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[Mod] Icewind Dale 2: Special Edition 27.00

Bugfixes, HD ready GUI, new abilities, new items and new content.

  1. Icewind Dale II: Special Edition v27.0 Full Package

    Lord Ergonpandilus
    - Changed bugged unidentified items in stores to identified
    - Added alignment restriction to Animate Dead and Holy Smite scrolls
    - Fixed wizard Animate Evil restrictions
  2. Icewind Dale II: Special Edition v26.0 Full Package

    Lord Ergonpandilus
    - Updated Almateria's IWD2 Fixpack to v7 fixes
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  3. Icewind Dale II: Special Edition v25.0 Full Package

    Lord Ergonpandilus
    - Fixed Talos domain 9th level spells
    - Fixed Mask domain 5th level spells
    - Fixed Selune domain 4th levels spells
    - Fixes to vampire curse
    - Added missing spell ids
    - Time Stop description fix
  4. Icewind Dale II: Special Edition v24.0 Full Package

    Lord Ergonpandilus
    - Fixed conflicting portrait icons
    - New portrait icons for Mastery Thievery, Improved Invisibility and Empty Body
    - Portrait icon for thieving tools
    - Fix to Myrvek store
    - Fix to Llolth's Daughter breastplate

    PS. This should be the final update.
  5. Icewind Dale II: Special Edition v23.0 Full Package

    Lord Ergonpandilus
    - New party
    - New items
    - Everlasting Arrow to Quiver of Everlasting Arrows with new icon
    - Phaen Rag's armor bonus changed to will bonus

    Party 12 - Azure Bands Heroes.jpg
  6. Icewind Dale II: Special Edition v22.0 Full Package

    Lord Ergonpandilus
    - Fixed alignment-restricted spell functionality
    - Holy Aura portrait icon
    - Added Deathwatch spell
    - Added Bolt of Glory spell
    - Poison Spider greenish coloring
  7. Icewind Dale II: Special Edition v21.0 Full Package

    Lord Ergonpandilus
    - Fixed mismatching Energy Drain visual effect
    - Fixed "missing evasion check" implementation
    - Mass Heal and Healing Circle will also follow 3E PNP rules
    - Added Harming Circle spell
    - Added Scent spell
    - Added Shroud of Undead spell
    - Added Spellstaff spell
    - Bard high level (7-8) spells fixed to match with other spells
    - New unique Star Metal Cudgel icon
    - Tremor spell renamed to Earthquake and set to Druid lvl-8
  8. Icewind Dale II: Special Edition v20.0 Full Package

    Lord Ergonpandilus
    - incorporated IWD2: Special Edition with DirectDraw fix
    - incorporated IWD2: Special Edition with EAX sound fix
    - incorporated IWD2: Special Edition with Almateria's IWD2 Fixpack
    - changed setup-IWD2-SpecialEdition.tp2 location to subfolder
    - some item graphics polishing
    - new basic helmet variant
    - updates to existing player characters
    - added unused visual effect to existing spells lacking it
    - Harmonize Power Word spells naming
    - Time Stop spell for wizard, mask
    - some new portrait...
  9. Icewind Dale II: Special Edition v19.0 Full Package

    Lord Ergonpandilus
    - New improved monster Xp table implementation
    - Updated class descriptions
    - Updated character scripts
    - Vampire gains feats Dodge and Lightning Reflexes for free
    - Gain Xp from disarming traps
    - More traps
    - item finetunings
    - some new ui graphics
    - Bull's Strength duration fix
    - Shield Other refactoring
    - Control Plants refactoring
    - item fixes
    - Spider Spawn spell improved
    - All spider allies immune to web
    - Store prices variation
    - New areamap tileset polishing...
  10. Hotfix! Crash fix, bugfixes, new graphics and more loot

    Lord Ergonpandilus
    - Crash fix
    - Minor bugfixes
    - New Polar Ray spell visual effect
    - Smite Evil unique visual effect
    - Minor fix to Track and Death Attack
    - Added exotic weapon flamberge with unused thrusting animation
    - More wizards' scrolls to loot
    - More cursed items and scrolls to loot
    - New Fog of War graphics
    - Startup graphics polish
    - Fixes to bucker and small shield statdescs
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