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IWDEE Patch 1.4 Released - New Difficulty Options

Discussion in 'Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition' started by Blades of Vanatar, Mar 5, 2015.

  1. Blades of Vanatar

    Blades of Vanatar Vanatar will rise again Adored Veteran Pillars of Eternity SP Immortalizer (for helping immortalize Sorcerer's Place in the game!)

    Nov 20, 2008
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    Full listing of the Patch 1.4 below. Plan on trying the new difficulty options tonight. I have thought this game has run pretty smooth from the get go. Never realized of all the little bugs that were still pending. Most are very specific and rare circumstances but I do see how one can come upon them in game. Waiting to see what's next, BGEE 1.4 or Adventure Y???

    Spoiler: New Features

    • Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition is now available in Russian and Korean.
    • A "No Difficulty-Based XP Bonus" setting is available in the Gameplay Options menu.
    • A "No Difficulty-Based Damage Increase" setting is available in the Gameplay Options menu.
    • Trolls and revenants no longer save against effects while unconscious.
    • Effect damage that happens with 100% probability is now added to the base damage displayed in the Inventory and Record screens.

    Spoiler: A Level Bugs Fixed

    • #10462 [All] The game should not crash when large numbers of items are taken out of the ammo belt
    • #10526 [Linux] The game should not become unresponsive after casting the Contingency spell
    • #10533 [All] Summoned creatures should not prevent the tarnished ring from teleporting the party out of the Luremaster's castle
    • #10643 [All] It should not be possible to detect or disarm traps on the staircase leading to the Ascension Cave
    • #10644 [iOS] The game should not crash when the party is exported
    • #10692 [All] It should not be possible to pick up the Vial of Mysterious Liquid without obtaining the relevant journal entry
    • #10706 [All] Ordering a Familiar to scout ahead should not stop the Temple of the Forgotten God quest from completing
    • #10832 [All] It should not be possible to kill Mebdinga before she talks to the party
    • #10891 [All] Hobart (rakshasa) should not be killable before his transformation cutscene ends.
    • #10899 [All] Using the Familiar() object in a script should not crash the game
    • #11539 [All] Entering Arundel's home after defeating Yxunomei shouldn't cause the game to freeze if the party leader is dead
    • #11612 [All] Blinding Icasaracht should not prevent the game from completing
    • #11629 [All] Playing solo should not cause the game to freeze during Poquelin's final cutscene

    Spoiler: B Level Bugs Fixed

    • #10320 [All] The transition from Lonelywood to the Luremaster should not be interruptible with pause
    • #10420 [All] [Localization] The original Trials of the Luremaster strings should be present in the Polish translation.
    • #10429 [All] Dual classes should not be restricted to 8 million total xp between their two classes
    • #10449 [Linux] Voice overs should play for voiced [non-party] characters.
    • #10588 [All] Party members should not have their hit points permanently increased by the Severed Soul
    • #10693 [All] Crippling Strike modifier should be restored when thieving skills are regained after dual-classing

