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Dragon's Wrath (Fantasy-Hightech)

Discussion in 'Creativity Surge' started by Topken, May 4, 2010.

  1. Topken

    Topken Elven-dragon wizard

    Oct 24, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Don't know why I haven't posted this here yet guess I never saw this subsection yet. I know I have hightech in the title even tho I haven't got any in the story yet but it will come later if not in the next book. I was hoping to run this past-present for the first book and present-future for second book but still keep the magic aspects through out the whole story. Well sence this is my first writing ever with some rewrites leading up to the present copy. I haven't worked on this in quite a number of years but I've been trying to flush the characters out a bit more before i continued writing the novel.

    Well without farther ado here's the first part of the first book.

    Dragon’s Wrath

    Montisaquadeis is an 85-year-old 6’7 tall miniature red dragon with a wingspan of ten feet also has a hide of deep red with a glint of gold. He has black eyes and his horns are a bit crocked. His tail has a length of about 7 feet. He keeps his tail curled up against his body most of the time.

    He is standing out side a huge golden door. The door is 15 feet tall and three feet thick. The door has deep rich carvings of the Council of Order in it. The carving of Topken is at the top of the door looking straight ahead. Lasnap’s carving is towards the bottom of the door. Daisy’s carving is on the upper left below Topken’s.

    As Montisaquadeis opens the door and walk in he sees the room he has entered has a high ceiling. The carpet on the floor is a deep purple almost a black. There is a tapestry of an ancient battle hanging on the wall to the right as he walks in. The battle seems to be between the gods and titans.

    Before him sits Topken. He is sitting at a huge table. The table looks so old the paint is starting to peel and crackle in spots. The table is black. The table is fifth teen to twenty feet long and 4 feet wide. It also stands at three and a half feet off the ground on curved legs and clawed feet. It looks to be made of oak.

    Topken is a 2'6 pixie wearing a blue robe and his wings are through the robe but under his blue hooded cloak. He also has electric blue eyes and a deep green colored hair, which is shoulder length. He also has a blood red gem set in the middle of his forehead. The weapon he carries is the staff of order. He is the god of magic, and the son of the Ancient one. The Ancient one created the gods. Topken may not be as old as the rest of the gods but he is wiser then they are. He is also more powerful then them. Topken is sitting at the head of the table facing the door. The chair he is sitting in is as old if not older than the table. It is the same type and color as the table. Behind him is a giant fireplace. The fireplace is massive Montisaquadeis could fit underneath it well.

    Topken speaks with a deep booming voice rich with the knowledge of the past. He says”Welcome to the council chamber Montisaquadeis. Please take a seat.” and he points to the empty space to his left.

    Montisaquadeis complies and sits on his hind legs in the spot. He then looks around and notices there are some empty chairs. He asks “Where is the rest of the council?”

    Topken responds in his deep voice with a laugh “I wanted to meet you alone. So I asked them to stay away for a while. I wanted to get to know you before I introduce you to the rest of the council.”
    He wakes up in his room. 'Third time this week I've had that dream’ then his mom calls him for breakfast. ‘Breakfast is ready Montisaquadeis!’

    He walks to the kitchen and sits on his hind legs. “I had that dream again.”

    Mom says “Oh really, that’s the third time this week:”

    “I know” He takes the chicken that his mom hands to him and starts eating it. As he finishes the chicken there’s a nock on the front door. “I’ll get it” He says and runs down to the front door and opens it.

    The village elder is standing there. He looks all shaken up. “What’s the matter?” He asks him.

    The Village Elder says “There’s a human going around blowing up our houses when no one is in them”

    He says “At least there’s no one in them”

    The Village Elder responds “That is good yes, but we need your help to get rid of him”

    Montisaquadeis asks “Why me, Why not get one of our warriors to do it?”

    The village Elder replies “Because he is a powerful wizard and we need a wizard to take care of him. Are you up to the task?”

    “One sec” He walks to his mother and asks, “Where do we keep the equipment for emergencies like these?”

    His mom replies “In the basement, why?”

    “I need it to battle a powerful wizard who’s blowing up our houses.” He walk down to the basement and finds the equipment up against the wall. He takes the amour that is sitting there and a metal staff. The armor is leather with a robe attached to it. “That’s convenient.” He walks to the front door where the elder is still standing. “Ok ready to go now.”

    “Ok follow Me.” and he starts walking towards the woods.

    Montisaquadeis follows him. Ass they are walking he asks “So what does this human look like?”

