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  1. 1

    Post #1 - Turquoise

    You've made your first post. Keep it up!

    Gems: 1/31
    Gem earned: Turquoise

  2. 2

    Post #25 - Fire Agate

    You've made your 25th post. Getting warmed up?

    Gems: 2/31
    Gem earned: Fire Agate

  3. 3

    Post #50 - Lynx Eye

    You've made your 50th post. Nice.

    Gems: 3/31
    Gem earned: Lynx Eye

  4. 4

    Post #75 - Sunstone

    You've made your 75th post. We're keeping an eye on you!

    Gems: 4/31
    Gem earned: Sunstone

  5. 5

    Post #100 - Andar

    You've made your 100th post. What took you so long?!

    Gems: 5/31
    Gem earned: Andar

  6. 6

    Post #150 - Jasper

    You've made your 150th post. This will seem like nothing at #500!

    Gems: 6/31
    Gem earned: Jasper

  7. 7

    Post #200 - Tchazar

    You've made your 200th post. The big two-oh-oh!

    Gems: 7/31
    Gem earned: Tchazar

  8. 8

    Post #250 - Skydrop

    You've made your 250th post. We're waiting for more!

    Gems: 8/31
    Gem earned: Skydrop

  9. 9

    Post #300 - Iol

    You've made your 300th post. And no, it's not a LOL stone, sheesh!

    Gems: 9/31
    Gem earned: Iol

  10. 10

    Post #350 - Zircon

    You've made your 350th post. You just keep going and going!

    Gems: 10/31
    Gem earned: Zircon

  11. 11

    Post #400 - Bloodstone

    You've made your 400th post. This is getting serious!

    Gems: 11/31
    Gem earned: Bloodstone

  12. 12

    Post #450 - Moonstone

    You've made your 450th post. Not much farther now!

    Gems: 12/31
    Gem earned: Moonstone

  13. 13

    Post #500 - Ziose

    You've made your 500th post. HALF THOUSAND, WOOHOO!

    Gems: 13/31
    Gem earned: Ziose

  14. 14

    Post #600 - Chrysoberyl

    You've made your 600th post. With your eyes closed?

    Gems: 14/31
    Gem earned: Chrysoberyl

  15. 15

    Post #700 - Waterstar

    You've made your 700th post. There's no stopping you!

    Gems: 15/31
    Gem earned: Waterstar

  16. 16

    Post #800 - Shandon

    You've made your 800th post. Itching for that 1k yet?

    Gems: 16/31
    Gem earned: Shandon

  17. 17

    Post #900 - Star Diopside

    You've made your 900th post. There's light at the end of the tunnel!

    Gems: 17/31
    Gem earned: Star Diopside

  18. 18

    Post #1000 - Horn Coral

    You've made your 1000th post. OMG YOU 1K POSTER, YOU!

    Gems: 18/31
    Gem earned: Horn Coral

  19. 19

    Post #1100 - Aquamarine

    You've made your 1100th post. Is this your home away from home?

    Gems: 19/31
    Gem earned: Aquamarine

  20. 20

    Post #1200 - Garnet

    You've made your 1200th post. Obviously, we're providing too much positive reinforcement!

    Gems: 20/31
    Gem earned: Garnet

  21. 21

    Post #1300 - Pearl

    You've made your 1300th post. You're definitely getting somewhere!

    Gems: 21/31
    Gem earned: Pearl

  22. 22

    Post #1400 - Sphene

    You've made your 1400th post. You know what comes next, right?

    Gems: 22/31
    Gem earned: Sphene

  23. 23

    Post #1500 - Black Opal

    You've made your 1500th post. FAME, FORTUNE OR INFAMY? DECISIONS, DECISIONS!

    Gems: 23/31
    Gem earned: Black Opal

  24. 24

    Post #1750 - Water Opal

    You've made your 1750th post. Somebody's on fire!

    Gems: 24/31
    Gem earned: Water Opal

  25. 25

    Post #2000 - Moonbar

    You've made your 2000th post. You REALLY like it here, don't you?

    Gems: 25/31
    Gem earned: Moonbar

  26. 26

    Post #2250 - Diamond

    You've made your 2250th post. Any publicity is good publicity, as we like to say!

    Gems: 26/31
    Gem earned: Diamond

  27. 27

    Post #2500 - Emerald

    You've made your 2500th post. One small step for man, one giant leap for spamkind!

    Gems: 27/31
    Gem earned: Emerald

  28. 28

    Post #2750 - Star Sapphire

    You've made your 2750th post. Please don't forget us when you reach the top! *sniff*

    Gems: 28/31
    Gem earned: Star Sapphire

  29. 29

    Post #3000 - Glittering Beljuril

    You've made your 3000th post. The spam is strong with this one!

    Gems: 29/31
    Gem earned: Glittering Beljuril

  30. 30

    Post #3500 - King's Tears

    You've made your 3500th post. We bow to you, Your Highness.

    Gems: 30/31
    Gem earned: King's Tears

  31. 31

    Post #4000 - Rogue Stone

    You've made your 4000th post. Your aura of excellence is blinding to us.

    Gems: 31/31
    Gem earned: Rogue Stone

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