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New Game, RPers Wanted!

Discussion in 'Role-play Corner' started by Urithrand, Jan 16, 2008.

  1. Urithrand

    Urithrand Mind turning the light off? ★ SPS Account Holder Veteran

    Jul 26, 2004
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    The major cities of Galantria, each being the seat of power to the respective Duchies.

    Delta City:

    The second biggest city remaining in Galantria, Delta city is one of two port cities in the country, the other and bigger of the two being Fort Mendin. Delta City sits on one of the many tributaries of the Galant Delta, one of the few remaining relatively peaceful cities which is granted trade with the outside world. Many underground operations exist in Delta City smuggling items and weapons into the country for conniving and warring peoples. Despite the peaceful nature of the city's leader Elendra, the city is a cesspool of dark activities, unbeknownst to the naive leader. The city is the base for operations for the rogues division that exists in all of the major cities of Galantria.


    Toarmin is the closest city to Galant, and as such the most affected by the country's discord. The city's leader Gorbas is a fearsome blackguard, brutal and evil in his dealings with anyone who dares walk into his courtroom. The city is inhabited by the dregs of society and their slaves, bound to their miserable life in the city by a city-wide lockdown and a curfew at nightfall. Breaking the curfew is punishable by death. Not much is known any more about the city of Toarmin or its leader.


    The city of Argoia is the "civilised" center of commerce in Galantria. Seeing the benefit of sitting on the fence in this war, they instead have a large center for commerce, having the largest market in all the country. People from all around visit the market, and in a week it is said you could not visit every seller there. Having tenuous relations with all the surrounding cities, the leader of the city Argonis is a shrewd bargainer, often striking up trade deals with the surrounding city leaders, even Gorbas on occasion.


    This city is ruled by the fearsome warqueen Kidacia, a barbarian leader who has trained her army (largely female) to lose themselves to the battle lust, and they fight naked to frighten or entice their male counterparts. The rumour goes that they find the battle itself a sexual experience, and their juices can be seen to run freely while they move in battle like demons. Were all battles fair and fought hand to hand, this tactic would have placed Kidacia at the top of the pile, however all the rage in the world will not stop a whistling arrow.


    Mentria is the city of scholars, sages and wizards alike. Their reasoning for partaking in the civil war is simple; they cannot allow the country to be overrun by imbeciles. Mentria is unlike the other cities in that they do not rebuke members of other cities, but welcome the intelligent into their ranks and teach and train them in the arcane arts, of for those amongst them more inclined to heal, there is the College of Divine Might, training the healers and fighters amongst their number. Rather than taking part in petty squabbles, Mentria is fortifying itself against incursion and building its army. It has the closest relationship with Argoia of all the cities, and the trade route between their cities is responsible for creating the crossroads inn. The relationship is mutually beneficial, as Argoia has access to raw materials, and Mentria has an export of vast numbers of magical items that come out the other end from training excersizes and failed experiments. Mentria is led by the archmage Gorus.


    The people of Bantas are fiercely loyal to their leader, Pockis. He is an ex-general who was chosen to be the successor of his foster father Magnus, military trained and well versed in the arts of warfare. He is currently the favourite to win the war, although this changes very often. The city is one big barracks, and everyone there carries at least a weapon or two, though almost always hidden. The fighter's guild is based here, and since the beginning of the civil war this is the only place in Galantria where such a guild still exists. Bantas is often referred to as the Galant Barracks.


    Taridas is the only city in Galantria where no-one gives a hoot about the war. It is the city of seers, where the air has a mystical quality about it and a feeling of peace transcends any desire to do harm. People entering the city are said to have an epiphany, although many say it is just the smell of the nearby untracked swamps that drives away the will to fight. The city is not led by an individual, but a small council of seers, although very little direction is required in a place like this.

    Fort Mendin:

    Fort Mendin has as yet remained un-involved in the war, but nothing more is known about the miltary strength of the city. Rumour goes that the city's leader Marcus (who was one of the king's generals and a very close friend to the late king) is training an elite fighting force of paladins to retake the capital from its spectral inhabitants. His mission is indeed to lay the spirits to rest, a gargantuan task in itself, but also to somehow return peace to his beloved country without shedding the blood of the entire nation. His arch enemy is Gorbas the fallen, his brother and previously a paladin of his order. One day he hopes to discover what took his brother and return him to the light, but he is a realstic man and knows this may not be possible. He is a learned and scholarly man, but his prowess in battle is said to be second to none.
  2. Elfen Lied

    Elfen Lied The Bird of Hermes is my name, eating my wings to

    Jan 18, 2006
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    That definitely helps.

    Ok, so what is there in the way of deities or gods. I tend to play characters who are always fairly devout but not necessarily a Cleric. Sometimes I do a Conan/Crom thing.
  3. Urithrand

    Urithrand Mind turning the light off? ★ SPS Account Holder Veteran

    Jul 26, 2004
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    There are 4 deities in this world, each one governing an element. I haven't actually decided on names for them yet though lmao. None of these deities is inherently good or evil, each encompasses an aspect of all and are subject to human emotions. This also unfortunately means that they like some people, and dislike others. They have a strong relationship with the devout, often communicating directly with their priests (not necessarily clerics - they are not the same thing. I will give a little more detail on this when i have more time, but I will be putting some restrictions on just how much magic is allowed in this party.

    Bear with me on this, I'm up to my elbows in work right now but I am hoping to begin this game tentatively on Monday as planned. We will not be having a proper adventuring session, I will be throwing you all into situation together to see how you all react and get to know your characters a little and let you do the same, so don't worry too much if you haven't worked out all the little details, it's just about the characters, not their dice rolls. Also, I forgot the most important city in the game in the above list, so I'll add it here. This is where you will all begin the game, so you need to have a good reason to be here:

    Wild Oak City

    Wild oak city is the campaign's beginning. It was founded 173 years ago as a reminder of the alliance between men, elves and dwarves. A huge stone tree marks the center of the city, set in the front of the building which originally housed the council of three. The tree, a massive Oak was grown from an enchanted stone acorn, created by the collective magics of the very first council of three in the city.

    Since the beginning of the civil war and the retreat of the elves and dwarves from Galantria the great oak has slowly begun to die in the absence of its creators. It now stands leafless and forlorn in the manor grounds. Now that the original council that once ruled the city has gone, it has been replaced by a council of 10 men, but unlike the original council these men are corrupt and uncaring about the true politics of the city.

    The city of the wild oak is not heavily fortified since it stands as a symbol of peace. The militia was once a force to be reckoned with, peacekeepers from all three races working supremely well together, but again trouble has brewed since the departure of the other races and the now wholly human force has become lax and bent. After their leadership slowly became corrupted, the militia were left to run through the city as little more than mercenaries.
  4. The Shaman Gems: 28/31
    Latest gem: Star Sapphire

    Oct 18, 2004
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    So, are we meeting for the chat session tomorrow? It would be good to have a better idea who can make it.
  5. Urithrand

    Urithrand Mind turning the light off? ★ SPS Account Holder Veteran

    Jul 26, 2004
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    Yes, the Monday meeting stands tomorrow at about 6pm GMT. Some of us have been chatting in the chatroom pretty extensively already, but that's ok. Thus far we have Mata5, ElfenLied, Cap'nCJ, Fairie, Dalveen, 8people and yourself. Often these things start with a number of people and end with a few though hehe
  6. Urithrand

    Urithrand Mind turning the light off? ★ SPS Account Holder Veteran

    Jul 26, 2004
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    The log of the first session fo those who missed it completely or had to leave. Please note that after the next session (This was just a kind of "getting to know you") no new players will be allowed to join:

