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Daggerfall Unity 1.0.0 Released

Discussion in 'The Elder Scrolls 1-4' started by Felipe, Sep 30, 2023.

  1. Felipe

    Felipe ★ SPS Account Holder Resourceful

    Sep 19, 2021
    Likes Received:
    What is Daggerfall Unity?

    Daggerfall Unity is an open source recreation of Daggerfall in the Unity engine created by Daggerfall Workshop.

    Classic Daggerfall Plus

    Cross-platform (Windows/Linux/Mac)
    Retro graphics are boosted by modern engine and lighting
    High resolution with classic style
    Smooth first-person controls
    Huge draw distances
    Quality of life enhancements
    Mod support

    Free Addon To Free Daggerfall

    Runs using a free copy of Daggerfall
    Import your classic save games
    Revisit a huge world of adventure

    An Open Platform

    Open source under MIT license
    Quality contributions are welcome
    Newcomers welcome and helped to learn
    Friendly community


    Daggerfall Unity - v0.16.x
    Daggerfall Tools for Unity - v1.9.x
    Required Unity3D version - 2019.4.40f1 LTS

    Daggerfall Unity 0.16.0 Release Candidate Latest

    Getting Started

    If this is your first time installing Daggerfall Unity, please visit Installing Daggerfall Unity and Other Information for help getting started.


    This release is an improvement update for Daggerfall Unity with minor localization enhancements and bug fixes. Version 0.16.0 is intended to be a stable release for general play. If you experience new issues with this version, please report to Help & Support on the Workshop Forums.
    Release Candidate

    Daggerfall Unity is in Beta no more! We are now entering the Release Candidate phase in the final lead-up to version 1.0. This is the point where mod creators should ensure their work is compatible and updated if necessary. If no showstopping problems are found in this candidate, then Daggerfall Unity will progress to 1.0 on the following release.

    If you find a mod not compatible or broken by this release, please notify mod author on Nexus or Released Mods on forums.

    If you are a mod creator and encounter any difficulties rebuilding your mod for 0.16.x, please reach out on the forums or Discord for help.

    Unity Splash

    Starting from 0.16, Daggerfall Unity will display a customised Unity splash for 2 seconds then load the standard launcher splash. Here's what it looks like.

    My reasoning for enabling the splash:

    I'm moving on from Daggerfall Unity after 1.0 and won't be maintaining a Unity subscription (which is currently required to remove the splash). Unity also recently removed the more affordable Plus tier which makes this cost prohibitive anyway.

    I feel it's important to normalise splash so that any future stewards or variants of this project do not feel like they need to pay for a Unity sub just to be on parity with the main release. Everyone is equal and you all own Daggerfall Unity now.

    Splash provides future stewards or variant projects the ability to customise start with their own identity.

    Featured Changes

    Daggerfall Unity is now feature complete. There are no major new features planned or in the pipeline at this time.

    This may change as the project enters post 1.0 support and the community continues to evolve this project in unexpected ways. But for now, the goal is to enable mod compatibility and stability for 1.0. Every change has the potential to break something for mods, and we don't want to do that again for a while.
    General Fixes & Improvements


    Fix R0C11Y26 click clearing #2537


    Localize hand-to-hand damage format string ee6c538
    Localize affiliation format string f872f0a
    Add hooks to cycle interaction modes from mods 2650483


  2. Felipe

    Felipe ★ SPS Account Holder Resourceful

    Sep 19, 2021
    Likes Received:
    Release 1.0
    After several years of continuous development, Daggerfall Unity is finally at 1.0 Release stage. All game features have been implemented with a good baseline of stability and performance. The project will now move into post-release community support and maintenance. The future of Daggerfall Unity development will now steer towards future mod support.

    General Fixes & Improvements

    • "MyDaggerfallUnityScreenshotsPath" setting missing default 66043a1
    • "AutomapNumberOfDungeons" setting saved to wrong section 0e655cf
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