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Neverwinter Nights Forum News

Discussion in 'Game/SP News & Comments' started by NewsPro, Jan 24, 2004.

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    May 19, 2015
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    (Originally posted by chevalier)

    Here are today's Neverwinter Nights forum highlights. Please take into account that these are only single parts of various threads and should not be taken out of context. Bear in mind also that the posts presented here are copied as-is, and that any bad spelling and grammar does not get corrected on our end.

    Georg Zoeller, Designer

    Stack size:

    Quote: Is there a neater way of doing that than cycling through the player's inventory until you find a stack which can take one more scroll then? Returning this stack (and doing a SetItemStackSize instead of CreateItemOnObject) solves the problem in my test module, but I'm worried about execution times.

    Craig fixed it through a change in the CreateObject scripting command (it now returns the stack the item was created on, rather than OBJECT_INVALID), but there is an easy way to fix this through scripting: Instead of creating the scroll in the player's inventory, create it in an external container, i.e. IPGetWorkContainer() and then move it over to the PC's inventory.

    David Gaider, Designer

    Lolth: Actually, I remember that we initially wanted to do a story involving Lolth... but WotC knew that the module would come out during the War of the Spider Queen and wanted us to follow the general story continuuity of the time. So Lolth is missing and unusable until that whole storyline is wrapped up. So we had to obey the story regarding what was going on with drow society in general (and certainly couldn't go and solve it ourselves... oh look! HERE she is!!). With that in mind, that's how we came up with the current plot. Like was mentioned above, the chaos amongst the drow certainly allowed for some opportunistic conniving that otherwise would never be possible considering how possessive and controlling Lolth normally is of the drow.

    Patch 1.62: I saw an entry in the list yesterday that the custom .tlk files now work in multiplayer. I don't know if that means it's in for 1.62... it might not have made the cut-off or might not pass QA, I really can't say. This might also not be the entirety of the problems with the .tlk, either, I just thought it was worth mentioning that I noticed the .tlk is indeed being worked on.

    Derek French, Assistant Producer

    Patch 1.62: Transitions should be fixed now. Fog clip is being addressed in two ways, one of which is the skyboxes being made larger - that should be in 1.62, as well as we are going to allow higher values of fog which actually smoothes out the clipping/pop-in. That is being finished right now and may end up in 1.63.
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