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The Outer Worlds - Gameplay Video and Impressions

Discussion in 'Game/SP News & Comments' started by RPGWatch, Dec 8, 2018.

  1. RPGWatch

    RPGWatch Watching... ★ SPS Account Holder

    Jul 28, 2010
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    [​IMG]Much has been written about The Outer Worlds and there is a gameplay video from Game Informer.


    Game Informers


    3) Goofy, Dark Humor

    If you have any question about The Outer Worlds' brand of humor, just know that you can play through the entire game as a dumb guy - literally, there is a dialogue option labeled [Dumb] that will let you role-play as a clueless brute. Halcyon is also filled with fat snakes that were bred for their leather, missions about diet toothpaste, and a rare weapon that works like a shrink ray to miniaturize your opponents.

    "I think humor is really, really hard to do in a game, but games that go pure dark are hard to take in every night," says Cain. "I play games that skew dark, and after a while I just don't want to play them anymore. We like this kind of dark humor where we can put something in the game that also looks silly, but when you dig into it, you find out it's really horrific."

    "You can actually get a lot darker and a lot deeper into things if it's fun and humorous," adds Boyarsky. "Getting deep into the human condition can be a little overwhelming, but if you are having a fun time and laughing and then we sneak in some of that depth and darkness, it actually resonates a little better."


    Gamespot has video also.


    The Outer Worlds is being designed around freedom of choice, which often manifests during verbal exchanges. You have free agency to lie, play dumb, betray allies, or align with would-be enemies. These concepts aren't limited to Fallout games, but it's--again--hard to deny the similarities at play when even the amount of camera zoom during dialogue brings Fallout 3 to mind.

    Whether The Outer Worlds is intentionally built to remind us of Fallout is a question we'll likely never get answered by Obsidian, but odds are it's not a coincidence. Obsidian's work on Fallout: New Vegas is cited by many fans to be the best thing to happen to the series in recent years. You could argue that any similarities between The Outer Worlds and Fallout are due to the fact that there are so many ex-Fallout devs working on the game, but there are elements that go beyond mere creative tendencies.




    The idea is this small corner of the galaxy and its two planet-like celestial bodies were discovered, purchased, and terraformed for colonization. But something went wrong. Tera 1, now known as Monarch, didn't take to the terraforming, and it's now become a moon full of monsters. The other planet, Tera 2, known as Halcyon, fared much better. It's Earth-like, with plants and trees and animals, but it's not really Earth. Those trees are Mostly-Oaks and Kinda-Pines, trademarked, most likely. That animal crawl-slithering in the grass-like field is a Leather Boa, a snake-like-thing that's broader and fatter than Earth snakes, because it's been genetically modified and bred to produce more leather. Profitable, most likely.




    One idea that Obsidian is taking to the lengths of delightful absurdity in The Outer Worlds is the concept of branding. Virtually everything in the game is branded. Every consumable item and every weapon has a corporate brand name attached to it, along with marketing buzzwords and slogans. Narratively, it shows that corporations are the ultimate master in Halcyon. Every single NPC in the game works for a company. It's a world that has progressed beyond racism and sexism, but it's a world that's entirely consumed by competition between companies. It's a story inspired by the robber barons of the late 19th century, but with the concept taken to its next level.

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