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Dangers of Virtual Gaming

Discussion in 'Alley of Dangerous Angles' started by Mathetais, Jan 16, 2004.

  1. Iago Gems: 24/31
    Latest gem: Water Opal

    Mar 13, 2003
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    Aren't you presuming a little much about others and their alleged "political correctnes" ? By the way, I'd like the Dutch to become a little bit more conservative. Then we will become the liberal stronghold! :evil: :evil: Ok, ok, no one will notice, but anyway...

    As for strong central power. Too much centralization is usually the begin of the end. To a certain degree it's necessary, but smaller entities provide that one individual has more say in matters in its neighbourhood, instead of being just a victim of circumstances. There is a little drop of more influence. On the other hand, I'd say there is no correlation between strong central power and loose customs. More a correlation between strong central power and maladministration. But that's maybe a lot of personal bias. As for internet gaiming, I think that comparision isn't too good, as the way it is, there is mostly the lack of any social-control. Or maybe "Peer-to-peer"-control. No one knows no one, how can someone react, when the mieschiefmaker just disconnects ? And there is just no "face" that can be recognized.
  2. joacqin

    joacqin Confused Jerk Adored Veteran Pillars of Eternity SP Immortalizer (for helping immortalize Sorcerer's Place in the game!)

    Apr 4, 2001
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    Keldor, my point was really that the sociologist hasnt really interviewed the "factory worker" in Mongolia. The sociologist havent really any experience with gaming communities and the internet, not yet. Everything I have heard from sociologists about internet and internet gaming have always been speculation brought about by pointed questions by reporters and the like. So until the experts have truly researched this phenomena it is we who spend time in this "world" who have the best insight in how it is and why we do what we do.
  3. Shura Gems: 25/31
    Latest gem: Moonbar

    Aug 9, 2000
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    [​IMG] Egads! Let me just say that you would NOT like get on the wrong side my virtual self in say, NWN. I'm far nastier as a Blackguard with unholy powers, a flaming sword, and the license to kill anybody that pisses me off in D&D than in real life.


    "Evil always triumphs because Good is dumb." -Dark Helmet, Space Balls.

    "Better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven."-Satan the Lightbringer, Milton's Paradise Lost.

    In any case Mat, each to their own. You to your holiness, and me to my sacrificial offerings to Bhaal. :evil:

    What's up with you and the Dutch, btw? This thread didn't really make it clear.
  4. Troll Gems: 2/31
    Latest gem: Fire Agate

    Jun 27, 2003
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    In real life, out on the street, with the eyes of respective governments upon the populace, some people are slightly depraved, in accordance with the extant laws.

    In real life, in the privacy of their own bedrooms, some people are extremely depraved, in accordance with the extant laws.

    The internet has been filled with virtual, global, public streets where people can stop, talk, shop, create, play and even be slightly depraved if they wish, all in accordance with extant laws.

    Why then rail against the existance of virtual, global, private bedrooms where people can be extremely depraved if they wish, in accordance with the extant laws.

    An online world where everyone is as autonomous as they are at home is simply an online bedroom, just an ordinary pit of depravity caused by humanity's subservient enjoyment of its own base nature.

    I think a philosophy professor should spend nine months reporting on what Peter Ludlow gets up to in the privacy of his own home, and especially when he invites company into his bedroom.

    I am sure that the revelations will be every bit as astounding as his discovery of the fact that:

    When people conciously spend time, money and effort to enter a virtual world without society's rules , they don't obey society's rules. Well duuh! :rolleyes:
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