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Underdark - Character Thread

Discussion in 'Role-play Corner' started by Felinoid, May 17, 2006.

  1. Felinoid

    Felinoid Who did the what now? ★ SPS Account Holder

    Jun 13, 2005
    Likes Received:
    Welcome to the start of an Underdark-only RP. :D This will not be like the Sojourning Six, in that anyone can join it, as I'm giving you the information on the few races that are available to make your own characters with. The one thing I will say, however, is no horrible cliches (i.e. no Drizzt clones). If you're going to have a good character, you'd better have a damn good and RP-worthy reason for it, because all of these races are predominantly evil. Even Viccy can only get up to TN, and she had good tendencies from the start (if you've played her romance). :p

    Drow (dark elf): +2 DEX, -1 CON, +1 INT, -2 CHA
    STR 3-18
    DEX 8-20
    CON 7-17
    INT 9-19
    WIS 3-18
    CHA 6-16

    HP: by level
    Infravision: 90 feet
    Age: 70 + 5d6 (75-100)
    Height (M/F): 50/55 + 1d10 (51-60/56-65)
    Weight (M/F): 80/95 + 3d10 (83-110/98-125)
    (And before anyone asks, yes drow females are bigger than drow males; that's not a mistake. I guess it explains their dominance in part...)
    Thieving skill modifiers: +5% Pick Pockets, -5% Open Locks, +5% Move Silently, +10% Hide in Shadows, +5% Detect Noise

    Drow get quite a few spells. Once per day they can cast Dancing Lights, Faerie Fire, and Darkness. At fourth level, they also get Levitate, Know Alignment, and Detect Magic once per day. Also, drow priests get Clairvoyance, Detect Lie, Suggestion, and Dispel Magic once per day. (These are all cumulative, so a 4th level drow priest would get 10 additional spells a day. :eek: )

    Drow get innate magic resistance of 50% + 2% per level (multi uses highest level). In addition, they get a +2 bonus to all saves involving magic. But enough advantages, time for some disadvantages...

    Bright light (more than torches) severely weakens drow. -2 to DEX (temporary), attack rolls made with an additional -2 penalty, and opponents get a +2 to saves vs. drow spells. Even just the opponent being in the light causes the attack penalty and save bonus. Being on the surface for an extended period (2 weeks) begins to drain their powers away at an astouding rate, but I won't use this unless everyone in the RP is a drow. ;)

    But the biggest disadvantage of all: +20% experience required. This means that to get 1000XP, you have to earn 1200.

    Derro (deep dwarf): +2 CON, -2 CHA
    STR 8-18
    DEX 3-16
    CON 13-20
    INT 3-18
    WIS 3-18
    CHA 1-15

    HP: by level
    Infravision: 90 feet
    Age: 45 + 3d12 (48-81)
    Height (M/F): 45/42 + 2d6 (47-57/44-54)
    Weight (M/F): 100/80 + 4d10 (104-140/84-120)
    Thieving skill modifiers: +5% Pick Pockets, +10% Find/Remove Traps, +5% Hide in Shadows, -10% Climb Walls, -15% Read Languages

    Derro gain an additional +1 bonus on top of the typical dwarven Constitution-based saving bonuses. They also have a weakness to bright light, but it only causes a -1 penalty to all rolls while they are in it. Derro require an additional 10% XP, meaning to get 1000XP, they'd have to earn 1100.

    If you'd like to be a derro savant (mage-like), please let me know and I'll do some research on it, but only do so if you are serious. :)

    Duergar (gray dwarf): +1 CON, -2 CHA
    STR 8-18
    DEX 3-17
    CON 11-19
    INT 3-16
    WIS 3-18
    CHA 1-15

    HP: by level
    Infravision: 120 feet
    Age: 40 + 4d6 (44-64)
    Height (M/F): 41/40 + 2d6 (43-53/42-52)
    Weight (M/F): 95/75 + 5d10 (100-145/80-125)
    Thieving skill modifiers: +5% Pick Pockets, +10% Remove Traps, +10% Move Silently, +5% Hide in Shadows, +10% Detect Noise, -10% Climb Walls, -15% Read Languages