    Spoiler: C Level Bugs Fixed

    • #10253 [All] Turkish font should not be missing the letter I
    • #10321 [All] The transition from the Luremaster to Lonelywood should not be interruptible with pause
    • #10347 [All] Melee attackers should gain +4 to damage against opponents wielding ranged weapons.
    • #10401 [All] Terikan's Phylactery should not be destroyed until it is brought to Jamoth's tomb.
    • #10430 [All] All thief skills should be shown on the screen while dual-classing.
    • #10431 [All] Beast Masters should gain Animal Summoning I at level 6.
    • #10442 [All] Generating a new character should not provide the starting gold amount twice
    • #10452 [All] [Localization] The fourth rare selection sound of each character should be spoken in Polish.
    • #10456 [All] Telanis and Murdaugh should not keep the Sword of Myrloch or Ballad of Daen Winterbrush
    • #10463 [All] Creatures summoned by spells and abilities that were ported over from BGII:EE should have bonus HP in Heart of Fury mode
    • #10470 [All] Summoned Nymphs should not disregard the player's commands
    • #10472 [All] Dual-classed Kensai/Mages should be able to wear robes
    • #10490 [All] Charmed orcs in the Easthaven cave should remain under the player's control unless attacked or dispelled
    • #10528 [All] Oil of second chances should cast Remove Curse, Bless, and Luck on the drinker rather than emulating their effects
    • #10532 [All] Orrick's store should upgrade even if it wasn't visited in chapters 2 or 3
    • #10535 [All] Lonelywood Werewolf should not chase party members inside buildings
    • #10536 [All] Icasaracht's wing buffet Whirlwind should not persist after she dies
    • #10537 [All] The djinni's Whirlwind in AR9708 should not persist after he dies
    • #10642 [All] Protection from Normal Missiles should protect against arrows fired by Shadowed Goblins
    • #10650 [All] Piercing Arrow +1 should reduce the target's piercing resistance by 15% for 1 round
    • #10726 [All] Elves should be able to become single-class druids during character creation, as in the original Icewind Dale
    • #10748 [All] Council letter should not be a castable scroll
    • #10756 [All] The Shield spell should block Magic Missile cast by traps or wands
    • #10767 [All] Racial thieving skill adjustments should be displayed correctly
    • #10892 [All] Chain Lightning should allow a save for half damage.
    • #11060 [All] Star Metal Cudgel should deal additional damage to golems
    • #11096 [All] Unconscious creatures should take damage from Wall of Moonlight
    • #11146 [All] Journal entry 5069 should say Mirek will meet the PCs outside the potter's house.
    • #11503 [All] Equipping the Shield Ring should not prevent the character from equipping a Ring of Protection
    • #11513 [All] Creatures affected by Power Word: Sleep should awaken when they suffer damage
    • #11534 [All] Free Action should not allow the caster to move while under the effects of Blade Barrier
    • #11537 [All] Criek should not be stuck in a loop of constantly casting Dispel Magic
    • #11540 [All] Larloch's Minor Drain and Vampiric Touch should not work on constructs or undead creatures
    • #11541 [All] Larloch's Minor Drain should not grant bonus hit points when cast on self
    • #11542 [All] Enemies should not follow the party into Kuldahar buildings
    • #11546 [All] Death Ward should protect the recipient against taking damage from Finger of Death on successful save
    • #11554 [All] Creatures immune to poison should not be affected by poison-based spells and abilities
    • #11555 [All] SPLPROT.2DA should contain values for creatures immune to poison, acid, electricity and magical damage
    • #11558 [All] Entangled creatures should not be able to move when affected by Grease
    • #11559 [All] Chaotic Commands should protect the recipient from spells and abilities that cause sleep
    • #11560 [All] It should be possible to counter Malavon's defensive spells
    • #11565 [All] The Suffocate effect of the Hand of the Gloomfrost should be limited to a single target
    • #11566 [All] The secondary effects of Suffocate should not be cumulative
    • #11568 [All] Impervious Sanctity of Mind should protect the recipient from spells and abilities that cause sleep
    • #11586 [All] Climbing the stairs in AR9700 should require gathering the entire party
    • #11592 [All] Elves and Half-Elves should resist the sleep effect of Darig's Rest
    • #11593 [All] Spells, items and abilities that cause Unconsciousness should not display the "Sleep" portrait icon on the target
    • #11594 [All] Creatures affected by a Beholder's Sleep ray should awaken when they suffer damage
    • #11596 [All] Spells and abilities that cause unconsciousness should not make the target awaken after suffering damage
    • #11598 [All] Color Spray should not display the "fatigue" icon on stunned targets
    • #11599 [All] Enemies should not follow the party into Hobart's shack
    • #11601 [All] Hammer Darts, Berserker Darts and Hammer Arrows should not be identified when found
    • #11602 [All] Minor Globe of Invulnerability should prevent area-effect spells used by the caster from affecting him
    • #11603 [All] Globe of Invulnerability should prevent area-effect spells used by the caster from affecting him
    • #11605 [All] The secondary effects of the Cloud of Pestilence should not be cumulative
    • #11606 [All] Casting Nature's Beauty should break the caster's invisibility
    • #11608 [All] Snilloc's Snowball Swarm should deal extra damage against fire-using or fire-dwelling creatures
    • #11617 [All] Water Kin Elementals should not move while blinded or panicked
    • #11628 [All] The Blackguard's Absorb Health ability should not bypass the magic resistance of the target
    • #11783 [All] Grisella's quest should not be completable without killing all the beetles.
    • #11791 [All] The attacks of Cold Wights should not be stopped by Protection from Normal Weapons

    Spoiler: D Level Bugs Fixed

    • #10139 [Multiplayer] Return to Lonelywood from the Luremaster should not have a mis-timed animation
    • #10160 [All] Rare selection sounds should only play when a character is repeatedly selected
    • #10308 [All] Joining selected session message should not be cut off at the largest font size
    • #10314 [All] The font for the "Export Filename" text should not be yellow.
    • #10412 [All] Evil clerics should have an appropriate biography.
    • #10415 [All] Cure Moderate Wounds should have the correct description in temples.
    • #10418 [Tablets] The open and closed door icon hilights should not overlap
    • #10421 [All] Flawless waterstar gem's description should not say it has flaws.
    • #10434 [All] Wailing Virgins should not show text feedback of stunned or unconscious if they are unaffected
    • #10448 [All] Button click sound should have the same quality as in the original Icewind Dale
    • #10457 [All] Righteous Wrath of the Faithful should state it cancels Improved Haste
    • #10458 [All] Interface sound effects should have the same quality as in the original Icewind Dale
    • #10460 [All] Specialist mage kit descriptions should contain accurate information
    • #10465 [All] Next Level text should say "Godhood" after reaching level 30
    • #10476 [All] A special combat music track should play when the Orogs attack Kuldahar
    • #10549 [iOS] Encumbered weight numbers should not be blurred
    • #10556 [All] Scimitars should not have the appearance of longswords on the character's avatar and paperdoll
    • #10557 [All] Bastard Swords should not have the appearance of longswords on the character's avatar and paperdoll
    • #10893 [All] Gareth and slaves should leave after being given their freedom
    • #11073 [All] Seven Eyes should give appropriate feedback when an attack is absorbed.
    • #11533 [All] The Glyph of Warding projectile should use the proper transparency effects
    • #11535 [All] Blade Barrier and Circle of Bones should use the proper transparency and sound effects
    • #11536 [All] Greater Shield of Lathander and Seven Eyes visual effects should not be distorted
    • #11567 [All] The description of Chaotic Commands should not state that it protects the recipient against Fear
    • #11569 [All] The description of Free Action should state that it protects the recipient against Stun
    • #11587 [All] The Potion of Mind Focusing should play the correct sound effect when consumed
    • #11588 [All] Spells, items and abilities that cause Sleep should not display the "Unconscious" string on the target
    • #11591 [All] Shapeshifters in werewolf form should not howl while moving
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