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BoM Common Acronyms

This is a short guide covering some of the most common acronyms in use both here, on the forums, and in the chatroom.

Acronyms relating to the forums and Sorcerer's Place:

AoDA - Alley of Dangerous Angles forum
AoLS - Alley of Lingering Sighs forum
BoM - Boards o' Magick
FAI - Friendly Arm Inn (name of the SP chatroom)
FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions (the BoM FAQ is here, General SP FAQ is here)
PM - Private Message (private forum correspondence; "Conversation" in XF terms)
SP - Sorcerer's Place
SotW - Screenshot of the Week (=Featured Shot)
SPS - Sorcerer's Place Supporter
SPSA - Sorcerer's Place Supporter Account
SS - Sorcerous Sundries forum
vB - vBulletin (our previous forum software)
XF - XenForo (our current forum software)

Acronyms relating to the games covered here:

3e - Third Edition Dungeons & Dragons rules
5e - Fifth Edition Dungeons & Dragons rules
(A)D&D - (Advanced) Dungeons & Dragons
BG - Baldur's Gate
(C)RPG - (Computer) Role Playing Game
D&DO - Dungeons & Dragons Online
DA - Dragon Age
DSotSC - Dark Side of the Sword Coast (BG mod)
EE - Enhanced Edition (IE game re-releases)
FR:DS - Forgotten Realms: Demon Stone
HotU - Hordes of the Underdark (NWN expansion #2)
HoW - Heart of Winter (IWD expansion)
IE - Infinity Engine (also Infinity Explorer)
IWD - Icewind Dale
MMORPG - Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game
NWN - Neverwinter Nights
P&P - Pen & Paper
PoE - Pillars or Eternity
PoR: RoMD - Pool of Radiance: Ruins of Myth Drannor
PS:T - Planescape: Torment
SoA - Shadows of Amn (Baldur's Gate 2)
SoU - Shadows of Undrentide (NWN expansion #1)
T:ToN - Torment: Tides of Numenera
ToB - Throne of Bhaal (BG2 expansion)
ToEE - (The) Temple of Elemental Evil
TotLM - Trials of the Luremaster (HoW free expansion)
TotSC - Tales of the Sword Coast (BG expansion)

More general acronyms, often used in the chatroom and occasionally on the BoM:

AFAIK - As far as I know
AFK - Away from keyboard
ASAP - As soon as possible
BRB - Be right back
BBIAB - Be back in a bit
BBL - Be back later
BTW - By the way
FYI - For your information
IE - Internet Explorer/Infinity Engine/Infinity Explorer
IIRC - If I recall correctly
IM(H)O - In my (humble/honest) opinion
ISP - Internet service provider
LARP - Live action role playing
LMAO - Laughing my ass off
LOL - Laughing out loud
LTNS - Long time no see
NM - Never mind
NP - No problem
OMG - Oh my god
OTOH - On the other hand
ROTFL - Rolling on the floor laughing
ROTFLMAO - Rolling on the floor laughing my ass off
RTFM - Read the ****ing manual
TMI - Too much info
TTYL - Talk to you later
TY - Thank you
WB - Welcome back
WTF - What the ****
YW - You're welcome

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