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Jan 11, 2022
Jun 6, 2008
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Jun 30, 1982 (Age: 41)
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Dutch expat living across the German border


I wish for a horde to overrun my enemies, Male, 41, from Dutch expat living across the German border

Resourceful Adored Veteran
coineineagh was last seen:
Jan 11, 2022
    1. Nataraja
      Yes I have seen Zeitgeist, and I have shown a number of my friends it also. I met a girl in my chemistry class, she was my lab partner, and as soon as she told me she hated Christians trying to get their 'theories' taught in schools I was hooked on her, and I had a bit of a crush on her too despite her being 10 years my junior. I showed her Zeitgeist and The God Who Wasnt There, amongst other things, and she loved them. We had a lot of conversations on how stupid Christians are, and how she goes to a youth group in her lab coat to take the piss out of them. Then suddenly last week she tells me she is becoming a Christian! I couldnt believe it. It got me so angry that I have now disowned her. Sad really, she had so much potential and was so anti-Christianity. She broke my heart :(
    2. Nataraja
      According to my ex who is a Christian, God designed me to be a philosopher - because I (apparently) love to argue and I have to be right all the time. :lol:

      Its only her and other Christians that I argue with, and it isnt because I love to argue, its because they love to keep their minds switched off, and I cant stand people who dont think.
    3. Nataraja
      yes i totally agree. this chemistry class wasnt a specific biological chemistry class, so my interest in it dropped dramatically. funny is that i found biochemistry to be amazing and i did really well in it, but when the same things are being taught from a chemists perspective i tend to switch off. i dont like statistics, but when it comes to specific biological statistics i find it amazing. physics is the same too. im enjoying geology at the moment only because i see how geological processes influence evolution, and im enjoying astronomy because i can see our place in the universe. still biology is the best, my friends say im obssessed with it, and its true, i live and breath it :)
    4. Nataraja
      Got my results back for last semester: Biology, C; Chemistry, E. Funny that I did a lot more work for chemistry than I did for biology, and still failed it. I probably studied about 10 hours total for biology over the semester, and I went to maybe two classes, yet still passed, and I put in more work for chemistry and failed it miserably...
    5. Silvery
      Anytime lovely x
    6. Silvery
      Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig hugs for you xxxxxxxxxxx
    7. Nataraja
      yeah i am basically an overgrown babysitter, i take the guys out to the mall, or to the swimming pool. i get paid to watch wrestling, play hide'n'seek in the park, its easy money and no challenge at all. im hoping to have some money saved up soon for my next big purchase, just got to stop buying cds from europe that cost a bunch of money. i probably wont stay in the field of intellectual disabilities as i find it no where near as interesting as biology. i am wanting to stay on for post grad if i get my grades up, probably masters then phd, instead of honours then phd. my main goal is to actually be a biology teacher, either at high school, or hopefully at a university. i love teaching, biology and i enjoy research, so i want to combine them all. dont care about the money, i just have this uncontrollable urge to correct ignorance whenever i encounter it, so research combined with teaching would suit me best.
    8. Nataraja
      happy birthday btw, mines in two days
    9. Nataraja
      so true indeed. in my biochemistry section of one of my classes last year i went to all but like one or two lectures, and i studied for maybe 30 minutes the night before the exam, B-. i find that biology is by far the easiest, and most rewarding, subject i have ever tried (chemistry, classical studies, religious studies, philosophy, psychology, anthropology, cognitive science are the others ive attempted), all i need to do is go to the classes and listen, i never take notes. biology comes naturally to me, like it did in high school too. its hard at the moment as i have to work two jobs to make ends meet, 19 hours a fortnight with one job looking after intellectually disabled kids and young adults, and about 10 hours a fortnight as a gardener/landscaper, so roughly 15 hours a week, give or take some depending on the weather for the gardener/landscaper job.
    10. Nataraja
      yeah ive been busy with university. i seriously hope i dont fail my first semester biology class...again. its a first year class too, but they give you so much stuff to study that its hard to know what theyre going to test you on in the exams. last year i got an E, this year im hoping for at least a C+, and then i can finally get it out of the way. did you know i hadnt finished my first year of my biology degree? i have half a philosophy degree and about a quarter of a psychology degree, but then decided to change to biology at the end of 2007. i find that if i dont do any study i usually get between C and B-, but if i study really hard i get between D and A...weird that...
    11. 8people
      Yup *ding ding* you win one internets :D

      Quite a nice little reference isn't it? :)
    12. Nataraja
      I generally have no problems with Indo-European languages, since they all have the same roots for most of the words etc;Table of comparisons between Indo-European Languages. My father used to be rather patriotic and I grew up listening to traditional Scottish music, bagpipes etc. My mother was more interested in her Danish side than her Scottish, so I had a bit of both really. Ive got a friend who is of Irish descent whose brother is teaching his son Gaelic, and I think its a good idea.
    13. Nataraja
      Runrig are pretty awesome, never heard of them before. One day I got to learn me some Gaelic, being 3/4 Scottish it just would make sense. Do you speak Gaelic?
    14. Silvery
      Oooooooh.....it's like bananananana's!
    15. JT
      my eyes
    16. coineineagh
      :p I'm still at a loss about the one in Baldur's Gate 2... a hint would be welcome, but make it vague...;)
    17. 8people
      I could always give hints on who Ravels Incarnations are if you wish :D
    18. coineineagh
      :thumb:That's cool, thanks. I'm a bit behind schedule because of play testing... I'll mail it to you as soon as it's done.

      UPDATE 20/02/'09: IWD2_4dummies v4 is done.:)

    19. Taluntain
      Hoho, now this is a sunny profile! Just FYI, I've put your guide up regardless, but with a disclaimer. I can easily update it when you've finished the new version. I didn't see any point in holding on to it since there's lots of good info in there despite the issue you mentioned.
    20. coineineagh
      coineineagh: "Kôh-nin-Yah"
      celtic for rabbit, slightly misspelled:hahaerr:

      Cnoc na Feille - Runrig:

      Gun dragh gun d'chuir e an t-eagal oirnn
      Solus Cnoc na Feille
      Hoginn oro horo illean horo eile

      Bha feadhainn ann a chunnaic e
      'S cach ag inns' nam breugan

      Ach muinntir an da shealladh
      Chitheadh iadsan co-dhiubh e

      Tha lach is geadh is curracag
      'Nan caraidean air a'mhachaire

      Tha feannag air a crochadh suas
      Ceangailt' le ropa

      Tha coineanach 'sa ghainmheach
      'Na sheasamh, abair urchaire

      Hoginn o, hoginn o, horo horo illean
      Hoginn o, horo illean, hoginn o horinn o


      The Hill at the Marketstance

      It is without doubt that it frightened us
      The light at the market stance
      Hoginn oro horo boys horo eile

      There were those that could see it
      Others liked to believe they could

      Those with the second sight
      They had no difficulty

      The duck, the greylag and the lapwing
      Together sharing the machairlands

      A dead crow hangs on the fence
      Tied with a length of rope

      A rabbit is sitting on the sand dunes
      Presenting himself, a perfect target

      Hoginn o, hoginn o, horo horo boys
      Hoginn o, horo boys, hoginn o hoginn o.
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  • About

    Jun 30, 1982 (Age: 41)
    Home Page:
    Dutch expat living across the German border
    coineanach is the correct celtic spelling for RABBIT. hence the rabbity theme... HIPPETUS HOPPETUS!!

    Shell collecting, Socialism, Environmental Awareness, Strategy and RPG gaming


    "My country is the world, and my religion is to do good." - Thomas Paine
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