    06[19:04] * @Pibli sways merrily on a bar stool
    06[19:05] * +Kelvar looks around disapprovingly at the riff-raff
    06[19:06] * @Pibli sings a country ditty to herself and gulps down her ale
    06[19:06] * +Kelvar strides over to the bar and waits to be served
    01[19:06] <@Dungeon_Master> Grotin the bartender: "Yes Elda I'll be with you in a second! This young man was first in line!"
    06[19:06] * @Pibli looks at Kelvar (I have no idea what people look like XD)
    01[19:06] <@Dungeon_Master> Grotin the bartender: "What'll it be, stranger?
    01[19:07] <@Dungeon_Master> (Neither do I XD)
    [19:07] <+Kelvar> (5'1, bald, slim)
    01[19:07] <@Dungeon_Master> (OK, everyone give a short description and race)
    [19:07] <Matt5> (Do I have my equipment on me?)
    01[19:07] <@Dungeon_Master> (Yes)
    [19:07] <Matt5> (Shiny)
    [19:07] <+Kelvar> "Water, in a clean glass if you can manage it."
    01[19:07] <@Dungeon_Master> (Except your weapons which are left at the door.)
    [19:07] <Matt5> (Shield?
    06[19:07] * +Imnolu sits quietly in a chair
    [19:07] <Matt5> )
    01[19:07] <@Dungeon_Master> Grotin the bartender: "Feller, you wan't water there's a well in town. We sell ale or spirits, your pick."
    01[19:08] <@Dungeon_Master> (Shield at the door too)
    01[19:08] <@Dungeon_Master> Grotin the bartender: "Unless you wan' somethin' to eat?"
    [19:08] <Matt5> (6'22' blond, blue eyed)
    [19:08] <+Kelvar> "Hmph, no suprise in a dump like this. Do you have bread and cheese?"
    [19:08] <@Pibli> (4' tall, dwarf, looks a little rotund. Seems quite young and tanned, coarse red hair in braids, bright green eyes, scar over her right eye)
    01[19:09] <@Dungeon_Master> Grotin the bartender: "Watch yer mouth, this be my establerment. If ye don' like it, piss off."
    01[19:09] <@Dungeon_Master> He promptly turns away
    [19:09] <@Pibli> "Ey! Nae need ta be rude, sir!"
    01[19:09] <@Dungeon_Master> He turns to the dwarf angrily
    [19:10] <+Kelvar> "Relax, little one. He's a half-orc. They're all like this."
    [19:10] <+Imnolu> (4'7", elf. fairly young with white hair and blue eyes)
    [19:10] <@Pibli> (I was talking to Kelvar!)
    01[19:10] <@Dungeon_Master> Grotin the bartender: "You should keep a low profile in 'ere shortstuff, your kind is barely tolerated 'ere."
    01[19:10] <@Dungeon_Master> (Oh XD)
    01[19:10] <@Dungeon_Master> (Ignore that last comment then :p)
    [19:10] <@Pibli> (tch!)
    [19:10] <+Kelvar> (lol, ne and Uri both assumed. Oh well, roll with it!)
    [19:10] <@Pibli> "I was talkin' ta yae, Baldy!"
    [19:11] <Matt5> (I'm just seeing how this goes, never RPed before)
    01[19:11] <@Dungeon_Master> (Sure, jumpp in when you like :p)
    06[19:11] * +Imnolu casts a watchful look at Kelvar and Grotin
    01[19:11] <@Dungeon_Master> The bartender turns to Pibli
    [19:11] <+Kelvar> "Take it easy on the ale, dwarf. I don't want to have to drag you off the floor when you fall"
    01[19:11] <@Dungeon_Master> "Wha ken I getcher, shortstuff?"
    [19:12] <@Pibli> "Ye cannae talk down tae others like that, Mr High-And-Mighty!"
    [19:12] <@Pibli> "Anot'er ale, my friend!"
    06[19:12] * +Imnolu walks over towards Pibli and sits next to her
    01[19:13] <@Dungeon_Master> He pours a fresh ale and passes it to Pibli
    06[19:13] * @Pibli winks at the bartender and thanks him
    [19:13] <@Pibli> "Hello!"
    06[19:13] * Matt5 sits at the bar.
    [19:14] <Matt5> "They took my shield! My lovely big shield"
    [19:14] <+Imnolu> ".. Evening"
    01[19:14] <@Dungeon_Master> "Wha' ken I getcher?"
    [19:14] <@Pibli> "It's getting right cosy around here now"
    06[19:14] * @Pibli smiles to herself
    01[19:14] <@Dungeon_Master> "Ye leave yer arms at the door 'ere."
    [19:15] <Matt5> "I guess I'll have to live with it"
    01[19:15] <@Dungeon_Master> The bartender impatiently tuts and turns away, serving someone else.
    [19:15] <@Pibli> "Aye. No fun in a brawl if ye cannae shake hands and have a drink afterwards!"
    06[19:15] * Matt5 = sad face
    [19:15] <+Imnolu> "Bartender, can I have a drink? Of what, I don't care."
    01[19:15] <@Dungeon_Master> (XD)
    [19:15] <+Imnolu> (lol)
    01[19:15] <@Dungeon_Master> "That means ale, lass."
    01[19:15] <@Dungeon_Master> He pours one and passes it to her
    06[19:15] * @Pibli downs her drink
    06[19:15] * +Imnolu nods at the bartender
    [19:15] <@Pibli> # Ale, Ale, Ale, Ale! #
    [19:15] <Matt5> "Oh, a glass for me while you're at it!2
    01[19:16] <@Dungeon_Master> He pours another and passes it to Matt
    [19:16] <+Kelvar> "Alright, barkeeper, i'll have some bread and cheese."
    [19:16] <+Imnolu> "I think you might be reaching your limit, dwarf."
    01[19:16] <@Dungeon_Master> "I'll be with ye in a minute sir."
    06[19:16] * +Imnolu laughs
    [19:16] <@Pibli> "Nay, lass, only 'ad two 'ere!"
    06[19:16] * +Kelvar taps his fingers on the bar
    [19:17] <+Imnolu> "Suprising."
    06[19:17] * @Pibli talks hushedly to the elf
    [19:17] <@Pibli> "What's with the man there?"
    06[19:17] * Matt5 sips his ale whistling some generic tune
    [19:17] <@Pibli> "'e a noble or summat?"
    [19:17] <+Imnolu> "The bald one?"
    [19:17] <@Pibli> "Aye"
    [19:18] <+Kelvar> (Can I roll a listen check for this?)
    [19:18] <+Imnolu> "No idea, looks rather disturbing though"
    01[19:18] <@Dungeon_Master> Bartender shouts through a serving hatch at some unseen member of staff, "Bread an' cheese out 'ere!"
    [19:18] <@Pibli> "Manners o' a goblin!"
    06[19:18] * +Imnolu laughs
    [19:18] <+Kelvar> (Oi, DM)
    [19:18] <+Imnolu> (CJ, what are you? Race?)
    [19:18] <Matt5> (Human)
    [19:18] <@Pibli> (Human)
    [19:18] <+Kelvar> (Human, dressed in loose robes)
    01[19:18] <@Dungeon_Master> (listen check for what?)
    [19:19] <+Imnolu> (Thank you, all 3 CJs :¬P)
    [19:19] <+Kelvar> (To hear then talking quietly about me)
    01[19:19] <@Dungeon_Master> (Oh, of course.)
    [19:19] <+Kelvar> !roll 1d20+2
    [19:19] <@Mystra> Kelvar, 1d20+2: 5 (Total: 5, Avg: 5.00)
    01[19:19] <@Dungeon_Master> (But explain what you're doing for the trainees please.)
    [19:19] <+Kelvar> (As you're talking quietly, i'm rolling a listen check to try to hear you)
    [19:19] <+Imnolu> "I would keep comments towards him to minimum, he looks like he could turn nasty very quickly."
    01[19:20] <@Dungeon_Master> The barman seems to be snatching the first moment of stillness to smoke a few puffs on a pipe, smiling happily as he does so.
    [19:20] <@Pibli> "Aye, he's a sour looking man"
    01[19:21] <@Dungeon_Master> Grotin the bartender: "We need some music! Argless, strike up a choon!"
    01[19:21] <@Dungeon_Master> A toothless man with little hair stands up grinning widely with a lute and happily begins to pluck a jaunty tune
    06[19:21] * +Imnolu taps her foot
    [19:21] <+Kelvar> (Did I ever get my food?)
    01[19:22] <@Dungeon_Master> Several drunken people clear a space in the floor and begin to dance energetically
    01[19:22] <@Dungeon_Master> (Not yet)
    06[19:22] * Matt5 joins them
    06[19:22] * @Pibli claps along with the music
    06[19:22] * +Kelvar starts tapping a pair of copper coins on the bar
    [19:23] <+Imnolu> (What happened to the Listen check?)
    01[19:23] <@Dungeon_Master> An exceptionally pretty young blonde lass comes out through a set of serving doors and walks up to the bartender who points at Kelvar. She nods and walks over to him, placing a plate of bread and cheese in front of him.
    01[19:23] <@Dungeon_Master> (He rolled a 5 :p)
    [19:23] <+Imnolu> (... yeah? :¬P)
    [19:23] <Matt5> (A blonde you say?)
    01[19:23] <@Dungeon_Master> (It didn't really need to be said that 5 don't hear squat in a crowded and noisy bar :p)
    06[19:23] * +Kelvar nods, drops the coins on the bar, and starts eating
    [19:23] <@Pibli> (If we shouted at each other he'd be mildly suspicious :¬P)
    [19:23] <+Imnolu> (touché)
    [19:24] <+Imnolu> "Bartender, another drink please."
    01[19:25] <@Dungeon_Master> The bartender stands from his high stool and lays his pipe down in a ceramic bowl before seeing to Imnolu's drink
    [19:25] <@Pibli> "Aye, same here if you will!"
    01[19:25] <@Dungeon_Master> He obliges
    [19:25] <+Imnolu> "A third?"
    [19:25] <@Pibli> "Much thanks"
    06[19:25] * Matt5 returns to his seat
    [19:25] <@Pibli> "o' course."
    [19:26] <+Imnolu> "Celebrating something?"
    06[19:26] * +Kelvar watches Matt return with some interest
    06[19:26] * @Pibli raises her mug at the elf in a toast
    [19:26] <Matt5> "Ah, dancing reminds me of my childhood!"
    06[19:26] * +Imnolu does the same to Pibli
    [19:26] <@Pibli> "Nae, no celebration. Just stoppin' for a drink."
    [19:26] <+Imnolu> "Or three?"
    [19:26] <@Pibli> "Dance often as a wee lad then?"
    06[19:26] * +Imnolu laughs
    [19:27] <Matt5> "Sure did"
    [19:27] <+Kelvar> (How old is Imnolu?)
    [19:28] <Matt5> "But not much coin from dancing, so had to take up a sword to eat"
    [19:28] <+Imnolu> (64 (elf remember))
    01[19:28] <@Dungeon_Master> The barman laughs loudly, overhearing Matt
    [19:28] <+Imnolu> (tbh, is that even a feasable age? XD)
    01[19:28] <@Dungeon_Master> "I bet a sword didn't taste none too good!"
    [19:28] <+Kelvar> (Er. 64 isn't very old for an elf. 120 would be more likely, iirc)
    01[19:28] <@Dungeon_Master> (About 100 would be closer)
    [19:28] <+Imnolu> (104 then :¬P)
    [19:29] <Matt5> "Oh shut tup and pour me another one."
    01[19:29] <@Dungeon_Master> With no warning, there is a loud boom shaking the room as the tavern door is thrown open violently
    01[19:29] <@Dungeon_Master> Everyone falls silent, looking at three newcomers
    06[19:29] * +Kelvar spins to face the door
    [19:29] <@Pibli> "Och, what's the fuss?"
    06[19:29] * Matt5 looks
    01[19:30] <@Dungeon_Master> They are city guards by the look of them, and none too friendly.
    06[19:30] * @Pibli peers around
    01[19:30] <@Dungeon_Master> They leer nastily around the room, self-impressed by the ruckus they caused.
    [19:30] <+Imnolu> (Whispers to Pibli) "And our weapons are outside. How handy."
    06[19:31] * +Kelvar raises his eyebrows briefly, then turns back to his food
    06[19:31] * +Imnolu folds her arms and watches the guards
    01[19:31] <@Dungeon_Master> Despite being clearly unfriendly, the guards drop their weapons at the rack at the door. Aparently, even the bent arm of the law didn't argue with the rules in the Friendly Face.
    [19:31] <+Kelvar> "Self-righteous vultures"
    [19:31] <@Pibli> "Ye cannae talk"
    06[19:32] * +Imnolu chuckles quietly
    [19:32] <+Kelvar> "Get back to your drink"
    01[19:32] <@Dungeon_Master> Slowly, sauntering arrogantly, they walk towards the bar, everyone moving aside for them
    06[19:33] * +Imnolu continues to sit facing the bar, holding her glass, ignoring the guards to some degree
    03[19:33] * SP_visitor62 (~jirc@host81-158-93-229.range81-158.btcentralplus.com) has joined #sp_mm
    06[19:33] * +Kelvar turns to face the guards and folds his arms
    06[19:33] * Matt5 looks at them, wondering if he should stretch his fists or not
    [19:33] <SP_visitor62> hello
    01[19:33] <@Dungeon_Master> "Barman!" The leader of the guards bellows over the silence
    01[19:33] <@Dungeon_Master> Hiya
    01[19:33] <@Dungeon_Master> "Get me a drink!"
    [19:34] <SP_visitor62> did you see me?
    [19:34] <+Imnolu> "It would seem manners are rare here tonight."
    01[19:34] <@Dungeon_Master> The bartender scowls at the guard angrily and looks pointedly towards the two half-giant bouncers that had remained hidden until now in a side-room off the entrance
    [19:34] <@Pibli> (Yes we can see you, 62. We're just busy ;¬))
    01[19:35] <@Dungeon_Master> "Ye'll show respect in ere if ye please, or I'll be havin' your heads banged soundly togeter."
    [19:35] <@Pibli> "Aye, against the bald one!"
    01[19:35] <@Dungeon_Master> The guards look angered at the words, but they do not argue, merely sneer
    01[19:35] <@Dungeon_Master> "Please." The leader says through gritted teeth.
    01[19:36] <@Dungeon_Master> The bartender obliges, satisfied.
    01[19:36] <@Dungeon_Master> "What are you all looking at!?" The guard leader demands
    01[19:36] <@Dungeon_Master> "Get back to your drinks!"
    01[19:37] <@Dungeon_Master> The general bustle slowly returns as people begin to ignore the guards
    [19:37] <SP_visitor62> i am being respectful
    [19:37] <SP_visitor62> i'm looking for a dentist
    [19:37] <+Kelvar> "I wouldn't let them hear you, they don't look the friendly sort"
    06[19:37] * +Imnolu nods at Kelvar and goes back to her drink
    01[19:37] <@Dungeon_Master> (SP_visitor62, we're roleplaying.)
    [19:37] <SP_visitor62> is this SM?
    [19:37] <@Pibli> (no.)
    [19:37] <SP_visitor62> i want a fun chat!!
    [19:37] <SP_visitor62> :)
    [19:37] <+Kelvar> (Someone kick him?)
    03[19:37] * Dungeon_Master sets mode: +v Matt5
    03[19:37] * Retrieving #sp_mm modes...
    [19:38] <@Pibli> (Join #sorcerers instead, 62)
    03[19:38] * Dungeon_Master sets mode: +m
    [19:38] <+Matt5> (Shiny)
    [19:38] <+Imnolu> (nice, Uri)
    03[19:38] * Dungeon_Master changes topic to 'www.sorcerers.net - This room is currently in use. Voiced interaction only.'
    06[19:38] * +Kelvar turns to one of the guards
    06[19:38] * @Pibli watches Kelvar
    [19:38] <+Kelvar> "Isn't the world a better place when we just say please?"
    [19:39] <@Pibli> "'ow would you know?"
    01[19:39] <@Dungeon_Master> The guard spins around to look at Kelvar, fuming.
    01[19:39] <@Dungeon_Master> "Speak thus to me again fool and we'll kill you where you stand! You speak to the law!"
    06[19:39] * +Imnolu puts her hand warningly on Kelvar's arm
    [19:39] <+Imnolu> "Don't ignore your own advice, human."
    06[19:40] * +Matt5 stretches his fists
    [19:40] <+Kelvar> "Killing an innocent man in a tavern? Hardly the law."
    01[19:40] <@Dungeon_Master> The guard looks around Kelvar at the company he appears to be keeping
    [19:40] <+Imnolu> (what killing? o.O)
    01[19:40] <@Dungeon_Master> "Consorting with elf and dwarf deserters, eh?"
