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[Mod] Icewind Dale 2: Special Edition 27.00

Bugfixes, HD ready GUI, new abilities, new items and new content.

  1. Software rescaled tilesets for all areamaps

    Lord Ergonpandilus
    - Fine-tuned new items store availability
    - Added polished loading screens
    - Added softer rescaled areamap tilesets

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  2. Minor update

    Lord Ergonpandilus
    Fixed some party members spell selections and readme.txt update.
  3. Icewind Dale II: Special Edition v15.0 Full Package

    Lord Ergonpandilus
    - Basic eqs: changed save bonus to partial armor bonus
    - New items
    - Bugfixes
    - Added items to random treasure loot
    - Alchemy (lore value) added for magic potions
    - Masterwork prices fixed according to PHB
    - Find Traps -spell according to 3.5e PHB
    - Barbarian illiteracy
    - Fighter epic level special abilities
  4. Icewind Dale II: Special Edition v14.0 Full Package

    Lord Ergonpandilus
    - Icon graphics updates
    - New items
    - New party
    - Ranger Track fixed missing movement penalty
    - Added Remove Blindess to shop cures
    - Starting weapon proficiencis according 3.5e
    - Fixed incorrect stat descs from armors and shields
    - Added cleric deity's favored weapon from PHB
    - Typofixes
    - More unused icons to existing items
    - Added waraxes with unusused axe atk animation
    - Refactor Holy Water
    - Reach Weapon (3ft) to spear and halberd
    - Fixed missing evasion checks
    - Restored many...
  5. Icewind Dale II: Special Edition v13.0 Full Package

    Lord Ergonpandilus
    - New items
    - New characters
    - Code cleanup
    - Added immunity to sneak attack for Foresight
    - Monk polymorph refactored
    - More unused icons to existing items
    - Monk Psionic Fist fine tuning
    - Added basic non-magic item minor save bonuses
    - Item and spell fixes
    - passive Woodland Stride ability for rangers and druids
    - Ranger mod to DnD 3.5e
    - set natural snare outdoors only
    - Fixed Spell/Magic Resistance naming and icon inconsisties
    - Portrait icon fixes
    - New party
    - Robes of the...
  6. Icewind Dale II: Special Edition v12.0 Full Package

    Lord Ergonpandilus
    - New items and spells
    - Fixed missing ground icons
    - Dire Panther animation change
    - Updates to the new parties
    - Improved combat scripts
    - Hide In Plain Sight ability
    - Speedfactors corrections per PhB
    - Added Heal and Harm for spontaneous cast
    - Added kukri daggers
    - Removed new dagger animation (kukri uses it now)
    - masterwork weapons should break (fixed)
    - Bugfixes
  7. Icewind Dale II: Special Edition v11.0 Full Package

    Lord Ergonpandilus
    1. Install the game
    2. Patch the game (if not already done)
    3. Config the game (config.exe, IMPORTANT!)
    4. IWD2FIXPACKv4 (install all)
    5. widescreen-v3.07 (1360x768)
    6. Optional: ddraw-wrapper or setup-ddrawfix (Wine3D)
    7. setup-IWD2-SpecialEdition.exe

    - Cleanup installation package
    - New portraits
    - New parties
    - New items
    - Added few new skin and hair colors
    - Refactored Death Attack, Psionic Fist and Tracking abilities
    - Added more weapon animation...
  8. v.9.0 Re-Upload

    Lord Ergonpandilus
    Thank you for the feedback. I've re-uploaded it.
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