:45] <+DM2> There's a guard either side
    [20:45] <+DM2> (Of the door)
    [20:45] <+Vorondil> Roof?
    [20:45] <+Vorondil> anyway onto it
    [20:45] <+DM2> The thing is about 60ft tall, and the walls are fairly smooth
    [20:46] <+Vorondil> no building near it?
    [20:46] <+DM2> Nah, and you'd be seen VERy easily
    [20:46] <+Vorondil> ok
    [20:46] <+DM2> Wanna do a spot check to look for Grabner?
    [20:46] <+DM2> There are a couple of people milling around
    [20:46] <+Vorondil> !roll 1d20+6;Spot
    [20:46] <@Mystra> Vorondil, 1d20+6: 10 (Total: 10, Avg: 10.00) [Spot]
    [20:47] <+Vorondil> ["I see a wall"]
    [20:47] <+DM2> You find the guard barracks :¬P
    [20:47] <+Vorondil> would it be a search?
    [20:47] <+Vorondil> cos im searching for him?
    [20:47] <+DM2> You could search, but that'd be actively going around looking for him
    [20:47] <+DM2> which means you couldn't stay hidden
    06[20:47] * +Imnolu stops twiddling her thumbs and catches up
    [20:47] <+Vorondil> cant i skulk in the shadows?
    [20:48] <+DM2> It'd be sneaking around and making spot checks
    [20:48] <+Vorondil> oh
    [20:49] <+Vorondil> any windows?
    [20:49] <+DM2> None on ground level
    [20:49] <+Vorondil> [no zip-lines, stick shockers, airfoils? :p ]
    [20:49] <+DM2> Judging by the height of the windows, you can guess that this place has high celings on each floor
    [20:50] <+Vorondil> can i do another spot check?
    [20:50] <+DM2> Sure
    [20:50] <+Vorondil> !roll 1d20+6;Spot
    [20:50] <@Mystra> Vorondil, 1d20+6: 14 (Total: 14, Avg: 14.00) [Spot]
    [20:51] <+DM2> You're certain - You can't see him
    [20:51] <+Vorondil> ok
    [20:51] <+Vorondil> Any merc posts in the city?
    [20:51] <+Vorondil> [Pibli??]
    [20:51] <+DM2> Mercenaries usually hang out in the run-down quarter of the city, in the roughest taverns
    [20:52] <+Vorondil> So, back to the dock?
    [20:52] <+DM2> Vorondil, one of the guards at the door is walking towards you, though he doesn't appear to be looking at you
    [20:52] <+DM2> He's seen Imnolu and is walking over
    06[20:52] * +Vorondil waits in the shadow
    [20:52] <+Vorondil> "immy, wait there"
    [20:53] <+DM2> He's made no move to reach for a weapon, as of yet
    [20:53] <+Vorondil> [Immy?]
    [20:53] <+DM2> "You, elf." He nods at Imnolu. "Where were you yesterday?"
    [20:54] <+Imnolu> "..."
    [20:54] <+DM2> (FYI, the fight in the tavern where the guard captain got near-killed was yesterday evening)
    [20:54] <+DM2> "Well?"
    [20:55] <+Imnolu> "What concern of it is yours?"
    06[20:55] * +Vorondil steps out the shadow behind the guard
    [20:55] <+Vorondil> "We were at the docks"
    [20:55] <+Vorondil> "In our house"
    [20:55] <+DM2> He spins around, clearly suprised at your presence
    06[20:56] * +Imnolu smiles
    [20:56] <+Vorondil> "Sorry, i didnt mean to startle you, i dropped my puch"
    [20:56] <+Vorondil> [pouch*]
    [20:56] <+DM2> "I see."
    [20:56] <+DM2> He seems a little worried, now faced with two of you
    06[20:56] * +Vorondil puts on a friendly smile
    [20:56] <+DM2> "Well, uh." He looks at your weapons "Uh, carry on..
    [20:56] <+DM2> He backs away
    [20:56] <+Vorondil> "Thank you, good day"
    06[20:57] * +Imnolu nods
    06[20:57] * +Vorondil starts walking away from the barracks
    [20:57] <+DM2> He returns to the door, and speaks quickly and quietly with the other guard, then disappears into the building
    [20:57] <+Vorondil> "start walking, quickly, now"
    [20:58] <+Vorondil> "actually, this could be interesting"
    06[20:58] * +Vorondil melts back into the shadow further down the street
    [20:58] <+Imnolu> !roll 1d20+5;Hide
    [20:59] <@Mystra> Imnolu, 1d20+5: 25 (Total: 25, Avg: 25.00) [Hide]
    [20:59] <+Vorondil> !roll 1d20+19;Hide
    [20:59] <@Mystra> Vorondil, 1d20+19: 20 (Total: 20, Avg: 20.00) [Hide]
    [20:59] <+Imnolu> o.O Sweet
    [20:59] <+DM2> The pair of you disappear
    [20:59] <+Vorondil> [ouch]
    [20:59] <+Vorondil> [glad i have that cloak]
    [20:59] <+Vorondil> [lol i just noticed, Immy nat 20'd, i nat 1'd :p]
    [21:00] <+Imnolu> !roll 1d20+6;Listen
    [21:00] <@Mystra> Imnolu, 1d20+6: 10 (Total: 10, Avg: 10.00) [Listen]
    [21:00] <+Vorondil> !roll 1d20+6;spot
    [21:00] <@Mystra> Vorondil, 1d20+6: 11 (Total: 11, Avg: 11.00) [spot]
    [21:00] <+DM2> Immy, as you duck behind a crate, you see 3 guards emerge from the building. They walk over to where you were, look around, then shrug and leave. One of them gently whaps another (The one that spoke to you) in the back of the head. You vaguely hear the other murmur "Idiot..."
    [21:00] <+Imnolu> (teehee)
    [21:01] <+Imnolu> DM - where are they headed?
    [21:01] <+DM2> They've gone back into the building
    06[21:02] * +Vorondil whispers to Immy, "I suggest we try and find this merc somewhere else"
    06[21:02] * +Imnolu nods
    06[21:03] * +Vorondil heads off towards the run down quarter
    [21:03] <+Vorondil> [actually]
    06[21:03] * +Imnolu follows
    06[21:03] * +Vorondil heads off to the Docks instead, to grab Pibli
    [21:04] <+Imnolu> (8, are you there?)
    [21:04] <@Pibli> (I am now)
    06[21:04] * +Imnolu follows again
    [21:04] <+DM2> You find her easily enough, mainly because she's where you left her :¬P
    [21:04] <+Vorondil> lol
    [21:04] <@Pibli> (Got to wash up in a sec though)
    [21:05] <+Vorondil> [just say you follow us
    [21:05] <+Vorondil> ]
    [21:05] <+DM2> Mmkay, the 3 of you are in the docks, armed to the teeth
    [21:05] <+Imnolu> Docks = safehouse?
    [21:05] <+DM2> Which is nice ^_^
    [21:05] <@Pibli> (Yeah, okay then)
    [21:05] <+Imnolu> (where is the safehouse?)
  16. Urithrand