    [19:40] <@Pibli> "Bah, sit down and shutup, ye bleedin' 'ypocrite"
    [19:40] <@Pibli> "Deserter? I ain't deserting anything"
    [19:41] <+Imnolu> "Likewise."
    [19:41] <+Kelvar> "I'm afraid I don't know this ragtag bunch, but they certainly seem better company than you."
    01[19:41] <@Dungeon_Master> "Your disgusting kind left us here to rot. Your *people* aren't welcome here."
    [19:41] <@Pibli> "I dinnae believe I was involved in tha' meself."
    [19:42] <+Matt5> "Oh, I myself like the dwarf and the elven lass"
    01[19:42] <@Dungeon_Master> "I've heard enough from you scum, defend yourselves!"
    01[19:42] <@Dungeon_Master> The guards attack!
    [19:42] <+Imnolu> (Matt, got a name? :¬P)
    [19:42] <+Kelvar> Idiots.
    [19:42] <+Matt5> (Shiny)
    [19:42] <+Matt5> (?)
    [19:42] <@Pibli> (Matt IS his name!)
    02[19:42] * SP_visitor62 (~jirc@host81-158-93-229.range81-158.btcentralplus.com) Quit (Signed off)
    [19:42] <+Kelvar> !roll 1d20+3
    [19:42] <@Mystra> Kelvar, 1d20+3: 5 (Total: 5, Avg: 5.00)
    01[19:43] <@Dungeon_Master> Initiative rolls please!
    [19:43] <+Kelvar> (Eurgh, i'm slow off the mark)
    03[19:43] * SP_visitor16 (~jirc@host81-158-93-229.range81-158.btcentralplus.com) has joined #sp_mm
    [19:43] <@Pibli> !roll 1d20
    [19:43] <@Mystra> Pibli, 1d20: 13 (Total: 13, Avg: 13.00)
    [19:43] <+Imnolu> !roll 1d20+3
    [19:43] <@Mystra> Imnolu, 1d20+3: 11 (Total: 11, Avg: 11.00)
    01[19:43] <@Dungeon_Master> Everybody roll d20 and add your dexterity modifier
    [19:43] <+Matt5> (pst, what are we rolling?)
    [19:43] <+Matt5> !roll 1d20 +2
    [19:43] <@Mystra> Error: Could not parse term '+2'
    [19:43] <+Imnolu> (no space)
    [19:43] <+Matt5> !roll 1d20+2
    [19:43] <@Mystra> Matt5, 1d20+2: 17 (Total: 17, Avg: 17.00)
    01[19:44] <@Dungeon_Master> !roll d20+1
    01[19:44] <@Dungeon_Master> !roll d20+1
    [19:44] <@Mystra> Dungeon_Master, d20+1: 6 (Total: 6, Avg: 6.00)
    01[19:44] <@Dungeon_Master> !roll d20+1
    [19:44] <@Mystra> Dungeon_Master, d20+1: 2 (Total: 2, Avg: 2.00)
    [19:44] <@Mystra> Dungeon_Master, d20+1: 7 (Total: 7, Avg: 7.00)
    02[19:45] * SP_visitor16 (~jirc@host81-158-93-229.range81-158.btcentralplus.com) Quit (Signed off)
    03[19:45] * Pibli sets mode: +i
    01[19:45] <@Dungeon_Master> Matt! You and your allies are all standing in fairly close quarters with the enemy, armed only with your fists!
    [19:46] <+Kelvar> (No worries for me! ^_^)
    01[19:46] <@Dungeon_Master> (lol)
    [19:46] <+Matt5> (nor me, i love brawls :p)
    01[19:46] <@Dungeon_Master> First, roll a D20 and add your attack bonus
    [19:46] <@Pibli> (So does Pibli)
    [19:46] <+Matt5> !roll 1d20+4
    [19:46] <@Mystra> Matt5, 1d20+4: 19 (Total: 19, Avg: 19.00)
    [19:47] <+Imnolu> (Just a note guys, I have to go at 9)
    01[19:47] <@Dungeon_Master> (ok)
    01[19:47] <@Dungeon_Master> Hit!
    01[19:47] <@Dungeon_Master> Your fist connects with the enemy
    [19:47] <+Matt5> (any teeth breaking?)
    01[19:47] <@Dungeon_Master> Roll d6 and add your strength mod
    [19:47] <@Pibli> (d6? d3 for unarmed isn't it?)
    [19:47] <+Kelvar> (d3)
    01[19:48] <@Dungeon_Master> (what-evar!)
    [19:48] <+Kelvar> (My fists are d6, though XD)
    [19:48] <+Matt5> !roll 1d3+3
    [19:48] <@Mystra> Matt5, 1d3+3: 4 (Total: 4, Avg: 4.00)
    01[19:48] <@Dungeon_Master> The punch is satisfying, and the guard gives a pained "Oof!"
    01[19:49] <@Dungeon_Master> Pibli!
    [19:49] <@Pibli> "Woohoo!"
    06[19:49] * @Pibli punches the nearest guard
    [19:49] <@Pibli> !roll 1d20+4
    [19:49] <@Mystra> Pibli, 1d20+4: 14 (Total: 14, Avg: 14.00)
    [19:49] <+Kelvar> (Just as a side note, I apply the AC bonus from Dodge to the closest guard to me)
    01[19:49] <@Dungeon_Master> Your punch glances off his armor
    01[19:50] <@Dungeon_Master> (Isn't it the one you're fighting at the time?)
    [19:50] <+Kelvar> (You can assign to whoever you want)
    01[19:50] <@Dungeon_Master> Imnolu, your turn!
    [19:50] <+Imnolu> !roll 1d20+1
    [19:50] <@Mystra> Imnolu, 1d20+1: 2 (Total: 2, Avg: 2.00)
    [19:50] <+Imnolu> (>.<)
    [19:51] <@Pibli> (your arm falls off!)
    [19:51] <@Pibli> (XD)
    01[19:51] <@Dungeon_Master> You completely miss the guard and...
    [19:51] <+Imnolu> (ty XD)
    01[19:51] <@Dungeon_Master> Roll another d20!
    [19:51] <+Imnolu> (why?)
    01[19:51] <@Dungeon_Master> Confirm a critical miss
    [19:51] <+Imnolu> !roll 1d20
    [19:51] <@Mystra> Imnolu, 1d20: 19 (Total: 19, Avg: 19.00)
    [19:51] <+Imnolu> (-_-)
    01[19:51] <@Dungeon_Master> Luckily you just avoid smacking Matt straight in the side of the head!
    [19:52] <+Matt5> "Aiye, careful elf lassy!"
    01[19:52] <@Dungeon_Master> The first guard goes to kick pibli in the head!
    01[19:52] <@Dungeon_Master> !roll d20+3
    [19:52] <@Mystra> Dungeon_Master, d20+3: 10 (Total: 10, Avg: 10.00)
    [19:52] <+Imnolu> "Sorry, the alcohol, see.."
    01[19:52] <@Dungeon_Master> And he misses narrowly as she ducks her head out of the way
    01[19:53] <@Dungeon_Master> The guard next to him throws a swing at Kelvar, sneering madly
    01[19:53] <@Dungeon_Master> !roll d20+3
    [19:53] <@Mystra> Dungeon_Master, d20+3: 21 (Total: 21, Avg: 21.00)
    [19:54] <+Kelvar> (Owch)
    [19:54] <+Kelvar> (Gonna roll his damage?)
    01[19:54] <@Dungeon_Master> !roll d3+3
    [19:54] <@Mystra> Dungeon_Master, d3+3: 4 (Total: 4, Avg: 4.00)
    01[19:54] <@Dungeon_Master> His fist connects solidly
    01[19:54] <@Dungeon_Master> Kelvar, your turn!
    06[19:55] * +Kelvar growls, and aims a kick back at the guard
    [19:55] <+Kelvar> !roll 1d20+3
    [19:55] <@Mystra> Kelvar, 1d20+3: 21 (Total: 21, Avg: 21.00)
    [19:55] <+Kelvar> (Hit?)
    01[19:55] <@Dungeon_Master> hit!
    [19:56] <+Kelvar> !roll 1d6+3
    [19:56] <@Mystra> Kelvar, 1d6+3: 5 (Total: 5, Avg: 5.00)
    01[19:56] <@Dungeon_Master> The kick takes the guard straight in the stomach, and he doubles over, his breath knocked thoroughly out of him
    06[19:56] * +Kelvar grins a little
    01[19:57] <@Dungeon_Master> The last guard takes a back-hander swing at matt
    01[19:57] <@Dungeon_Master> !roll d20
    [19:57] <@Mystra> Dungeon_Master, d20: 9 (Total: 9, Avg: 9.00)
    01[19:57] <@Dungeon_Master> His powered up backhander misses totally and his swing leaves him slightly off-footed
    01[19:58] <@Dungeon_Master> Matt, next round!
    [19:58] <+Matt5> (I'll smack the one who attacked me)
    01[19:58] <@Dungeon_Master> (Sure, go ahead)
    [19:58] <+Matt5> !roll 1d20+4
    [19:58] <@Mystra> Matt5, 1d20+4: 11 (Total: 11, Avg: 11.00)
    01[19:59] <@Dungeon_Master> Your attack misses him narrowly
    01[19:59] <@Dungeon_Master> Pibli!
    06[19:59] * @Pibli goes happy slappy!
    [19:59] <@Pibli> !roll 1d20+2
    [19:59] <@Mystra> Pibli, 1d20+2: 16 (Total: 16, Avg: 16.00)
    [20:00] <+Matt5> (what class is pibli?)
    01[20:00] <@Dungeon_Master> Hit!
    [20:00] <@Pibli> (Fighter)
    [20:00] <@Pibli> !roll 1d3+1
    [20:00] <@Mystra> Pibli, 1d3+1: 2 (Total: 2, Avg: 2.00)
    01[20:01] <@Dungeon_Master> The guard falls to one knee as her fist takes him for a second hit to the stomach
    01[20:01] <@Dungeon_Master> He stays there panting
    01[20:01] <@Dungeon_Master> Imnolu!
    [20:01] <+Imnolu> !roll 1d20+1
    [20:01] <@Mystra> Imnolu, 1d20+1: 5 (Total: 5, Avg: 5.00)
    [20:01] <+Imnolu> (Jeysus -_-)
    01[20:02] <@Dungeon_Master> She misses quite spectacularly once again
    [20:02] <+Imnolu> (critical miss roll?)
    01[20:02] <@Dungeon_Master> (nope)
    [20:02] <+Imnolu> (okies)
    01[20:02] <@Dungeon_Master> (You didn't roll a 1)
    [20:02] <+Imnolu> (ohh, k)
    06[20:03] * +Matt5 glances at Imnolu while fighting
    01[20:03] <@Dungeon_Master> The guard closest to Matt takes another swing at him
    01[20:03] <@Dungeon_Master> !roll d20+3
    [20:03] <@Mystra> Dungeon_Master, d20+3: 18 (Total: 18, Avg: 18.00)
    01[20:03] <@Dungeon_Master> What's your AC minus shield?
    [20:03] <+Matt5> "Ay, not again elfie!"
    [20:03] <+Matt5> 16
    01[20:03] <@Dungeon_Master> The punch connects
    01[20:04] <@Dungeon_Master> !roll d3+3
    [20:04] <@Mystra> Dungeon_Master, d3+3: 5 (Total: 5, Avg: 5.00)
    01[20:04] <@Dungeon_Master> Taking him for 5 damage
    01[20:04] <@Dungeon_Master> The guard on his knees is too winded to attack anyone
    01[20:04] <@Dungeon_Master> Kelvar!
    [20:05] <+Kelvar> (Does he take a hit to AC for being down?)
    01[20:05] <@Dungeon_Master> (Yes, he loses dodge bonus)
    [20:05] <+Kelvar> (Sweet)
    06[20:05] * +Kelvar aims a kick at the downed guard's head
    [20:05] <+Kelvar> !Roll 1d20+3
    [20:05] <@Mystra> Kelvar, 1d20+3: 8 (Total: 8, Avg: 8.00)
    [20:05] <+Kelvar> (Damn)
    [20:05] <+Matt5> (lol)
    01[20:05] <@Dungeon_Master> His kick misses
    01[20:06] <@Dungeon_Master> The middle guard takes a kick at Imnolu
    01[20:06] <@Dungeon_Master> !roll d20+3
    [20:06] <@Mystra> Dungeon_Master, d20+3: 6 (Total: 6, Avg: 6.00)
    01[20:06] <@Dungeon_Master> Missing spectacularly
    01[20:06] <@Dungeon_Master> New round!
    01[20:06] <@Dungeon_Master> Matt!
    [20:06] <+Imnolu> (o.o)
    [20:06] <+Matt5> (Ok, aiming at the one that hit me)
    [20:06] <+Matt5> "ARGH!!!"
    [20:07] <+Matt5> !roll 1d20+4
    [20:07] <@Mystra> Matt5, 1d20+4: 19 (Total: 19, Avg: 19.00)
    [20:07] <+Matt5> (shiny)
    01[20:07] <@Dungeon_Master> A hit! A fine hit!
    01[20:07] <@Dungeon_Master> Roll damage!
    [20:07] <+Matt5> !roll 1d3+3
    [20:07] <@Mystra> Matt5, 1d3+3: 5 (Total: 5, Avg: 5.00)
    01[20:07] <@Dungeon_Master> The punch takes him in the side of the head, dazing him for a moment and making his shake his head and blink
    01[20:08] <@Dungeon_Master> Pibli!
    06[20:08] * @Pibli attacks the nearest standing guard!
    [20:08] <@Pibli> !roll 1d20+2
    [20:08] <@Mystra> Pibli, 1d20+2: 17 (Total: 17, Avg: 17.00)
    01[20:08] <@Dungeon_Master> (You're not near any standing ones!)
    06[20:08] * @Pibli moves and attacks the nearest standing guard!
    01[20:08] <@Dungeon_Master> (lol)
    01[20:08] <@Dungeon_Master> Hit!
    [20:08] <@Pibli> !roll 1d3+1
    [20:08] <@Mystra> Pibli, 1d3+1: 3 (Total: 3, Avg: 3.00)
    01[20:09] <@Dungeon_Master> The punch lands and takes him in the stomach
    01[20:09] <@Dungeon_Master> Imnolu! Can she redeem herself?
    06[20:09] * +Imnolu looks determindly at the guard who tried to kick her
    [20:10] <+Imnolu> !roll 1d20+1
    [20:10] <@Mystra> Imnolu, 1d20+1: 15 (Total: 15, Avg: 15.00)
    01[20:10] <@Dungeon_Master> Hit!
    [20:10] <+Imnolu> !roll 1d3+1
    [20:10] <@Mystra> Imnolu, 1d3+1: 2 (Total: 2, Avg: 2.00)
    01[20:10] <@Dungeon_Master> He shakes his head and blinks, surprised that the elf hit him
    [20:10] <+Imnolu> (:¬P)
    [20:10] <+Kelvar> "Good hit, girl!"
    [20:11] <+Matt5> "Weheeeeee!"
    01[20:11] <@Dungeon_Master> The guard closest to Matt takes a kick-swing at him as hard as he can!
    01[20:11] <@Dungeon_Master> !roll d20-2
    [20:11] <@Mystra> Dungeon_Master, d20-2: 2 (Total: 2, Avg: 2.00)
    01[20:11] <@Dungeon_Master> He swings around dangerously, bearing his back to the group
    01[20:12] <@Dungeon_Master> The guard on his knees regains is feet and throws a raging punch at Pibli
    01[20:12] <@Dungeon_Master> !roll d20-2
    [20:12] <@Mystra> Dungeon_Master, d20-2: 15 (Total: 15, Avg: 15.00)
    01[20:12] <@Dungeon_Master> Hit?
    [20:12] <@Pibli> yup
    01[20:12] <@Dungeon_Master> O_O
    01[20:12] <@Dungeon_Master> !roll d3+8
    [20:12] <@Mystra> Dungeon_Master, d3+8: 9 (Total: 9, Avg: 9.00)
    [20:12] <@Pibli> (+8?!)
    01[20:12] <@Dungeon_Master> His enraged punch lands with a sickening thud, straight in her face!
    [20:12] <+Kelvar> (+8!? What IS he?)
    01[20:12] <@Dungeon_Master> (Power attack, maxed out)
    [20:12] <+Imnolu> (o.O)
    [20:13] <@Pibli> (ahh, right)
    01[20:13] <@Dungeon_Master> (Hence the -2)
    [20:13] <+Kelvar> (You know you can only max it up to your base attack bonus, right?)
    [20:13] <@Pibli> (yeah)
    [20:13] <+Matt5> (HE IS A MOHAWK, FOO!)
    01[20:13] <@Dungeon_Master> (Too effing late :p)
    [20:13] <@Pibli> (pfft, cheater!)
    [20:13] <+Kelvar> (Screw it, i'll break that rule too :¬P)
    01[20:13] <@Dungeon_Master> Kelvar!
    06[20:14] * +Kelvar steps over to the guard that attacked Pibli and cracks him in the head with his elbow
    [20:14] <+Kelvar> !roll 1d20-2
    [20:14] <@Mystra> Kelvar, 1d20-2: 3 (Total: 3, Avg: 3.00)
    [20:14] <+Kelvar> (Bleh)
    01[20:14] <@Dungeon_Master> The elbow swings around dangerously
    01[20:14] <@Dungeon_Master> The center guard glarng at Imnolu takes a swing at her
    01[20:14] <@Dungeon_Master> !roll d20+3
    [20:14] <@Mystra> Dungeon_Master, d20+3: 19 (Total: 19, Avg: 19.00)
    01[20:14] <@Dungeon_Master> Hit?
    [20:15] <+Imnolu> (?)
    01[20:15] <@Dungeon_Master> !roll d3+3
    [20:15] <@Mystra> Dungeon_Master, d3+3: 5 (Total: 5, Avg: 5.00)
    01[20:15] <@Dungeon_Master> The punch takes her straight in the face, making blood spatter across her as her nose is painfully broken!
    [20:15] <+Matt5> (An elf with a broken nose :()
    [20:15] <+Imnolu> (Why put "Hit?" if it's not a question? o.o)
    01[20:16] <@Dungeon_Master> Because I had to look up your AC :p
    [20:16] <@Pibli> (Because you didn't answer :¬P)
    01[20:16] <@Dungeon_Master> She sways dazedly, but remains on her feet
    [20:16] <+Imnolu> (I didn't know what I was supposed to damn look up)
    01[20:16] <@Dungeon_Master> (hey, chill :p no bad)
    [20:16] <+Kelvar> (Your AC, Immy)
    [20:16] <@Pibli> (Don't worry, the DM is cheating anyway ;¬))
    01[20:16] <@Dungeon_Master> (o_O)
    [20:17] <@Pibli> (j/k :¬P)
    01[20:17] <@Dungeon_Master> (lol)
    01[20:17] <@Dungeon_Master> New round!
    01[20:17] <@Dungeon_Master> Matt!
    06[20:17] * +Matt5 jumps and tries to head butt the one who criticaly missed
    [20:18] <+Matt5> !roll 1d20+4
    [20:18] <@Mystra> Matt5, 1d20+4: 12 (Total: 12, Avg: 12.00)
    03[20:18] * Pibli sets mode: -i
    03[20:18] * Pibli sets mode: -m
    [20:18] <+Matt5> (hit or miss?)
    01[20:19] <@Dungeon_Master> Miss
    01[20:19] <@Dungeon_Master> Pibli!
  7. Urithrand