    The Elder replies “He wears a black cloak over a Blood Red Robe and Wields a wooden staff that’s look likes a staff of the magi.”

    “Ok” The Village Elder stops in the middle of the woods. Montisaquadeis asks “Why did we stop?”

    The Elder replies “Shush I hear something.” He shuts up and listens too. He can now hear rustling coming from the left of them in the deep thickets. “Over there!” The Elder cries out. Montisaquadeis runs over and strikes with his staff.

    Then a boyish voice cries out. “Why did you hit me?”

    Montisaquadeis exclaims “Oh its you” he stands back and out comes Billy the dragon from next door wearing his usual getup: a leather tunic with brown trousers and leather boots. He’s a farmer’s son. “What are you doing here Billy?” He asks.

    Billy says “Following you guys around. Where are you going?” as he kicks the ground with his clawed feet.

    “To fight a powerful Wizard alone!” Montisaquadeis says. “Now go home before you get killed.” and he points off to the village.

    “Ok I’m going,” Billy says. And he walks off towards the village.

    “Now where were we?” Montisaquadeis asks. He then thinks for a moment before saying “Oh yeah you were telling me what he looks like”

    The Elder then says “He also has a burn on his right forearm” He then gets excited as he proclaims “That’s where I got him.”

    Montisaquadeis then replies “Ok anything else I need to know about him?”

    “Oh yeah he also has a Gold dragon as a pet.”

    “Ok, which way did he go?” He points off to the right “That way”

    “Ok I’m off” and he heads right of where they were standing.

    After a few hours of walking Montisaquadeis runs into a Small campsite. It looks like a human camp. He holds his staff in front of him and walks silently towards the tent and looks for shadows, as it isn’t quite dark yet. He sees something moving in it and pauses at the flap. He can hear voices coming from inside.

    A female voice says “While you are out get some firewood we are running low again.”

    Then a male voice says “Ok ma’am I’ll be back in a few minutes,” and a male human walks out of the tent.

    Montisaquadeis holds the staff above his head ready to bring it down upon the humans head.

    He brings it down upon his head and hits him square in the middle of his head. “What was that?” A young maiden walks out wearing a robe of white silk. She has a crown of thorns around her head. She has hazel eyes, red hair. Her hair comes to the middle of her back. She wears one simple gold ring with a C O engraves in it on her left ring finger. The only significance of the ring is that it identifies her as being part of the Council of Order. “What’s all this?” She asks.

    He says “Sorry I thought he was the wizard who was blowing up our houses.”

    She says “We have been here all week and not left these woods at all” She then bends over her servant and tries to lift him but he is too heavy. “I could use some help here”

    He then says “Ok I will help out for the moment “He lifts the sevant with ease and takes him inside and sets him on the bed. She then comes in and gets to work making a cure for the headache he’s going to have when he wakes up. “Why did you knock him out?” she asks

    He says “I thought he was the wizard who was Blowing up our houses and terrorizing our village. By the way why are you out here?”

    She than says “We are trying to find a village where we can get help.”

    He says “You should try my village they would be very happy to have you stay with them for awhile.”

    “Oh thank you we don’t know what we would of done if you didn’t come around.”

    “Think nothing of it young maiden. I’ll leave you now. I have to locate the wizard and take him out, before he does any more damage to our village. I’ll see you soon.”

    He walks out of the tent and keeps heading the way he was going before he ran into the lost couple. Unknown to him Billy didn’t go to the village instead he went around the woods and is waiting up a tree for him to come out.

    As he walks by Billy jumps silently down to the ground and follows him to the next village, which is a human village. He walks to the Elder’s house, which is a mansion. He knocks on the door and the elder’s butler opens the door. “Yes? “May I help you?”

    He responds “You can take me to the elder for one thing.”

    “Why do you need to see him?” He looks confused and thinks why would a dragon want to see the elder of a human village?

    “One of your wizards has attacked our village and I am here to stop him.” He says with a voice unlike his own. The voice is much more mystical than his normal tone.

    “Ok you may enter.” And the butler opens it all the way and leads him to the study. “Ill get him right now.” And he walks off to another part of the manor to get him.

    While he’s gone Montisaquadeis notices some unusual things hanging about the room. One thing he notices is a crossbow with out the bow part and a covered barrel. The elder walks in and notices him looking at the weapon. “That’s a rifle”

    “Hmm. Why would people use such things?” Montisaquadeis asks. The Elder ignores the statement

    “You wanted to see me about a wizard?” The elder asks

    “Yes. He has been destroying our homes and I came here to teach him a lesson.” He says

    “Oh really?” The Elder replies

    “Yes Really.” He says to the elder. He then goes on and explains the situation to the elder.

