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Icewind Dale 2 Forum Update

Discussion in 'Game/SP News & Comments' started by NewsPro, Feb 6, 2002.

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    May 19, 2015
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    (Originally posted by Tiamat)

    Kevin Osburn, Line Producer

    Thac0 and Negative AC:
    Both of those have been removed. Believe me, I know....I made the changes

    Mp3 Release: We will probably be releasing at least one .mp3 at some point in time, just don't know when yet. As soon as I find out I will update everybody.

    Summoned Monsters: Summoned monsters will not turn hostile if you start attacking them.

    Importing: You will unfortunately not be able to import your IWD characters into IWD2.

    Load Times: We are trying to cut down on the load times, but currently we aren't sure if they will be better than previous IE games.

    Game size: Icewind Dale 2 will be on 2 CD's.

    Extreme mode: Enemies hit harder, and have a few more hitpoints.

    J.E. Sawyer, Lead Designer

    Will the game have a subtitle?
    Nope. It's just Icewind Dale 2.

    Inventory and Weapons: Currently, inventory and weapon slots work as they did in IWD:HoW.

    Game Timeline: IWD2 takes place around 1310 DR, which is after IWD, but several decades before the Time of Troubles.

    Kits: We could implement fifty more kits -- just not in the time available for us. The little wild mage code we have is incomplete. That's my understanding of it, anyway. We would essentially be building it from scratch.

    Playing as a Drow: The very first people you encounter in Targos (besides the captain of the Wicked Wench) are two guards. If you walk up to them with a drow, they immediately assume that you're part of the attacking force. You can convince them that you are there to help, but their initial reaction is the assumption that you're an evil bad monster. Some people respond with more obvious hatred.

    Will there be romances/sex in IWD? No and no.

    Will we have dual-wield? Yes.

    Will we have weapon styles like BG2? Yes.

    And if the answer to those two is yes, will thieves have dual-wield properly implemented? Yes.

    IWD2 Rules: If you are skeptical about how the rules are being mixed, wait for the game to be released and read reviews to see if it seems worthwhile.

    Goblins: The worgs and their goblin riders are one creature. Think of them like the mounted units in Age of Empires. You're essentially trying to kill a fast, tough goblin with a ranged melee attack (the spear).

    Monster Models: A few monster models were brought over from Torn, I believe. Jason Manley left the company a few months ago and now works for Troika.

    Will any race/class combo be allowed? This is a possibility.

    Human Racial Characteristics: Currently, humans have a slight bonus to their XP. This may grow in value if multi/dual-class options are opened up.

    Exotic Races: We have a copy of the 3E Forgotten Realms Player's Handbook. That's what we're basing the tieflings and aasimar off of.
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