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    Jul 26, 2004
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    06[20:19] * @Pibli attacks the guard still standing!
    06[20:19] * +Matt5 lands on the floor
    [20:19] <@Pibli> !roll 1d20+2
    [20:19] <@Mystra> Pibli, 1d20+2: 14 (Total: 14, Avg: 14.00)
    01[20:19] <@Dungeon_Master> Miss!
    [20:19] <@Pibli> bollocks
    01[20:20] <@Dungeon_Master> Immy, through the blood can you take your revenge!?
    [20:20] <+Imnolu> !roll 1d20+1
    [20:20] <@Mystra> Imnolu, 1d20+1: 17 (Total: 17, Avg: 17.00)
    [20:20] <+Imnolu> (LOL, 8)
    01[20:20] <@Dungeon_Master> Hit!
    [20:20] <+Imnolu> !roll 1d3+1
    [20:20] <@Mystra> Imnolu, 1d3+1: 4 (Total: 4, Avg: 4.00)
    [20:20] <+Kelvar> (You can!)
    06[20:20] * +Imnolu grrrs at the guard
    01[20:20] <@Dungeon_Master> The guard sways dangerously as your fist collides with his head. He can't take much more of this!
    06[20:20] * +Imnolu does a small dance
    03[20:20] * ElfenLied (~t3nacious@ has joined #sp_mm
    01[20:21] <@Dungeon_Master> The guard closest to matt roars and attacks him
    01[20:21] <@Dungeon_Master> !roll d20
    [20:21] <@Mystra> Dungeon_Master, d20: 7 (Total: 7, Avg: 7.00)
    01[20:21] <@Dungeon_Master> And once more misses like a total lemon!
    [20:21] <+Matt5> (and i'm on the floor here :D)
    01[20:21] <@Dungeon_Master> The other guard, previously winded takes a swing at kelvar
    01[20:21] <@Dungeon_Master> !roll d20+3
    [20:21] <@Mystra> Dungeon_Master, d20+3: 8 (Total: 8, Avg: 8.00)
    [20:21] <+Kelvar> ((AC bonus applied)
    06[20:22] * +Kelvar ducks
    01[20:22] <@Dungeon_Master> And in his dazed state he sways nearly off his feet as he swings wide
    01[20:22] <@Dungeon_Master> Kelvar!
    [20:22] <+Kelvar> (Nonlethal attack time)
    01[20:22] <@Dungeon_Master> (shoot)
    06[20:22] * +Kelvar knees the guard that attacked him
    [20:23] <+Kelvar> !roll 1d20+3
    [20:23] <@Mystra> Kelvar, 1d20+3: 17 (Total: 17, Avg: 17.00)
    01[20:23] <@Dungeon_Master> He hits beautifully in the face as the guard sways and smashes his nose across his face. The guard falls to the floor, knocked out cold!
    [20:23] <+Kelvar> Aha
    [20:23] <+Kelvar> Cleave gives me another attack
    [20:23] <+Kelvar> Against a nearby target
    01[20:24] <@Dungeon_Master> The guard next to the one that just collapsed gets mad and attacks Kelvar in a rage!
    01[20:24] <@Dungeon_Master> !roll d20+2
    [20:24] <+Kelvar> (Oi!)
    [20:24] <@Mystra> Dungeon_Master, d20+2: 22 (Total: 22, Avg: 22.00)
    01[20:24] <@Dungeon_Master> Critical hit!
    [20:24] <+Kelvar> (I have an extra attack)
    [20:24] <+Kelvar> (URI! CLEAVE)
    01[20:24] <@Dungeon_Master> (Alright! Alright!)
    [20:25] <+Kelvar> (Meaning you lose your crit roll, cheater :¬P)
    01[20:25] <@Dungeon_Master> (oh shut up and attack -_-)
    06[20:25] * +Kelvar swings at the closest standing guard
    [20:25] <+Kelvar> !roll 1d20+3
    [20:25] <@Mystra> Kelvar, 1d20+3: 18 (Total: 18, Avg: 18.00)
    01[20:25] <@Dungeon_Master> (The one who nearly critted you ;))
    01[20:25] <@Dungeon_Master> Hit!
    [20:25] <+Kelvar> !roll 1d6+3
    [20:25] <@Mystra> Kelvar, 1d6+3: 4 (Total: 4, Avg: 4.00)
    [20:25] <+Kelvar> (I'm Jackie Chan, haii-ya!)
    01[20:25] <@Dungeon_Master> Your fist smashes several of his teeth out of his mouth and he does a full spin before smashing to the floor
    [20:26] <+Imnolu> (haha, ballerina.)
    [20:26] <+Matt5> (Everyone was Kung-Fu fighting!)
    [20:26] <+Imnolu> (*Everybody :¬P)
    01[20:26] <@Dungeon_Master> The final guard looks around himself fearfully looking from one to the next before panicking and attempting to flee!
    [20:26] <+Kelvar> (AoO as he runs past)
    01[20:26] <@Dungeon_Master> Imnolu and Matt!
    01[20:27] <@Dungeon_Master> When someone tries to flee and runs past you, like in this instance
    [20:27] <+Imnolu> (what roll?)
    01[20:27] <@Dungeon_Master> You get a free attack
    01[20:27] <@Dungeon_Master> Called an attack of opportunity
    [20:27] <+Matt5> (technically, i'm down, i could try to trip him?)
    [20:27] <+Imnolu> (So just a normal attack roll?)
    01[20:27] <@Dungeon_Master> (No. Next time don't decide of your own accord that you went down :¬P)
    [20:27] <@Pibli> (I won't attack him, and brb)
    01[20:28] <@Dungeon_Master> Immy, yes
    [20:28] <+Imnolu> !roll 1d20+1
    [20:28] <@Mystra> Imnolu, 1d20+1: 14 (Total: 14, Avg: 14.00)
    [20:28] <+Matt5> (that's not fair :p)
    01[20:28] <@Dungeon_Master> And Pibli, good because he's not running past you :p
    [20:28] <+Matt5> !roll 1d20+4
    [20:28] <@Mystra> Matt5, 1d20+4: 13 (Total: 13, Avg: 13.00)
    01[20:28] <@Dungeon_Master> Matt: That's the sort of thing for me to decide. It's hard enough to stay alive without bringing doom upon yourself XD
    01[20:29] <@Dungeon_Master> As no-one hit him in time to take him down, the guard bolts out of the door
    [20:29] <@Pibli> (Well it's his funeral :¬P)
    01[20:29] <@Dungeon_Master> (Indeed :p)
    01[20:29] <@Dungeon_Master> End battle!
    06[20:29] * +Kelvar looks around for a few seconds, then relaxes
    [20:30] <+Matt5> (that means we run for our stuff and run?)
    01[20:30] <@Dungeon_Master> The barman looks at you all as if you're stark raving mad.
    06[20:30] * +Imnolu holds her poor nose, which is still pouring with blood
    [20:30] <+Kelvar> "You alright, elf? That looks pretty painful"
    [20:30] <@Pibli> "Sorry 'bout that, barman!"
    [20:30] <+Imnolu> "Really, human? REALLY?!"
    [20:30] <+Kelvar> "Really."
    [20:30] <+Matt5> "Aye, maybe dancing reminds me of my childhood, but fighting even more!"
    01[20:30] <@Dungeon_Master> "You'd all better get out of here. I ain't havin the guard takin retribution on my tavern!"
    06[20:30] * +Imnolu takes a swipe at Kelvar
    06[20:30] * +Matt5 roars with laugher
    06[20:31] * @Pibli nods
    01[20:31] <@Dungeon_Master> "You, elf!" He says distastefully
    [20:31] <@Pibli> "Fair 'nough, sir"
    [20:31] <+Imnolu> "Me?"
    06[20:31] * @Pibli shuffles towards her stuff and leaves the tavern
    [20:31] <+Kelvar> "Apologies, barman... We didn't mean to cause trouble
    01[20:31] <@Dungeon_Master> "You may want to visit Garbmol, he's a phersishin, he ken fix yer nose up all right."
    06[20:31] * +Kelvar turns and leaves
    [20:32] <+Imnolu> "My thanks."
    01[20:32] <@Dungeon_Master> He shrugs
    06[20:32] * +Imnolu finds her weapons and leaves the tavern
    06[20:32] * +Matt5 gets his sword and BIG shield and bolts out after Pibli
    01[20:33] <@Dungeon_Master> (ElfenLied)
    01[20:33] <@Dungeon_Master> (Are you still there?)
    [20:33] <@Pibli> (hey, Uri, how is heal working in this campaign again?)
    06[20:33] * +Kelvar nods at Imnolu
    [20:33] <+Kelvar> "We should take her to get fixed up"
    01[20:33] <@Dungeon_Master> (The same as in NWN. I'll explain for those who aren't familiar:)
    06[20:33] * +Imnolu nods frantically
    01[20:33] <@Dungeon_Master> You have a skill named Heal
    [20:33] <@Pibli> (Well that was why I was asking :¬P)
    01[20:34] <@Dungeon_Master> Every point in heal will be helpful. When you have a healing kit you can roll a heal check.
    01[20:34] <@Dungeon_Master> It's a D20+ your skill mod
    01[20:34] <@Dungeon_Master> The result is the damage you heal. The healing kit is then used up.
    01[20:35] <@Dungeon_Master> It cannot, however, be used in battle as it is not magical healing, and there needs to be stillness for you to daub herbs on wounds, tie bandages, etc.
    01[20:35] <@Dungeon_Master> ElfenLied
    01[20:35] <@Dungeon_Master> *poke*
    03[20:36] * Dungeon_Master sets mode: +v ElfenLied
    06[20:36] * +Imnolu dances on the spot
    06[20:37] * @Pibli wanders around dizzily looking for a general store or some sort of healers shop
    01[20:37] <@Dungeon_Master> You all stand outside the tavern, blood pouring freely from Immy's nose
    06[20:37] * @Pibli stumbles a fair bit as she looks around
    06[20:37] * +Matt5 just looks silly carrying a shield as big as him
    [20:38] <+Imnolu> "Um.."
    01[20:38] <@Dungeon_Master> You see a store only a dozen yards away called Garbmol's Herbal Remedies
    06[20:38] * +Imnolu looks around for someone to ask the location of Garbmol
    [20:38] <+Imnolu> (>_> sorry)
    06[20:38] * @Pibli stumbles in
    06[20:38] * +Imnolu nearly trips over Pibli
    [20:38] <@Pibli> "Hallo!"
    06[20:39] * +Kelvar follows everyone else in
    06[20:39] * +Imnolu points at her nose violently, just able to stand up
    [20:39] <+Imnolu> (OMFG COHEED ON KERRANG)
    01[20:39] <@Dungeon_Master> At first, you all assume the store is empty, until a tiny voice sounds from behind the counter, "Hello? Who's there?"
    [20:40] <+Imnolu> (>.<)
    [20:40] <+Matt5> (Ii have to GO, BRB)
    [20:40] <@Pibli> "We are! Who's there?"
    [20:40] <+Imnolu> "I need help, please!"
    01[20:40] <@Dungeon_Master> A small man appears, no more than 3 feet in height. A gnome by the looks of him.
    01[20:40] <@Dungeon_Master> "Good grief, lassie, what have you been up to?"
    06[20:40] * +Imnolu continues to point at her nose
    [20:40] <+Kelvar> "Can you sort her out?"
    01[20:40] <@Dungeon_Master> He tuts as he walks up to her, shaking his head.
    01[20:40] <@Dungeon_Master> "Of course! It'll hurt though..."
    01[20:41] <@Dungeon_Master> He pulls her shirt roughly to bring her down to his level
    [20:41] <@Pibli> (bah! Why does the elf get all the attention? XD)
    01[20:41] <@Dungeon_Master> "Someone hold her hand a moment."
    [20:41] <+Imnolu> (Lol 8)
    06[20:41] * +Kelvar gently pushes Pibli toward Imnolu
    06[20:41] * @Pibli pushes back
    [20:41] <@Pibli> "Watch it!"
    [20:42] <+Imnolu> "I'll be fine on my own, just fix my nose!"
    01[20:42] <@Dungeon_Master> With a sigh, he hold it very tenderly, feeling where the break is before suddenly snapping it painfully back into place
    [20:42] <+Imnolu> "OW! YOU SMALL SON OF A.."
    01[20:42] <@Dungeon_Master> He laughs merrily
    01[20:42] <@Dungeon_Master> "I did warn you, madam."
    [20:42] <@Pibli> "No way tae speak ta him!"
    [20:42] <+Kelvar> "Feel better?"
    [20:43] <@Pibli> (Gotta go eat. can Pibli get healed up while I'm afk?"
    06[20:43] * +Imnolu wipes the blood from her face and stands up and moves behind Pibli and Kelvar
    01[20:43] <@Dungeon_Master> "Now it's set I'll gladly sell you some herbs to stop the bleeding.
    [20:43] <+Imnolu> "That would be good, thanks"
    [20:44] <+Imnolu> (I haven't got long, guys :/)
    01[20:44] <@Dungeon_Master> He potters about merrily, taking a small nose-shaped brace and some dried herbs from various places about the store. Once he has them all, he mixes the herbs together in a mortar and pestle with a small amount of spit, before gesturing Immy to paste it over the bleeding nose.
    06[20:45] * +Kelvar tears a strip of cloth off his sleeve and offers it to Imnolu
    [20:45] <+Kelvar> "Here, clean yourself up with this
    [20:45] <+Kelvar> "
    06[20:45] * +Imnolu takes the cloth
    [20:45] <+Imnolu> "Thank you"
    01[20:45] <@Dungeon_Master> "That'll be 5 copper pieces."
    [20:45] <+Imnolu> (er..)
    01[20:45] <@Dungeon_Master> (There's 10 Copper to a silver and 10 silver to a gold)
    [20:45] <+Imnolu> (oh wait, i have money)
    01[20:46] <@Dungeon_Master> (lol)
    06[20:46] * +Imnolu gives Garbmol the money
    01[20:46] <@Dungeon_Master> He gives her 9 silver and 5 copper pieces change in return for her gold piece.
    01[20:46] <@Dungeon_Master> "Now, lassie." He turns to Pibli
    01[20:47] <@Dungeon_Master> "You seem a little battered and bruised yourself, hmmmm?"
    [20:47] <+Kelvar> (She's afk - sort me out :¬P)
    06[20:47] * +Imnolu uses Kelvar's cloth to clean her face and upper body, which are covered in blood
    06[20:47] * +Imnolu also tries not to sneeze o.o
    01[20:47] <@Dungeon_Master> "And you young man, what can I do for you?
    [20:48] <+Matt5> (i'm back)
    01[20:48] <@Dungeon_Master> (wb)
    [20:48] <+Kelvar> "I took a nasty hit in the ribs... Got anything that can help?"
    01[20:49] <@Dungeon_Master> "A hot cloth will draw out the bruising, and a good night's sleep."
    06[20:49] * +Kelvar nods, and looks for a chair
    01[20:50] <@Dungeon_Master> The little man brings out a small stool and potters off to get a thick cloth
    06[20:50] * +Kelvar sits, wincing slightly
    01[20:50] <@Dungeon_Master> He puts the thick cloth in a small metal chamber above a log fire for a few minutes.
    06[20:51] * +Imnolu nods at Kelvar in a concerned manner
    01[20:51] <@Dungeon_Master> "So, young 'uns, what have you been up to? It's a while since people needed such urgent attention from me."
    [20:51] <+Imnolu> "How long will it take for my nose to stop bleeding?"
    [20:51] <+Kelvar> "Bit of a disagreement in a tavern"
    01[20:52] <@Dungeon_Master> "It should be clotting now, young lady."
    01[20:52] <@Dungeon_Master> "Ah, the tavern brawl. What a wonderous past-time! Never fails to bring people crawling to my door."
    01[20:52] <@Dungeon_Master> He coos delightedly
    06[20:52] * +Kelvar smiles
    01[20:53] <@Dungeon_Master> "Let me check on that cloth."
    [20:53] <+Imnolu> "My thanks. But be more careful about delighting in the injuries of others!"
    06[20:53] * +Imnolu laughs
    [20:53] <+Kelvar> "Good business, especially having your shop set up just down the street"
    01[20:53] <@Dungeon_Master> He takes the fleecy cloth out of the chamber and touches it to his face experimentally
    01[20:53] <@Dungeon_Master> "Ah, perfect. Indeed young man, indeed. A good choice of location on my part." He winks.
    06[20:54] * +Matt5 just observers the scene nested with the chin on his SHIELD
    01[20:54] <@Dungeon_Master> "Take off your shirt."
    [20:54] <+Imnolu> (Why say shield in capitals?)
    [20:54] <+Matt5> ('cause it's BIG)
    06[20:54] * +Kelvar pulls the top half of his robes off and drops it on the floor
    06[20:55] * +Imnolu averts her eyes our of respect
    [20:55] <+Imnolu> *out
    [20:55] <+Imnolu> (Or politeness -_-)
    01[20:55] <@Dungeon_Master> The small man ties the hot cloth tightly around him , knotting it with thin rope.
    [20:55] <+Kelvar> (He has a few scars around his shoulders, arms, and chest)
    [20:55] <+Imnolu> (8, wo bist du? :()
    [20:56] <+Kelvar> "Thankyou"
    06[20:56] * +Kelvar slumps a little bit, and closes his eyes
    06[20:57] * +Imnolu notices Kelvar has shut his eyes and glances over his scars
    01[20:57] <@Dungeon_Master> "No problem. that'll be 2 copper pieces."
    [20:57] <+Imnolu> "Been in many brawls?"
    06[20:57] * +Kelvar reaches into a pouch at his belt pulls out 2 copper coins, and hands them over
    01[20:58] <@Dungeon_Master> "Thank you kindly."
    [20:58] <+Kelvar> "No, it's a part of my training"
    [20:58] <+Imnolu> "Training?"
    [20:59] <+Kelvar> "When you fight without armour, you have to learn to dodge blades - It seems i'm still learning"
    06[20:59] * +Matt5 spits
    01[20:59] <@Dungeon_Master> The little man turns to matt
    01[20:59] <@Dungeon_Master> +
    01[20:59] <@Dungeon_Master> "What about you? have you any injuries you need fixed?"
    [21:00] <+Matt5> "I've learned the only thing good against blades are shields"
    [21:00] <+Matt5> "Ah, I got a nasty hit in the chest, but I'll be fine"