    Duergar get a +2 bonus to their own surprise rolls, and cause a penalty of -2 to the surprise rolls of opponents (providing a non-duergar isn't within 90 feet to screw it up ;) ). Duergar are unaffected by paralysis, or any illusion/phantasm spells. They are also immune to any magical or alchemical poisons (natural poisons give the usual dwarven bonus). Duergar can cast Invisibility and Enlarge once per day each. The Enlarge spell functions at twice the duergar's level.

    Duergar are affected in the exact same way as Drow by bright light, suffering -2 to DEX (temporary) and -2 to attack rolls, as well as losing the surprise bonus. When only the opponent is in the bright light, a duergar only suffers a -1 to the attack roll, with no other penalties. They do not lose powers on the surface. Also like Drow, they require 20% additional XP, meaning that to get 1000XP, they would have to earn 1200.

    Svirfneblin (deep gnome): +1 DEX, -1 INT, +1 WIS, -2 CHA
    STR 6-18
    DEX 6-19
    CON 6-18
    INT 2-17
    WIS 4-19
    CHA 1-16

    HP: by level
    Infravision: 120 feet
    Age: 40 + 3d10 (43-70)
    Height (M/F): 37/35 + 1d6 (38-43/36-41)
    Weight (M/F): 68/64 + 4d4 (72-84/68-80)
    Thieving skill modifiers: +5% Open Locks, +10% Find/Remove Traps, +5% Move Silently, +5% Hide in Shadows, +10% Detect Noise, -15% Climb Walls

    Now, I had to infer a bit about Svirfneblin since it isn't covered in the depth it should be in the Complete Book of Gnomes and Halflings. (They deserve separate books, damn it!) Age, Height, and Weight categories are simply modified from the typical gnome in the PHB by the broad descriptions given in the CBoGaH. However, the stats and the powers are covered.

    Svirfneblin have a base magic resistance of 20% + 5% per level over 3rd. They also get a point of AC per level over 3rd, to a limit of -6 to AC at level 9. Svirfneblin do not get the typical saving throw bonuses of gnomes, but instead +3 to every saving throw except poison (which gets +2). They also get a +2 bonus to surprise rolls, and inflict a -2 penalty on opponents' surprise rolls.

    The inherent illusionist powers of Svirfneblin create an effect that makes them undetectable (they radiate Non-Detection). They can also cast Blindness, Blur, and Change Self once per day.

    There is no information on the disadvantages of Svirfneblin, so I am imposing a penalty on bright light similar to the Drow and the Duergar. -2 to DEX (temporary) and attack rolls, as well as losing surprise advantages and giving the opponents a +2 bonus on saving throws against their spells. When only the opponent is in the light, only the attack roll and spell penalties apply. I am also imposing a 25% additional required experience to try to balance their advantages. In order to get 1000XP, a Svirfneblin would have to earn 1250.

    Bugbear: +1 STR, -1 INT, -1 CHA
    STR 9-19
    DEX 8-17
    CON 8-18
    INT 2-15
    WIS 3-18
    CHA 2-13

    HP: by level + 3
    Infravision: 60 feet
    Age: 10 + 1d6 (11-16)
    Height (M/F): 72/68 + 2d10 (74-92/70-88)
    Weight (M/F): 210/180 + 6d10 (216-270/186-240)
    Thieving skill modifiers: -5% Pick Pockets, -5% Open Locks, +10% Move Silently, +10% Hide in Shadows, +5% Detect Noise, -5% Climb Walls, -10% Read Languages

    Bugbears give opponents a -3 penalty to their surprise rolls, but take damage as large creatures (because they are). The major disadvantage of humanoids is starting with half the wealth of demi-humans. Unlike the demi-human Underdark races, they suffer no experience penalty.