    Urithrand Mind turning the light off? ★ SPS Account Holder Veteran

    Jul 26, 2004
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    [21:05] <+DM2> Yes, youe safehouse is in the docks
    06[21:05] * +Vorondil purchases a new short sword, bow and some arrows
    [21:05] <+DM2> It's in a particularly crap bit
    [21:05] <+DM2> No you bloody don't :¬P
    [21:06] <+Vorondil> awww
    [21:06] <+DM2> Go find a shop you lazy arse
    [21:06] <+Vorondil> !roll 1d20+9;Search for Shop
    [21:06] <@Mystra> Vorondil, 1d20+9: 14 (Total: 14, Avg: 14.00) [Search for Shop]
    [21:06] <+Vorondil> do i find one? :p
    [21:06] <+DM2> It's like trying to find a needle in a stack of needles
    [21:06] <+Imnolu> o.O
    [21:06] <+DM2> In the market, there's a very respectable looking shop
    [21:06] <+DM2> A middle-aged human greets you as you walk in
    [21:07] <+DM2> He appears to be a blacksmith
    06[21:07] * +Vorondil puts his vase on the table
    [21:07] <+Vorondil> "how much?"
    [21:07] <+DM2> He picks it up
    [21:08] <+DM2> "...Sorry, not interested"
    [21:08] <+DM2> He puts it back
    [21:08] <+Vorondil> "ok"
    [21:08] <+DM2> "I deal in weapons, not vases"
    [21:08] <+Vorondil> "How much for a short sword, Bow and Arrows?"
    [21:08] <+DM2> "A shortbow?"
    [21:08] <+Vorondil> "Longbow"
    [21:08] <+DM2> "Hmm... Give me a second..."
    [21:09] <+Vorondil> [I be shootin welsh folks...]
    [21:09] <+DM2> he rummages around a bit
    [21:09] <+DM2> (*grabs PHB*)
    [21:09] <+DM2> He lays a Longbow and some arrows on a table
    [21:10] <+DM2> "75 gold for the bow, and 1 gold piece for the 20 arrows"
    [21:10] <+Vorondil> [Short sword is a Martial weapon?]
    [21:10] <+DM2> (You're proficent with it)
    [21:10] <+Vorondil> [ok]
    [21:10] <+DM2> "As for a short sword..."
    [21:10] <+DM2> He selects one off a rack on the wall
    [21:10] <+DM2> "Ten gold"
    06[21:11] * +Vorondil looks at his coin-bag
    [21:11] <+Vorondil> "err, better make it a short bow"
    [21:11] <+DM2> "A short bow? Not sure I have one. Give me a second"
    [21:11] <+DM2> He disappears for a second into a backroom
    [21:12] <+DM2> Within a few moments, he's back, shortbow in hand
    [21:12] <+DM2> "There y'go, last one. 30 gold."
    [21:12] <+Vorondil> "Cheers my friend"
    [21:12] <+DM2> (Bow, Sword, and 20 arrows?)
    06[21:12] * +Vorondil hands over 45 gold for a Bow, Sword and 5 bundles of arrows
    [21:12] <+DM2> 100 arrows?
    [21:13] <+Vorondil> [yeh]
    06[21:13] * +Imnolu taps her fingers
    [21:13] <+DM2> Fair enough
    [21:13] <+DM2> He smiles and pockets the gold
    [21:13] <+Vorondil> [no point in constantly coming back for them]
    [21:13] <+DM2> "Thankyou kindly. I hope they serve you well. Anything else I can do for you?"
    06[21:13] * +Vorondil wanders away from the shop with his goodies and looks for a vase stand
    [21:13] <+Vorondil> "No thanks"
    [21:14] <+DM2> "Very well. G'bye!"
    [21:14] <+Vorondil> [any vase sellers?]
    [21:14] <+Vorondil> [or someone who will buy my vase]
    [21:14] <+DM2> (I don't know how much Uri decided it's worth, so stop trying to sell it :¬P)
    [21:15] <+DM2> (Or I shall punish you)
    [21:15] <+Vorondil> [lol]
    [21:15] <+Vorondil> [ok]
    06[21:15] * +Vorondil heads towards the scummy area of town
    [21:16] <+Vorondil> [i suppose i could just do a search for Grabner now?]
    [21:16] <+DM2> Waiiit
    06[21:16] * +Vorondil stops
    [21:16] <+DM2> About to do a DM description :¬P
    [21:16] <+Vorondil> [ok]
    [21:19] <+DM2> As you get closer to the rough quarter of town, the air seems to get thicker and darker. Even at this early point in the day, there are sounds of fighting and yelling in the air. You find yourselves looking down a particularly unpleasant high-street. The buildings here are all made of wood, and appear to be rotting. You can see a few women of questionable career, as it were. Around half of the buildings are taverns, the rest are a
    [21:19] <+DM2> As you watch, two figures spill out of a nearby building, pucnhing and kicking at eachother
    [21:19] <+DM2> Vorondil, you feel right at home here
    [21:19] <+DM2> You also feel a hand on your belt pouch
    06[21:19] * +Imnolu raises an eyebrow at the surroundings
    [21:20] <+DM2> Make a... Dex check.
    [21:20] <+Vorondil> !roll 1d20+5
    [21:20] <+Imnolu> 1d20+dex
    [21:20] <@Mystra> Vorondil, 1d20+5: 23 (Total: 23, Avg: 23.00)
    [21:20] <+Vorondil> ?
    [21:20] <+Imnolu> !roll 1d20+3
    [21:20] <@Mystra> Imnolu, 1d20+3: 20 (Total: 20, Avg: 20.00)
    [21:20] <+DM2> (Not you, Immy :¬P)
    [21:20] <+Imnolu> Ooh
    [21:20] <+Imnolu> Be more specific, asshat
    [21:21] <+DM2> Sorry, thought I was
    [21:21] <+DM2> Anyway
    [21:21] <+DM2> Vorondil, you grab his hand with scary speed
    [21:21] <+DM2> It's only a child
    [21:21] <+DM2> No older than about 9
    [21:21] <+DM2> He looks terrified
    [21:21] <@Pibli> (Querying me won't make me appear faster)
    06[21:21] * +Vorondil gives him an angry look and pushes him away
    [21:22] <+DM2> He runs. Hooo boy does he run
    [21:22] <+Vorondil> [Search check for Grabner?]
    [21:22] <+DM2> The three of you notice that almost everyone here is visibly carrying weapons
    [21:23] <+DM2> Spot check to see if he's in the street if you want
    06[21:23] * @Pibli wasn't exactly hiding her axe anyway
    06[21:23] * +Vorondil pulls his cloak back, to put his weaons on display
    [21:23] <+Vorondil> !roll 1d20+6;Spot
    [21:23] <@Mystra> Vorondil, 1d20+6: 15 (Total: 15, Avg: 15.00) [Spot]
    [21:23] <+DM2> Nobody really seems to care - Weapons are like hair here. Everyone Except Kelvar has 'em :¬P
    [21:23] <+DM2> No luck, he doesn't seem to be here
    [21:24] <+Vorondil> "Well, time to start askin"
    06[21:24] * +Vorondil heads towards the first pub
    [21:24] <+DM2> As you go near it, you hear very angry yelling coming form inside
    [21:24] <+DM2> from*
    06[21:24] * +Vorondil sidesteps away from the door and peers in the window
    [21:25] <+DM2> The whole pub is watching a pair roughly in the middle
    [21:25] <+DM2> They both have knives drawn
    [21:25] <+DM2> People are giving them a bit of space
    [21:25] <+Vorondil> Is either one our dwarf?
    [21:25] <+Vorondil> !roll 1d20+6;Spot
    [21:25] <@Mystra> Vorondil, 1d20+6: 25 (Total: 25, Avg: 25.00) [Spot]
    [21:25] <+DM2> No. One is a human, the other appears to be an elf
    [21:26] <+DM2> The other is, in fact, a half elf. Well spotted.
    [21:26] <+Vorondil> [thats a spot to see if he is in the crowd]
    [21:26] <+Vorondil> lol
    [21:26] <+DM2> Oh okay. No, he's not in there. As you watch, the pair lunge at eachother
    [21:26] <+Vorondil> [waste of a good roll]
    [21:26] <+DM2> There's a slight yelp, and the human drops to the floor
    [21:27] <+DM2> The half-elves knife is planted firmly in his leg
    01[21:27] <@UriAFK> (With you in a sec, just 'avin a pee :))
    [21:27] <+DM2> elf's*
    [21:27] <+Vorondil> elves? they can multiply? :p
    [21:27] <+DM2> Hush :¬P
    [21:27] <+Vorondil> no wonder he lost :p
    [21:27] <+DM2> Now that you can see the half-elf properly, he looks tough
    06[21:28] * +Vorondil whispers to himself "i could take him"
    [21:28] <+DM2> He's got knives strapped across his chest, and a scar down his face
    [21:28] <+DM2> Make a sense motive check
    [21:28] <+Vorondil> !roll 1d20
    [21:28] <@Mystra> Vorondil, 1d20: 8 (Total: 8, Avg: 8.00)
    [21:28] <+DM2> (You can use it to evaluate how tough an enemy is compared to you)
    [21:28] <+DM2> You estiamte that you could kill him with your eyes closed
    [21:28] <+Vorondil> [ah cool]
    [21:29] <+Vorondil> [why do i not trust that estimate...]
    [21:29] <+DM2> (Because you rolled **** :¬P)
    06[21:29] * +Vorondil walks in the pub anyway
    [21:30] <+DM2> People briefly look up, then go back to their drinks. The fallen man has pulled himself into a chair and is wrapping a bandage around the wound
    06[21:30] * +Vorondil walks up to the bar
    [21:30] <+DM2> The whole place seems to have entirely forgotten what just happened - It's clearly quite common
    [21:31] <+DM2> A young woman is at the bar
    [21:31] <+Vorondil> "Hi there, wonderin if you could help me"
    [21:31] <+DM2> She has long black hair
    [21:31] <+Vorondil> [are you two gonna follow or not?]
    [21:31] <+DM2> "Depends what you want help with. I can fix you a good drink if y'like"
    [21:32] <+Vorondil> "Maybe, first of all, wonderin if you happen to know a dwarf"
    [21:32] <+Imnolu> (Depends. Does it even matter?)
    06[21:32] * +Vorondil describes Grabner, without mentioning his name
    [21:32] <+DM2> She listens intently
    [21:33] <+DM2> "Well... That describes most dwarves."
    [21:34] <+Vorondil> "Okay, okay, he is called Grabner, a merc, in pay of the guards"
    [21:35] <+DM2> "Grabner... No, don't know that name. Though...."
    [21:35] <+DM2> She ponders for a minute
    [21:35] <+Vorondil> !roll 1d20;Sense Motive
    [21:35] <@Mystra> Vorondil, 1d20: 4 (Total: 4, Avg: 4.00) [Sense Motive]
    [21:35] <+Vorondil> [i suck]
    01[21:35] <@UriAFK> (Incidentally)
    01[21:35] <@UriAFK> (It's Grabser)
    01[21:35] <@UriAFK> (;))
    [21:35] <+DM2> You have NO IDEA if she's lying or not
    [21:35] <+Vorondil> [semantics semantics...]
    01[21:35] <@UriAFK> (And also)
    01[21:35] <@UriAFK> r house
    01[21:36] <@UriAFK> Er...
    01[21:36] <@UriAFK> nvm
    [21:36] <+DM2> "If he's a sellsword..."
    [21:36] <+DM2> She stops, and looks around
    [21:36] <+DM2> Then she motions for you to come closer
    06[21:36] * +Vorondil leans in
    [21:37] <+DM2> She whispers to Vorondil
    03[21:37] * UriAFK is now known as Dungeon_Master
    01[21:38] <@Dungeon_Master> *ahem*
    01[21:38] <@Dungeon_Master> I RETURN!
    [21:38] <+DM2> Gimme a sec :¬P
    01[21:38] <@Dungeon_Master> Sure thing, I'm enjoying this :D
    [21:39] <+DM2> She stands up straight again
    06[21:39] * +Vorondil stands up straight
    [21:39] <+Vorondil> "An Ale would be nice, thank you"
    [21:40] <+DM2> "Right you are, one ale. Anything for the lady? We have some nice wine..."
    [21:40] <+DM2> She motions at Imnolu
    [21:40] <+Vorondil> ["Oh that slave girl..."]
    [21:40] <+Vorondil> [>_>]
    [21:40] <+Imnolu> "Give me whatever you think is best *shrug*"
    06[21:41] * +Vorondil whispers to Immy "Watch my back, i need to talk to the Half-Elf"
    06[21:41] * +Imnolu nods
    [21:41] <+DM2> She passes Vorondil some ale, then gets some wine for Immy
    [21:41] <+DM2> "On the house"
    [21:41] <+Vorondil> "Thank you"
    [21:41] <+Imnolu> ".. Thanks"
    06[21:41] * +Vorondil winks at her
    03[21:42] * DM2 is now known as Kelvar
    06[21:42] * +Kelvar has totally been here the whole time >_>
    06[21:42] * @Pibli shuffles in and asks for an ale
    06[21:42] * +Vorondil casually walks over towards the half-elf, trying to not act threatingly
    01[21:42] <@Dungeon_Master> The half elf raises an eyebrow at the barmaid with a slight sigh and a half smile
    [21:42] <+Vorondil> "Afternoon, good sir"
    01[21:43] <@Dungeon_Master> "Good? Hah!" He snorts
    [21:43] <+Vorondil> "Wonder if you would join me for an ale, my treat..."
    01[21:43] <@Dungeon_Master> "'tain't much of a treat, ye never paid for tha' one!" He grins
    06[21:44] * +Imnolu smiles at the half elf
    01[21:44] <@Dungeon_Master> He winks at her suggestively
    06[21:44] * +Imnolu smiles again and drinks some wine
    [21:45] <+Vorondil> "You look like a knowledgeable man, i was wondering if you could help me with a small problem"
    01[21:45] <@Dungeon_Master> "That depends on two things my... friend."
    01[21:45] <@Dungeon_Master> "What is the favour, and what's in it for me?"
    [21:46] <+Vorondil> "The favour is simply some information, and im sure we could compensate you for time"
    [21:46] <+Vorondil> [your time*]
    01[21:46] <@Dungeon_Master> "Information's anything but simple."
    [21:46] <+Vorondil> "But first, the ale"
    06[21:47] * +Vorondil motions to the barmaid for another ale
    01[21:47] <@Dungeon_Master> He grins widely, showing a large scar running up from each side of his mouth.
    01[21:47] <@Dungeon_Master> (Yes, he's got a Chelsea grin ;))
    [21:47] <+Vorondil> (lol)
    [21:47] <+Vorondil> (oooh, my bracket is working, amazing)
    01[21:47] <@Dungeon_Master> "Top ' the mornin' to you."
    [21:48] <+Vorondil> (has his ale arrived?)
    [21:49] <+Vorondil> (DM?)
    [21:49] <@Pibli> (Has mine?)
    [21:49] <@Pibli> (We're back to the slow DM I see XD)
    01[21:49] <@Dungeon_Master> Yes
    [21:49] <+Kelvar> Sigh
    [21:49] <+Kelvar> Don't make me do another nick change :¬P
    06[21:49] * +Vorondil raises his tankard in a toast
    [21:49] <+Vorondil> "To meeting new folk"
    01[21:49] <@Dungeon_Master> The man nods silently and takes a long draught
    06[21:50] * +Kelvar wanders up to the barmaid
    [21:50] <+Kelvar> "You have any water?"
    06[21:50] * +Imnolu turns to look at Kelvar
    01[21:50] <@Dungeon_Master> The barmaid smiles coyly at Kelvar
    01[21:50] <@Dungeon_Master> "Sure you don't want anything stronger?"
    [21:51] <+Kelvar> "Just water, thanks"
    06[21:51] * +Kelvar smiles
    [21:51] <+Imnolu> "Strong enough already?"
    01[21:51] <@Dungeon_Master> She pours him a tankard of water from a large jug, touching his hand as she passes it over
    06[21:51] * +Imnolu pokes her tongue out at Kelvar and continues to watch the half elf
    06[21:52] * +Kelvar looks disapprovingly at Imnolu
    06[21:52] * +Imnolu drinks her wine