    “Well I don’t know where he’s at the moment.”

    “Ok if you see him tell him I’m looking for him.”

    “Ill do that”

    “In the mean time I’m going to be looking around town.” And He gets up to leave

    “Wait you will need some money” and the elder opens his pouch and hands him 50 platinum pieces to spend on items he may need.

    “Thanks.” And he heads out to the street and sees Billy trying to hide behind the bushes. “What are you doing here?”

    “Trying to get untangled from the bush” He helps him get free of the bush.

    “Well I’m going to take a look around town and see if I can find some info on our subject.” He finds a pub/inn and walks in. At the bar he sees a warrior and a cleric. He walks up to the warrior and takes a seat and orders a pint of ale.

    As he drinks his ale he starts to speak with the warrior ‘Have you seen a wizard wearing a blood red robe any where around?”

    “Sorry no I haven’t.” He then walks over to the cleric and ask the same question

    “Yes I have seen him around.” The cleric responds.

    He then asks “Where was he?”

    “He was going into the wizard guild last I saw him”

    “Ok” and he seems happy when he says it. He walks out to the street and heads towards the wizard guild. As he passes the weapon shop a slick dagger catches his eye and it only costs 4 gold. The dagger is 8 inches in length and the handle is covered with gems. The blade is curved like a scimitar. He walks in and buys the dagger. He slips it into his robe.

    He then heads to the wizard guild and gets stopped by the guard. “Halt I must see some proof that you are a wizard”

    “Ok how’s this?” He says as he makes the dagger appear in his right hand with out moving it.

    “Very go you can go in” the guard says. He puts the dagger back and walks inside. As he walks in he sees the guild master talking to the wizard he is to kil. “Mada thonta kedis nadonta?” The wizard turns around and looks at Montisaquadeis with a scared look and disappears with a sound of thunder clapping.

    As he is shouting an elf wearing a robe of deep green with trim of forest brown. The trim covers the end of the sleeves, the bottom of the robe, and the collar. The cloak is made of the same material as the robe along with the trim that goes completely around the edge. His eyes are the color of sapphire while his hair is shoulder length and the color of the raising sun. He stands around 5’0 tall and weighs around 120 lbs. He wears a signet ring on his left middle finger that’s states he is of the Sundin royal house. He rushes in and looks at Montisaquadeis funny. “What is going on in here? I herd yelling and came rushing in.”

    The guild master says,” That dragon just burst in here and scared off a member of the guild.”

    “May I ask what it is he did to upset you Montisaquadeis?”

    “Adictas zintona contictmordasine Prince Lasnap.”

    “Sorry but I don’t speak dracain.”

    “I said he was blowing up our houses. If you don’t believe me you can check this out.” He pulls out a globe and taps it with his right claw.

    It starts to glow and shapes start appearing within the crystal globe. “Show me the destruction of my village by the human wizard.” The shapes start moving around and then the destroyed buildings are as clear as day within the crystal orb. He makes the orb float over to Lasnap and have it float in front of him.

    Prince Lasnap says, “I see.” He makes the orb disappear with a wave of his hand.

    Lasnap starts out the door “well come on we need to go after him.”

    He says “I am going to stay for a bit and get some training in before I go look for him. Lasnap you should train a little as well. I think you need it. It seems like you could use some training.”

    Lasnap says “I think I will do some training.”

    So they start practicing spells like magic missile, fireball, and the like. After a while Montisaquadeis says “Watch this” and he swirls his right arm in a clockwise circle. He then takes his arm away and some weird writing appears like he has never seen before.

    Lasnap says, “I have only seen one person do that and that is Topken The head of our order. I better tell him.”

    He whistles and in flies a golden phoenix. The phoenix lands on his shoulders. He then takes out some paper and a quill and starts to write a letter to Topken explaining about Montisaquadeis’s gift of the old arts. He then ties the letter to the phoenix’s leg and the phoenix flies outside and heads east towards the Kitomadis mountain range.

    Lasnap then says “Its getting late we better eat before we go to sleep soon.”

    “Ill agree to that. I am very tired after that thing with the circle.”
    The phoenix has flown over 20,000 miles to the Kitomadis Mountains. He flies to the very topmost peak, which is Mt. Tadic. He flies and comes upon Topken who is meditating and floating 4 feet off the ground.