    (Additional humanoid races - goblins and kobolds - were not included for two reasons:
    1. They utterly suck. :p
    2. They are racial enemies of gnomes, and would not get along with Svirfneblin, no matter what.)

    Imaskari (deep human): -1 DEX, +1 INT
    STR 3-18
    DEX 2-17
    CON 3-18
    INT 4-19
    WIS 3-18
    CHA 3-18

    HP: by level
    Infravision: 30 feet
    Age: 15 + 1d4 (16-19)
    Height (M/F): 60/59 + 2d10 (62-80/61-79)
    Weight (M/F): 140/100 + 6d10 (146-200/106-160)
    Thieving skill modifiers: None

    Opponents suffer a -2 penalty to their surprise rolls. Imaskari can recall any 1st level spell they've cast once per day, with only a 5% extra XP requirement. In order for an Imaskari to get 1000XP, they would have to earn 1050XP.

    Gloamings (deep sprite): -1 STR, +1 DEX, -1 WIS, +1 CHA
    STR 2-17
    DEX 7-19
    CON 3-18
    INT 4-18
    WIS 2-17
    CHA 7-19

    HP: by level
    Infravision: 30 feet
    Age: 13 + 1d6 years
    Height: 30 + 1d4 (31-34)
    Weight: 20 + 1d10 (21-30)
    Thieving skill modifiers: +20% Move Silently, +20% Hide in Shadows

    Though they walk at the speed of the smaller races, Gloamings can fly at twice that speed to keep up with the taller ones. They are also able to glow, as per the Faerie Fire spell, at will. Like the Derro, Gloamings have a -1 penalty to all rolls while in bright light; unlike the Derro, these sprite-like creatures are blinded for the first round that they are in that light.

    Gloamings are masters of Shadow, and as such get a +2 bonus against saves against shadow-based spells, as well as giving opponents a -2 penalty to their saves against any Gloaming-cast shadow-based spell. In addition, the 'dark' corners of their mind afford the Gloamings a +4 bonus to saves against psionic intrusions. For all this the Gloamings have a 10% extra XP requirement; in order to get 1000XP, a Gloaming must earn 1100XP.

    [ June 23, 2006, 20:56: Message edited by: Felinoid ]
  2. Felinoid

    Felinoid Who did the what now? ★ SPS Account Holder

    Jun 13, 2005
    Likes Received:
    Grendlich (GREN-dlikh)
    Svirfneblin male
    LE Cleric/Thief

    STR 12
    DEX 18
    CON 10
    INT 12
    WIS 19
    CHA 5

    Level: 1/1
    HP: 7
    AC: 4
    Age: 53
    Height: 3' 2" (38")
    Weight: 76 lbs.
    Magic Resistance: 20%

    THIEVING SKILLS (base + race + DEX + discretionary points) [if no armor]
    Pick Pockets: 50% (15 + 0 + 10 + 25) [+5]
    Open Locks: 60% (10 + 5 + 15 + 30)
    Find/Remove Traps: 20% (5 + 10 + 5 + 0)
    Move Silently: 25% (10 + 5 + 10 + 0) [+10]
    Hide in Shadows: 25% (5 + 5 + 10 + 5) [+5]
    Detect Noise: 25% (15 + 10 + 0 + 0)
    Climb Walls: 45% (60 - 15 + 0 + 0) [+10]
    Read Languages: 0% (0 + 0 + 0 + 0)

    Spells memorized: Command, Cure Light Wounds, Magical Stone, Shillelagh
    Spells per day: Blindness, Blur, Change Self
    Equipment: small staff (stats as club), leather armor, Holy symbol of Urdlen, pouch full of rocks, 30 gp

    Weapon Proficiencies: Club (staff), hammer
    Non-Weapon Proficiencies: Appraising, Direction Sense, Religion, Running, Tumbling
    Languagues: Svirfneblin, Drow

