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Neverwinter Nights Forum Update

Discussion in 'Game/SP News & Comments' started by NewsPro, Feb 2, 2002.

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    May 19, 2015
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    (Originally posted by Marnix)

    Trent Oster, Producer:

    Using Torches as Weapon:
    Sadly, you cannot use torches as a weapon in NWN. We had to code torches as specific objects which cast light. The best option is a ring of light and a club with a fire damage property if you are out for some smacking with flaming sticks.

    Remotely DM-ing: You can DM, play, or administer your server remotely. The server monitor program allows you to load modules, boot/ban and a number of other fun things remotely.

    Monk attack animations: The monks will get a few extra attack animations.

    David Gaider, Designer:

    Negative reactions on the interface quality:
    You can relax on the GUI. The GUI is never polished until nearly the end... until then, it's totally utilitarian. Same thing was with BG and BG2, all the purty stuff doesn't get added on until right before the very end.

    Dialogue length: A single dialogue section looks best at about 25 words... but you can go up to about 40 words if you really need to. Any longer than that and you risk it being too big a 'block' for most to read and too long to fit in the regular dialogue box that appears on the screen.

    Persuasion and Insight: Well, it's obviously an attempt by the PC to convince the person they're talking to of something... we use it to cover bluffing, bribing and lying, as well. In the dialogue responses, it would look like this:

    "Here you go, then... 100 gp, as agreed. I hope that will be a sufficient reward."

    1) [Persuade] The task was a difficult one... don't you think a higher reward would be appropriate?
    2) That would be fine.
    3) No, no... no reward is necessary for me.
    4) Cough up some more gold, old man, before I slit your throat.
    5) [Insight] Maybe. I wonder what would happen if I told the rest of your guild about what you're up to?

    Where each response heads may be rather obvious. The Persuade response, however, should have two branches... one being the 'successful' branch and the other being the 'failed' branch. All you'd need to do is put the generic skill check script on the successful branch (which is set to Easy, Mid or Hard DC). If the script = TRUE on that branch, it means the character made their check.

    Will the Persuade/Insight option only be available for characters that have skills in these options? The Persuade option is available to everyone, as it defaults to Charisma. The total modifier to the die roll, then, is the Persuade skill rank + the Charisma bonus. If someone didn't have the skill at all, they might make an Easy DC check, but probably not otherwise without a very high Charisma.

    The Insight option, on the other hand, will only show up for those with a Wisdom of 14+. Like all links in dialogue, they can be scripted to be either TRUE or FALSE... which will determine whether or not they appear.

    Will I be able to cut and paste them into NWN from Word97? Yes. Be careful of things that Word likes to auto-insert, though. For instance, my Word likes to take the ellipses I use (the '...' pauses) and replace them with a character that isn't recognized by the editor.

    Can we make indoor areas that have no walls around them? Indoor tilesets do automatically put up walls. If you paint the tiles to the very edge of your area, though, the walls disappear... and you have the effect you wanted.

    Jay Watamaniuk, Community Manager:

    Say I have a dialogue which requires the PC to enter a certain password, is it possible to use a box where the password can be entered?
    The best solution here is to have the dialogue option appear only if the PC has found the password elsewhere in the module by questing.

    Do I have to fight in complete darkness (at night and in dungeons) when my PC is using a 2 handed sword? No, the minimum amount of light given to a player even when blind or in total darkness is enough to see but you will be hampered in being able to spot enemies at a distance.

    Imprisonment: I asked Preston about this: Imprisoning PCs is actually easy. You can transport them to the dungeon by having them cross a trigger and transporting them there. The prison can have a door which is configured to be indestructible, magically protected or in need of a key to open. By using the right combination of properties you can set up the player's escape in many different ways; bashing the guard, pick pocketing the guard, picking the lock, smashing the door etc.

    Is there also a drinking animation included? I'm not sure, don't quote me on it but I do believe it is in.
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 4, 2018
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