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Full EE no reload solo run: what are you playing? Also, help me please

Discussion in 'Baldur's Gate 2: Enhanced Edition' started by krunchyfrogg, Aug 25, 2017.

  1. krunchyfrogg Gems: 4/31
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    Jul 12, 2005
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    I'm thinking the best class to play would be a berserker 7 or 9 > Mage.

    Berserker rage stops all nasty, instant game over effects. Level 9 is more powerful than 7, but dual classing at 7 allows you to import into BG2 as a 7/8 and so there's no really bad "downtime" as a single classed mage. 9 is still probably better as scribing scrolls gives so much more xp in bg2.

    Anyway, what weapon setup is best for this character? I was thinking of building towards the flail of ages as the best weapon, which also allows me to either dual wield or use a shield.

    Alternately, using a quarter staff is a great idea since you can always find really good ones really early in both games.
  2. Eyebreaker7

    Eyebreaker7 Someone clean my litter box ★ SPS Account Holder Veteran New Server Contributor [2012] (for helping Sorcerer's Place lease a new, more powerful server!)

    Jun 28, 2008
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    At level 9 (vs 7) you will get:

    2 more dice of hit points.
    You'll also get much better saving throws
    2 points better THAC0
    Also 1 more weapon proficiency.

    I'm getting this info from http://baldursgate.wikia.com/wiki/Fighter but I don't know if it was the same for the latest version of the game
  3. Paracelsi

    Paracelsi ★ SPS Account Holder Adored Pillars of Eternity SP Immortalizer (for helping immortalize Sorcerer's Place in the game!)

    Apr 7, 2011
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    You will want to dual-wield because you're not a full warrior, more attacks per round is always nice (and gets doubled with Improved Haste). Flail of the ages is not a bad go-to weapon, but if possible you'll want to be able to change weapons to adapt to any given situation. Mace of Disruption/Daystar are always going to be your staples against undead, for example. There are also a lot of nice long swords and bastard swords. Finally, there are several situations where simply a equipping a good shield can mean all the difference.

    Scribing scrolls and not turning in quests (saving the XP reward for after you dual) works. Ultimately what's going to matter more is the order you tackle content, since some quests are trickier for solos than others. Your goal is simply to reach higher levels - once that happens (and you get all the gear/spells you need to be unkillable with metaknowledge) then you only need to play safe.

    Personally, for a non-reload solo I'd rather go Blade or FMT. Blade because I know bard playthroughs by heart and I know exactly what to do to get myself to high level ASAP, and FMT because thieving gives you so many shortcuts. At this point I also haven't played BG2 in a while so I don't remember where all the Maze traps are, it would be nice to simply disarm them instead of having to brush up on my metaknowledge.
    Last edited: Aug 28, 2017
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