    01[21:53] <@Dungeon_Master> "So to what do I owe this tankard?" The half elf asks suspiciously
    [21:53] <+Vorondil> "Im looking for a particular dwarf"
    01[21:53] <@Dungeon_Master> "Ah, you're trying to find out who sent Grabser?"
    [21:53] <+Imnolu> (brb)
    01[21:53] <@Dungeon_Master> (kk)
    [21:53] <+Vorondil> "News travels fast it seems"
    01[21:54] <@Dungeon_Master> "When you have ears in the right places, you'd be amazed." He raises an eyebrow again
    [21:54] <+Vorondil> "Well, your ears have not mis-led you, yes, we seek Grabsers employer"
    01[21:55] <@Dungeon_Master> "Well I fear you may be led down an incorrect path." He shakes his head, "My bretheren don't have many dealings with him. We find him... distasteful."
    06[21:55] * +Kelvar takes a seat near Vorondil
    [21:56] <+Vorondil> "Im sure many find him so"
    [21:56] <+Imnolu> (back)
    01[21:56] <@Dungeon_Master> (wb)
    [21:56] <+Vorondil> "I don't suppose you have even an approximate location? Favourite pub?"
    01[21:57] <@Dungeon_Master> "I've heard he's been known to drink in the elven arms. Not much of a drinker though if he's any good at what he does."
    [21:58] <+Vorondil> [which pub did we beat up the captain in?]
    01[21:58] <@Dungeon_Master> The Friendly Face
    [21:58] <+Imnolu> (lol)
    [21:59] <+Vorondil> "Many thanks friend, would you like another ale?"
    01[21:59] <@Dungeon_Master> "Aye, sounds good to me."
    06[21:59] * +Vorondil motions for another 2 ales
    01[22:00] <@Dungeon_Master> The barmaid brings the drinks, eyeing up Kelvar as she does so and biting her lip seductively
    [22:00] <+Vorondil> "Many thanks"
    06[22:00] * +Kelvar grins back
    [22:01] <+Vorondil> (Uri n CJ up a tree k i s s i...)
    [22:01] <+Kelvar> (:¬P)
    [22:01] <+Imnolu> (teehee)
    [22:01] <+Vorondil> "So, is there anything we can do for you?"
    01[22:01] <@Dungeon_Master> "Listen fella," The half elf slurrs slightly, "There's only one guy I know of that'd know anything useful, and he ain't too friendly with strangers."
    06[22:02] * +Kelvar considers
    01[22:03] <@Dungeon_Master> "He's something of a... celebrity amongst our kind here. Verman he's called."
    06[22:03] * +Kelvar goes back to the bar
    01[22:03] <@Dungeon_Master> He whispers very quietly under his breath to Vorondil and Imnolu
    [22:03] <+Kelvar> "Got anything strong? Whiskey maybe?"
    01[22:04] <@Dungeon_Master> She smiles and chews her lip mischeviously before reaching for a ceramic bottle
    01[22:05] <@Dungeon_Master> "Fire whiskey." She laughs, "Keeps you warm for many a happy hour."
    [22:05] <+Kelvar> "Perfect"
    06[22:05] * +Kelvar takes it and a glass, and heads for the table where Immy and Voron are seated
    01[22:05] <@Dungeon_Master> The barmaid grins once more before scurrying off to serve other people/
    06[22:05] * +Kelvar pours a glass and hands it to the half-elf
    01[22:06] <@Dungeon_Master> The half-elf sniffs the glass and grins widely, making you feel mildly sick
    [22:06] <+Kelvar> "Have a taste"
    01[22:06] <@Dungeon_Master> "Fire-Whiskey. How'd you know?"
    01[22:06] <@Dungeon_Master> He knocks back the glass in one go.
    06[22:07] * +Kelvar pours another glass for him
    [22:07] <+Kelvar> "Just a hunch"
    01[22:07] <@Dungeon_Master> "Much obliged fella." He nods appreciatively
    01[22:08] <@Dungeon_Master> One of the man's eyes seems to turn in slightly as the alcohol makes him slur a little.
    06[22:08] * +Imnolu whispers to Kelvar
    06[22:08] * +Kelvar keeps topping up the shot glass
    01[22:08] <@Dungeon_Master> "So what else am I to do for you this fine afternoon? I had no plans other than making friends with that there bottle..."
    [22:09] <+Kelvar> "Any idea where I can find Verman?"
    01[22:10] <@Dungeon_Master> "I've risked my neck telling them two in broad daylight, ask your mates." He scowls slightly.
    06[22:10] * +Kelvar grabs the bottle back
    [22:11] <+Kelvar> "If you're gonna be impolite..."
    01[22:11] <@Dungeon_Master> "Now you're just being unkind." He narrows his eyes
    06[22:11] * +Vorondil scowls at Kelvar "No fights"
    06[22:11] * +Imnolu mutters "Ironic.." under her breath
    06[22:11] * +Kelvar tops up the glass
    01[22:11] <@Dungeon_Master> "Information costs a great deal, and I've given you rather a lot already. I've supplied your friends with the information you require."
    01[22:12] <@Dungeon_Master> He takes the glass graciously and knocks it back
    [22:12] <+Vorondil> "Come now Kelvar, let the man have his bottle, it is time for us to be departing"
    06[22:12] * +Kelvar nods
    [22:12] <+Kelvar> "You're probably right
    [22:12] <+Kelvar> "
    [22:12] <+Vorondil> "How rude of us, we never got your name"
    01[22:12] <@Dungeon_Master> "Ah, parting is suck sweet sorrow." The half-elf slurs with a slight giggle
    01[22:12] <@Dungeon_Master> such*
    [22:13] <+Kelvar> "Enjoy the whiskey... Seems you've got a taste for it"
    [22:13] <+Imnolu> (LOL)
    06[22:13] * +Kelvar stands up, walks over to the bar, and drops a couple of gold coins onto it
    [22:14] <+Kelvar> "That should cover the drinks."
    01[22:14] <@Dungeon_Master> He dodges the last question skillfully with a grin and a turn to the nearest patron to make conversation
    01[22:14] <@Dungeon_Master> The barmaid smiles one last grin and blows a kiss in his direction
    06[22:14] * +Vorondil chuckles at the avoidance and walks outside
    06[22:14] * +Kelvar smiles back and leaves
    [22:15] <+Kelvar> "Alright, where are we headed?"
    [22:15] <+Vorondil> "Somewhere smelly"
    06[22:15] * +Imnolu laughs
    [22:15] <+Imnolu> "Just follow us."
    [22:16] <+Kelvar> "Texas?"
    01[22:16] <@Dungeon_Master> Outside there is a fight going on somewhere nearby and a drunken tramp tugs insistently at Immy's arm, asking for money
    [22:16] <+Vorondil> "Was thinking more your room"
    [22:16] <+Imnolu> "... Tex...as?"
    01[22:16] <@Dungeon_Master> (Nice Immy ;))
    [22:16] <+Imnolu> "Good day, tramp."
    06[22:16] * +Kelvar shoves the tramp away
    06[22:16] * +Imnolu shoves Kelvar in the chest
    01[22:16] <@Dungeon_Master> "Couple o' coppers for a good meal?" He begs
    06[22:16] * +Imnolu throws the hobo a gold piece
    [22:17] <+Vorondil> o_0
    [22:17] <+Imnolu> "Again, good day."
    [22:17] <+Vorondil> (thats my chars expression)
    01[22:17] <@Dungeon_Master> The tramp looks like all his birthdays have come at once and promptly starts to cry
    06[22:17] * +Vorondil walks away from the tramp
    01[22:17] <@Dungeon_Master> "I ain't never seed gold before..." He marvels
    [22:17] <+Kelvar> "I can't believe you gave him all that money"
    [22:17] <+Vorondil> "Immy, don;t do that again, word will spread and we will be mobbed by tramps"
    [22:18] <+Imnolu> "I can't believe you could be so rude."
    [22:18] <+Kelvar> "He's the scum of society."
    [22:18] <+Vorondil> "It is just the way of life here"
    [22:18] <+Imnolu> "As are you, it would appear."
    06[22:18] * +Vorondil heads off down the street
    06[22:19] * +Imnolu promptly follows
    [22:19] <+Kelvar> "Some people are rich and some people are poor. It's irresponsible to hand over that much money, he'll drink himself to death"
    [22:19] <+Vorondil> (pibli?)
    06[22:19] * +Kelvar complains and walks at the same time
    [22:19] <+Imnolu> "Then your want is complete. Be silent about business that is of no concern of yours."
    01[22:20] <@Dungeon_Master> Where to?
    [22:20] <+Vorondil> the entrance... :p
    06[22:20] * +Imnolu heads towards the nearest sewer grate and opens it and begins to climb down
    [22:20] <+Vorondil> !roll 1d20+6;Spot
    [22:20] <@Mystra> Vorondil, 1d20+6: 17 (Total: 17, Avg: 17.00) [Spot]
    [22:20] <+Vorondil> (need to spot it first immy)
    [22:20] <+Kelvar> "We're going into the sewers?"
    [22:20] <+Imnolu> (Pfft >_>)
    [22:21] <+Imnolu> "Got a problem with that?"
    01[22:21] <@Dungeon_Master> You see two or three sewer grates scattered randomly it would appear
    [22:21] <+Vorondil> "Indeed, although, beware, it could be a trap"
    [22:21] <+Imnolu> (They locked at all?)
    [22:21] <+Vorondil> "Be on your guard"
    06[22:21] * +Imnolu nods
    06[22:21] * +Vorondil heads to the open sewer rate
    [22:21] <+Vorondil> grate*
    01[22:21] <@Dungeon_Master> No, but they're heavy
    01[22:22] <@Dungeon_Master> Roll a strength check
    [22:22] <+Kelvar> "Need a hand?"
    [22:22] <+Vorondil> (immy?)
    [22:22] <+Imnolu> (What?)
    [22:23] <+Vorondil> (strength check)
    [22:23] <+Imnolu> !roll 1d20+1
    [22:23] <@Mystra> Imnolu, 1d20+1: 19 (Total: 19, Avg: 19.00)
    01[22:23] <@Dungeon_Master> You heft the large grate laboriously upwards
    [22:23] <+Kelvar> "...Blimey"
    [22:23] <+Vorondil> "Impressive"
    01[22:23] <@Dungeon_Master> It opens on a large ladder
    06[22:24] * +Vorondil gets out his flint and lights a torch
    06[22:24] * +Imnolu casts both boys a look, sighs and climbs down
    06[22:24] * +Vorondil climbs down with the torch
    06[22:24] * +Kelvar follows
    01[22:25] <@Dungeon_Master> Vorondil, climb check
    01[22:25] <@Dungeon_Master> For climbing down one handed
    [22:25] <+Vorondil> !Roll 1d20+6;Climb
    [22:25] <@Mystra> Vorondil, 1d20+6: 12 (Total: 12, Avg: 12.00) [Climb]
    01[22:25] <@Dungeon_Master> You slip down the last few rungs, but make it unhurt
    [22:25] <+Vorondil> (glad i invested in climb...)
    [22:26] <+Kelvar> What can we see?
    06[22:26] * +Vorondil looks around
    01[22:26] <@Dungeon_Master> The sewers form a labrynth of smelliness around you in all directions
    01[22:26] <@Dungeon_Master> Each pipe looks indistinguishable
    [22:26] <+Vorondil> "Apparently we will find what were supposed to"
    [22:27] <+Kelvar> "Okay, which way?"
    [22:27] <+Imnolu> "um..."
    [22:27] <+Vorondil> !roll 1d20+6;Spot
    [22:27] <@Mystra> Vorondil, 1d20+6: 10 (Total: 10, Avg: 10.00) [Spot]
    01[22:27] <@Dungeon_Master> Three pipes lead away from you, NE, S and W
    [22:27] <+Imnolu> (Knowledge:Local work here? >_>)
    [22:28] <+Kelvar> "Didn't he tell you?"
    [22:28] <+Imnolu> "Nope"
    [22:28] <+Vorondil> "Nope, all he said was that we would find what were supposed to"
    01[22:28] <@Dungeon_Master> (You can try, but you'd need an extremely in-depth knowledge of the locale to know your way around the sewers :¬P
    01[22:28] <@Dungeon_Master> )
    [22:28] <+Imnolu> !roll 1d20+3
    [22:28] <@Mystra> Imnolu, 1d20+3: 9 (Total: 9, Avg: 9.00)
    [22:28] <+Imnolu> >_>
    [22:28] <+Vorondil> !roll 1d20+7;Local
    [22:28] <@Mystra> Vorondil, 1d20+7: 26 (Total: 26, Avg: 26.00) [Local]
    [22:28] <+Kelvar> Search for anything that could help? Markings on the walls, etc
    [22:29] <+Vorondil> (26 in depth enough?)
    [22:29] <+Imnolu> !roll 1d20+5;Search
    [22:29] <@Mystra> Imnolu, 1d20+5: 23 (Total: 23, Avg: 23.00) [Search]
    01[22:29] <@Dungeon_Master> Immy, a thorough search leads you to a partially concealed footprint, facing South
    [22:30] <+Vorondil> "You see anything Immy?"
    [22:30] <+Kelvar> "Any luck?"
    01[22:30] <@Dungeon_Master> Also a bronze-coloured ring
    01[22:30] <@Dungeon_Master> Appraise check to see if it's worth anything
    [22:30] <+Imnolu> "Footprints facing South over here. Also, a ring."
    [22:30] <+Vorondil> "A Ring?"
    [22:30] <+Imnolu> (WHy make me do that, you guys can read, can't you? o.O)
    [22:31] <+Imnolu> !roll 1d20+3
    [22:31] <@Mystra> Imnolu, 1d20+3: 10 (Total: 10, Avg: 10.00)
    [22:31] <+Vorondil> (Cos your char found it, not us)
    01[22:31] <@Dungeon_Master> (For the sake of role-play :¬P)
    01[22:31] <@Dungeon_Master> (Otherwise it's called meta gaming)
    [22:31] <+Imnolu> (woo)
    06[22:31] * +Kelvar heads South
    [22:31] <+Imnolu> Uri, it worth anything?
    [22:31] <+Vorondil> (im guessing my 26 Local Knowledge roll isnt worth anything? :( )
    01[22:31] <@Dungeon_Master> It seems quite heavy. You can't be sure but it could fetch a few gold
    01[22:31] <@Dungeon_Master> Vorondil, no :p
    06[22:31] * +Imnolu pockets the ring
    [22:32] <+Vorondil> (awwww)
    [22:32] <+Vorondil> "Does the ring have any markings?"
    06[22:32] * +Vorondil walks after Kelvar, talking while he goes
    [22:32] <+Imnolu> (.. Check for that is?)
    01[22:32] <@Dungeon_Master> (Spot)
    [22:32] <+Imnolu> !roll 1d20+4
    [22:32] <@Mystra> Imnolu, 1d20+4: 24 (Total: 24, Avg: 24.00)
    [22:33] <+Vorondil> (nice, btw kelvar, your walking in the dark)
    [22:33] <+Imnolu> (Woo)
    [22:33] <+Kelvar> (I trust you to follow)
    [22:33] <+Vorondil> (you cant see)
    01[22:33] <@Dungeon_Master> You find the tiniest inscription on the inside which you would have missed were it not for the light catchng it just so
    01[22:33] <@Dungeon_Master> It's too dark to read clearly.
    06[22:34] * +Imnolu again pockets the ring
    [22:34] <+Imnolu> "Can't see anything. I'll put it away for now."
    [22:34] <+Vorondil> (your standing on your own at the grate in the dark...)
    06[22:34] * +Imnolu follows Kelvar
    [22:35] <+Imnolu> (Give me a freaking chance)
    06[22:35] * +Vorondil jogs to catch up to Kelvar
    01[22:35] <@Dungeon_Master> As you follow the tunnel south you quickly become lost in the maze of the waste disposal system for the city
    [22:35] <+Vorondil> (are there any branches off?)
    01[22:35] <@Dungeon_Master> And I think we should leave it there
    01[22:35] <@Dungeon_Master> Just to keep you all interested :¬P
    [22:35] <+Vorondil> lol
    [22:36] <+Vorondil> okies
  17. Urithrand