    [21:00] <+Imnolu> (Guys, I have to be off within the next few minutes)
    01[21:00] <@Dungeon_Master> This is a good moment to mention
    01[21:01] <@Dungeon_Master> When you undergo natural healing like this
    01[21:01] <@Dungeon_Master> You need to rest
    01[21:01] <@Dungeon_Master> Once rested, all your HP return in full
    01[21:01] <@Dungeon_Master> But you don't get any HP back until you do.
    [21:02] <+Kelvar> "How long do I have to leave this on for?"
    01[21:02] <@Dungeon_Master> "Only until it feels cool again, that's long enough for it to do its job young 'un" He grins
    [21:03] <@Pibli> (reading up)
    01[21:03] <@Dungeon_Master> (Sure)
    [21:03] <+Imnolu> "What about my nose?"
    01[21:03] <@Dungeon_Master> "Leave the herbs there until you're sure the blood has clotted completely, then place the nose-brace over the bridge to avoid it from popping back out again
    01[21:03] <@Dungeon_Master> "
    [21:04] <+Imnolu> "Ok"
    [21:04] <+Imnolu> (Uri, how much longer will this be?"
    [21:04] <+Imnolu> *)
    01[21:04] <@Dungeon_Master> (You can go whenever you like)
    01[21:04] <@Dungeon_Master> (How about everyone else?)
    01[21:04] <@Dungeon_Master> (You want to carry on?)
    [21:04] <+Imnolu> (Dun wanna miss something)
    [21:04] <+Kelvar> (I can carry on)
    01[21:05] <@Dungeon_Master> (I'll have a log for anyone who misses anything)
    [21:05] <@Pibli> (I can put the whole log up when we're done)
    [21:05] <@Pibli> (can put it on DI, SP or wherever)
    [21:05] <@Pibli> (Can I gets healed now?! :¬P)
    [21:06] <+Imnolu> bbs
    01[21:07] <@Dungeon_Master> The little man turns to Pibli happily
    01[21:07] <@Dungeon_Master> (Bye Immy)
    [21:07] <+Kelvar> (Bye)
    [21:07] <+Imnolu> (.. I'm staying in sp_mm)
    01[21:07] <@Dungeon_Master> "What about you, young lady? You need my skills?"
    [21:08] <+Matt5> (uhm, i think i'll have to go, seems i have to install windows on my PC urgently)
    [21:08] <+Matt5> (sry)
    [21:08] <@Pibli> "Aye, been hit pretty bad!"
    [21:08] <@Pibli> (three quarters of my health in one go bad! :¬P)
    [21:08] <+Matt5> (Bye now)
    01[21:08] <@Dungeon_Master> (OK Matt)
    01[21:08] <@Dungeon_Master> (Seeya :))
    03[21:08] * +Matt5 (nema@78-3-237-67.adsl.net.t-com.hr) has left #sp_mm
    [21:08] <+Kelvar> (Bye)
    01[21:09] <@Dungeon_Master> "Sure thing lass, You'll need a similar treatment as the young man here to draw out the bruising. Anything broken?"
    [21:10] <@Pibli> "Not'ing that cannae set itself, strong bones"
    06[21:10] * @Pibli smiles
    01[21:11] <@Dungeon_Master> The little man sets about Pibli, wrapping her in hot towels and giving her a steaming bowl scattered with herbs to breathe
    01[21:11] <@Dungeon_Master> "To stop concussion, you see."e grins
    06[21:11] * @Pibli nods gently
    [21:12] <+Kelvar> "You alright over there, little one?"
    01[21:12] <@Dungeon_Master> (brb)
    [21:13] <@Pibli> "Eh? Aye, I'm fine"
    [21:13] <@Pibli> "Yeh've changed ye tone"
    [21:14] <+Kelvar> "You helped out back in the bar - I owe you"
    [21:15] <@Pibli> "Aye, ye've a strong arm on ye. But a bitter manner."
    [21:17] <+Kelvar> "My apologies, m'lady. I tend to get a little sharp-tongued at times"
    01[21:17] <@Dungeon_Master> (back)
    [21:17] <@Pibli> (wb)
    01[21:18] <@Dungeon_Master> (ty)
    [21:18] <+Kelvar> (Yo)
    01[21:18] <@Dungeon_Master> "Well, due to the guard I saw fleeing from the tavern a while back, I'd guess you need to lay low a while, aye?
    01[21:18] <@Dungeon_Master> "
    [21:19] <@Pibli> "Aye, mos' likely"
    [21:20] <+Imnolu> (back. got talking about 6th form and mom got annoyed and told me to go back here XD)
    01[21:20] <@Dungeon_Master> "Well one thing you will learn while here is that the so called "keepers of the peace" are... mildly unpopular."
    01[21:20] <@Dungeon_Master> (lol)
    [21:20] <+Kelvar> "A little bit power-obsessed, it seems"
    01[21:20] <@Dungeon_Master> "You're quite welcome to wait in the back room a while, the innkeeper will not likely betray your positon to anyone asking for you."
    [21:21] <+Imnolu> "Is there anything I can do with this cloth?"
    [21:21] <+Kelvar> "Thankyou"
    06[21:21] * +Kelvar undoes the tie around him, and pulls the top of his robes back on
    01[21:21] <@Dungeon_Master> "Aye, I'll burn it with the other stuff this evening lass."
    06[21:22] * +Imnolu nods
    01[21:22] <@Dungeon_Master> He ushers you into the rear room before closing the door firmly
    06[21:23] * @Pibli looks around
    [21:23] <+Imnolu> "Well, I certainly wasn't expecting such an eventful evening when I walked into that bar"
    [21:24] <@Pibli> "Aye!"
    [21:25] <+Imnolu> (What's in the room?)
    01[21:25] <@Dungeon_Master> It's a stockroom, filled with dubious smeling packages wrapped in cloth and boxes of bundled herbs, bandages and the like
    06[21:25] * +Kelvar finds something reasonably comfortable to sit on
    01[21:25] <@Dungeon_Master> Some shelves are filled with various different coloured liquids
    [21:25] <@Pibli> (The cat attacks you XD)
    01[21:26] <@Dungeon_Master> There are large bundles of cloths which would function as seats
    01[21:26] <@Dungeon_Master> All of the bottles and boxes and bundles are neatly labelled
    06[21:27] * +Imnolu grabs various packages and sits on them
    [21:27] <+Kelvar> "So, what do they call you two?"
    [21:27] <@Pibli> "Me name is Pibli. Pibli Morrowin."
    [21:28] <+Imnolu> (I was wondering when this would come up XD)
    [21:28] <+Imnolu> "Imnolu."
    01[21:28] <@Dungeon_Master> The closest bottle is labelled "God couldn't be bothered to name this liquid, but it cures stuff :¬D"
    [21:28] <@Pibli> "Tha' be a mouthful!"
    01[21:28] <@Dungeon_Master> And underneath "Do not steal"
    [21:28] <+Imnolu> "And yourself?"
    [21:29] <+Kelvar> "Kelvar. Good to meet you people"
    01[21:29] <@Dungeon_Master> Matt introduces himself in a similar fashion
    [21:29] <+Imnolu> "Is that some attempt at manners I see?"
    [21:29] <@Pibli> "Not a lord then?"
    [21:30] <+Kelvar> "A lord? What makes you think that?"
    [21:30] <@Pibli> "Well ye seem ta look down ya nose at people."
    [21:30] <+Kelvar> "Maybe at drunks"
    06[21:30] * +Imnolu laughs
    [21:31] <@Pibli> "Th' barman wouldnae have been drunk!"
    01[21:31] <@Dungeon_Master> Almost perfectly on cue, the door opens
    06[21:31] * @Pibli turns and looks
    06[21:31] * +Kelvar looks up
    06[21:31] * +Imnolu looks up
    01[21:31] <@Dungeon_Master> the little man walks through with a tray of drinks, the smell suggesting it contains something rather potent alcoholically...
    01[21:32] <@Dungeon_Master> "I thought I'd share my special brew with you all while you're here. No harm making friends" He smiles broadly
    01[21:32] <@Dungeon_Master> "Besides, business is slow, and it's nice to have someone to talk to."
    06[21:32] * +Kelvar politely refuses
    01[21:32] <@Dungeon_Master> "Oh hang on, I have a jug of springwater for you..."
    [21:32] <@Pibli> "Most kind o' ye, sir!"
    01[21:33] <@Dungeon_Master> He disappears and re-appears a few moments later with a jug of clean, crisp water.
    [21:33] <+Kelvar> "Thanks"
    06[21:33] * +Kelvar takes the water and has a long drink
    01[21:34] <@Dungeon_Master> "So, merry meetings I assume? You all seem somewhat estranged from each other, hmmm?"
    [21:34] <@Pibli> "How come ye only drink water?"
    [21:34] <@Pibli> "jus' met"
    01[21:34] <@Dungeon_Master> "Interesting, interesting. And quite the ruckus you've made already hehehe"
    [21:34] <+Kelvar> "I don't drink alcohol - I like to keep my mind pure"
    [21:34] <+Imnolu> (Ok if I drink from my own water flask thing?)
    [21:34] <+Imnolu> (LOL.)
    01[21:35] <@Dungeon_Master> (Sure, go for it.)
    06[21:35] * +Imnolu gets out her flask and drinks from it
    06[21:35] * @Pibli helps herself to a drink
    01[21:35] <@Dungeon_Master> "Well lass, it looks like it's just you and me." He winks at pibli and toasts her
    [21:35] <@Pibli> "Aye, 'ow much do I owe ye for the treatment, by the way? Ye never said"
    01[21:37] <@Dungeon_Master> "Oh, it will be 3 coppers."
    06[21:37] * @Pibli digs in her pockets and passes them over
    01[21:37] <@Dungeon_Master> "Thank you kindly." he nods to her
    01[21:38] <@Dungeon_Master> "Well quite the group you've arranged here."
    01[21:38] <@Dungeon_Master> He looks around you, almost measuring you up
    01[21:38] <@Dungeon_Master> "You realise the trouble you could be in, don't you?"
    [21:38] <@Pibli> "Got sommat in mind?"
    01[21:38] <@Dungeon_Master> "No, no, I'm just a herbalist my dear." He winks.
    [21:39] <@Pibli> "Aye well, I been travellin' a few months already, was only passin' through 'ere"
    [21:39] <+Kelvar> "How do the guards get away with acting like that?"
    01[21:39] <@Dungeon_Master> "No-one to tell them otherwise." The little man sighs.
    [21:40] <+Imnolu> "There is no one controlling the guards?"
    01[21:40] <@Dungeon_Master> "The captain of the guard, Lothis is name is, is a selfish brute, but you didn't hear tat from me."
    01[21:40] <@Dungeon_Master> that*
    [21:40] <+Kelvar> "Why hasn't he been replaced?... Or worse"
    01[21:40] <@Dungeon_Master> it's not common knowledge, but I know he's in Entropis' pocket."
    [21:41] <+Kelvar> "Entropis?"
    01[21:41] <@Dungeon_Master> "My my my, you're really not from around here, are you?"
    01[21:41] <@Dungeon_Master> He sighs as if wondering where to begin.
    06[21:41] * +Kelvar shakes his head
    01[21:42] <@Dungeon_Master> "Entropis was a member of what was called the council of three. They were himself, an elf and a dwarf, and they founded this city 150 years ago or there abouts."
    01[21:43] <@Dungeon_Master> "Unfortunately when the civil war broke out, the elves and dwarves decided to leave the fools to it and left. Of course in Entropis' eyes, he was brutally abandoned by his peers."
    [21:43] <@Pibli> "I've been raised on a farm, don' need much history there"
    01[21:44] <@Dungeon_Master> "So he was left alone to run the shambles the city was fast becoming. He wasn't able to run everything himself, so he appointed a council: Ten men as crooked and dishonest as they come."
    [21:44] <@Pibli> "Why pick 'em if they're than bad?"
    02[21:44] * +ElfenLied (~t3nacious@ Quit (Read error: EOF from client)
    01[21:45] <@Dungeon_Master> "He knew he could do whatever he wanted and they would never argue, you see."
    01[21:45] <@Dungeon_Master> "They just want to make money and establish power. He gives them the impression they're doing just that."
    01[21:46] <@Dungeon_Master> In the end of it though, there are three figures in this city that hold all the cards. They are Entropis himself, Lothis the captain of the guard and Agandar, the headmaster of the magic school appointed by Entropis himself many years ago."
    06[21:46] * @Pibli shuffles uncomfortably
    [21:47] <@Pibli> "Cannae trust a wizard ye cannot"
    01[21:47] <@Dungeon_Master> "Am I disturbing you, mistress?"
    01[21:47] <@Dungeon_Master> "Not this one, I'd wager."
    01[21:47] <@Dungeon_Master> "But I've overstepped my bounds, if anyone hears of me talking like this I'll be killed on the spot, and to strangers none the less!"
    [21:47] <+Imnolu> "Explains the way we were spoken to in the tavern, Pibli."
    [21:47] <@Pibli> "Aye"
    [21:48] <+Imnolu> "Kelvar, what do you think of all this?"
    [21:48] <+Kelvar> "The guards have too much power"
    01[21:49] <@Dungeon_Master> A tinkle of a bell sounds and Garbmol bows before scurrying through to tend to his customer.
    [21:49] <+Kelvar> "Someone should stop Lothis
    [21:49] <+Kelvar> "
    [21:50] <@Pibli> "Aye, and who else would take charge?"
    [21:50] <+Imnolu> "What about the drawf and elf who used to run the city with Entropis? Could they not be convinced otherwise"
    [21:51] <@Pibli> "Would they be 'llowed within th' walls?"
    01[21:51] <@Dungeon_Master> The sound of raised voices can be heard on the other side of the door
    06[21:51] * +Kelvar gets up
    [21:51] <+Imnolu> (listen check?)
    06[21:51] * @Pibli grips her axe
    01[21:51] <@Dungeon_Master> You hear Garbmol insisting that "The disgusting interlopers have left"
    [21:51] <+Kelvar> "Sounds like we might not be out of the woods yet
    01[21:51] <@Dungeon_Master> (Go for it)
    [21:51] <+Kelvar> "
    [21:52] <@Pibli> !roll 1d20
    [21:52] <@Mystra> Pibli, 1d20: 18 (Total: 18, Avg: 18.00)
    [21:52] <+Imnolu> (how? o.O)
    01[21:52] <@Dungeon_Master> You get closer to the door and can clearly hear the conversation on the other side
    [21:52] <+Imnolu> (cool)
    01[21:52] <@Dungeon_Master> (Like that :p)
    [21:52] <+Imnolu> (But for reference, how'd I do it in future?)
    01[21:52] <@Dungeon_Master> "Sires, I repeat you do not need to shout, I show you no disrespect."
    01[21:53] <@Dungeon_Master> (Roll d20 and add your listen score)
    [21:53] <+Kelvar> (D20 plus skill modofier)
    [21:53] <+Imnolu> "Plan?"
    [21:53] <@Pibli> (1d20 + listen + wisdom modifier)
    [21:53] <+Imnolu> (also, my keyboard's gone american ..)
    01[21:53] <@Dungeon_Master> "The elf and dwarf you speak of did indeed come here for aid, and in my folly I sold them herbs to heal their wounds, not realising they had fought with your good man."
    [21:54] <+Kelvar> *whispering* "Should we get involved?"
    01[21:54] <@Dungeon_Master> The guards replied loudly: "If we find out you're siding with the outcasts, Garbnol, your head will be for it. They got a price on their head, y'know?"
    [21:55] <+Imnolu> Argh, sorry guys, but I'm being told I have to go :(
    01[21:55] <@Dungeon_Master> (Aw, ok. We'll be finishing up here soon.)
    [21:55] <@Pibli> (Goodnight)
    01[21:55] <@Dungeon_Master> (Night gabs)
    [21:55] <+Imnolu> (How long?)
    01[21:55] <@Dungeon_Master> (We can just finish this convo and call it a night if you like?)
    01[21:55] <@Dungeon_Master> (Say, 10 more minutes?)
    [21:55] <+Imnolu> (that'd be great)
    [21:56] <+Imnolu> (ok, let's go then)
    01[21:56] <@Dungeon_Master> "Indeed good sirs, it stands to reason! I would never harbour traitors should i have known their identities. If they return you can be assured I will summon you with the greatest of haste!"
    01[21:57] <@Dungeon_Master> After a few more threats, the guards seem sated and leave the shop, allowing Garbnol to return to you.
    01[21:57] <@Dungeon_Master> "You see the trouble you're in now? I fear for you, for you have sown me the greatest curtesy listening to me ramble on!"
    01[21:57] <@Dungeon_Master> shown*
    [21:57] <+Kelvar> "We're sorry, we never meant to bring guards to your shop"
    06[21:58] * @Pibli nods
    [21:58] <@Pibli> "We should head off. Lay low fer a while"
    01[21:58] <@Dungeon_Master> "Oh, worry not, they need no excuses to come here with threats, once they threatened to burn my shop if I didn't give them my healing herbs. I pointed out if they did that they'd blow up half the street and they weren't so brave, however." He chuckled.
    01[21:59] <@Dungeon_Master> *s
    06[21:59] * +Kelvar grins
    01[21:59] <@Dungeon_Master> "Of course, of course. You come back any time now, won't you? You'll always be welcome here!" He grins, shaking your hands eagerly.
    01[22:00] <@Dungeon_Master> Finish here?
    06[22:00] * +Imnolu smiles at Garbnol
  8. Elfen Lied

