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[Mod] Spetznaz_ADMIRAL’s Online Character Creation Extender Beta 1.2

Allows you to create characters with wings, tails and lets you set hidden textures for tattoos/skin.

  1. xosmi

    Spetznaz_ADMIRAL’s Online Character Creation Extender (Win2K/XP only) Beta v1.2 (October 2004)

    Source was written from scratch utilising MS libraries and compiled with both VB/VC .NET


    Allows you to create both SERVERVAULT and localvault characters with wings, tails and lets you set the hidden textures for both the tattoo settings and hair/skin. All current NWN versions and CEP Additional content supported.

    “Servervault??!” I hear you say :- Yes, by reaching into the programs’ memory, changes that are persistently stored with your character can be modified. This does not mean that you can hack yourself items or uber stats. Bioware have checks in place to prevent this server side, as it should be. However until now benign, purely aesthetic features like wings/tails have been lying dormant due to NWN’s outdated in-game character creator, and to top it off Bioware neglected to add scripting support for online worlds to use these features. Well now there is an alternative that allows players to take advantage of these settings in an online environment without hacking the server or social engineering a DM’s passwords.


    Note: FLASH Player 7 is required by the GUI.
    Note: MS .NET Framework 1.1 is also required by this program.
    Also note you will still need to select a Tattoo style in order to see your custom tattoo colours.
    1. Extract the archive to your NWN folder

    2. Make sure the ‘NWN_Extender.exe’ and all .DLL files are in the same folder as nwmain.exe

    3. Run the NWN_Extender.exe file and set the appropriate settings then hit RUN. *

    4. NWN will now be launched. Connect to an online server (direct connect if need be) and create a new character.

    5. Do Not load an existing character file while the extender is running, this will result in a crash.

    6. You should have logged into your servervault server with new changes.

    7. Now that your character is stored on the server you can continue running NWN as you did before without running NWN_Extender.exe first
    * See included documentation for what to enter in the settings fields. They should all be integers where a -1 means this feature should not be overwritten and let the normal character creator handle it. Apologies about integer input but to make it future proof I didn’t want to restrict it with defined values.


    Please report any bugs or feel free to send feedback to:


    All comic artwork in this GUI is sourced from Witchblade comics - Top Cow Productions Inc www.topcow.com – These guys do some awesome work. Buy their stuff.

    Skin/Hair/Tattoo palette images sourced from Leto help files.


    Beta v 1.2

    – Rigidly enforced against vanilla characters being created. Redundancy added.

    – Cleaner transition to NWN

    Beta v 1.1

    – Streamlined some code for efficiency and stability.

    – Fixed a bug that could cause a crash when making chars on large servervaults.

    – Fixed a bug that caused vanilla characters to be created no matter what settings were used.

    Beta v 1.0

    – Initial public release after some private testing. Plugin and GUI unpolished but sufficiently developed to warrant release.


    This software provided by Spetznaz_ADMIRAL may be freely distributed, provided that no charge is levied, and that the disclaimer below is always attached to it.

    The program(s) are provided as is without any guarantees or warranty and are for educational purposes. Although the author has attempted to find and correct any bugs in the software program(s), the author is not responsible for any damage or losses of any kind caused by the use or misuse of the program(s).

    The author is under no obligation to provide support, service, corrections, or upgrades to the software program(s).
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