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A couple humorous items from the past

Discussion in 'Dungeons & Dragons + Other RPGs' started by SlickRCBD, Mar 7, 2023.

  1. SlickRCBD Gems: 29/31
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    May 7, 2005
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    I thought I posted about these here, but I can't find them by searching.
    Here is one amusing item my group played with back in the '90s, and one item I made up when I first heard the term "banhammer" on a message board.
    Both are made with 2E rules.

    A +1 mighty composite longbow,
    1d6+1, +5 vs kender
    Three times per day, it can conjure a magical arrow of slaying designed to kill kender. If the archer makes a ranged touch attack against a kender with this arrow, the kender must save vs death or die. If the kender saves, check to see if a normal attack roll vs a ranged touch attack would have hit. If the normal attack would have hit, the kender suffers maximum damage (12 plus a strength bonus). If it is in the range where armor bonuses would save it from a normal attack but not a ranged touch attack, assume it only hit armor, and he still suffers 5 magic damage from the hit.

    A similar check of ranged vs touch attack is made for regular arrows shot from this bow against kender. If armor or a shield blocks a blow from a kender (the difference between normal AC and a ranged touch attack) the kender still takes 5 magic damage (1 damage on a successful save vs death).

    Made by a wizard who was angry at Kender constantly breaking into his lab to see what "interesting" experiments he was conducting, often interrupting this to catastrophic results, this bow is imbued with his utter hatred for the race.
    This bow was created to commit genocide for the kender race and given to a loyal retainer to kill any kender seen approaching the tower.
    After the tower was destroyed in a magical catastrophe when a kender was able to sneak in while the guard was sleeping and disrupt an experiment to see what happened, the wizard sent the warrior out to wreck vengeance on any nearby kender.

    Warhammer +1, +3 vs outsiders
    1d4+1, +3 vs outsiders or summoned creatures.
    On hit, a summoned creature must save vs death or suffer the effects of a "Dismissal" spell. Use the wielder's highest class level for caster level in order to adjust saving throw bonuses.

    Facing an evil wizard with a penchant for summoning hordes of outsiders and demons to do his bidding, this weapon was created to counter him.
    Given to a dwarven warrior priest that was part of a band of adventurers, they successfully vanqiuished the wizard.
    However, the hammer was fairly specialized, and they were later killed by a monster native to the Prime Material plane that was immune to +1 weapons. Stories disagree on exactly what kind of creature slew them however.
    Last edited: Mar 28, 2023
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