    Elfen Lied The Bird of Hermes is my name, eating my wings to

    Jan 18, 2006
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    Got home late from work But that session was still helpful even if i didn't participate, it let me get an idea of how things worked. Also I still need to do some character work (should be done with all that stuff today, I hope), I will try make the next one though.
  9. Urithrand

    Urithrand Mind turning the light off? ★ SPS Account Holder Veteran

    Jul 26, 2004
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    Sure thing, like I said people are welcome to join next time, but I doubt I'll be allowing new starters after the second session, particularly as I have quite a number of players.
  10. The Shaman Gems: 28/31
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    Oct 18, 2004
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    Ok, I think I will submit an application for the spellcasting department. I'm fairly split on the issue... I could do a wizard, bard or even a cleric (I'm leaning towards bard, although I think I could be more useful as either of the others), depending on what people think would be most useful. I've had a few ideas in my closet for any of the cases, to be honest.
  11. mata5 Gems: 3/31
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    we voted cleric for our one spellcasting class :D
  12. The Shaman Gems: 28/31
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    Oct 18, 2004
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    What, for this game? Okay, but I may need a bit more information on in-game religions at some point.
  13. Urithrand

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    Jul 26, 2004
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    You wouldn't have to necessarily be a cleric, that was just a conversation in the chatroom, but bear in mind there would be a number of restrictions on any spellcasting class's history. Please PM me if you need any more details.

    Everyone ready for another game tomorrow? This will be the last chance for anyone who wants to join, as like said this is quite a large game with potentially 7 players already. Please everyone have your character sheets ready and in the format of the Hypertext D20 character sheet so they're all the same. You can find it here. We don't want to spend the first hour making characters again like last time. We'll call it 6.30pm to arrive as last time people had trouble getting there on time. We will begin at about 7pm, so try not to have to dip in later. See you all there! And Shaman, don't forget to PM me today if you have questions, I'll be at work tomorrow and won't be able to get back to you in time.
  14. Urithrand

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    I thought this conversation would be enlightening for everyone, so here's a log of a conversation about deity in Galantria:

    [19:32] <@Urithrand> Divine magics in Galantria are somewhat different from the D&D FR
    [19:32] <@Urithrand> Firstly, priests don't have a holy symbol, they have a brand of honour
    [19:33] <@Urithrand> This is one of four elemental symbols burned into their flesh, usually on the chest, branded over their heart.
    [19:33] <@Urithrand> They receive this brand when they have performed some very special task for the church, not necessarily knowingly either.
    [19:34] <@Urithrand> Every priest has a set of knucklebones which they read to interpret the wishes of their god/goddess
    [19:35] <@Urithrand> Along with prayer, these are the only form of direct communication priests have wth deity
    [19:35] <@Urithrand> But during prayer, their spells are granted to them as with FR
    [19:36] <@Urithrand> When they cast a spell, they place one hand on the holy brand and the other on the recipient (unless it is a ranged spell)
    [19:37] <@Urithrand> Any questions?
    [19:40] <@Urithrand> Pyramos, Hydrienna, Erithis and Oxena are the four deities by the way. I think it's fairly obvious which ones are for which element :p
    [19:40] <@Urithrand> Pyramos and Erithis are the two males
    [19:40] <@Urithrand> Hydrienna and Oxena are the Goddesses
    [19:42] <The_Shaman> just a moment
    [19:43] <The_Shaman> the brand - does it appear naturally when they get the deity's favor or is it a physical brand when they are made full clerics?
    [19:44] <@Urithrand> It appears on them, branded by their god
    [19:44] <@Urithrand> And there is no ritual to make them full Clerics, and often they will be branded by a God they did not expect.
    [19:45] <@Urithrand> So a true Pyramos follower might rid a lake of disease to save a village, only to be claimed by Hydrienna forever
    [19:45] <@Urithrand> You follow?
    [19:48] <The_Shaman> I suppose a god doesn't like it if it brands you and you continue to worship another?
    [19:48] <@Urithrand> The result could actually be quite amusing: A Hydrienna follower blessed with water-based magic who rebels against his own magical abilities and tries to deny it
    [19:49] <@Urithrand> But the magic is not an optional extra, it's a part of who they are. If they refuse to cast, the magic will kind of "back up" and explode with some rather odd results.
    [19:49] <The_Shaman> Hmm, that's not exactly unlike something I had in mind
    [19:50] <The_Shaman> purely odd? That's a relief ;)
    [19:50] <The_Shaman> sorry, make that merely odd
    [19:50] <@Urithrand> Each level of spells granted to the cleric (actually, they're referred to as shamans) they get to choose a single arcane spell related directly to their element one level above.
    [19:51] <The_Shaman> is this the pseudo-domain thing you said?
    [19:51] <@Urithrand> So for a level three spell, the shaman could choose a level 2 arcane water spell as part of his group of known spells
    [19:51] <@Urithrand> yeah, it's the closest thing to domains that my shamans have.
  15. The Shaman Gems: 28/31
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    Ok, I have most of it done. I'm sending the email with the sheet and some of the info. What's been bugging me is that my character is supposed to start a bit old - in his 30's or around there. This is significant for two things: are we using the usual ability changes for middle/old age, and would it be expected that he be married? I haven't RPed a character with a spouse and it might bring have some implications for his motivations or at least actions unless marriages of Galantria and Mentria in particular are rather less binding than can be expected.
  16. Urithrand

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    Jul 26, 2004
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    Totally your choice. Nobody *has* to be married, and there's no reason why he necessarily would be. There would be no stat changes for middle age because you rolled him as a middle-age character.
  17. The Shaman Gems: 28/31
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    Oct 18, 2004
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    Okay, so I suppose he won't be - for now. Moving around too much is not supposed to be conducive for a good family life anyway. BTW, if you have any ideas about former friends, girlfriends or some such that can serve as plot hooks, I wouldn't mind... as long as it's used in moderation ;)

    By the way, I think we got Pibli fully healed before we rested, but I'm not so sure... Should I send some CLWs her way?
  18. Urithrand

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    Jul 26, 2004
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    It's fine, the healing system is a little more complex. With the absence of a lot of magic, herbal remedies are much more the norm. Mix those with a good night's rest and she's fully recovered.
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2008
  19. Urithrand

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    Jul 26, 2004
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    The log from last week, as promised.

