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My New Saga!

Discussion in 'BG2: Throne of Bhaal (Classic)' started by Silverstar, Nov 21, 2005.

  1. Silverstar Gems: 31/31
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    Mar 30, 2005
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    Great! I was able to catch the bus and I was at home on the weekend, and literally played BG2! From scratch as I already finished my last game with tactics/ascension/imp.battles and lots of other harder mods installed. Now, installed some more mods and a new kit, Druidic sorcerer! I always loved playing as a cleric/mage but druid/sorcerer sounded as cool, if not cooler. So I picked it for my PC, though I encountered bugs, I was able to begin and have fun.(Look at my coming Druidic Sorcerer thread, I will discuss it wider.) Here is what I thought my party would be:

    Big me, druidic sorcerer, a major caster class and cool kit. My is NG, human:
    STR 10
    DEX 9
    CON 10
    INT 18
    WIS 18
    CHA 18
    Heh, he is a wimp but quite smart, and charming. He will be constantly swinging spells here and there and be protecteD by stoneskin&mirror image so no problem. Well, infact he has a higher STR than my previous cleric/mage, which is a boon to carry stuff around! (Druidic sorcerers get -2 penalty to STR DEX and CON so this was the best roll I was able to do. they gain bonus spells for high WIS and CHA, and I love playing a smart guy for better dialogue options)

    I created a fellow MP-PC, I made it a CG Half-Orc fighter/thief:
    STR 19
    DEX 18
    CON 19
    INT 10
    WIS 8
    CHA 12
    He is awesome, backstabbing with a specialized katana, with 19 STR rocks! Bodies get chunked often! I will put points into:Set traps, Hide/Move Silently, AND most importantly, Detect Illusions to counter SI:Divination that gave me a load of headeaches in my previous run! Will get both fighter HLAs and spiffy thief HLAs(I can not wait to put my hands upon those cool traps, and assasination sounds cool!)He dual wields Dakon's blade+2 and Belm+2 (+1 attack) and thus has 4 attacks per round!

    Then I got Jaheira and Minsc and Boo, I just love them, they are cool and friendly! Jaheira is the tank, she will have best AC, resistances and saves, and with ironskins/summons/buffs/healing she is one hard nut to crack. I love her romance, which is fun and very rewarding. Minsc, well, Minsc is Minsc, some may hate him but I like his style. He will use two handed worpal weapons, he was dual wielding FoA+5 and CromFaeyr in my last game.

    Well I got Viconia for the first time in my life! But I don't need a full-time cleric, so I edited her a little bit via SK, made her a fighter/cleric and re-arranged her stats:
    STR 18/31
    DEX 19
    CON 16
    INT 8
    WIS 16
    CHA 8
    And now she rocks! She dual-wields FoA+3 and Monkeys Paw+3 (mace with +1 attack/round), she has 4 attacks per round, she Draws Upon Holy Might and Champion's Str to crush all who opposes us, she does great job! She can not tank like Jaheira as she has no IronSkins, but her attack power is MUCH better! Plus I started romancing her, I will romance both Jaheira and Viccy, and try to redeem her!

    You may think changing Viccy like I do is bad, but hey, she is MUCH more useful this way so do not sue me OK?

    That's all, I will play with 5 person till I get Immy, and we will be set. I will bring Yoshi to SpellHold for RPG, and sweet reward of his heart quest.

    Now, my progression:

    Well Improved Ilych has never been easier! True, I still played on core but I was experienced and smart enough to scan his area with Farsight and attract them one by one, my thief's traps wellcomed the unlucky badboy and then we quickly hauled upon it, after the kill we ran away as fast as we could as all of the Ilych gang visit the area where their friends are killed. Rest and repeat the proccess. Immy killed Ilych with a Lightning Bolt, they were in a tight corridor, and bouncing LB between two narrow walls easily toasted Ilych, whereas Immy was protected by Mirror Image. Heh! Am I smart or what?

    Then I did Circus, Nalia, Trademeet quests. Improved Torgal was painful, but both Nalia and my PC casting Webs made his army immobile, and we finished them of with all we had, fireballs, cloudkills, even used wands and scrolls. Easy victory. Ofcourse I had scanned the area with Farsight first, to make sure where they are.

    Improved Faldorn was...tough, to say the very least, but a well-protected druidic sorcerer was able to finish her with MagicMisiles and Skull Traps.

    Now I did Harper Plot, and left the game when Boo was stolen. (UB quest) I will have to wait for two weeks to visit my home and Fearun again, so I am open to your ideas. What quests should I do and what do you think about my party?

    I will side with Bodhi first time in my life, for a change, I recently installed improved Shadow Thieves mod so I am expecting great fun.

    Should I go to Asylum after I do Thieve stronghold? (as thieves will be my enemy if I choose Bodhi) Or should I do every other quest as I also have Improved Asylum which is very very very hard and fun!

    Never challenged an improved Lich, but then my DS leveled up and got Death Fog spell, the best Lich/Mage Killer around! Gotta love that!

    Anyway, what do you think? Please share your thoughts with me, I am away from BG2 and Fearun but I at least have SP!
  2. Fly2tHeSkY

    Fly2tHeSkY Southern Comfort Veteran

    Oct 18, 2005
    Likes Received:
    Silver ... you are my new hero!!! I hope you continue to post how this party turns out because it sounds quite interesting. A remember someone told me about the druidic sorcerer on my other topic, but they didn't tell me how they turn out ... so i hope you can!
  3. Silverstar Gems: 31/31
    Latest gem: Rogue Stone


    Mar 30, 2005
    Likes Received:
    Thanks Sebastian II, unfourtunately I can visit home only once per two weeks so I can not play BG2 too much. (Plus one can never play BG2 too much :wink: ) So I will not be able to play BG2 for another 14 days, I either play BG2 or make posts here, either way I am not far away from Fearun!

    Anyway, DS is great, but either my version is buggy, or my other mods conflict with it, I had some very annoying bugs that could ruin my game completely, luckily I was able to overcome them via SK, game saving and all. More info on my DS topic to come OK? Have you checked DS readme in PDF format? It has cool screenshots to show off coolest special HLAs! You must take a look!

    Any other ideas or comments? I'll find it suprising if nobody is angry with my editing of Viconia's class and skills?
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