    Urithrand Mind turning the light off? ★ SPS Account Holder Veteran

    Jul 26, 2004
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    As from the next session, I will be introducing a few changes to the way the game is played, mostly for fluidity and also for some mystique.

    1) Rallying behind a banner. You need to (officially or otherwise) decide on a group leader. This person will not make the decisions but when moving around it would be assumed (unless stated otherwise) that people would follow this person, rather than having the frequent occurence where someone is AFK and therefore left at some obscure location.

    2) Secret rolls. I will be adopting the method which is the optional way of doing skill rolls. You tell me you want to do a search (for example), then I roll the check in secret then tell you if you found something. This is so you cannot meta-game as you saw whether it was a good roll or not and alter your judgement. You would know if your check was extremely good or bad by the wording I would give you. Here's an example:

    [Me] There's a ladder above you, maybe three feet higher than your reach.
    [Player] I try to jump up and climb.
    [Me] *secretly rolls a jump and climb check for the character. Assume they are both a natural 20*
    [Me] You effortlessly catch a hold of the ladder and scurry up it like a monkey in moments.

    Example 2:

    [Me] You enter a large room filled to the rafters with clutter. You can barely move through the debris.
    [Player] I try to walk across the top of the mess and search for anything useful.
    [Me] *Secretly rolls balance and search checks. Assume the balance is high but the search is low*
    [Me] You move around the mess easily, balancing on solid pieces of furniture, but nothing interesting catches your eye.

    I'm sure you can see how this would be beneficial. If you do a search for traps then see you rolled a natural 20, you would move forward very confidently when i tell you you find nothing, where if you don't actually *know* you rolled a natural 20 you would behave much more in character, still moving cautiously.

    3) I want to re-iterate something I mentioned right from the start of ths campaign. I'm not a D&D purist, and sometimes if I can't dredge up a specific rule I will improvise. If any particular player cannot bear to just let it lie and continue without bursting out that this is a variation on the rules, could that person please leave the party. This is very disruptive behaviour, and it annoys me no end. Yes, we're all very impressed with your knowledge of D&D rules, but please don't keep interrupting like this. If you have a problem, query it to me, don't interrupt gameplay.

    4) Salamander, I'm sorry, but your character has to go. It's my fault because I never checked out your character sheet before allowing you to play, but there is no room for a chaotic stupid member in this party. If you still want to play I am quite happy for you to roll another character and start at lvl 2, but there's no logical reason this guy would tolerate / be tolerated by the rest of the group.

    Also, I want to congratulate Fairie on her extremely quick picking up of the rules, we're only just starting out and it's like playing with a group of pros! We're down on the starting numbers to a decent sized party and now things should start to pick up as we all get used to each other. Good work guys!