    01[19:03] <@Dungeon_Master> OK!
    [19:03] <+Vorondil> (CJ!!)
    [19:03] <+The_Shaman> ((let me know when I should bump into you guys))
    [19:03] <+Imnolu> (Dal, he's not playing this week)
    [19:03] <+Vorondil> (oooooh)
    06[19:03] * @Pibli peers out the door of the shop
    [19:03] <+Vorondil> (my bad...)
    [19:04] <+Vorondil> (who plays his char? or does he just leave the party to bump into us another time?)
    [19:04] <+Imnolu> (I think he's just casually ignored for a week)
    01[19:04] <@Dungeon_Master> Outside, the world seems as it should be, people here and there milling about, and no guards that you can see in the immediate vincinity.
    06[19:04] * @Pibli beckons the others and shuffles outside
    01[19:04] <@Dungeon_Master> (Everybody shut up your conversations now and play please :p)
    03[19:05] * The_Shaman is now known as Pirin
    06[19:05] * +Imnolu cautiously looks about
    06[19:05] * +Pirin is somewhere around town
    01[19:05] <@Dungeon_Master> As you step outside, you see a rather angry looking dwarf striding towards you
    06[19:05] * @Pibli smiles and waves
    06[19:05] * +Imnolu goes: O.O
    [19:06] <+Imnolu> (He gonna eventually reach us? :¬P)
    01[19:06] <@Dungeon_Master> "Greetings." The dwarf growls, not wasting words or pleasantries, he draws a huge club and swings it straight for Pibli!
    01[19:07] <@Dungeon_Master> Inits!
    [19:07] <@Pibli> "Och! Mind what you're doing with that thing."
    [19:07] <@Pibli> !roll 1d20
    [19:07] <@Mystra> Pibli, 1d20: 9 (Total: 9, Avg: 9.00)
    [19:08] <+Vorondil> (gabs?)
    [19:08] <+Imnolu> ...
    01[19:08] <@Dungeon_Master> (Roll D20 and add your dexterity mod)
    [19:08] <+Imnolu> !roll 1d20+3
    [19:08] <@Mystra> Imnolu, 1d20+3: 16 (Total: 16, Avg: 16.00)
    01[19:09] <@Dungeon_Master> Immy!
    [19:09] <@Pibli> (Classic reaction: Don't know the rules? Say nothing and hope nobody notices! XD)
    [19:09] <+Vorondil> (lol)
    03[19:09] * SP_visitor33 (~jirc@ has joined #sp_mm
    [19:09] <+Imnolu> (I've had one go at this.)
    02[19:09] * SP_visitor33 (~jirc@ Quit (Signed off)
    03[19:10] * Pibli sets mode: -m
    [19:10] <+Vorondil> (1d20 for hitting now)
    [19:10] <+Vorondil> (i think)
    [19:11] <+Imnolu> !roll 1d20
    [19:11] <@Mystra> Imnolu, 1d20: 6 (Total: 6, Avg: 6.00)
    02[19:11] * +Imnolu (~yay_chees@host81-157-28-159.range81-157.btcentralplus.com) Quit (Quit)
    [19:11] <+Vorondil> (?)
    [19:12] <+Vorondil> (Uri?)
    [19:12] <@Pibli> (o_0)
    01[19:12] <@Dungeon_Master> (Well that's another player down...)
    01[19:12] <@Dungeon_Master> Pibli!
    [19:12] <+Vorondil> (i think gabs thought she was lagging or something)
    [19:12] <+Vorondil> (cos you guys usually tell her what to do)
    [19:13] <+Pirin> (too bad)
    [19:13] <@Pibli> (That's because she never remembers :¬P)
    01[19:13] <@Dungeon_Master> (No, she can't get to grips with the fact that she needs to learn the rules. She feels like a dumbass because you guys all know how to play and she's a newb and has to have the rules explained to her.)
    [19:13] <+Pirin> (I hope she reconsiders...)
    [19:13] <+Vorondil> (im a newb too...)
    [19:13] <+Vorondil> (first time RP except that impromtu one)
    [19:13] <+Pirin> (yeah, it can be a block I guess)
    [19:13] <+Vorondil> (except i listen >_>)
    01[19:14] <@Dungeon_Master> (But anyway)
    [19:14] <+Vorondil> (ok, back to game, Pibli!)
    06[19:14] * @Pibli swings her axe at the Dwarf (non-lethal damage)
    01[19:14] <@Dungeon_Master> (Can we continue?)
    [19:14] <@Pibli> !roll 1d20-2
    [19:14] <@Mystra> Pibli, 1d20-2: 1 (Total: 1, Avg: 1.00)
    [19:14] <@Pibli> (XD)
    03[19:14] * Imnolu (~yay_chees@host81-157-28-159.range81-157.btcentralplus.com) has joined #sp_mm
    03[19:15] * Mystra sets mode: +v Imnolu
    [19:15] <+Pirin> (btw, are we playing with critical misses?)
    [19:15] <@Pibli> (I'm guessing so)
    [19:15] <+Vorondil> (you did last time)
    [19:15] <+Vorondil> (cos someone crit missed a punch and almost whacked you in the head)
    [19:15] <@Pibli> (XD)
    [19:15] <+CJ`> (That wasn't a natural 1...)
    01[19:15] <@Dungeon_Master> (No, it's modified)
    [19:16] <+Pirin> (hi imnolu, is everything alright?)
    [19:16] <@Pibli> (yup)
    01[19:16] <@Dungeon_Master> Obviously, Pibli missed rather spectacularly, and swings around slightly too far, leaving her side slightly exposed...
    06[19:16] * +Vorondil "discreetly" walks out of an alleyway, and notices the fight
    01[19:16] <@Dungeon_Master> !roll d20+4
    [19:16] <@Pibli> (aww, meany XD)
    [19:16] <@Mystra> Dungeon_Master, d20+4: 8 (Total: 8, Avg: 8.00)
    [19:16] <+Vorondil> !roll 1d20+5
    [19:16] <@Mystra> Vorondil, 1d20+5: 7 (Total: 7, Avg: 7.00)
    [19:17] <+Vorondil> (ouch)
    [19:17] <+Vorondil> (that was initiative btw)
    01[19:17] <@Dungeon_Master> (You're last XD)
    [19:17] <+Vorondil> (yeh, i guessed)
    [19:17] <+Vorondil> (even with +5!!)
    01[19:17] <@Dungeon_Master> The dwarf misses Pibli completely!
    [19:17] <+Vorondil> (Mystra is being harsh today)
    01[19:17] <@Dungeon_Master> Pibli!
    01[19:17] <@Dungeon_Master> (Shaddap)
    06[19:18] * @Pibli attacks with the flat of the axe again
    [19:18] <@Pibli> !roll 1d20-2
    03[19:18] * Taluntain (~ask@Taluntain.user.gamesurge) has joined #sp_mm
    03[19:18] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Taluntain
    [19:18] <@Mystra> Pibli, 1d20-2: 2 (Total: 2, Avg: 2.00)
    [19:18] <@Pibli> (I doth sucketh this fight XD)
    [19:18] <@Pibli> (Hi Tal :¬))
    [19:18] <+Vorondil> (why non-lethal?)
    [19:18] <@Taluntain> don't mind me
    [19:18] <@Pibli> (Because I don't know if he's being mean or not :¬))
    03[19:18] * @Taluntain (~ask@Taluntain.user.gamesurge) has left #sp_mm
    01[19:19] <@Dungeon_Master> Naturally, Pibli's rather delicate state (nearly dead), she misses once more, and falls to one knee
    [19:20] <@Pibli> (I'm only nearly dead because you fudged Power Attack! :¬P)
    [19:20] <+CJ`> (Grossly!)
    [19:20] <+Vorondil> (lol)
    01[19:20] <@Dungeon_Master> (Bah, whatever. Are we all done having a completely irrelevant conversation in brackets so we can get on with the RP now please?)
    [19:21] <+Vorondil> (kk)
    [19:21] <@Pibli> (It's your turn! XD)
    01[19:21] <@Dungeon_Master> (CAN PEOPLE STOP QUERYING ME PLEASE!!!)
    01[19:21] <@Dungeon_Master> (*ahem*)
    01[19:22] <@Dungeon_Master> !roll d20+4
    [19:22] <@Mystra> Dungeon_Master, d20+4: 18 (Total: 18, Avg: 18.00)
    [19:22] <@Pibli> hit
    01[19:22] <@Dungeon_Master> His great club connects with Pibli's ribs sickeningly
    01[19:22] <@Dungeon_Master> !roll d10+4
    [19:22] <@Mystra> Dungeon_Master, d10+4: 9 (Total: 9, Avg: 9.00)
    01[19:22] <@Dungeon_Master> O_O
    [19:23] <+Vorondil> :o
    [19:23] <@Pibli> (son of a bitch XD)
    06[19:23] * +Pirin prays to Oxena our party survives before he gets to it
    06[19:23] * @Pibli collapses to the floor in a pool of blood (and rib!)
    01[19:23] <@Dungeon_Master> Seeing Pibli fall to the floor are Krug and Pirin, newly arrived on the scene!
    [19:23] <+Vorondil> (my go?)
    [19:23] <+Krug_Hamstead> Gasp!
    01[19:24] <@Dungeon_Master> (Yes, your go)
    [19:24] <+Vorondil> !roll 1d20
    [19:24] <@Mystra> Vorondil, 1d20: 11 (Total: 11, Avg: 11.00)
    [19:24] <+Vorondil> !roll 1d20-2
    [19:24] <@Mystra> Vorondil, 1d20-2: 4 (Total: 4, Avg: 4.00)
    [19:24] <+Vorondil> (i think)
    01[19:24] <@Dungeon_Master> (What are you attacking with?)
    [19:24] <+Vorondil> (short sword mian hand, dagger offhand
    [19:24] <+Vorondil> )
    01[19:24] <@Dungeon_Master> (Right, what's your str mod?)
    [19:24] <+Pirin> By the Mistress of the Four Winds, what is going on here?
    [19:24] <+Vorondil> (+2-2=0)
    [19:25] <+Vorondil> (+2)
    01[19:25] <@Dungeon_Master> Then yes, that's correct
    [19:25] <+Vorondil> (miss miss tho :p)
    01[19:25] <@Dungeon_Master> Yes indeed XD
    [19:25] <@Pibli> (*goes to look for a new character XD*)
    01[19:25] <@Dungeon_Master> New guys! Roll inits please!
    [19:26] <+Krug_Hamstead> (XD you're dead already?)
    [19:26] <+Krug_Hamstead> righto.
    [19:26] <@Pibli> (-6)
    [19:26] <+Krug_Hamstead> !roll 1d20+2
    [19:26] <@Mystra> Krug_Hamstead, 1d20+2: 7 (Total: 7, Avg: 7.00)
    01[19:26] <@Dungeon_Master> (She loses 1hp per round till she dies at -10)
    [19:26] <+Pirin> !roll 1d20+4
    [19:26] <@Mystra> Pirin, 1d20+4: 19 (Total: 19, Avg: 19.00)
    [19:26] <+Vorondil> (nice roll)
    [19:26] <+Pirin> (nods)
    [19:26] <+Krug_Hamstead> (ah, sorry. was only half reading, thought she was dead, not unconcious.)
    01[19:27] <@Dungeon_Master> Pirin! Your turn!
    01[19:27] <@Dungeon_Master> (/me haz peetza! ^_^)
    [19:27] <@Pibli> (Alex knows the rules pretty well anyway, he's DM at uni :¬P)
    [19:28] <+Pirin> (can someone reply what's going on? so far my char only sees a brawl and has no clue what's going on)
    [19:28] <@Pibli> (I'd reply but I'm kinda unconcsious)
    01[19:28] <@Dungeon_Master> (The dwarf has just knocked Pibli unconscious. What are you gonna do?)
    [19:28] <+Pirin> Break this brawl now!
    [19:28] <+Vorondil> (new round, your first, cos you got best int)
    [19:28] <@Pibli> (-7)
    01[19:28] <@Dungeon_Master> Put "" marks around speech please
    [19:28] <+Pirin> "Break this brawl now!"
    01[19:29] <@Dungeon_Master> Do you attack, or wait for your next turn?
    01[19:29] <@Dungeon_Master> *sigh*
    [19:29] <+Pirin> I'll have to wait
    01[19:30] <@Dungeon_Master> OK
    [19:30] <+Pirin> (technically I'm not supposed to know who the PCs are... I just see a scuffle)
    01[19:30] <@Dungeon_Master> The dwarf sees people approaching and roars angrily, flying into a rage!
    01[19:30] <@Dungeon_Master> Krug! Your turn!
    [19:31] <+Krug_Hamstead> I draw my greatsword and prepare for his approach. I dont engage him unless he comes directly for me, though.
    01[19:31] <@Dungeon_Master> Vorondil!
    [19:31] <+Vorondil> !roll 1d20
    [19:31] <@Mystra> Vorondil, 1d20: 7 (Total: 7, Avg: 7.00)
    [19:31] <+Vorondil> !roll 1d20-2
    [19:31] <@Mystra> Vorondil, 1d20-2: -1 (Total: -1, Avg: -1.00)
    [19:31] <@Pibli> (Don't I get to roll to stabilise?)
    [19:31] <+Vorondil> (crit miss)
    01[19:32] <@Dungeon_Master> (Yes you do)
    01[19:32] <@Dungeon_Master> (But I don't remember what the DC is :p)
    [19:32] <@Pibli> roll 1d100
    [19:32] <@Pibli> !roll 1d100
    [19:32] <@Mystra> Pibli, 1d100: 33 (Total: 33, Avg: 33.00)
    [19:32] <+Krug_Hamstead> (flail.)
    [19:32] <@Pibli> (10% chance of becoming stable)
    [19:33] <+Pirin> (yeah, I don't think it was a DC... moment)
    01[19:33] <@Dungeon_Master> Vorondil, roll d20 please
    [19:33] <+Vorondil> !roll 1d20
    [19:33] <@Mystra> Vorondil, 1d20: 14 (Total: 14, Avg: 14.00)
    [19:33] <+Vorondil> (NOW i roll well...)
    01[19:33] <@Dungeon_Master> At least you keep your weapon :p
    [19:33] <+Vorondil> (lol)
    01[19:33] <@Dungeon_Master> Pirin!
    06[19:34] * +Pirin steps near to help the fallen one
    [19:35] <+Pirin> (do I have a way to approach Pibli without getting caught up in the melee?)
    [19:35] <@Pibli> (Carefully? :¬P)
    01[19:35] <@Dungeon_Master> (No, she's in front of a building and the dwarf is standing right over her. You can get close without making an AoO though.
    [19:36] <+Pirin> (Ok, I presume the guy looks seriously mad...)
    01[19:37] <@Dungeon_Master> Seriously, battle is going to go very slowly if people don't make decisions...
    [19:37] <+Vorondil> (just hit him)
    [19:37] <+Vorondil> (hit first, ask questions later)
    01[19:37] <@Dungeon_Master> I intend to, but i have to wait for my turn :p
    01[19:37] <@Dungeon_Master> PIRIN!
    06[19:37] * +Pirin casts shield of faith and moves closer, saying "Peace"
    [19:37] <+Vorondil> (i meant Pirin...)
    01[19:37] <@Dungeon_Master> WHATAREYOUDOING?
    01[19:37] <@Dungeon_Master> lol
    [19:37] <+Vorondil> (that... ;))
    01[19:38] <@Dungeon_Master> The dwarf looks infuriated at Pirin's intervention
    [19:38] <@Pibli> (Well timed, old chap :¬D)
    01[19:38] <@Dungeon_Master> !roll d20+6
    [19:38] <@Mystra> Dungeon_Master, d20+6: 7 (Total: 7, Avg: 7.00)
    [19:38] <+Krug_Hamstead> (DM, how close am I to the dwarf and everyone else?)
    01[19:38] <@Dungeon_Master> !roll d20
    [19:38] <@Mystra> Dungeon_Master, d20: 13 (Total: 13, Avg: 13.00)
    [19:38] <+Vorondil> !roll 1d20
    [19:38] <@Mystra> Vorondil, 1d20: 15 (Total: 15, Avg: 15.00)
    [19:38] <+Vorondil> !roll 1d20-2
    [19:38] <@Mystra> Vorondil, 1d20-2: 6 (Total: 6, Avg: 6.00)
    01[19:38] <@Dungeon_Master> The dwarf critical misses and nearly loses his balance completely, stopping his club just barely from flying out of his hand!
    01[19:39] <@Dungeon_Master> Vorondil, wait for your turn!
    [19:39] <+Pirin> (that's what you get for attacking a cleric, people ;))
    01[19:39] <@Dungeon_Master> Krug! Your go! You're about 20 feet away
    [19:39] <+Vorondil> (sorry, didnt know you were typing
    [19:39] <+Vorondil> )
    [19:39] <+Vorondil> (my bad...)
    [19:40] <@Pibli> (DMs usually say who's go it is :¬))
    [19:40] <+Krug_Hamstead> okay.. how did the dwarf go out of balance? is he facing to me or away from me?
    01[19:40] <@Dungeon_Master> He's currently facing the floor :p
    01[19:40] <@Dungeon_Master> He's flatfooted
    [19:40] <+Vorondil> (was trying to be pro-active to speed it up :()
    01[19:40] <@Dungeon_Master> (lol)
    01[19:40] <@Dungeon_Master> (nvm)
    [19:40] <+Krug_Hamstead> in that case i lunge in silently, aiming for his lower back with my greatSword.
    01[19:41] <@Dungeon_Master> Roll! :¬D
    [19:41] <+Krug_Hamstead> !roll 1d20
    [19:41] <@Mystra> Krug_Hamstead, 1d20: 2 (Total: 2, Avg: 2.00)
    [19:41] <+Krug_Hamstead> ...
    [19:41] <+Krug_Hamstead> knackers.
    [19:41] <+Vorondil> (lol)
    01[19:41] <@Dungeon_Master> You're a Fighter with no strength mod!? o_O
    [19:41] <+Krug_Hamstead> oh, my bad. ^^;
    [19:41] <+Krug_Hamstead> +3
    [19:41] <+Vorondil> (lol)
    01[19:41] <@Dungeon_Master> Vorondil!
    01[19:41] <@Dungeon_Master> Your turn!
    [19:41] <+Vorondil> !roll 1d20
    [19:41] <@Mystra> Vorondil, 1d20: 10 (Total: 10, Avg: 10.00)
    01[19:41] <@Dungeon_Master> Sneak attack!
    [19:41] <+Vorondil> !roll 1d20-1
    [19:41] <@Mystra> Vorondil, 1d20-1: 5 (Total: 5, Avg: 5.00)
    [19:42] <+Vorondil> (its only -1, not -2
    [19:42] <+Vorondil> )
    01[19:42] <@Dungeon_Master> And you still totally missed :¬D
    [19:42] <+Vorondil> (miss miss tho :( )
    01[19:42] <@Dungeon_Master> Pirin!
    [19:42] <+Vorondil> (i want my old roll...)
    01[19:42] <@Dungeon_Master> (lol)
    06[19:42] * +Pirin scowls "You dare strike a shaman?" as he tries to protect himself with a spear and makes a jab at the nearly-disarmed dwarf
    01[19:43] <@Dungeon_Master> Roll!
    [19:43] <+Pirin> !roll 1d20+1
    [19:43] <@Mystra> Pirin, 1d20+1: 13 (Total: 13, Avg: 13.00)
    [19:43] <+Vorondil> (omg, can i get Elan's class, the Dashing Swordsman, i wanna make witty puns as i attack! ;) )
    01[19:43] <@Dungeon_Master> Miss!
    [19:43] <+Pirin> !roll 1d8+1
    [19:43] <@Mystra> Pirin, 1d8+1: 5 (Total: 5, Avg: 5.00)
    [19:43] <+Pirin> (oh well)
    01[19:43] <@Dungeon_Master> You all totally suck! :¬P
    [19:43] <+Vorondil> (yeh)
    [19:44] <+Pirin> (the stuntie knows kung-fu, I swear!)
    [19:44] <@Pibli> (Well don't beat the **** out of us constantly then! o_0)
    01[19:44] <@Dungeon_Master> Just as the dwarf begins to regain his footing and swing his club towards the shaman once again, a booming voice freezes him in step, shaking him out of his rage!
    01[19:44] <@Dungeon_Master> "STOP RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE BOUNTY HUNTER!"
    [19:44] <+Vorondil> (lol, you had to save us, no use wiping the party at the very start)
    01[19:45] <@Dungeon_Master> (shaddap :p you all suck XD)
    [19:45] <+Pirin> I turn towards the voice, startled
    01[19:45] <@Dungeon_Master> You all turn where you stand to see the voice emanating from the tiniest body, a small gnome.
    01[19:46] <@Dungeon_Master> Inexplicably, the tiny man seems to fill the dwarf with fear, and he flees from the battle
    06[19:46] * +Pirin blinks and looks the gnome down and further down
    06[19:46] * +Vorondil stares at the gnome with a suprised look on his face
    06[19:46] * @Pibli bleeds a bit
    01[19:46] <@Dungeon_Master> "My little dwarf, what has he done to you!" The gnome wails
    01[19:46] <@Dungeon_Master> "Quickly, quickly!
    01[19:46] <@Dungeon_Master> Bring her inside my shop!"
    [19:47] <+Pirin> With the dwarf fleeing, Pirin crouches and touches his chest
    01[19:47] <@Dungeon_Master> He scurries into the building behind the unconscious Pibli and holds the door open
    [19:47] <+Pirin> laying a hand on the dwarf, and muttering something in old Mintrian
    01[19:47] <@Dungeon_Master> The dwarf stops in place
    [19:47] <+Pirin> (ok so much for administering first aid before moving the patient)
    01[19:47] <@Dungeon_Master> "I... Well I never..." His eyes wide, he stares at Pirin
    [19:48] <+Pirin> (Do I have time to hit a cure minor wounds before the gnome carries Pibli away?)
    01[19:48] <@Dungeon_Master> The gnome isn't carrying Pibli anywhere.
    [19:49] <+Pirin> (ok then)
    [19:49] <+CJ`> (Like a gnome can carry a dwarf...)
    06[19:49] * +Pirin finishes a short prayer and traces an odd form with his hand on the dwarf's battered body
    01[19:49] <@Dungeon_Master> "Of all the things I never thought I'd see sir, you are one."
    [19:49] <+Pirin> the wounds stop bleeding, for now
    01[19:49] <@Dungeon_Master> He draws closer and stares at a spot ovr Pirin's heart curiously.
    [19:50] <+Pirin> (CMW can stabilize her, right?)
    01[19:50] <@Dungeon_Master> "Take her inside." He says destractedly.
    01[19:50] <@Dungeon_Master> (It's ok, she's out of battle now)
    [19:50] <@Pibli> (Any cure spell can)
    [19:50] <+Pirin> Pirin exhales, finally looking up. "Yeah, let's." and motions the stronger ones to help him carry the dwarf.
    [19:51] <+Pirin> (does the dwarf say that about me or the gnome?)
    01[19:51] <@Dungeon_Master> (you)
    06[19:51] * +Vorondil looks at Krug
    [19:51] <+Vorondil> "well, im certainly not carrying her"
    [19:51] <+Krug_Hamstead> "I Hardly know you.
    01[19:51] <@Dungeon_Master> "After a lifetime of learning to cure, the lucky bugger's got the gift..."
    [19:51] <+Krug_Hamstead> "*
    [19:51] <+Krug_Hamstead> "Any of you."
    01[19:51] <@Dungeon_Master> "For Hydrienna's sake!"
    [19:52] <+Vorondil> "you're stronger than me"
    01[19:52] <@Dungeon_Master> "Are you just going to let her lay there and die! Move the poor woman, you cowards!"
    [19:52] <+Krug_Hamstead> "...so?"
    01[19:52] <@Dungeon_Master> His voice booms once more
    [19:52] <+Vorondil> "Fine" you get her arms, i'll get her feet"
    [19:52] <+Pirin> "Don't sir me, you... Pray that the Goddess forgives you for what you did"
    [19:52] <+Krug_Hamstead> "fine.. "
    06[19:52] * +Vorondil grabs Pibli's feet
    [19:52] <+Krug_Hamstead> I grab her arms, lifting her high.
    [19:52] <@Pibli> (How much do I heal then? Anybody?)
    06[19:52] * +Pirin looks weird at the dwarf
    01[19:52] <@Dungeon_Master> (1 hp)
    [19:52] <+Vorondil> (use /me Krug)
    01[19:53] <@Dungeon_Master> (it's CMW)
    [19:53] <+Pirin> "You don't act much like a healer, I have to say"
    06[19:53] * +Vorondil starts walking towards the open door
    [19:53] <+Pirin> "Just what did the lass do to you anyway?"
    01[19:53] <@Dungeon_Master> "And how should a healer act, my boy? Hmmm?" He asks with a grin
    01[19:54] <@Dungeon_Master> "She's a friend of mine and I won't stand and watch a friend cut down by a stinking bounty hunter."
    [19:54] <+Vorondil> (you wanna follow Krug, or are we gonna take her in pieces...)
    [19:54] <+Pirin> (O.O I thought the dwarf had said that he's a healer?)
    03[19:54] * Schleicher (Sag@ppp-62-216-196-251.dynamic.mnet-online.de) has joined #sp_mm
    [19:54] <+Krug_Hamstead> (fine, sorry.)
    [19:55] <@Pibli> (Yeah, DM isn't specifying who's talking XD)
    06[19:55] * +Krug_Hamstead follows Vorondil as he leads her inside.*
    01[19:55] <@Dungeon_Master> (There's only one person to *be* talking!)
    [19:55] <+Pirin> "Wait, did you say that? Oh... sorry. Where do you know her from?" he says, going in
    [19:55] <+Vorondil> (there is only the gnome there)
    [19:55] <+Vorondil> "where do you want her?"
    01[19:56] <@Dungeon_Master> "There, there on the bench, I'll see to her wounds."
    01[19:56] <@Dungeon_Master> He gestures towards a bench
    06[19:56] * +Vorondil lays Pibli down on the bench
    06[19:56] * +Krug_Hamstead lays her top half down, rather unceremonially.*
    06[19:57] * +Pirin looks on the bench with curiosity "you are a herbalist, sir?"
    [19:57] <@Pibli> (You can tell we're going out XD)
    02[19:57] * Schleicher (Sag@ppp-62-216-196-251.dynamic.mnet-online.de) Quit (Quit: Alles scheisse hier 8[)
    01[19:57] <@Dungeon_Master> The healer looks angry, and does not look at any of the three who carried her in, bringing herbs and fluids to her and bathing her back to consciousness
    [19:57] <+Vorondil> "Right, now that this fiasco is over, i have a man to see about a horse, or well, in this case, a lovley antique vase, that, err, my grandmother gave me..."
    06[19:57] * +Vorondil starts slowly sidestepping to the door
    01[19:57] <@Dungeon_Master> "If you go out that door right now you'll die."
    06[19:57] * +Vorondil stops
    06[19:58] * +Pirin looks up
    01[19:58] <@Dungeon_Master> "I will explain when the lass comes round."
    06[19:58] * +Vorondil raises an eyebrow questioningly
    01[19:58] <@Dungeon_Master> He sees to her wounds tenderly, cleaning a nasty graze on her face where she fell.
    [19:58] <+Pirin> "Oh Lady, what did I get myself into this time"
    01[19:58] <@Dungeon_Master> "Wake up, little 'un."
    [19:58] <+Pirin> then he looks with curiosity at the gnome's work
    01[19:58] <@Dungeon_Master> Pibli's eyes flicker open
    06[19:59] * +Vorondil whispers to Krug "she aint that litte..."
    06[19:59] * @Dungeon_Master pokes Pibli
    [19:59] <+Pirin> (can we get a Halleluyah for the gnome here?)
    [19:59] <+Vorondil> (my elf is a skeptic)
    06[19:59] * +Krug_Hamstead smirks slightly.
    [19:59] <@Pibli> "What?"
    01[20:00] <@Dungeon_Master> (He wouldn't have needed a hellelujah if everyone had fought with her ...)
    [20:00] <+Vorondil> "Nothing, just guy talk..."
    01[20:00] <@Dungeon_Master> "How do you feel, lass?"
    [20:00] <+Vorondil> (its not my fault my guy cant hit the back of a barn with a 20ft hammer)
    06[20:00] * +Imnolu casually appears from out back, still with her nose brace on, looking rather startled at the room's events
    [20:00] <+Pirin> (technically, a 1 vs X fight is one where you're supposed to help the solo guy, you know)
    [20:00] <@Pibli> "Like I've been hit by a club"
    06[20:00] * +Pirin waves
    [20:01] <+Imnolu> "What in the .."
    01[20:01] <@Dungeon_Master> "There's a reason behind that my girl."
    01[20:01] <@Dungeon_Master> "Not that these thugs would have stepped in on your behalf."
    [20:01] <@Pibli> ("Aye, there is a godlike being bent on my destruction!" XD)
    01[20:01] <@Dungeon_Master> (Yeah, but this was a 1 on 1, man on woman, remember?)
    06[20:01] * +Imnolu rushes over to Pibli and takes a look at her injuries
    [20:01] <+Vorondil> "Nice of you to join us, i noticed you were absent from the little scuffle, despite leaving the same shop as this dwarf"
    [20:02] <+Pirin> "Err... is she with you?"
    [20:02] <@Pibli> (She didn't leave the shop :¬P)
    [20:02] <+Imnolu> (I was tired >_>)
    [20:02] <+Vorondil> (shhh!)
    [20:02] <+Pirin> "Nevermind"
    01[20:02] <@Dungeon_Master> "You all need to know, you're in grave danger."
    [20:02] <+Vorondil> "Story of my life..."
    [20:02] <@Pibli> "I noticed."
    06[20:03] * +Imnolu sits down heavily and sighs
    01[20:03] <@Dungeon_Master> "That was a bounty hunter you were fightin', goes by the name of Grabner."
    01[20:03] <@Dungeon_Master> "He's usually found to be associating with the church of Pyramos."
    [20:03] <+Vorondil> "Grabner, sure it wasnt GrabHER? Eh? Geddit?"
    06[20:03] * +Pirin looks up, sighing, then looks at the others with curiosity
    01[20:03] <@Dungeon_Master> The gnome looks rather angrily at Vorondil.
    06[20:03] * +Krug_Hamstead thwaps vorondil with an open hand for an awful joke.
    06[20:04] * +Pirin clicks with his tongue, disapprovingly
    [20:04] <+Vorondil> "ouch"
    06[20:04] * @Pibli waves her axe feebly at the stranger
    [20:04] <+Vorondil> "No sense of humour, you dwarfs"
    [20:04] <+Pirin> "Pray continue"
    [20:04] <+Vorondil> (you are a dwarf?)
    [20:04] <+Pirin> (me?)
    [20:04] <+Krug_Hamstead> (no. human.)
    [20:04] <+Vorondil> (no, Krug)
    [20:04] <+Vorondil> (oh
    [20:04] <+Vorondil> )
    [20:04] <+Vorondil> Humans*
    [20:04] <+Vorondil> (>_>)
    [20:04] <+Krug_Hamstead> "i'm taller than you, halfPint.
    [20:04] <+Pirin> (no, I mean does pibli wave her axe at me?)
    [20:04] <+Krug_Hamstead> "*
    [20:05] <@Pibli> (nah, you've not pissed me off :¬)(
    [20:05] <+Vorondil> (halfPint?)
    01[20:05] <@Dungeon_Master> (Why does this session feel a little bit like wading through treacle?)
    [20:05] <+Vorondil> (cos we are?)
    [20:05] <+Krug_Hamstead> (mmm... treacle...)
    [20:06] <+Vorondil> (carry on, if you talk we will stop joking about)
    [20:06] <+Pirin> (no worries, it takes a while for a game to pick up)
    [20:06] <@Pibli> (Because apart from imminent death, nothing is really directing us yet ;¬))
    [20:06] <+Vorondil> (1 failed fight and a couple of bad jokes, not a bad hours work... ;) )
    01[20:06] <@Dungeon_Master> (-_-)
    01[20:07] <@Dungeon_Master> "You'd better wait here, all of you. The dwarf can't go anywhere until she's had a decent night's sleep, and you'll be safe here."
    [20:07] <+Vorondil> "Safe, from what?"
    01[20:07] <@Dungeon_Master> **REST MUSIC FROM FF8**
    [20:07] <+Vorondil> "Bounty Hunters?"
    [20:07] <+Imnolu> "We weren't safe last time, were we?!
    [20:07] <+Imnolu> *"
    [20:07] <@Pibli> you dork, Tim. Bringing FF into D&D
    [20:07] <@Pibli> that's just low
    [20:07] <+Vorondil> "How would you know, you hid!"
    [20:07] <+Vorondil> "Hiding is MY job"
    01[20:08] <@Dungeon_Master> "IF YOU'RE ALL QUITE FINISHED!"
    [20:08] <+Imnolu> (Talking about the first time, asshat :¬P)
    [20:08] <+Vorondil> "Sorry"
    06[20:08] * +Krug_Hamstead ignores the arguement and heads for bed.
    06[20:08] * +Vorondil looks abashed
    [20:08] <+Pirin> (chill, all, let's continue)
    01[20:08] <@Dungeon_Master> The gnome looks furious
    06[20:08] * +Vorondil sits down quietly
    01[20:08] <@Dungeon_Master> "None of you quite appreciates what is going on here!"
    [20:08] <+Pirin> "Er... thank you for your help, sir... but as you said, just what is going on?"
    [20:08] <+Imnolu> (Dal - what are you?)
    [20:09] <@Pibli> "Tha's because we don' bloody know!"
    [20:09] <+Vorondil> "Something about the Priests of Pylori"
    01[20:09] <@Dungeon_Master> "That dwarf would not be hired by the watch, there is someone trying to kill you."
    [20:09] <+Vorondil> (rogue)
    [20:09] <@Pibli> "Why?"
    06[20:09] * +Pirin blinks. "Why?"
    [20:09] <+Vorondil> (sorry, Pylori = Pyramos)
    [20:09] <+Vorondil> (got my essay on the brain :( )
    01[20:09] <@Dungeon_Master> "There are a lot of people in this city who both fear and hate non-humans."
    [20:09] <+Imnolu> (Dal, same lol)
    01[20:09] <@Dungeon_Master> "It would be impossible which one of them hired the dwarf."
    01[20:09] <@Dungeon_Master> To tell*
    [20:10] <@Pibli> "If they hate non humans. Why hire a dwarf?"
  20. Urithrand

