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Most and least favourite NPCs

Discussion in 'BG2: Shadows of Amn (Classic)' started by Mihai SuperStar, Feb 27, 2005.

  1. Ilmater's Suffering Gems: 21/31
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    Jan 7, 2006
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    My favorite NPCs really have come to depend on what alignment I'm playing as and more specifically what particular character I'm playing as.

    Edwin has managed to grab the prize as being the only character I strongly dislike regardless of who I'm playing as. I fully understand why so many NPCs in the game despise him.

    I generally like Minsc even though I often find his dialogue to be over the top. Minsc does have the highest strength of any original NPC. Give Minsc a two handed sword to keep his distance and someone else to tank and let him go do work, he deals out alot of damage.

    Yoshi (ummm.... I'm not THAT familiar) I find to be very useful up until he stabs you in the back.

    Minsc and Yoshimo are the only two that make into every party I play (Minsc makes for a very good RP excuse to make an evil player do good things).

    I really like Viconia when I play as a Paladin or similar Lawful Good characters, the romance represents a chance to attempt to change her wicked ways. Figures I'd have a Paladin of Ilmater suffer through a relationship with Viccy... at least it brings him closer to his god...

    I like Jahiera in that setting as well, Jahiera may be listed as True Neutral, but she's a force of righteousness and great at shutting down enemy casters. Insect Plague anyone?

    Viccy and Jahiera have some very amusing comments for each other, one involving Khalid with a bag over his head.

    Nalia gets shoved in by default, if Edwin was in this party, I'd kill him if Minsc didn't get the Thayvian first. Nalia's at least got her heart in the right place.

    In my "evil" party (and I say "evil" because my PC is an evil character who tends to think he's Lawful Neutral) I love to have Aerie, as she's the only semi-virginal female you can romance, my evil PC would never settle for the likes of Jahiera or Viconia, specifically since both have already been married and Viccy seems to sleep with just about whoever.

    Korgan I've really come to like, his handling of Yoshimo's insults, his comments to Aerie, his weird sense of honor and his mercenary streak make Korgan the perfect henchman, he'll do just about anything for money, but doesn't seem willing to double cross his employer without "proper" justification.

    Viconia comes will just because I love the little arguments Aerie and Viconia get into, however Viconia's comment to Aerie about taking her down to the underdark almost seems like a S&M come on. Also there's a severe lack of Evil NPCs and since I don't like Edwin, I am almost forced to love the other two evil NPCs when I'm playing an evil character.
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