    Edit: These rules are open to negitiation. If you feel you don't like the direction I'm going, feel free to suggest something ;)
    Last edited: Mar 18, 2008
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    1[21:50] <@Urithrand> You are wandering aimlessly around in the sewers and quickly become lost
    03[21:50] * Urithrand is now known as Dungeon_Master
    01[21:50] <@Dungeon_Master> The sewers stretch about you for miles and miles, a veritable labrynth of stink
    [21:50] <+Vorondil> "So, anyone have an idea where we are going?"
    06[21:50] * +Kelvar shrugs
    [21:50] <+Imnolu> !roll 1d20+4;Spot
    [21:50] <@Mystra> Imnolu, 1d20+4: 15 (Total: 15, Avg: 15.00) [Spot]
    [21:51] <+Imnolu> (As in, anything >_>)
    [21:51] <+Kelvar> "Sorry, i'm not an expert on sewers."
    01[21:51] <@Dungeon_Master> Everyone tell me your listen modifiers
    [21:51] <+Vorondil> (secret rolls remember)
    [21:51] <+Imnolu> (what?)
    [21:51] <+Vorondil> +6
    [21:51] <+Imnolu> +6
    01[21:51] <@Dungeon_Master> I roll for you now
    [21:51] <+Vorondil> wait
    [21:51] <+Vorondil> +7
    [21:51] <+Imnolu> ... Why?
    [21:51] <+Kelvar> All skill checks?
    [21:51] <+Vorondil> i forgot, i levelled up
    01[21:51] <@Dungeon_Master> Did you read the update?
    01[21:51] <@Dungeon_Master> It says about it there
    [21:51] <+Imnolu> That's horribly boring if you roll for us
    [21:52] <+Imnolu> Yeah, but I obviously didn't understand it
    [21:52] <+Kelvar> Rolling some is cool, but rolling all of them will never work...
    01[21:52] <@Dungeon_Master> I only roll things that you shouldn't know if you've done well in
    [21:52] <+Kelvar> iirc, it's thinks like Disable Device that are traditionally DM-roolled
    01[21:52] <@Dungeon_Master> If you were searching for a trap, you should not know how successful you were
    [21:53] <+Imnolu> ... ok then, but all rolls?
    [21:53] <+Kelvar> Erm, gimme a sec to get my old char sheet up
    [21:53] <+Imnolu> that's long
    [21:54] <+Kelvar> Listen is +2
    01[21:54] <@Dungeon_Master> nvm
    01[21:54] <@Dungeon_Master> Just forget it
    01[21:55] <@Dungeon_Master> Roll your own rolls unless I say otherwie
    01[21:55] <@Dungeon_Master> +s
    [21:55] <+Vorondil> !roll 1d20+7;Listen
    [21:55] <@Mystra> Vorondil, 1d20+7: 23 (Total: 23, Avg: 23.00) [Listen]
    [21:55] <+Imnolu> Erm, so did I spot anything
    [21:55] <+Imnolu> ?
    01[21:55] <@Dungeon_Master> On that note, everyone roll a listen :p
    [21:55] <+Kelvar> Roll 1d20+2
    [21:55] <+Kelvar> oops
    [21:55] <+Imnolu> !roll 1d20+6;Listen
    [21:55] <@Mystra> Imnolu, 1d20+6: 26 (Total: 26, Avg: 26.00) [Listen]
    [21:55] <+Kelvar> !Roll 1d20+2
    [21:55] <@Mystra> Kelvar, 1d20+2: 9 (Total: 9, Avg: 9.00)
    [21:55] <+Vorondil> oooh
    01[21:55] <@Dungeon_Master> Yes, you see a movement in the shadows ahead, but nothing specific
    [21:55] <+Imnolu> (Haha)
    [21:55] <+Vorondil> Nat 20 for Gabs
    [21:55] <+Vorondil> (err, forgot bracksets)
    01[21:56] <@Dungeon_Master> Your ears are much more effective, you can hear a whispered voice in the tunnel 20 feet ahead of you
    06[21:56] * +Imnolu wiggles her ears
    06[21:56] * +Kelvar goes o.O
    06[21:56] * +Vorondil whispers "Shh, something is ahead"
    [21:56] <+Imnolu> !roll 1d20+5;Move Silently
    [21:56] <@Mystra> Imnolu, 1d20+5: 9 (Total: 9, Avg: 9.00) [Move Silently]
    [21:56] <+Vorondil> !roll 1d20+19;Hide
    [21:56] <@Mystra> Vorondil, 1d20+19: 35 (Total: 35, Avg: 35.00) [Hide]
    [21:56] <+Kelvar> *whisper* "There is?"
    01[21:57] <@Dungeon_Master> Oi
    06[21:57] * +Kelvar steps 5ft forward
    01[21:57] <@Dungeon_Master> Rewind
    [21:57] <+Imnolu> "Yeah, about 20 feet ahead to be precise"
    [21:57] <+Imnolu> (:p)
    01[21:57] <@Dungeon_Master> Before Vorondil steps into the shadows
    [21:57] <+Vorondil> (i thought a 23 on Listen would let me hear the same)
    01[21:58] <@Dungeon_Master> An arrow comes zipping out of the gloom and strikes him dead in the chest
    01[21:58] <@Dungeon_Master> bolt*
    [21:58] <+Vorondil> (who?)
    01[21:58] <@Dungeon_Master> You
    [21:58] <+Kelvar> (You)
    [21:58] <+Vorondil> (can i dodge?)
    01[21:58] <@Dungeon_Master> Vorondil stares blankly at the feathers protruding from his ribcage in disbelief
    01[21:59] <@Dungeon_Master> No you fool
    01[21:59] <@Dungeon_Master> You're supposed to be dying, remember?
    [21:59] <+Vorondil> ( :'( )
    [21:59] <+Vorondil> (lol)
    [21:59] <+Imnolu> !roll 1d20+5;Hide
    [21:59] <@Mystra> Imnolu, 1d20+5: 25 (Total: 25, Avg: 25.00) [Hide]
    [21:59] <+Imnolu> (Sweet!)
    [21:59] <+Vorondil> (fug sake Gabs, whats with all the 20's)
    01[21:59] <@Dungeon_Master> Immy melts into the shadows effortlessly
    01[21:59] <@Dungeon_Master> Inits!
    [21:59] <+Imnolu> (Hell yes I do!)
    [21:59] <+Kelvar> !roll 1d20+3
    [21:59] <+Imnolu> !roll 1d20+3
    [21:59] <@Mystra> Kelvar, 1d20+3: 10 (Total: 10, Avg: 10.00)
    [21:59] <@Mystra> Imnolu, 1d20+3: 18 (Total: 18, Avg: 18.00)
    [21:59] <+Kelvar> Eurgh
    01[22:00] <@Dungeon_Master> !roll d20+2
    [22:00] <@Mystra> Dungeon_Master, d20+2: 9 (Total: 9, Avg: 9.00)
    01[22:00] <@Dungeon_Master> !roll d20-1
    [22:00] <@Mystra> Dungeon_Master, d20-1: 7 (Total: 7, Avg: 7.00)
    01[22:00] <@Dungeon_Master> !roll d20
    [22:00] <@Mystra> Dungeon_Master, d20: 8 (Total: 8, Avg: 8.00)
    01[22:00] <@Dungeon_Master> Right
    01[22:01] <@Dungeon_Master> Immy, you go first. Grabser the bounty hunter stands before you, two men standing with him
    [22:01] <+Vorondil> (i just wanted my char to go out with more of a fight :p )
    01[22:01] <@Dungeon_Master> The men stare into space blankly
    01[22:01] <@Dungeon_Master> He's a stealth killer, get over it :¬P
    01[22:01] <@Dungeon_Master> What do you do?
    [22:01] <+Vorondil> (what if Gabs needs my help :p )
    [22:01] <+Vorondil> (run, run away!)
    [22:01] <+Kelvar> (We're all going to die)
    [22:02] <+Imnolu> (I'm not..)
    [22:02] <+Vorondil> (Gabs needs to live)
    [22:02] <+Kelvar> (It's your go, Gabs. Do summat!)
    [22:02] <+Imnolu> !roll 1d20+1
    [22:02] <@Mystra> Imnolu, 1d20+1: 21 (Total: 21, Avg: 21.00)
    [22:02] <+Imnolu> (*sheug* sword)
    [22:02] <+Vorondil> (...)
    [22:02] <+Imnolu> (I dunno!)
    [22:02] <+Vorondil> (she cheats...)
    [22:02] <+Imnolu> (OMFG)
    [22:02] <+Imnolu> (another one?!)
    01[22:03] <@Dungeon_Master> Who are you attacking?
    [22:03] <+Imnolu> (...Grabser?)
    01[22:03] <@Dungeon_Master> (Psst, God suggests the bounty hunter ;))
    01[22:03] <@Dungeon_Master> (Good call :¬P)
    [22:03] <+Imnolu> (huzzah!)
    [22:03] <+Vorondil> (3/5 rolls as a 20)
    01[22:03] <@Dungeon_Master> You strike Grabser without any apparent effort
    01[22:03] <@Dungeon_Master> Roll double damage
    [22:04] <+Kelvar> Also, it's a sneak attack
    [22:04] <+Kelvar> He hasn't acted, and thus, is flat footed
    [22:04] <+Imnolu> !roll 1d8+1
    [22:04] <@Mystra> Imnolu, 1d8+1: 9 (Total: 9, Avg: 9.00)
    01[22:04] <@Dungeon_Master> And she's hidden anyway
    [22:04] <+Imnolu> !roll 1d8+1
    [22:04] <@Mystra> Imnolu, 1d8+1: 6 (Total: 6, Avg: 6.00)
    [22:04] <+Vorondil> oh FUG sake
    01[22:04] <@Dungeon_Master> Roll another d6 for sneak
    [22:04] <+Imnolu> (LOL)
    [22:04] <+Imnolu> !roll 1d6
    [22:04] <@Mystra> Imnolu, 1d6: 4 (Total: 4, Avg: 4.00)
    01[22:04] <@Dungeon_Master> 19 DAMAGE!
    [22:04] <+Vorondil> (thats not fair...)
    01[22:04] <@Dungeon_Master> w00t!
    [22:04] <+Kelvar> Nice
    01[22:05] <@Dungeon_Master> Kelvar, your go!
    [22:05] <+Vorondil> (Immy, its 2d8+1 iirc)
    01[22:05] <@Dungeon_Master> Nope
    01[22:05] <@Dungeon_Master> You double the mod as well
    [22:05] <+Vorondil> (really?)
    [22:05] <+Kelvar> (2d8+2 :¬P)
    [22:05] <+Imnolu> (... 2x 1d8+1=...)
    [22:05] <+Kelvar> Anyway
    01[22:05] <@Dungeon_Master> Yes, I checked earlier :p
    [22:05] <+Vorondil> (cool)
    [22:05] <+Imnolu> (Go, boy :¬P)
    06[22:05] * +Kelvar bounds at Grabser
    [22:05] <+Kelvar> !roll 1d20+4
    [22:05] <@Mystra> Kelvar, 1d20+4: 21 (Total: 21, Avg: 21.00)
    [22:05] <+Vorondil> (isnt Grabner dead?)
    [22:05] <+Imnolu> *s
    01[22:05] <@Dungeon_Master> No...
    [22:06] <+Kelvar> (Kick!)
    [22:06] <+Imnolu> (HP?)
    [22:06] <+Kelvar> (He wont tell you, Gabs)
    [22:06] <+Imnolu> (Damn)
    01[22:06] <@Dungeon_Master> Your kick conects quite easily with the side of his head. Grabser grunts painfully
    01[22:06] <@Dungeon_Master> Damage
    [22:06] <+Kelvar> !roll 1d6+3
    [22:06] <@Mystra> Kelvar, 1d6+3: 5 (Total: 5, Avg: 5.00)
    01[22:06] <@Dungeon_Master> Do you get two hits or just one?
    [22:07] <+Kelvar> Just one for now
    01[22:07] <@Dungeon_Master> I can never remember the rules for monk
    01[22:07] <@Dungeon_Master> Ah, ok
    01[22:07] <@Dungeon_Master> He seems slightly winded
    [22:07] <+Vorondil> (his name is Grabner btw, not Grabser)
    01[22:07] <@Dungeon_Master> No it's not
    [22:07] <+Vorondil> (0:03] <@Dungeon_Master> "That was a bounty hunter you were fightin', goes by the name of Grabner.")
    01[22:07] <@Dungeon_Master> Garbmol is what we were getting wrong :p
    01[22:07] <@Dungeon_Master> Ah whatever
    [22:07] <+Vorondil> (btichslapped!)
    01[22:07] <@Dungeon_Master> I thought it sounded a bit weird XD
    [22:08] <+Imnolu> (LOL)
    06[22:08] * @Dungeon_Master should really get his notes out...
    01[22:08] <@Dungeon_Master> AAAAAnyway
    [22:08] <+Imnolu> (kinky)
    [22:09] <+Vorondil> (lets go!
    [22:09] <+Vorondil> )
    01[22:09] <@Dungeon_Master> Sec
    [22:09] <+Vorondil> (btw, how much damage did the arrow do?)
    01[22:09] <@Dungeon_Master> The man on GrabNer's left begins casting a spell.
    01[22:10] <@Dungeon_Master> Vorondil, about 1,000,000
    01[22:10] <@Dungeon_Master> It took you straight through the heart :p
    [22:10] <+Vorondil> (j00 suck)
    01[22:10] <@Dungeon_Master> And it was poisoned
    [22:10] <+Kelvar> (lmao)
    01[22:10] <@Dungeon_Master> :¬P
    [22:10] <+Imnolu> (3 guys in total, yeah?)
    01[22:10] <@Dungeon_Master> Aiming at Kelvar, the man releases a magic missile that flies straight into his chest
    01[22:10] <@Dungeon_Master> !roll d4+1
    [22:10] <@Mystra> Dungeon_Master, d4+1: 3 (Total: 3, Avg: 3.00)
    [22:11] <+Kelvar> Harhar
    01[22:11] <@Dungeon_Master> Taking him for 3 damage
    [22:11] <+Imnolu> (DO NOT leave me on my own here, Tim :¬P)
    [22:11] <+Vorondil> (you guys are screwed, 22 damage and Grabner is only slightly winded)
    01[22:11] <@Dungeon_Master> (Immy, in God we trust ;))
    [22:11] <+Imnolu> (Bollocks :¬p)
    [22:11] <+Kelvar> 3 damage is nowt
    01[22:12] <@Dungeon_Master> Er Dal
    01[22:12] <@Dungeon_Master> You didn't include your weapon, BAB, damage or anything onto your char sheet...
    [22:13] <+Vorondil> (give me a sec, will do the pdf form)
    01[22:13] <@Dungeon_Master> Can you just tell me for now?
    [22:13] <+Vorondil> (you guys mop up here)
    01[22:13] <@Dungeon_Master> !roll d20+2
    [22:13] <@Mystra> Dungeon_Master, d20+2: 8 (Total: 8, Avg: 8.00)
    [22:13] <+Vorondil> (+4, Longsword)
    01[22:14] <@Dungeon_Master> The guy on Grabner's other side misses miserably with a mysteriously shrouded weapon
    01[22:14] <@Dungeon_Master> Grabner himself takes a swing at Kelvar with a roar
    [22:14] <+Imnolu> (Woah, that's hard to say out loud..)
    01[22:14] <@Dungeon_Master> !roll d20+8
    [22:15] <@Mystra> Dungeon_Master, d20+8: 11 (Total: 11, Avg: 11.00)
    01[22:15] <@Dungeon_Master> And misses rather spectacularly
    [22:15] <+Kelvar> Lawl
    [22:15] <+Vorondil> (Grabner sucks)
    06[22:15] * +Kelvar skillfully dodges
    [22:15] <+Imnolu> (mai go?)
    01[22:15] <@Dungeon_Master> In a sudden rush of speed, he kicks Vorondil's pathetic body
    01[22:15] <@Dungeon_Master> :¬P
    01[22:15] <@Dungeon_Master> Immy, yeup
    [22:15] <+Vorondil> (i hate j00)
    [22:15] <+Imnolu> !roll 1d20+1
    [22:15] <@Mystra> Imnolu, 1d20+1: 2 (Total: 2, Avg: 2.00)
    [22:15] <+Vorondil> (LOL)
    01[22:15] <@Dungeon_Master> Critical miss
    [22:15] <+Imnolu> Mystra, you bitch.
    01[22:16] <@Dungeon_Master> Roll another d20
    [22:16] <@Mystra> Imnolu, maybe -- give me more money and ask again.
    [22:16] <+Vorondil> (Crit hit to Crit Miss)
    [22:16] <+Imnolu> !roll 1d20
    [22:16] <@Mystra> Imnolu, 1d20: 7 (Total: 7, Avg: 7.00)