    Topken looks up and sees the phoenix named Threllethier. “I see Lasnap has found something interesting.” With those words he takes the letter out of Threllethier’s mouth. He starts to read it:

    Dear Topken,
    I have found something you might be interested in. It seems there is a read dragon by the name of Montisaquadeis who can use the ancient arts just as you can. I have only seen him start the Blast of Order. I will contact you again if I see anything else. I hope you are doing well.
    Your secretary,

    As he is reading the letter he is scratching Threllethier’s head. “I must see this dragon for myself.” And writes back to Lasnap saying He will be there in 4 days time, and he will see for himself if Montisaquadeis is as powerful as Lasnap says he is.

    He ties the scroll with some ancient looking thread and gives it to Threllethier to carry back to Lasnap. After he gives it to him Threllethier takes off back towards Nicto the town Lasnap and Montisaquadeis are staying in.

    Topken then gets up and starts floating down the mountain. Halfway down he comes to a small cave. The cave is 15 feet tall and 10 feet wide. It is also 9 feet deep. It gets smaller as you head back the roof slants down to 5 feet deep in the back of it.

    The cave looks quite homely on the inside there’s a fire burning near the middle of the cave and the walls are covered with animal furs to keep the warmth in. There’s an orb of light floating near the roof and its lighting up the whole cave. There’s a mat lying on the ground. The mat is made of straw with a blanket over it.

    Topken walks in and looks at the fire for a moment. As he is looking at the fire it starts to smoke and in the smoke a figure of Montisaquadeis appears. “So that is Montisaquadeis is it. I really have to see him in person.” After the figure disappears Topken lays down on the mat and drifts off to sleep. As he drifts off he gives his hand a little wave and the orb of light goes out.

    When Topken wakes up he senses something is wrong outside. He gets up and grabs his staff were it was Leaning up against the wall. After he grabs his staff he walks outside and notices there is smoke billowing from the forest that’s around the mountain.

    He flies down to the forest and lands near a big oak tree. He looks around and all the animals are running away from the smoke and fire that’s starting to spread. Topken holds his hand out palm facing outward and water shoots from it onto the fire causing the fire to go out and more smoke to appear.

    As he is putting out the fire there is a loud boom and the ground shakes. When the ground shakes Topken almost loses his balance. He looks around for the source of the noise and notices people are running around. He heads towards the people and notices a human being that looks almost like Lasnap except for the robes and ears. This guy is wearing a robe of deep red.

    The guy looks around and notices Topken standing near the tree line. He goes over and says hello to him. Topken says hello back and asks what the dude is doing. He says he is clearing some of the land so that he can begin construction on a temple to Topken the God of Magic. He notices that the creature before he resembles the god of magic.

    Topken hears this and says “Who are you?” The guy says his name is Arnen and he is a powerful wizard of the east. Topken says “Yeah and I am Topken Makadah Necar Lasnap The God of Magic. So you are building a temple in my honor are you lets take a look.”

    So Arnen takes Topken into a tent and shows him the plans for the temple. Topken takes a look. He notices a room off the main chamber where the statue of him sits. He asks what the room will be used for and Arnen says it will be used as a storage room.

    Topken then says “If you don’t mind please try not to burn the forest anymore then is necessary. I really don’t want to have to go back in time to stop you or replant for that matter.”

    Arnen replies “I can try to do that.” He takes the blueprints from Topken and rolls it up into a scroll case. He then walks outside and tells his workers not to harm the forest in a 50 foot by 50 foot square.

    “What about the area outside of that square that we have destroyed already?” One of his workers ask.

    Arnen replies “We have to replant the plants then.” and he looks at Topken for support. “Is that the right thing to do oh Great and Powerful God of Magic?”

    And with those words spoken his workers look at Topken for the first time and they all start to chant a song in his honor as they go on working. The song is as follows:

    Morcazane morcazane thosintadoo kathasa dosenta domas.
    Thentaso yicom kades contasano mordanano thencoso killont
    Loocusein ohdoseacmosein likosdoma akodos bodasin mondako

    Topken stands there as everyone chants the song he taught to his first followers. After they finish he snaps his fingers and the sun goes outs. He holds his staff in the air and a shaft of red light shines down upon him from the heavens. The light is then concentrated on him and turns into a red aura of pure energy. As the light concentrates the sun slowly brightens until it is back to its full strength. As Topken is surrounded with the aura he starts moving around to people touching them on the foreheads. When he touches them they start to glow with the same aura that is around Topken. After Topken touches everyone he goes back where he stood and chants three words “Cantoes montaki codoesin” everyone’s aura including hi disappears into their bodies. As the auras disappear everyone feels refreshed.
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