    Urithrand Mind turning the light off? ★ SPS Account Holder Veteran

    Jul 26, 2004
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    06[20:10] * +Krug_Hamstead stands halfway towards the room, listening in on the conversation.
    01[20:10] <@Dungeon_Master> "He's collecting on a bounty - you'll need to find out who's offering it."
    [20:10] <+Vorondil> "I have some contacts in the underworld, if that helps"
    [20:10] <+Vorondil> (underworld = thiefs, not hell)
    [20:10] <@Pibli> "I have an axe!"
    01[20:10] <@Dungeon_Master> "Send a dwarf to kill a dwarf." he shrugs
    [20:11] <@Pibli> "And a headache"
    [20:11] <+Pirin> "What's the bounty for, do you know?"
    01[20:11] <@Dungeon_Master> "How would I know? I only just met you all."
    [20:11] <@Pibli> "s'far as I know, bounties are like killin' for money. I do it fer rats at times!"
    01[20:11] <@Dungeon_Master> He hands Pibli a mug of bitter fluid and encourages her to drink it.
    [20:11] <+Vorondil> "yet you knew he was a bounty hunter after Pibli and not hired by the watch"
    06[20:12] * @Pibli quaffs
    [20:12] <+Krug_Hamstead> "A bounty you say?" *intrigued*
    [20:12] <@Pibli> "Th' watch not likin' me either"
    01[20:12] <@Dungeon_Master> "He's known all over the city, people fear him like the plague itself."
    [20:12] <@Pibli> "Brought me 'ere in th' firs' place"
    [20:12] <+Pirin> "What have you all been involved in?" Pirin says, shocked
    [20:12] <@Pibli> "Drinkin' mostly"
    [20:13] <+Vorondil> "Was there not a fight with some Watch folks earlier?"
    [20:13] <+Imnolu> "And a rather nasty brawl, eh?"
    [20:13] <@Pibli> "Aye"
    [20:13] <+Vorondil> "Down at the pub"
    01[20:13] <@Dungeon_Master> "the fact is, you'll only find out who posted that bounty in one of three ways."
    06[20:13] * +Pirin shakes head
    [20:13] <+Vorondil> "That was YOU?"
    [20:13] <@Pibli> "That was th' baldy though!"
    06[20:13] * +Imnolu points to her nose, which has been recently broken
    01[20:13] <@Dungeon_Master> "Make Grabser tell you."
    [20:13] <@Pibli> "Baldy started that 'un"
    [20:13] <+Vorondil> "Grabner?"
    [20:13] <+Pirin> "When we find him"
    [20:13] <@Pibli> "Still wen' fer me though"
    [20:13] <+Pirin> "The second?"
    [20:13] <@Pibli> "Bastards" >_>
    01[20:14] <@Dungeon_Master> "Or you can find out from another bounty hunter, which is obviously no easier."
    [20:14] <@Pibli> "Why not jus' go tae th' office?"
    01[20:14] <@Dungeon_Master> "Or you can delve into the underworld. They say the thieving guildmaster knows every backhander that goes on in this city."
    [20:14] <+Vorondil> "Again, i might be able to get a couple leads from my acquantices in the underworld"
    [20:15] <+Vorondil> "I suggest we try the third, although why im offering my help, when the Hunter is clearly after Pibli, is beyond me"
    [20:15] <+Pirin> "Great. How likely are these "acquaintances" of yours not to sell us our out?"
    [20:15] <@Pibli> "I've done nothin'!"
    [20:15] <+Vorondil> "Not very?"
    [20:15] <+Imnolu> "Why you, Plib? What've you done bar drink yourself silly here?" :¬P
    [20:15] <@Pibli> "Plib?!"
    [20:15] <+Pirin> (is there a temple of Oxena in here? I suppose I'm a missionary or some such here)
    [20:15] <+Imnolu> (Pib doesn't work :¬P)
    [20:16] <+Vorondil> "Shes clearly sill drunk"
    01[20:16] <@Dungeon_Master> "What makes you think he's after the girl here?" The gnome asks with a half smile
    [20:16] <@Pibli> "'cause I keep gettin' bloody 'it!"
    [20:16] <+Vorondil> "The club to the ribs kinda gave it away"
    [20:16] <+Imnolu> "Well, there were four of us originally in the bar, and the new one's here.."
    06[20:16] * +Krug_Hamstead speaks up.
    01[20:16] <@Dungeon_Master> (Yes, there's a temple here. It's not directly involved with Oxena, it's for all four gods)
    [20:16] <+Pirin> "Who do you think he was aiming for?" Pirin asks, sceptic
    [20:16] <+Krug_Hamstead> "If he was after the drunken midget, he'd have scarpered when he basged her brains in, not stuck around.
    [20:17] <@Pibli> "I've on'y been 'ere two days!"
    [20:17] <+Krug_Hamstead> "*
    [20:17] <+Krug_Hamstead> bashed*
    [20:17] <+Vorondil> "Well, i did try and knife him in the back, that might of made him stick around"
    [20:17] <@Pibli> "Who ye callin' a midget, stabby?"
    [20:17] <+Pirin> "Not if he needs a proof, he won't."
    [20:17] <+Vorondil> "And then YOU try to whack him with that sword of yours"
    [20:17] <+Pirin> "Maybe you just got in the way?"
    01[20:17] <@Dungeon_Master> "You all were walking down that street when the brawl started, the bounty could be on any of you."
    [20:17] <+Krug_Hamstead> "I just like making things bleed."
    [20:18] <@Pibli> "Ye'd like tha' dwarf then!"
    [20:18] <+Pirin> "Gods preserve us from madmen" Pirin sighs
    [20:18] <@Pibli> "Bloody good job 'e did too"
    [20:18] <+Vorondil> "I was "acquiring" a vase from my grandmother!"
    06[20:18] * +Krug_Hamstead grins
    [20:19] <+Vorondil> "When i say Grandmother, i dont mean mine, but im sure she was SOMEONES"
    [20:19] <@Pibli> "We don' 'ave many ornaments at home"
    [20:19] <+Pirin> "How can a bounty get posted so quickly?"
    [20:19] <+Vorondil> "You want a vase?"
    [20:19] <@Pibli> "Maybe they ran?"
    [20:19] <+Vorondil> "Cheap as Chips, 10gp, Bargin"
    [20:19] <+Pirin> "Usually it takes a while for the whole thing to pass through the mill."
    01[20:19] <@Dungeon_Master> The gnome looks at Pirin, thirsty for sme sensible conversation.
    [20:19] <@Pibli> "Nae, thanks, sir. I don' 'ave th' gol' or status"
    01[20:19] <@Dungeon_Master> "Yo'd be amazed how quickly the mill turns here."
    [20:20] <+Pirin> "Wait, when was that bar brawl thing?"
    [20:20] <+Vorondil> "Look, ok, maybe the bounty is for any of us, i suggest we go check my contacts, see if we can get a bite"
    06[20:20] * +Vorondil puts on his serious face
    [20:20] <@Pibli> "Och!"
    [20:20] <@Pibli> "I've been punched and beaten, I don' want tae be bitten an' all!"
    [20:21] <+Krug_Hamstead> "Your contacts being whom?"
    [20:21] <+Pirin> "I might be able to dig something up... There's supposed to be a temple around here, I think"
    [20:21] <+Imnolu> "The bar brawl was yesterday"
    [20:21] <+Vorondil> "A few friends i made in my line of work"
    01[20:21] <@Dungeon_Master> "Will you all put your swords down for a minute."
    [20:21] <+Krug_Hamstead> "And your line of work being what?"
    01[20:21] <@Dungeon_Master> "Leave your torches and pitchforks at the door."
    [20:21] <+Vorondil> "Fences and the like"
    01[20:21] <@Dungeon_Master> "The girl can't go anywhere the state she's in"
    [20:21] <+Vorondil> "Im "Rare property acquirer"
    [20:21] <+Vorondil> "
    [20:22] <@Pibli> "Me da' can build a good fence when needed. We do more vegetables though"
    [20:22] <+Vorondil> (Im a*)
    01[20:22] <@Dungeon_Master> "Neither can the elf."
    [20:22] <+Imnolu> (DM - Nose healed by now?)
    01[20:22] <@Dungeon_Master> (no)
    [20:22] <+Imnolu> (NVM XD)
    01[20:22] <@Dungeon_Master> (None of you have rested)
    [20:22] <+Krug_Hamstead> "Heh. a petty thief. Could've guessed from the clothes, really."
    [20:22] <+Pirin> "First time I heard one of you acquirers being so open" Pirin sighs
    [20:22] <+Vorondil> "Petty? PETTY??"
    [20:22] <@Pibli> "Who's a petty thief?"
    01[20:22] <@Dungeon_Master> "Shut your yap elf!"
    [20:22] <+Pirin> "If the dwarf saw us get here, won't we be in trouble if we slept here?"
    06[20:22] * +Vorondil raises his swords at Krug
    [20:23] <@Pibli> "Oh not again"
    06[20:23] * +Imnolu steps in front on Vorondil
    06[20:23] * +Krug_Hamstead raises his shortbow to eyelevel with Vorondil.
    [20:23] <+Krug_Hamstead> "try it."
    [20:23] <+Imnolu> "As if our reputations as rogues wasn't bad enough!"
    06[20:23] * +Vorondil swears at Krug in Orcish
    [20:23] <@Pibli> "Tall folk, tch, who'd want tae be one?"
    06[20:23] * +Krug_Hamstead grins and lowers his bow.
    06[20:24] * @Dungeon_Master shakes his head angrily
    [20:24] <+Pirin> (Uri, the last thing was at the gnome)
    01[20:24] <@Dungeon_Master> "I've got a right mind to throw you all out there with the psycho!"
    [20:24] <@Pibli> "Aye, stabby here is right creepy"
    01[20:25] <@Dungeon_Master> "Pibli lass, you need sleep. If your friends want to stamp about playing hero, that's their business but I insist you sleep."
    [20:25] <@Pibli> "a'ight!"
    06[20:25] * @Pibli goes to sleep
    01[20:25] <@Dungeon_Master> He walks into the back room muttering under his breath
    [20:25] <+Krug_Hamstead> (XD)
    06[20:25] * +Imnolu laughs quietly
    06[20:25] * @Pibli snores a little
    06[20:26] * +Pirin looks around for a place that might make a good makeshift bed
    06[20:26] * +Vorondil sits down against the wall places his swords on the ground next to him
    01[20:26] <@Dungeon_Master> "You'd all do best to follow suit. You'll no doubt need your wits about you tomorrow."
    06[20:26] * +Imnolu finds her familiar bags of ... whatever and lies down on them
    [20:26] <+Vorondil> "I'd sleep with an eye open, Human.
    [20:26] <+Krug_Hamstead> "so.. where are we supposed to sleep exactly?"
    [20:27] <@Pibli> "mrphfal"
    06[20:27] * +Vorondil says the last word with a slight hint of disgust
    [20:27] <+Krug_Hamstead> "I'd not sleep at all, Orc."
    01[20:27] <@Dungeon_Master> "In the street if you don't shut your face." He mutters
    [20:27] <+Vorondil> "Im an Elf, dimwit"
    [20:27] <@Pibli> (Damn I'm hungry XD)
    [20:27] <+Imnolu> "Calm the hell down, both of you!"
    [20:27] <+Krug_Hamstead> "Could've fooled me. Ugly for an elf."
    [20:27] <+Vorondil> (i can speak Orcish)
    06[20:27] * +Krug_Hamstead grins
    [20:27] <+Vorondil> (oi, 12 char, its not bad :p )
    [20:27] <+Krug_Hamstead> "fine, fine... I'll chill.
    [20:28] <@Pibli> (To be fair, Neither of you have described what you are :¬P)
    [20:28] <+Vorondil> (we havnt even introduced ourselves)
    [20:28] <@Pibli> (I know! XD)
    [20:28] <+Krug_Hamstead> (XD true.)
    [20:28] <+Imnolu> (That came last for us too XD)
    06[20:28] * +Vorondil whispers "at least we can keep our nation in one piece..."
    [20:28] <@Pibli> (Pibli has names for you anyway :¬))
    06[20:28] * +Pirin grumbles a moment. "None of that here. If one dies, the murderer will get a curse even the high Hierophant can't take off, if I have to rot in the underworld for it"
    [20:29] <+Imnolu> (o.o)
    06[20:29] * +Krug_Hamstead whips round to that comment, drawing his sword furiously, then hears Pirin and halts, scowling at the elf.
    [20:29] <+Pirin> (so is there some other place for us to sleep at?)
    06[20:29] * +Vorondil smirks and closes his eyes
    01[20:30] <@Dungeon_Master> You guys can sleep at the Inn if you like, but it'll cost you.
    [20:30] <+Pirin> (no, I mean any couches, cots, or other available surfaces here)
    [20:30] <+Vorondil> (there is a perfectly good wall)
    [20:30] <+Krug_Hamstead> (XD shall we introduce our characters at all?)
    [20:31] <@Pibli> (Go for it)
    [20:31] <+Vorondil> (save it for the mornin when tempers are lower)
    [20:31] <+Krug_Hamstead> (okay.)
    06[20:31] * +Imnolu pretends to snore loudly
    06[20:31] * +Vorondil drifts off into a shallow sleep
    06[20:32] * +Krug_Hamstead walks outside, brushing past the elf roughly to wake him "unintentionally", prefering to sleep outside.
    06[20:32] * +Vorondil grabs Krug's ankle as he walks past
    06[20:32] * +Pirin is a lean-ish human with brown eyes and hair, fair Mintrian complexion - a bit more tanned than usual, mind you - and wears a light armor covered with an azure tabard with Oxena's symbol on it
    06[20:32] * +Krug_Hamstead kicks out.
    [20:32] <+Vorondil> "He said stay inside
    [20:32] <+Vorondil> "
    06[20:32] * +Imnolu carefully opens one eye and watches Krug
    06[20:32] * +Krug_Hamstead relents his kick
    [20:33] <+Krug_Hamstead> "...fine."
    06[20:33] * +Krug_Hamstead rests with his back against the door.
    [20:33] <+Vorondil> (ever heard of personal space? :p
    [20:33] <+Vorondil> )
    06[20:33] * +Pirin takes off the armor and takes out a bedroll from his backpack
    [20:33] <+Krug_Hamstead> (XD sorry.)
    [20:34] <+Vorondil> (opps, totally forgot to include a bedroll :p)
    [20:34] <+Pirin> "you two might want to sleep in different parts of the room, maybe?"
    06[20:34] * +Krug_Hamstead grins
    [20:34] <+Pirin> (are there any other rooms open to us?)
    [20:34] <+Krug_Hamstead> "I'll move. wouldn't want to ruin the elf's shut-eye."
    06[20:34] * +Imnolu chuckles and catches herself. Then continues to pretend to snore loudly
    [20:34] <+Vorondil> "We shall be fine, mearly a bit of friendly banter, whats a joke without a raised sword or two"
    [20:35] <+Vorondil> (can we sleep yet? :p)
    [20:35] <+Pirin> "less deadly?"
    [20:35] <+Krug_Hamstead> "yea, it's not like i would ever hurt the guy... ...intentionally..."
    [20:35] <+Vorondil> "Likewise, maybe a "missed" trap or two..."
    [20:35] <+Imnolu> "And is there a story to that strange sentance, Krug?"
    [20:35] <+Krug_Hamstead> "exactly, a "misguided slash" here and there..."
    [20:35] <+Vorondil> "Bit of poison here, bear trap there..."
    06[20:36] * +Krug_Hamstead chuckles
    [20:36] <+Pirin> (guys, it might be nicer if you took it down a bit; faster too)
    [20:36] <@Pibli> "mrphBEAR!ghp"
    [20:36] <+Krug_Hamstead> "that's for you to find out I'm afraid, my friend."
    [20:36] <+Pirin> (can we cut to the sleep now?)
    [20:36] <+Vorondil> (yeh)
    06[20:36] * +Vorondil closes his eyes and drifts off to sleep again
    06[20:36] * +Krug_Hamstead sleeps.
    [20:36] <+Pirin> the cleric shrugs, looking up, and after a few prayers drifts off to sleep
    06[20:36] * +Imnolu checks over Pibli at her strange outburst and then goes to sleep after the others have
    [20:36] <+Vorondil> (morning yet, DM?)
    01[20:36] <@Dungeon_Master> A voice shouts from upstairs, "WILL YOU ALL SHUT UP AND LET A GNOME GET SOME SLEEP!?"
    01[20:37] <@Dungeon_Master> Yes!
    [20:37] <+Imnolu> (Lol, steady on :p)
    [20:37] <+Pirin> (ok uri, if you were planning some visions or some such to hit us with, let it happen)
    [20:37] <@Pibli> (XD)
    [20:37] <+Krug_Hamstead> (XD)
    [20:37] <+Vorondil> "Yes Dad!"
    [20:37] <+Imnolu> (o.o)
    06[20:37] * +Krug_Hamstead chuckles, one eye open.
    [20:37] <@Pibli> (That's called winking!)
    [20:37] <+Imnolu> (brb)
    [20:37] <@Pibli> "mphadontwanttomilkthecow"
    01[20:37] <@Dungeon_Master> Morning comes!
    06[20:37] * +Pirin opens his eyes lazily, wondering if it's morning already
    [20:38] <+Pirin> (I hope I got some sleep this night)
    06[20:38] * @Pibli wakes up and shuffles about the shop a bit
    06[20:38] * +Vorondil yawns and stretches as soon as the first rays of light hit the room
    [20:38] <+Pirin> "everyone "yawn" still around?"
    [20:38] <@Pibli> "Well tha' was a good nigh's sleep!"
    [20:38] <@Pibli> "Mornin' all!"
    [20:38] <+Vorondil> "Sun above the horizon, i slept to long"
    06[20:38] * +Pirin wakes up andlooks for some water to shake the sleep off his eys
    06[20:38] * +Krug_Hamstead is already up, sharpening his sword in a corner as he does every morning.
    06[20:39] * +Vorondil is bright and perky as soon as his eyes opened
    01[20:39] <@Dungeon_Master> The gnome is awake already, washing the windows from the outside busily
    06[20:39] * +Imnolu is sitting on her bags of whatever, inspecting her backpack
    [20:39] <@Pibli> (how much hp regained?)
    06[20:39] * +Vorondil walks over the the human with his sword
    06[20:39] * +Krug_Hamstead looks up
    [20:39] <+Krug_Hamstead> "yes?"
    [20:39] <+Vorondil> "No hard feelings mate, Im Vorondil, Elven Rogue"
    06[20:39] * +Krug_Hamstead grins
    06[20:39] * +Vorondil offers his hand
    06[20:39] * +Pirin goes out to say hi to the gnome, and ask if he needs help
    [20:39] <+Pirin> if not he'll get to his prayers
    06[20:39] * +Krug_Hamstead takes his hand,standing.
    [20:39] <+Pirin> (the big ones)
    [20:39] <@Pibli> "'allo Vorondil!"
    [20:40] <+Vorondil> "Ah, the dwarfish women awakes, have fun milking cows?"
    [20:40] <+Krug_Hamstead> "Hamstead. Krug Hamstead. and I'll be the judge of that. Human Fighter."
    [20:40] <+Imnolu> (Good answer XD)
    [20:40] <+Vorondil> "Nice to meet you Krug"
    06[20:40] * +Krug_Hamstead gives the hand a sharp shake and a squeeze.
    [20:40] <+Krug_Hamstead> "And you."
    [20:40] <+Vorondil> "Oooh, fiesty"
    06[20:41] * +Vorondil sarcastically winks at Krug
    [20:41] <@Pibli> "eh? Wha' cows?"
    [20:41] <+Imnolu> "Nice to see another Elven rogue about"
    [20:41] <+Krug_Hamstead> "Always, maye
    [20:41] <+Krug_Hamstead> "Always, mate. Always."*
    [20:41] <@Pibli> "We 'ave cows at 'ome"
    06[20:41] * +Imnolu bows at Vorondil
    06[20:41] * @Pibli smiles
    06[20:41] * +Vorondil bows back
    [20:41] <+Vorondil> "And you are?"
    [20:41] <+Pirin> (if there's some water pump or clean water Pir will splash some on himself)
    [20:41] <+Imnolu> "Imnolu. Nice to meet you"
    [20:42] <@Pibli> "I'm Pibli!"
    06[20:42] * +Pirin comes in with a wet face, reachign for a clean rag to dry himself with
    [20:42] <+Vorondil> "Nice to meet you, from where do you hail?"
    06[20:42] * +Krug_Hamstead sheaths his sword after being sharpened and finishes his check, ensuring his arrows are straight and bow string taut
    [20:42] <+Imnolu> (Immy is easier for short, in case anyone cba to try and remember to spell Imnolu)
    [20:42] <+Vorondil> "Ah Pibli, i beleive you were protesting about milking the cows in your sleep last night
    [20:42] <+Vorondil> "
    [20:42] <@Pibli> "Don' be silly. I was asleep!"
    [20:42] <+Pirin> "Well, aren't we in better mood today"
    [20:42] <+Imnolu> "In your sleep, lass"
    [20:42] <@Pibli> "Ye must 'ave 'ad a dream, Elfy"
    [20:43] <+Vorondil> "I don't dream"
    [20:43] <+Pirin> "What's that cow thing now? I could hit a breakfast, don't know about yuo"
    [20:43] <+Pirin> you
    06[20:43] * +Vorondil scowls darkly at the mention of "dreaming"
    [20:43] <@Pibli> "I dun know about you. But I could EAT a breakfast!"
    [20:43] <+Imnolu> "..."
    [20:44] <+Vorondil> "Well, i certainly cant cook"
    [20:44] <+Krug_Hamstead> "Speaking of cows, i could Murder a sandwich or something."
    [20:44] <+Imnolu> (Murder with a capital M? :¬P)
    01[20:44] <@Dungeon_Master> "Good morning all!" The gnome declaires, seeming much happier this morning
    [20:44] <+Krug_Hamstead> (XD ofcourse.)
    [20:44] <@Pibli> "'Allo!"
    [20:44] <+Pirin> "That could work. Don't think I've introduced myself, by the way. My name is Pirin, servant of the Windmistress"
    [20:45] <@Pibli> "'Allo Pirin!"
    [20:45] <+Vorondil> "Ah, Master Gnome, i don't beleive we caught your name last night"
    [20:45] <+Krug_Hamstead> "And I'm Krug Hamstead. ...just Krug."
    [20:45] <+Pirin> (ok if I forget it in between all the chat, I'll need an hour or so of meditation soon))
    [20:45] <+Pirin> (probably after the introductions)
    01[20:45] <@Dungeon_Master> "My name? I'm Garbnol, gnomish remedy maker extraordinaire!"
    [20:46] <@Pibli> "Aye, 'e extraordinaires alright!"
    [20:47] <+Krug_Hamstead> "remedy maker eh? got anything ready made?"
    01[20:47] <@Dungeon_Master> "For a fee..." He winks
    [20:47] <+Pirin> "Any connection to that Grabner fellow?"
    01[20:47] <@Dungeon_Master> "What a thing to suggest!" He angrily exclaims
    [20:48] <@Pibli> "Tha's like sayin' ye are me cousin 'cause yer name is a P word!"
    [20:48] <+Krug_Hamstead> "...well are you?"
    [20:48] <+Pirin> "Hey, calm down. I don't know how people get named here, anyway"
    [20:49] <+Pirin> "It's common among friends or guild families in Mintria"
    [20:49] <@Pibli> "I'm th' on'y P in me family!"
    06[20:49] * @Pibli smiles proudly
    01[20:49] <@Dungeon_Master> (XD)
    01[20:50] <@Dungeon_Master> "Nay, I'm NOT anything to do with the bounty hunter I saved you all from."
    [20:50] <+Krug_Hamstead> "Well in that case we can proudly say that this little party you've formed can be the first to take the P out of your family. and we do so Gratuitously."
    06[20:50] * +Krug_Hamstead grins
    [20:50] <+Pirin> "Wear it proud, then" Pirin smiles
    [20:50] <@Pibli> "Aye, ta for that, Garbnol!"
    [20:50] <@Pibli> "Is tha' a threat, Stabby?"
    [20:51] <+Pirin> "Yeah, about that... would the guard have any beef with us?"
    [20:51] <+Krug_Hamstead> "Is that English, shorty?"
    [20:51] <+Imnolu> (LOL. Beef?!)
    [20:51] <+Krug_Hamstead> (er, common, not English. ^^;)
    [20:51] <@Pibli> (Oi, Krug, what's your flatfooted AC? :¬P)
    01[20:51] <@Dungeon_Master> (Er, BEEF?)
    [20:51] <+Krug_Hamstead> (XD uh..)
    [20:52] <+Imnolu> (He iz got bare beef wiv u tho!)
    [20:52] <@Pibli> "Well, we knocked out a cap'n o' th' guard!"
    [20:52] <+Imnolu> "Was a fun day."
    01[20:52] <@Dungeon_Master> Garbnol laughs
    [20:52] <+Pirin> "Why'd you do that now?"
    01[20:52] <@Dungeon_Master> "I doubt he was the captain, my friends."
    [20:52] <@Pibli> "Cannae drink there no more though"
    [20:53] <+Pirin> "So much for going over to the inn for a good breakfast"
    01[20:53] <@Dungeon_Master> "If he was the captain, not a one of you would be standing here now."
    [20:53] <+Vorondil> "Some bread and cheese shall be fine for myself, Garbnol"
    [20:53] <+Imnolu> "No chance for Pibli and I, Pirin."
    [20:53] <+Krug_Hamstead> "You on farmiliar grounds with this captain then?"
    [20:53] <@Pibli> "Aye, nearly wasnae after that!"
    01[20:53] <@Dungeon_Master> "Not at all, I've never so much as spoken to him, but his reputation precedes him."
    [20:53] <@Pibli> "Mos' people know the big guys where they live, Stabby!"
    01[20:54] <@Dungeon_Master> "Anyway, I shall bring food for you all." he bows and walks upstairs.
    [20:54] <+Pirin> "Well, sorry but I will need some time alone"
    06[20:54] * +Krug_Hamstead pulls out a waterskin and drinks from it.
    [20:54] <+Vorondil> "The day is getting no younger, i suggest we eat and then hunt down some leads"
    06[20:54] * +Pirin withdraws for a while for the daily ceremony
    [20:55] <+Vorondil> "And i still have a case to sell"
    [20:55] <+Krug_Hamstead> (brb.)
    [20:55] <+Vorondil> (vase*)
    [20:55] <+Vorondil> (brb for tea...)
    [20:55] <@Pibli> "Why sell it?"
    [20:56] <+Vorondil> "No where to put it"
    [20:57] <@Pibli> "Was rather silly pickin' it up then!"
    [20:57] <+Vorondil> "And, when the guard see it, i don't want to be in possesion of it
    [20:57] <@Pibli> "Ah. You hit 'em with it then. I see."
    [20:57] <+Imnolu> "So where'd you steal it from then?"
    01[20:58] <@Dungeon_Master> Garbnol returns
    01[20:58] <@Dungeon_Master> "I bring food, tuck in!"
    [20:58] <+Pirin> (sorry, everyone, but I'll need to call it a night after a few minutes to get the last bus home)
    01[20:58] <@Dungeon_Master> :(
    06[20:58] * @Pibli helps herself
    [20:58] <@Pibli> (aww)
    [20:58] <+Krug_Hamstead> (back)
    [20:58] <+Vorondil> "A house 2 streets down or so"
    01[20:59] <@Dungeon_Master> OK, let's call it a night here then
    [20:59] <@Pibli> "Ach! Ye shoul' put it back!"
    [20:59] <+Vorondil> "Why, it is mine now"
    01[20:59] <@Dungeon_Master> Cause I have a few things to say while everyone's still here
    [20:59] <+Imnolu> "I repeat what I said about GIVING US A BAD NAME."
    [20:59] <@Pibli> okay
    [20:59] <+Vorondil> Okies Uri
    03[20:59] * Dungeon_Master is now known as Urithrand
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