    01[22:16] <@Dungeon_Master> Hit the wall which sends painful vibrations up your arm
    01[22:16] <@Dungeon_Master> You*
    01[22:16] <@Dungeon_Master> Kelvar, your go
    06[22:17] * +Kelvar kicks twice at the spellcaster
    [22:17] <+Kelvar> (Flurry of blows)
    [22:17] <+Kelvar> !roll 1d20+3
    [22:17] <+Kelvar> !roll 1d20+3
    [22:17] <@Mystra> Kelvar, 1d20+3: 22 (Total: 22, Avg: 22.00)
    [22:17] <@Mystra> Kelvar, 1d20+3: 10 (Total: 10, Avg: 10.00)
    [22:17] <+Kelvar> I assume one hit? :¬P
    01[22:17] <@Dungeon_Master> the first blow takes him in the crotch!
    [22:17] <+Kelvar> (Harhar!)
    01[22:17] <@Dungeon_Master> Roll damage
    [22:17] <+Imnolu> (>.<)
    [22:17] <+Kelvar> !roll 1d6+3
    [22:17] <@Mystra> Kelvar, 1d6+3: 5 (Total: 5, Avg: 5.00)
    01[22:18] <@Dungeon_Master> He squeals loudly before muttering loudly
    [22:18] <+Imnolu> (XD)
    01[22:18] <@Dungeon_Master> His hands explode in fire, engulfing both of you in flame
    01[22:18] <@Dungeon_Master> !roll 2#d4
    [22:18] <@Mystra> Dungeon_Master, 2#d4(1): 4, 2#d4(2): 1 (Total: 5, Avg: 2.50)
    01[22:19] <@Dungeon_Master> Kelvar, 4 damage
    01[22:19] <@Dungeon_Master> Immy, 1
    [22:19] <+Kelvar> Reflex half
    [22:19] <+Kelvar> Wait
    [22:19] <+Kelvar> Immy, do you have Evasion?
    [22:19] <+Imnolu> Yeah
    [22:19] <+Kelvar> Roll a reflex save
    [22:19] <+Kelvar> If you make it, you take no damage :¬)
    [22:19] <+Kelvar> !roll 1d20+6
    [22:19] <@Mystra> Kelvar, 1d20+6: 14 (Total: 14, Avg: 14.00)
    01[22:19] <@Dungeon_Master> wtf
    [22:19] <+Kelvar> Methinks that MIGHT just be enough for me
    01[22:20] <@Dungeon_Master> How do you have a +6 reflex roll?
    [22:20] <+Kelvar> Me?
    [22:20] <+Kelvar> i'm a monk
    [22:20] <+Kelvar> A level 2 monk with 16 dex
    01[22:20] <@Dungeon_Master> Oh
    01[22:20] <@Dungeon_Master> Alright
    01[22:20] <@Dungeon_Master> Half damage
    [22:21] <+Kelvar> I have evasion
    06[22:21] * @Dungeon_Master mutters about CJ's mother
    [22:21] <+Kelvar> I made the save, I take no damage
    [22:21] <+Imnolu> (Um, reflex save?)
    [22:21] <+Kelvar> Pwnteh :¬P
    06[22:21] * +Imnolu smacks Uri in the face
    01[22:21] <@Dungeon_Master> What's your dex mod, Immy?
    [22:22] <+Imnolu> +3
    01[22:22] <@Dungeon_Master> You're a level 2 rogue so you get a +3 to your reflex save
    01[22:22] <@Dungeon_Master> So roll d20+6
    [22:22] <+Kelvar> Your save is +6 too
    [22:22] <+Imnolu> !roll 1d20+6
    [22:22] <@Mystra> Imnolu, 1d20+6: 21 (Total: 21, Avg: 21.00)
    [22:22] <+Kelvar> No damage :¬)
    [22:22] <+Imnolu> Found it just as you said it
    01[22:22] <@Dungeon_Master> Awesome, you do a rather spectacular flip taking you over the flames entirely
    06[22:22] * +Imnolu is Neo.
    [22:23] <+Kelvar> Heh heh
    01[22:23] <@Dungeon_Master> The armoured man to Grabner's left takes another huge swing!
    03[22:23] * Imnolu is now known as Imneolu
    [22:23] <+Imneolu> ^^
    01[22:23] <@Dungeon_Master> !roll d20+3
    [22:23] <@Mystra> Dungeon_Master, d20+3: 5 (Total: 5, Avg: 5.00)
    [22:23] <+Imneolu> (... that is so much easier to say..)
    01[22:23] <@Dungeon_Master> And once again totally pwns himself
    01[22:23] <@Dungeon_Master> XD
    01[22:23] <@Dungeon_Master> Grabner himself roars deafeningly, flying into a screaming rage and attacking Kelvar
    [22:23] <+Kelvar> Oh dear.
    01[22:24] <@Dungeon_Master> !roll d20+10
    [22:24] <@Mystra> Dungeon_Master, d20+10: 27 (Total: 27, Avg: 27.00)
    [22:24] <+Kelvar> Hit :¬P
    01[22:24] <@Dungeon_Master> Indeed :¬P
    [22:24] <+Kelvar> How much damage?
    01[22:24] <@Dungeon_Master> !roll d10+6
    [22:24] <@Mystra> Dungeon_Master, d10+6: 9 (Total: 9, Avg: 9.00)
    [22:24] <+Kelvar> Not so bad
    01[22:24] <@Dungeon_Master> tyg
    01[22:24] <@Dungeon_Master> Immy!
    [22:25] <+Imneolu> !
    01[22:25] <@Dungeon_Master> Your go!
    [22:25] <+Imneolu> !roll 1d20+1
    [22:25] <@Mystra> Imneolu, 1d20+1: 9 (Total: 9, Avg: 9.00)
    01[22:25] <@Dungeon_Master> She misses everyone and everything :¬P
    [22:25] <+Imneolu> :(
    01[22:25] <@Dungeon_Master> Kelvar
    06[22:25] * +Imneolu spins in a circle
    01[22:25] <@Dungeon_Master> XD
    06[22:25] * +Kelvar sends a flurry of blows at Grabner
    [22:26] <+Kelvar> !roll 1d20+3
    [22:26] <@Mystra> Kelvar, 1d20+3: 12 (Total: 12, Avg: 12.00)
    [22:26] <+Kelvar> !roll 1d20+3
    [22:26] <@Mystra> Kelvar, 1d20+3: 4 (Total: 4, Avg: 4.00)
    [22:26] <+Kelvar> Not good :¬P
    01[22:26] <@Dungeon_Master> The first glances off his armour harmlessly, while the second misses completely
    01[22:27] <@Dungeon_Master> The little mage mutters again, sending another missile into Kelvar's chest painfully
    01[22:27] <@Dungeon_Master> !roll d4+1
    [22:27] <@Mystra> Dungeon_Master, d4+1: 3 (Total: 3, Avg: 3.00)
    [22:27] <+Kelvar> 1hp left
    06[22:27] * +Kelvar looks weary
    [22:27] <+Imneolu> (Tim, I know where you live...)
    01[22:28] <@Dungeon_Master> The warrior behind Grabner swings again, silently
    01[22:28] <@Dungeon_Master> !roll d20+3
    [22:28] <@Mystra> Dungeon_Master, d20+3: 23 (Total: 23, Avg: 23.00)
    01[22:28] <@Dungeon_Master> !roll d20
    [22:28] <@Mystra> Dungeon_Master, d20: 17 (Total: 17, Avg: 17.00)
    01[22:28] <@Dungeon_Master> CRITICAL HIT!
    06[22:29] * +Imneolu can hear the crit hit Pokémon music
    01[22:29] <@Dungeon_Master> Just need to work out how much damage that is -_-
    01[22:30] <@Dungeon_Master> !roll 2#d6+2
    [22:30] <@Mystra> Dungeon_Master, 2#d6+2(1): 7, 2#d6+2(2): 6 (Total: 13, Avg: 6.50)
    01[22:30] <@Dungeon_Master> Oh he *so* just cut off your head
    [22:31] <+Kelvar> ..Who was that at? Me?
    01[22:31] <@Dungeon_Master> Kelvar's body drops to the floor a few sickening moments before his decapitated head
    01[22:31] <@Dungeon_Master> Yes
    [22:31] <+Kelvar> Ew
    06[22:31] * +Imneolu winces
    06[22:31] * +Kelvar dies
    [22:31] <+Imneolu> (Thank you very much, Timmy.)
    [22:31] <Felinoid> lol, what a time to come back XD
    01[22:31] <@Dungeon_Master> "HAHA!" Grabner roars victoriously, "The mark is dead!"
    [22:32] <+Imneolu> (O.O)
    01[22:32] <@Dungeon_Master> Just as Kelvar's head hits the floor however, something happens to his cronies...
    [22:32] <+Kelvar> (It was ME!?)
    [22:32] <+Imneolu> (Srsly?!)
    [22:32] <+Kelvar> (NO WAI!)
    [22:32] <+Imneolu> (Woah. 8 is gonna be pissed..)
    01[22:32] <@Dungeon_Master> The mage and the warrior both blink a few times, confusion apparent on their faces
    [22:33] <+Imneolu> (...)
    01[22:33] <@Dungeon_Master> Grabner's look of triumph begins to drain from his face as the two men behind him shake their heads free of grogginess and stare aghast at the scene before them
    01[22:34] <@Dungeon_Master> He takes a raging swing at the paladin
    01[22:34] <@Dungeon_Master> !roll d20+10
    [22:34] <@Mystra> Dungeon_Master, d20+10: 23 (Total: 23, Avg: 23.00)
    01[22:35] <@Dungeon_Master> !roll d10+6
    [22:35] <@Mystra> Dungeon_Master, d10+6: 10 (Total: 10, Avg: 10.00)
    [22:35] <+Vorondil> (d10?)
    [22:35] <+Vorondil> (d8 for longsword i thought)
    01[22:35] <@Dungeon_Master> Cadaran the paladin takes a blow to the side, winding him painfully
    01[22:35] <@Dungeon_Master> (Great club)
    [22:36] <+Vorondil> (oh
    [22:36] <+Vorondil> )
    [22:36] <+Vorondil> (i thought *I* was attacking)
    01[22:36] <@Dungeon_Master> (lol)
    01[22:36] <@Dungeon_Master> No, you just got hit
    [22:36] <+Imneolu> (... wait, how does this work? they're not there?)
    [22:36] <+Vorondil> (dammmn)
    [22:36] <+Vorondil> (we are :p)
    03[22:36] * Vorondil is now known as Cadaran
    03[22:36] * Kelvar is now known as Razan
    01[22:36] <@Dungeon_Master> They were his cronies, under a charm :p
    [22:36] <+Imneolu> (wtf? that makes no sense)
    [22:36] <+Imneolu> (... lol, nice story)
    [22:36] <+Cadaran> (I killed CJ!!!)
    01[22:36] <@Dungeon_Master> When the mark fell, the spell wore off :D
    [22:36] <+Imneolu> (Nom.)
    [22:37] <+Cadaran> (whos attack?)
    01[22:37] <@Dungeon_Master> Immy!
    01[22:37] <@Dungeon_Master> You're flanking so sneak
    01[22:38] <@Dungeon_Master> He's facing the pally
    01[22:38] <@Dungeon_Master> +2 to your attack roll
    [22:38] <+Imneolu> (... Sorry, what?)
    01[22:38] <@Dungeon_Master> Your attack is a sneak attack
    01[22:38] <@Dungeon_Master> You get an extra +2 to your attack roll
    01[22:38] <@Dungeon_Master> And an extra d6 to your damage
    [22:38] <+Imneolu> !roll 1d6+2
    [22:38] <@Mystra> Imneolu, 1d6+2: 8 (Total: 8, Avg: 8.00)
    [22:38] <+Imneolu> (wait, what?)
    01[22:38] <@Dungeon_Master> You need to roll to hit first :p
    01[22:38] <@Dungeon_Master> Your turn
    [22:39] <+Razan> You get a +2 to hit because you're flanking
    01[22:39] <@Dungeon_Master> Because you three have Grabner surrounded, it's called flanking
    [22:39] <+Imneolu> !roll 1d20+3
    [22:39] <@Mystra> Imneolu, 1d20+3: 6 (Total: 6, Avg: 6.00)
    [22:39] <+Imneolu> !roll 1d6
    [22:39] <@Mystra> Imneolu, 1d6: 2 (Total: 2, Avg: 2.00)
    01[22:39] <@Dungeon_Master> Because you're flanking and he's not facing you, you can make a sneak attack for extra damage
    [22:39] <+Cadaran> (you missed)
    [22:39] <+Imneolu> (Thanks for that, Dal.)
    [22:39] <+Cadaran> (no need to roll the other d6)
    01[22:39] <@Dungeon_Master> Hang on
    01[22:40] <@Dungeon_Master> Is there any extra attack bonus for a sneak? Can't quite remember...
    [22:40] <+Razan> No
    [22:40] <+Razan> Just on damage
    01[22:40] <@Dungeon_Master> ok
    01[22:40] <@Dungeon_Master> Razan, it's your go!
    06[22:41] * +Razan casts Summon Monster
    [22:41] <+Razan> Celestial Dog, for now
    [22:41] <+Razan> And it attacks immediately
    01[22:42] <@Dungeon_Master> Oh ffs
    [22:42] <+Cadaran> (?)
    01[22:42] <@Dungeon_Master> There's no entry in MM for celestial dog
    [22:43] <+Razan> Heh heh, you have to apply the celestial template :¬P
    [22:43] <+Razan> Want me to cast summat else?
    01[22:43] <@Dungeon_Master> Yeah, that'll take me a goot 20 minutes -_-
    01[22:44] <@Dungeon_Master> good*
    [22:44] <+Razan> Okay
    [22:44] <+Razan> Magic Missile it is
    [22:44] <+Razan> !roll 1d4+1
    [22:44] <@Mystra> Razan, 1d4+1: 2 (Total: 2, Avg: 2.00)
    01[22:44] <@Dungeon_Master> lol
    [22:44] <+Razan> Eurgh
    01[22:44] <@Dungeon_Master> Grabner takes the missile to his chest
    01[22:45] <@Dungeon_Master> Cadaran, your go!
    [22:45] <+Cadaran> !roll 1d20+4
    [22:45] <@Mystra> Cadaran, 1d20+4: 24 (Total: 24, Avg: 24.00)
    [22:45] <+Razan> Crikey
    01[22:45] <@Dungeon_Master> Roll again!
    [22:45] <+Cadaran> !roll 1d20
    [22:45] <@Mystra> Cadaran, 1d20: 2 (Total: 2, Avg: 2.00)
    01[22:45] <@Dungeon_Master> Oh
    01[22:45] <@Dungeon_Master> Normal hit
    [22:45] <+Razan> Aw dammit
    [22:45] <+Cadaran> (oh ffs)
    [22:45] <+Imneolu> (:p)
    01[22:45] <@Dungeon_Master> Damage
    01[22:46] <@Dungeon_Master> ?
    [22:46] <+Cadaran> !roll 1d8+2
    [22:46] <@Mystra> Cadaran, 1d8+2: 9 (Total: 9, Avg: 9.00)
    01[22:46] <@Dungeon_Master> The sword takes off a sizable chunk of grabner's oversized ear
    01[22:47] <@Dungeon_Master> Grabner takes another swing at the pally!
    01[22:47] <@Dungeon_Master> !roll d20+10
    [22:47] <@Mystra> Dungeon_Master, d20+10: 17 (Total: 17, Avg: 17.00)
    01[22:47] <@Dungeon_Master> !roll d10+6
    [22:47] <@Mystra> Dungeon_Master, d10+6: 13 (Total: 13, Avg: 13.00)
    [22:47] <+Cadaran> (im dead)
    01[22:47] <@Dungeon_Master> Taking him out!
    01[22:47] <@Dungeon_Master> (not dead, unconscious)
    [22:47] <+Cadaran> (told yah)
    [22:47] <+Cadaran> (lol)
    01[22:47] <@Dungeon_Master> -1
    [22:48] <Felinoid> You really have a thing for char death, don't you Uri? :p
    [22:48] <+Imneolu> (someone quick explain HP and death?)
    01[22:48] <@Dungeon_Master> -10 = dead
    [22:48] <+Imneolu> kthx
    01[22:48] <@Dungeon_Master> 0 - -10 = unconscious
    [22:48] <+Razan> -1 to -9 is "dying"
    [22:48] <+Cadaran> (yeh i remember now)
    01[22:49] <@Dungeon_Master> Suddenly, Grabner's fight all seems to go from him and he looks suddenly tired and pants loudly
    01[22:49] <@Dungeon_Master> He looks, to coin a phrase, knackered.
    [22:49] <+Cadaran> (oh grea,t he looses the bezerk AFTER he takes me out...)
  19. Urithrand

