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[Mod] Gothic 2 Remaster 2023-11-05

A Mod that Improves Several Things in Gothic 2

  1. Felipe
    The Remaster of Gothic II: Gold Edition is the most graphically complex version of the game to date while maintaining its originality in terms of story, look and gameplay. All areas and locations were basically retained as in the original.

    All textures\effects reworked (prototype version for render test)
    Engine fixes
    Memory utilising fixed
    MSAA 4 - 8 support
    Fully restored for any hardware EAX2 + HRTF (NOT SP 1.8 MSS\EAX)
    Render (NOT GOTHIC DX11)
    4k+ resolution support (no UI issue)
    Integrated RS (mouse fixed)


    Tested on GTX1060 6 GBs (Win10 x64)


    Gothic 2 EAX - YouTube

    Updated to 5.0 (experimental)

    Added FSR (reversed)
    Added CNNX
    Minor fixes
    Windows 10+ REQUIRE!


    (!) If you got a low FPS in game try ALT+ENTER (change render to background mode)

    - Uncomment this line to enable upscaler (remove ';' at string begin)

    [UPSCALER TYPE = X] ;0 - fsr \ 1 - cnnx (cnnx is performance impacted)

    On mode 1 do not change resolution from game menu!

    Use [GAME RESOLUTION = ...] instead game menu settings!

    (!) Recommended to set [MSAA = 0] if upscaler enabled to prevent lags

    Updated to 3.1 (experimental +50% performance)

    [ASYNC MODE = AUTO] - Asynchronous pipeline. You can put number of threads instead of auto (e.g. 16)

    [GAME RESOLUTION = 1920 1080 (X)]

    PERFORMACE HACK \ Must be used if PERFORMACE HACK is enabled

    (GAME RESOLUTION = W H X) - (X - Frequency)
    (Do not change the resolution from the game menu. It will not work correctly!)


    Performance Increase by about 2 times
    FPS depend on X in GAME RESOLUTION = W H X

    For example, if you want 60 fps, set your resolution and frequency to 60 (W H 60)

    + I recommend set adaptive vertical synchronization
    (will work perfectly smoothly all the time)


    Updated to 2.0

    Integrated 'UNION' 1.0L framework (Gothic system pack 2)
    (You can use 1.8 also. See INI file)
    Fixed all fonts (now it look nice)
    Added low level injector for addition plugins (for not 'UNION' plugins)
    All 'UNION' fuctions also present
    Added patches and vdf override folder (for custom apdates)
    Added full backup of game system folder (for epic fail cases)
    Fixed compatibility
    Fixed settings

    Known issues:

    Nope (at current time)
    At first launch you will get a lags. Don't worry this is temporary (while cache build)


    Only for GOTIC 2 GOLD

    Not tested with steam game version (but there should be no problems)

    1) Not required install! (EGL does not change any game files)

    2) Not required any patches or fixes (contains all SP 1.8 patches) Simply copy EGL_Gothic2.exe into the game's system folder and run


    Check gothic 2 process in task manager and kill it (if you launch vanilla game before)

    At first launch you should set [GAME LANGUAGE = X] X - index of your current game localization

    EGL automatically open self config file on first launch. Just set values and close text editor (game will start automatically)

    After first launch and changing resolution in game menu you should restart game with new resolution (this need for correct UI scale)
    Also, recommend to disable nvidia overlay (may cause issues)

    Look at Gothic2_Remaster.ini for more settings


    This is test version (fully playable)

    No artistic value and was made for testing new render. But in any case, this textures preserve the Gothic visual and not break it, as 99% of the texture packs do. Gothic must remain Gothic!

    You can't use textures without EGL! (you will get a CTD's)
    So, test EGL first and don't waste time to downloading textures!


    If you use deprecated Microsoft Security Essentials or Avast - add game folder to exclusion (Possible false positive)
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