    Grendlich subscribes to Urdlen's message of greed far more than his message of blood, and rationalizes everything he does as doing it for his patron deity. He also has an odd habit of doing his thieving in the buff, initially with the idea that he would be better able to be flexible without the restriction of clothing, and later after he realized that his nakedness had a habit of stunning his more aware victims long enough for a quick spell of Command. He is under the mistaken impression that they are stunned by the beauty of his form, when in reality they are merely disgusted beyond belief at the sight. :sick:

    [ June 23, 2006, 06:47: Message edited by: Felinoid ]
  3. kuemper Gems: 31/31
    Latest gem: Rogue Stone

    Jun 19, 2005
    Likes Received:
    male drow (Ilythiirian)
    NE necromancer

    STR 10
    DEX 18
    CON 11
    INT 17
    WIS 16
    CHA 12

    Level: 1
    HP 4
    AC 6
    Age 87
    Height 4' 9" (57")
    Weight 92 lbs.
    Magic resistence 52%

    Spells known: Sleep, Identify, Larloch's Minor Drain, Armor
    Spells memorized: Sleep, Larloch's Minor Drain
    Once per day: Dancing Lights. Faerie Fire and Darkness
    Equipment: darts, dagger

    Vargos loves the dead, death and undeath. He enjoys studying corpses littering the Underdark and finding out how they died so he can replicate the deed at his own hands. He is arrogant, putting himself ahead of all (with the exception of his goddess Lloth). He uses people and things to get his way and keep himself safe from harm.

    [ May 31, 2006, 04:42: Message edited by: kuemper ]
  4. DarkStrider

    DarkStrider I've seen the future and it has seen me Distinguished Member

    Aug 17, 2005
    Likes Received:
    male duergar
    LE cleric of Deep Duerra

    STR 16
    DEX 13
    CON 16
    INT 9
    WIS 17
    CHA 6

    Level: 1
    HP 10
    AC 3
    Age 49
    Height 4' 2" (50")
    Weight 125 lbs.

    Spells available: Bless, CLW x2
    Once per day: Invisibilty, Enlarge
    Equipment: Chainmail, Heavy Mace, Light Steel Shield

    [ May 19, 2006, 21:50: Message edited by: DarkStrider ]
  5. Benan Gems: 20/31
    Latest gem: Garnet

    May 29, 2003
    Likes Received:
    Calvis Suless
    Drow Elf

    STR: 11
    DEX: 20

    LVL: 1
    HP: 10
    Age: 37
    Height: 5'2"
    Weight 120lbs

    Equipment: Piwafi, two swords, chainmail, travel pack
  6. Daie d'Malkin

    Daie d'Malkin Shoulda gone to Specsavers

    Jun 10, 2002
    Likes Received:
    Riyzl the Houseless

    Male Drow


    Age: 91
    Height: 5'1"
    Weight: 112lbs

    Equipment: Longsword, Drow Handcrossbow, Piwafwi, chainmail, pack

    Coeri Shadehand

    Female Deep Imaskari


    Illusionist 1

    Equipment- Spellbook, cloak, mage robe, staff, spell components
  7. Felinoid

    Felinoid Who did the what now? ★ SPS Account Holder

    Jun 13, 2005
    Likes Received:
    Furn'chol (FERN-chaal)
    Bugbear Female
    CE Fighter/Thief

    STR 18/92
    DEX 17
    CON 16
    INT 9
    WIS 5
    CHA 13

    Level: 1/1
    HP: 13
    AC: 4
    Age: 12
    Height: 7'3" (87")
    Weight: 208 lbs.