    Urithrand Mind turning the light off? ★ SPS Account Holder Veteran

    Jul 26, 2004
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    01[22:49] <@Dungeon_Master> Immy, take this bastard out!
    [22:50] <+Imneolu> I'm sure his parents don't want you calling him that, Timmy.
    [22:50] <+Imneolu> !roll 1d20+1
    [22:50] <@Mystra> Imneolu, 1d20+1: 11 (Total: 11, Avg: 11.00)
    01[22:50] <@Dungeon_Master> OK, not quite
    01[22:50] <@Dungeon_Master> Razan, can you do it?
    06[22:50] * +Razan steps up to Grabner, and lays a hand on him
    [22:51] <+Razan> (Inflict Light WOunds)
    [22:51] <+Razan> !roll 1d20
    [22:51] <@Mystra> Razan, 1d20: 10 (Total: 10, Avg: 10.00)
    [22:51] <+Razan> Only has to rival his touch AC
    01[22:51] <@Dungeon_Master> Er, no :¬P
    01[22:51] <@Dungeon_Master> Well yes
    01[22:51] <@Dungeon_Master> But y'know
    01[22:51] <@Dungeon_Master> Actually
    [22:51] <+Razan> No luck?
    01[22:51] <@Dungeon_Master> Yes
    01[22:51] <@Dungeon_Master> XD
    [22:51] <+Razan> Harhar
    01[22:51] <@Dungeon_Master> You connect with the slimy flesh of his neck
    [22:51] <+Razan> !roll 1d8+1
    [22:51] <@Mystra> Razan, 1d8+1: 8 (Total: 8, Avg: 8.00)
    01[22:51] <@Dungeon_Master> BOOYAH!
    01[22:52] <@Dungeon_Master> Grabner looks amazed and terrified as the spell saps the very last of his strength
    [22:52] <+Razan> I love how that spell works. Cuts just suddenly open up all over them
    [22:52] <+Razan> And they die a painful death ^_^
    [22:52] <+Cadaran> lol
    01[22:52] <@Dungeon_Master> He drops to his knees and falls with a loud thud
    01[22:52] <@Dungeon_Master> Imnolu!
    [22:52] <+Imneolu> Sup, yo
    [22:52] <+Imneolu> !roll 1d20+1
    [22:52] <@Mystra> Imneolu, 1d20+1: 5 (Total: 5, Avg: 5.00)
    [22:52] <+Cadaran> (dont i have to stabalise or sumthin?)
    01[22:52] <@Dungeon_Master> As he just totally killed your mates, you may if you wish, have the coup - de - grace
    [22:53] <+Imneolu> (a what?)
    01[22:53] <@Dungeon_Master> It's an auto-crit
    01[22:53] <@Dungeon_Master> Basically you kill him while he's asleep or unconscious
    [22:53] <+Imneolu> ^^
    [22:53] <+Razan> A coup-de-grace is what happens when someone is defenseless
    01[22:53] <@Dungeon_Master> He's currently unconscious
    01[22:53] <@Dungeon_Master> So roll double damage
    01[22:53] <@Dungeon_Master> And put this bastard to sleep forever
    [22:53] <+Razan> You auto-crit and sneak attack, and if it doesn't kill him, he makes a fort save
    [22:53] <+Razan> And dies if he fails
    [22:53] <+Imneolu> !roll 2d8+2
    [22:53] <@Mystra> Imneolu, 2d8+2: 15 (Total: 15, Avg: 7.50)
    01[22:54] <@Dungeon_Master> Plus another 1d6
    01[22:54] <@Dungeon_Master> Just for good measure :¬P
    [22:54] <+Imneolu> !roll 1d6
    [22:54] <@Mystra> Imneolu, 1d6: 5 (Total: 5, Avg: 5.00)
    [22:54] <+Imneolu> 20
    01[22:54] <@Dungeon_Master> Immy kneels next to the unconscious Grabner and grits her teeth. With a viscious cry, she cuts his throat so deep it nearly shears off his head.
    03[22:54] * Imneolu is now known as ImnoluTodd
    01[22:54] <@Dungeon_Master> Blood, pain, death/
    01[22:54] <@Dungeon_Master> XD
    [22:55] <Felinoid> lol
    06[22:55] * @Dungeon_Master does FF7 victory music
    06[22:55] * +Razan steps over to Cadaran and casts Cure Light Wounds
    [22:55] <+ImnoluTodd> LOL
    [22:55] <+Razan> (Alright if I do that?)
    01[22:55] <@Dungeon_Master> Sure
    [22:55] <+Razan> !roll 1d8+1
    [22:55] <@Mystra> Razan, 1d8+1: 7 (Total: 7, Avg: 7.00)
    01[22:55] <@Dungeon_Master> He regains consciousness
    [22:55] <+Razan> "You alright there?"
    [22:55] <Felinoid> Of course not! Healers shouldn't cast healing spells! :O
    [22:55] <+Cadaran> "Wha? What happened here?"
    06[22:56] * +Razan helps Cada to his feet
    06[22:56] * +ImnoluTodd shoves Cadaran in the chest
    03[22:56] * ImnoluTodd is now known as Imnolu
    [22:56] <+Imnolu> "You bastard! Both of you!"
    [22:56] <+Cadaran> "me pushed Imnolu back"
    [22:56] <+Cadaran> (err)
    06[22:56] * +Cadaran pushes Imnolu back
    01[22:57] <@Dungeon_Master> (Dude, you did just kill her mate...)
    06[22:57] * +Imnolu draws her sword
    [22:57] <+Cadaran> (i dont remember it, i was charmed)
    06[22:57] * +Razan steps between Cada and Immy
    [22:57] <+Razan> "Enough!"
    [22:57] <+Cadaran> "Who are you?"
    06[22:57] * +Razan radiates a little fire
    [22:57] <+Imnolu> "Enough?! You just killed my friends, you cruel, cruel murderous ... bastard!"
    06[22:58] * +Imnolu sits down
    [22:58] <+Cadaran> "I had no control over myself"
    06[22:59] * +Imnolu says nothing, but merely looks over Kelvar and Vorondil
    [22:59] <+Cadaran> "One minute i was walking out the temple, next i was down here"
    01[22:59] <@Dungeon_Master> You may loot their equipment if you are so inclined ;)
    [23:00] <Felinoid> LOOT FRENZY! :D
    [23:00] <+Imnolu> (... So not the time :p)
    01[23:00] <@Dungeon_Master> XD
    [23:01] <+Cadaran> "I say again, Who are you?"
    [23:01] <+Imnolu> "I don't care to make your aquaintance."
    01[23:01] <@Dungeon_Master> (You guys wanna know something cool?)
    [23:01] <+Imnolu> (sp)
    [23:01] <+Cadaran> (what?)
    01[23:01] <@Dungeon_Master> (That fight was wrth 1,800 XP ;) )
    [23:01] <+Cadaran> (nice)
    [23:01] <+Razan> (Each?)
    [23:02] <+Razan> (Sweet)
    [23:02] <+Imnolu> (You guys only took part in half :p)
    [23:02] <+Razan> (We were in all of it)
    [23:02] <+Imnolu> (Hmms, k)
    [23:02] <+Imnolu> (forgot you guys were henchmen)
    [23:02] <+Cadaran> (do i get XP for taking out Kelvar?)
    01[23:03] <@Dungeon_Master> (Er, no :p)
    [23:03] <+Razan> You only get XP if it's a challenge :¬P
    01[23:03] <@Dungeon_Master> I think 600 XP each is quite enough for lvl 2 characters :p
    [23:03] <+Cadaran> (boo!_
    [23:03] <+Cadaran> )
    01[23:03] <@Dungeon_Master> XD
    01[23:04] <@Dungeon_Master> As the three of you sit in the darkness miserably, it suddenly comes to your attention that you are surrounded.
    [23:04] <+Imnolu> (Oh, jog on, Tim -_-)
    01[23:04] <@Dungeon_Master> XD
    06[23:04] * +Razan prepares to cast a spell
    [23:04] <+Cadaran> !roll 1d20+1;spot
    [23:04] <@Mystra> Cadaran, 1d20+1: 6 (Total: 6, Avg: 6.00) [spot]
    [23:04] <+Razan> Screw it
    [23:04] <+Cadaran> (>_>)
    06[23:04] * +Razan casts Light on himself
    01[23:05] <@Dungeon_Master> From the darkness comes movement from all sides, men in black walking rather brazenly towards you
    06[23:05] * +Cadaran raises his sword and readies his shield
    [23:05] <+Imnolu> !roll 1d50+5;Hide
    [23:05] <@Mystra> Imnolu, 1d50+5: 48 (Total: 48, Avg: 48.00) [Hide]
    [23:05] <+Imnolu> whoops
    [23:05] <+Cadaran> (50?)
    01[23:05] <@Dungeon_Master> LOL
    [23:05] <+Razan> (lmfao)
    [23:05] <+Imnolu> !roll 1d20+5;Hide
    [23:05] <@Mystra> Imnolu, 1d20+5: 22 (Total: 22, Avg: 22.00) [Hide]
    [23:05] <+Cadaran> (immy, steal Voro's cloak)
    06[23:05] * +Imnolu steals >_>
    01[23:05] <@Dungeon_Master> "We've been looking for you princess." The closest man speaks to the spot where Immy had been seconds before.
    01[23:06] <@Dungeon_Master> "You can be extremely hard to find."
    [23:06] <+Razan> "You'll not take her"
    06[23:06] * +Cadaran steps between the spot and the man
    06[23:06] * +Razan steps forward
    06[23:07] * +Imnolu stands up out of the shadow
    01[23:07] <@Dungeon_Master> The man laughs and gestures to the 15 or so men now visible in the glow of Razan's spell
    06[23:07] * +Razan swirls fire around his hands
    [23:07] <+Razan> "Stay back or i'll blast every one of you!"
    [23:07] <+Cadaran> "Petty theives, no match for a true Paladin or Erithis!"
    [23:08] <+Cadaran> (of*)
    [23:08] <+Imnolu> "Afternoon, Lish."
    06[23:08] * +Razan burps a frog
    06[23:08] * +Imnolu nods towards him
    [23:08] <+Razan> "Guh!?"
    01[23:08] <@Dungeon_Master> "Princess, are you quite done consorting with rabble?"
    01[23:08] <@Dungeon_Master> (LOL!)
    [23:09] <+Imnolu> "I believe so."
    [23:09] <+Cadaran> "Rabble?"
    [23:09] <+Cadaran> "You live in the sewers, and you dare call US rabble?"
    01[23:10] <@Dungeon_Master> "Cadaran, paladin of Erithis, my words were... poorly chosen. We are most fatigued from the hunt."
    [23:10] <+Imnolu> "Sorry to have caused you trouble"
    06[23:10] * +Imnolu winks at Lish
    06[23:11] * +Cadaran lowers his sword, but keeps his shield in place
    [23:11] <+Razan> "Lucky escape for you lot"
    06[23:11] * +Razan winks at Lish
    01[23:11] <@Dungeon_Master> Lish grins at the little man
    [23:11] <+Imnolu> (LOL)
    [23:11] <+Cadaran> "You know this man?"
    [23:11] <+Razan> (Lish better be nice or we'll play Pin the Magic Missile on the eyeball."
    [23:11] <+Razan> )*
    [23:12] <+Imnolu> "Yes, I do. He's a friend"
    01[23:12] <@Dungeon_Master> "Your father has been... laughing at me, lady." Lish smiles
    06[23:12] * +Razan shrugs, and goes to see if Grabner has any loot
    01[23:12] <@Dungeon_Master> "You have evaded us for some days now."
    [23:12] <+Imnolu> "He taught me well, unlike you, it would appear."
    06[23:12] * +Imnolu smiles coyly
    01[23:12] <@Dungeon_Master> Grabner's body has 45GP and 6SP and The following loot:
    01[23:13] <@Dungeon_Master> Breastplate
    01[23:13] <@Dungeon_Master> Heavy wooden shield
    01[23:13] <@Dungeon_Master> Great club
    [23:13] <+Imnolu> (I so call loot on my friends :p)
    [23:13] <+Razan> (15gp each, and Cad, you want the Breastplate?)
    [23:14] <+Cadaran> "I shall keep my chain for just now, i'd rather not wear something someone just died in, without a proper cleaning"
    01[23:14] <@Dungeon_Master> "My lady you should return with us. Your friends are welcome, but they must be blindfolded as you know."
    06[23:14] * +Razan pockets 15gp
    [23:15] <+Imnolu> "If you two want to accompany me, let them blindfold you. If not, be on your way with my friends' blood on your hands."
    [23:15] <+Cadaran> "I shall accompany you, i hope to redeem myself for these actions"
    [23:15] <+Imnolu> "And you?"
    06[23:15] * +Imnolu gestures to Razan
    01[23:16] <@Dungeon_Master> (He's not safe on his own XD)
    [23:16] <+Razan> "Fair enough, i'll come with you. I feel I owe you slightly)
    [23:16] <+Razan> "*
    06[23:16] * +Imnolu mutters "Damn straight you do"
    [23:16] <+Razan> (Why do I keep mixing up speech and brackets?)
    01[23:16] <@Dungeon_Master> (lol)
    [23:16] <+Imnolu> "Lish, get your men to take care of them"
    [23:16] <Felinoid> Because noone's being consistent? XD
    01[23:16] <@Dungeon_Master> Lish snaps his fingers and two men walk forwards, binding your eyes firmly.
    01[23:17] <@Dungeon_Master> "Hold onto us, it is not far."
    01[23:17] <@Dungeon_Master> (How are you guys for tiredness, do I need to make a cuppa or are we done soon?)
    [23:17] <+Imnolu> wanna playyyy!
    01[23:18] <@Dungeon_Master> lol
    01[23:18] <@Dungeon_Master> If everyone's up for it, I don't mind a late night
    [23:18] <+Razan> I don't mind playing more
    [23:18] <+Razan> Though, I need to restore spells :¬P
    [23:18] <+Imnolu> Midnight'll be my limit
    [23:18] <+Razan> And find a better way of documenting them
    01[23:18] <@Dungeon_Master> You'll be in safe territory in a moment and you can rest.
    [23:18] <+Cadaran> (cuppa for me too)
    [23:18] <+Cadaran> (but i can go longer)
    [23:18] <+Imnolu> Finish at 12?
    01[23:18] <@Dungeon_Master> (right, I'm gonna make a drink then. brb)
    [23:18] <+Razan> I want a cuppa too now..
    [23:19] <+Imnolu> same
    [23:19] <+Imnolu> br
    [23:19] <+Imnolu> b
    [23:19] <+Razan> Yeah, gonna make one
    [23:19] <+Razan> brb
    01[23:21] <@Dungeon_Master> back
    [23:22] <+Razan> Back
    [23:22] <+Cadaran> back
    [23:22] <+Imnolu> back also
    [23:22] <+Razan> Right! :¬P
    [23:23] <Felinoid> Front!
    [23:23] <+Imnolu> -_-
    01[23:23] <@Dungeon_Master> lol
    [23:24] <+Cadaran> Left?
    [23:24] <+Imnolu> Fel, no cookie for you
    01[23:24] <@Dungeon_Master> Lish and his men lead you on a merry trail in the darkness and within the space of ten minutes, you reach a warm, bright place where the smell of the sewers does not penetrate
    [23:24] <+Imnolu> Anyway, c'mon! :p
    01[23:24] <@Dungeon_Master> Your blindfolds are removed and you look about yourself in amazement
    01[23:25] <@Dungeon_Master> What you see can only be described as an underground hive
    06[23:25] * +Razan tries to take it all in
    [23:25] <+Imnolu> "And which one of you was talking of us living in sewers...?"
    06[23:25] * +Imnolu smiles
    01[23:25] <@Dungeon_Master> People mill about here oblivious to you, though you have the costant feeling of being watched
    01[23:27] <@Dungeon_Master> Lish leads you to a large chamber with huge wooden doors
    01[23:27] <@Dungeon_Master> Inside a man sits on what resembles a large throne
    Session Close: Tue Mar 18 23:28:10 2008

