With the Spells Reference seemingly having reached a point of completion, updates have become rather sporadic. The Baldur's Gate series remain amazingly popular despite their age, but I doubt there will be many more updates to the Spells Reference.

Perhaps the most noteworthy addition this update is the pair of huge tables in the Immunities section. These may prove invaluable for AI scripters. I know I'll be checking them often!

Cheese lovers should check out version 1.4 of UserUnfriendly's Cheese Guide.

I'm boycotting IEEAIS now. As of last year, the place is run by the enfant terrible of the Baldur's Gate community. Don't go there.


This document describes all spells available in Baldur's Gate II, and discusses their relative usefulness and power. It was originally meant for (and will sometimes deal with) AI scripting purposes, though focus has since shifted more towards gaming strategy.

The complete workings and purpose of spells are not described here; that is what the manual and in-game text are for. This document serves as a supplement, expanding and clarifying only where necessary.

Information that applies to various different spells has been placed in the General Spell Info in order to avoid redundancy and will not repeated in individual spell descriptions. The Glossary lists and clarifies a few terms that have special meaning in this context, so if something does not make sense, try looking it up in the Glossary.

Visit Baldurdash to download the English-Language Game Text Update, which will correct (among loads of other texts) most in-game descriptions for spells.

Disclaimer: This document may contain minor spoilers.

This document is always under construction. Stay tuned!

Did I miss anything?

This document is still a work in progress. If you know any worthwhile information that I have missed (or catch some speling error or typ0 or feel that I have committed some sort of HTML sin), do not hesitate to let me know.

Although I have thought long and hard on the rating I give spells, my opinions are not set in stone. Please feel free to enlighten me if you think I have misjudged anything.

I can be contacted at xyx@chello.nl. Please mention Spells Reference in the subject.


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