    THIEVING SKILLS (base + race + DEX + discretionary points) <if wearing studded leather> [if no armor]
    Pick Pockets: 15% (15 - 5 + 5 + 0) <-30> [+5]
    Open Locks: 15% (10 - 5 + 10 + 0) <-10>
    Find/Remove Traps: 5% (5 + 0 + 0 + 0) <-10>
    Move Silently: 55% (10 + 10 + 5 + 30) <-20> [+10]
    Hide in Shadows: 50% (5 + 10 + 5 + 30) <-20> [+5]
    Detect Noise: 20% (15 + 5 + 0 + 0) <-10>
    Climb Walls: 55% (60 - 5 + 0 + 0) <-30> [+10]
    Read Languages: -10% (0 - 10 + 0 + 0)

    Equipment: Spiked (1d4 damage) studded leather, two punch-cutters (1d4/1d3), two kick-slashers (1d4+1/1d6+1)
    Weapon Proficiencies: Close Quarter Weapons (Tight Group), specialized with punch-cutters & body spikes
    Non-weapon Proficiencies: Close Quarter Fighting (successful proficiency check gives +2 to attack rolls with Close Quarter weapons for the duration of combat), Hunting
    Languages: Bugbear, Common

    Furn looks like a big bristling tree in her armor and weapons, and usually behaves much the same. But her abrasive attitude is the result of her looks, and the attention it has gotten her. Almost repulsive by the standards of bugbears, she is stunningly beautiful by others' standards. Those who have dared to tell her this, however, have met with abrupt ends, as she regards such comments as sarcastic insults. The mistreatment she received as a child for her looks has left her with a boiling hatred of everyone, and her first kill awakened a feeling of power deep within her. She now acts as a professional killer for her tribe, defending her tribe with precision killings, as well as simply becoming a whirlwind of death if necessary.

    [ June 23, 2006, 06:39: Message edited by: Felinoid ]
  8. deepfae Gems: 7/31
    Latest gem: Tchazar

    Jan 30, 2006
    Likes Received:
    Gloaming Male
    CN Bard

    STR: 10
    DEX: 16
    CON: 13
    INT: 17
    WIS: 9
    CHA: 16

    Level: 1
    HP: 7
    AC: 6
    Age: 17
    Height: 2'10" (34")
    Weight: 27 lbs.

    Theiving Skills: BASE+RACE+DEX+ARMOR

    Climb walls 60% (50+0+0+10)
    Detect Noise 25% (20+0+0+0)
    Pick Pockets 25% (10+0+0+5)
    Read Languages 10% (5+0+0+0)

    Equipment: Leather Armor, Rapier, Violin, "Zarffyn's Amulet"*

    *"Zarfyyn's Amulet" is an amulet of onyx, inlaid with golden triskels. It is a cursed item that places Zarffyn unser a continual Plolymorph Self. The form it places Zarffyn under is that of a Drow of his same age and appearence (through translated into Gloaming-like Drow features). However, the amulet is flawed: it is only active when Zarffyn is in the presence of other Drow, and the magic fails temporarily when Zarffyn is sevely wounded.
    Zarffyn was born Mal'roos (which translates to "secret-child") in the drow city of Erelhei-Cinlu. His parentage is questionable, for though all empirical, physcical evidence suggests that Zarffyn is all Gloaming, his mother was a favorite slave-concubine of the petty noble, mad wizard Nad' Xyra Doana. Realizing upon Zarffyn's birth that a Drow noble (however petty) could not raise a Gloaming as a son and prodigee, Nad' Xyra crafted "Zarffyn's Amulet" and (regretfully) killed Zarffyn's mother in order to masquerade Zarffyn as a Drow. The ruse worked up to a point. When Zarffyn was eleven he disobeyed the Doana Matron Mother, and when she subsequently beat him to an inch of his life, "Zarffyn's Amulet"'s magic failed, revealing his true form. This laqnded Zarffyn on the street, and Nad' Xyra's protests over his los tson were silenced with the threat of death. For the next six years Zarffyn wandered the tavern's, inn's, and common's of Erelhei-Cinlu, attempting to discover as much as he could about Gloamings. In the process, he amassed a storehouse of knowledge about a variety of topics (the underdark in particular), and discovered that like many of his kin, he has a penchant for weaving dark tales in story and song. After he had learned as much as he thought he could in Erelhei-Cinlu, he left the city, and as per his race's custom, took his adult name: Zarffyn, or in translation, dusk-song.

    [ June 26, 2006, 14:04: Message edited by: deepfae ]
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