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    Session Ident: #sp_mm
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    14[23:28] * Attempting to rejoin channel #sp_mm
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    03[23:28] * Topic is 'www.sorcerers.net - Minstrel's Medallion - Roleplay Chat'
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    05[23:28] -Mystra- You're not Dungeon_Master, you're Urithrand.
    [23:28] <+Imnolu> :p
    [23:28] <+Razan> Dude :¬P
    03[23:28] * Mystra sets mode: +o Dungeon_Master
    01[23:28] <@Dungeon_Master> o.O
    01[23:29] <@Dungeon_Master> Anyway...
    01[23:29] <@Dungeon_Master> The man stands as you enter with a huge grin. He seems to actually be shorter on his feet than he was on the throne
    01[23:29] <@Dungeon_Master> "My Immy!" He bellows
    06[23:29] * +Razan stifles a laugh
    01[23:30] <@Dungeon_Master> "Welcome home sweet, your return is a triumphant one!"
    06[23:30] * +Imnolu smiles
    06[23:30] * +Imnolu elbows Razan in the ribs and continues to smile
    [23:30] <+Cadaran> "A *king* of thieves?"
    06[23:30] * +Cadaran has a skeptical look on his face
    01[23:31] <@Dungeon_Master> "I prefer the term prince, actually." he looks with a raised eyebrow.
    [23:31] <+Imnolu> "I was somewhat disappointed at Lish's efforts, father."
    06[23:31] * +Imnolu winks at Lish
    01[23:31] <@Dungeon_Master> "You would be Cadaran. Nasty business, your kidnapping."
    01[23:31] <@Dungeon_Master> Lish smiles slightly reddened
    [23:31] <+Cadaran> "I wasnt exactly pleased myself"
    01[23:32] <@Dungeon_Master> "Indeed, I was most annoyed to find there seems to be a new player in this game we play."
    [23:32] <+Imnolu> (lol)
    01[23:33] <@Dungeon_Master> "Dear Immy, we should hold a banquet or something, I feel the deepest desire to drink vast amounts of wine."
    03[23:33] * Octara (~Octara@ has joined #sp_mm
    03[23:33] * Mystra sets mode: +o Octara
    01[23:33] <@Dungeon_Master> He clicks his fingers and someone scurries towards him, bent double.
    [23:33] <+Razan> "A banquet, you say?"
    01[23:33] <@Dungeon_Master> Heyo Occy
    06[23:34] * +Razan grins
    [23:34] <@Octara> (Hey)
    [23:34] <+Imnolu> "You're guests, we may as well"
    06[23:34] * +Imnolu sighs
    [23:34] <+Razan> "You people certainly know how to live"
    01[23:34] <@Dungeon_Master> "Make ready some food. Imnolu has returned."
    [23:34] <+Imnolu> "You people?"
    [23:34] <+Razan> "Something wrong with your ears, young lady?"
    01[23:35] <@Dungeon_Master> The servant scurries back off and the prince of thieves sits looking rather splendid on his throne once more.
    [23:35] <+Imnolu> "Something wrong with your mouth more like."
    01[23:35] <@Dungeon_Master> He wears fine silks and a thick ermine trimmed cloak, black as night.
    [23:36] <+Cadaran> "Rather lavish place you have down here"
    01[23:37] <@Dungeon_Master> "Yeeees, it's a nice legacy I've created I must say. Not bad endings for a pickpocket from the streets, eh?" He winks happily, popping a grape into his mouth from a platter
    [23:37] <+Cadaran> "So, what is this hunt that you were on?"
    06[23:38] * +Razan looks hungrily at the grapes
    06[23:38] * +Imnolu notices
    01[23:39] <@Dungeon_Master> "It's a rite of passage." Verman the prince of thieves explains,
    01[23:39] <@Dungeon_Master> "My daughter has just completed her entrance into the guild.
    [23:39] <+Razan> "...Congratulations?"
    06[23:39] * +Imnolu walks up to the platter, bows her head at her father, grabs a grape and hands it to Razan
    [23:40] <+Imnolu> *throws
    [23:40] <+Imnolu> *at his face
    [23:40] <+Imnolu> >_>
    01[23:40] <@Dungeon_Master> XD
    06[23:40] * +Razan catches it in his mouth
    [23:40] <+Imnolu> (nice)
    [23:40] <+Cadaran> (Dex roll!)
    01[23:40] <@Dungeon_Master> Dex
    01[23:40] <@Dungeon_Master> LOL
    [23:40] <+Imnolu> lol
    01[23:40] <@Dungeon_Master> Seriously :p
    [23:40] <+Razan> lol, alright
    01[23:40] <@Dungeon_Master> Do a DEX check
    [23:41] <+Razan> !roll 1d20+2
    [23:41] <@Mystra> Razan, 1d20+2: 19 (Total: 19, Avg: 19.00)
    [23:41] <+Razan> Booyah
    [23:41] <+Imnolu> (Lucky ;))
    [23:41] <+Cadaran> (lol nice)
    01[23:41] <@Dungeon_Master> You catch it effortlessly in your mouth
    06[23:41] * +Razan smirks
    01[23:41] <@Dungeon_Master> "You have good reflexes." Verman grins
    01[23:41] <@Dungeon_Master> "Ever thought of applying those magical fingers in more... mischevious ways?"
    [23:42] <+Imnolu> (LOL)
    01[23:42] <@Dungeon_Master> (oioi ;) )
    06[23:42] * +Razan picks a coinpurse on Verman and lifts it, with Mage Hand
    06[23:43] * +Cadaran grimaces
    01[23:43] <@Dungeon_Master> Verman's jaw drops in admiration before snatching it out of the air
    06[23:43] * +Imnolu smiles
    01[23:43] <@Dungeon_Master> "Well well, we live to be surprised I see."
    [23:43] <+Razan> "Maybe every so often"
    06[23:43] * +Razan winks
    [23:44] <+Razan> "You should see what I do for a followup"
    01[23:45] <@Dungeon_Master> "Enough idle banter however, we have a feast to come and many tales to tell over our cups. Come, daughter, walk with me a while."
    01[23:45] <@Dungeon_Master> "Show our guests to some rooms, pleas.e" He motions to someone nearby.
    06[23:45] * +Imnolu follows Verman
    [23:45] <+Cadaran> (do we heal, even without herbal treatment?)
    01[23:45] <@Dungeon_Master> "Freshen up, we shall adjourn and then we shall feast!"
    01[23:46] <@Dungeon_Master> (assume someone tends to your wounds.)
    [23:46] <+Cadaran> (ok)
    01[23:46] <@Dungeon_Master> Shall we call it a night, then?
  20. Urithrand

    Urithrand Mind turning the light off? ★ SPS Account Holder Veteran

    Jul 26, 2004
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    In retrospect I have decided that the way clerics work will again be slightly different from the way I have decided previously. Please adjust your character sheets accordingly. Clerics do not have holy symbols. When they are chosen by their God they are given a holy mark, a brand of their God's symbol on their body wherever they choose. When casting a spell, the movement component is removed, but they must touch their holy mark. This means they are still unable to cast when they are helpless (paralysed, prone etc.) Clerics may not take the Still Spell feat unless it applies to a different spellcasting class.

    I had previously stated that the cleric would receive a single arcane spell per spell level in their deity's chosen element to replace their domain spell. I have decided to scrap this idea. Instead, the cleric or paladin will receive a single special ability according to which God they follow:

    Pyramos: Manifestation of Fire

    The Cleric / Paladin of Pyramos can use the manifestation of fire ability 1/day per 3 caster levels (max 5/day at lvl 12). The caster may choose the way in which the fire manifests itself, be it spraying forth from his fingertips or exploding in an enemy's face from afar, he has complete control of the flame. The fire deals 1d6 points of fire damage for every 2 caster levels attained to a maximum of 10d6 at level 19. The caster may choose to attack 1 extra creature with this ability for every 5 caster levels to a maximum of 5 at lvl 20.

    Erithis: Tide of the earth

    The Cleric / Paladin of Erithis can use the Tide of the Earth ability 1/day per 3 caster levels (max 5/day at lvl 12). When the caster uses the power, a creature of earth is summoned identical to the caster in appearance. The construct is ½ the caster's level in fighter levels (½ levels rounded down) and has a STR score of 16, AC of 18 and deals 1d6+3 points of bludgeoning damage. The construct has 60% of the caster's full HP. As the construct is mentally linked to the caster, all feats and skills of the caster are the same in the construct. The construct cannot cast any spells and has no special abilities. For every 4 caster levels, the construct's STR increases by 1 and AC increases by 2 (max AC 26 at level 16) The construct will survive for 1 round/caster level. Should the construct be destroyed, the caster's link with it causes him to be stunned for 1 round (Fort save DC 14 negates)

    Hydrienna: Shard of Ice

    The Cleric / Paladin of Hydrienna can use the Shard of Ice ability 1/day per 3 caster levels (max 5/day at lvl 12). The caster creates 1 3 foot long shard of ice/5 caster levels which she can direct at her will. The shards cause 1d6 cold damage for every 2 caster levels to a maximum of 10d6 at level 19. The shards can also be used as bludgeoning weapons dealing 1d8 bludgeoning damage and 2 cold damage per 3 caster levels. The ice clubs can only be used by the caster. The shards last for 1 round per caster level (max 10 rounds) before they spontaneously melt.

    Oxena: Implosion of Air

    The Cleric / Paladin of Oxena can use the Implosion of Air ability 1/day per 3 caster levels (max 5/day at lvl 12. The caster causes all the air in the immediate vincinity of the creature to dissipate, leaving an area of vacuum around the target creature. The creature must make a Fort save DC 14 + Caster level or suffer 1d6 damage from the sudden vacuum. After the initial dissipation, the vacuum causes the surrounding air to rush back inwards, dealing 1d6 bludgeoning damage per 2 caster levels and be deafened. A successful fort save negates deafness.

    None of these special abilities are subject to magic resistance. Enjoy!
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