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How to choose the feat Blooded?

Discussion in 'Neverwinter Nights (Classic)' started by Amdis, Oct 9, 2008.

  1. Amdis

    Amdis Note to self, claws are not toothpicks

    May 4, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Ok i have installed NWN and SoU/HotU again after a few years, and i first wanted to tryout the Dwarven Wall build i found on the Bioware Forums. But another player showed me the Hearth Guard build;(Placed in spoilertags to keep the post short. :) )

    The Hearth Guard

    Fighter8/CoT10/Dwarven Defender22
    Alignment: Any Lawful
    Playable 1-40, PvM

    Str16 (28)
    Con18 (22)

    1 Fighter, Blooded, Weapon Focus
    2 Fighter, Knockdown
    3 Fighter, Blindfighting
    4 Fighter, WS, Str17
    5 Fighter
    6 Fighter, Dodge, Toughness
    7 Fighter
    8 CoT1, Str18
    9 CoT2, Improved Knockdown, Improved Crit
    10 DwD1
    11 DwD2
    12 DwD3, Improved Initiative, Str19
    13 DwD4
    14 DwD5
    15 DwD6, Mobility
    16 DwD7, Str20
    17 DwD8
    18 DwD9, Spring Attack
    19 DwD10
    20 CoT3, Con19
    21 CoT4, Great Con I, Epic Weapon Focus
    22 Fighter8, Epic Weapon Specialization
    23 CoT5
    24 CoT6, ESF: Spot, Epic DamageReduction I, Con 21
    25 DwD11
    26 DwD12
    27 DwD13, Great Str I
    28 DwD14, Epic DamageReduction II, Str22
    29 DwD15
    30 DwD16, Great Str II
    31 DwD17
    32 DwD18, Epic DamageReduction III, Str24
    33 CoT7, Great Str III
    34 CoT8, Epic Prowess
    35 CoT9
    36 CoT10, Great Str IV, Superior Initiative, Str27
    37 DwD19
    38 DwD20
    39 DwD21, Great Str V
    40 DwD22, Armor Skin, Con22
    AB: 43/38/33/28
    AC w/ Full Plate: 26
    Hit Points: 724
    Initiative: +15
    Damage Reduction: 24/-

    Fort: 36 (38)* (40)**
    Will: 24 (26)* (28)**
    Reflex: 24 (26)* (28)**

    Discipline: 43(52)
    Spot: 43 (54)
    Tumble: 20
    Lore: 1
    Heal: 2

    *Indicates Defensive Stance bonus
    **Indicates Defensive Stance and Dwarf Hardiness bonus

    Advantages vs. Dwarven Wall:
    --Better Damage; +5 more base damage
    --Quicker: +15 Initiative vs. Wall's +1
    --Higher Saves: Fort +3, Will +2, Reflex +4
    --Higher AB: 43 vs 41
    --Blindfighting, Improved Knockdown
    -- 54 Spot Skill to aid against Stealthers

    Disadvantages vs. Dwarven Wall
    --Only 54 less Hit Points
    --6 less Damage Reduction

    "He's waking up—Jaleen, he's waking up!"

    The Dwarf's eyes fluttered for a moment, and then snapped open, his pupils slowly contracting as they adjusted to the torch-lit interior.
    "Where am I?" he asked.
    "Shh, you are in the refuge of the Arandiri," said a voice as soft as silk. Above him was the most beautiul creature he had ever seen. Pale, delicate and sensuous, the elf's platinum hair cascaded around her face and shoulders while she tenderly dabbed a damp cloth across his brow. And then she smiled, "but a more important question is, 'Who are you?'"
    "Who am I?" and he paused, his eyes searching the surroundings as if for some possible clue. He appeared to be in some sort of cavern, natural in formation. All around him were scores of elven women and children, some huddled very close together, and he could see the unmistakable look of fear in their eyes. A pall of doom hung above them, and many of them wept openly. He looked back up at the elf maiden who still smiled gently at him.
    "I—I—don't remember," he said. "Where I am? What is this place? Why are these people in fear?"
    "I am Jaleen, Daughter Princess of the Arandiri. We found you ten days ago in the wreckage of a ship that crashed upon our shores. You were the only survivor. In fact, you were the only person we found in all the wreckage. We found no signs of the crew. We took you in and I cared for you and tended to your injuries, but--" and then a shadow crossed her face.
    "But it seems fate has a sense of irony. You survived the sea and shipwreck only to share and witness our doom."
    "Thou speaketh in riddles, fair lady."
    "The Morg-Kelzi have come."
    "Yes, it means Black Reavers, and they have gathered again, as they do every hundred years. The Morg-Kelzi are a fell and wicked people who dwell in the dark jungles to the South. Once a century they gather, and then launch devastating attacks upon our people—raiding, pillaging, destroying everything in their path. Before them they drive a wedge of fear, and behind them they leave only desolation. Not even plants are spared of their cruelty, for they burn everything, and plow the earth, and till it with salt and their malevolence. Each time we have been able to withstand their onslaughts, but this time is different. This time they are greater in number than ever we have seen before, and they are led by a Demon, some Beast of the Ancient World, that goes before their horde like a pestilence, and who has slain our people's greatest champions. Even now the last remaining warriors of my people battle these foes outside this refuge. We have barricaded ourselves in here, as this is the last remaining sanctuary." She paused and gestured around her. "These are the last of my people, and soon it will be as if we never have been. So you see, my Dwarf with no Memory, fate spared you only in jest. For now you share our fate, and in a few hours--" she stopped, and her eyes, moist with tears, looked to the elven children clinging to their mothers.

    "I'm sorry," she said turning back to the Dwarf. "I must not let them see me despair. They have been through so much, my people. We are all that remain."
    "Thou art kind to have sheltered me, in this thy darkest hour," and the Dwarf reached a gnarled hand and gripped hers in his. And she could not help but notice the strength in his limbs, the cords of muscle and sinew knotted in his arms, the thick shoulders which were like slabs of granite. And there upon his left shoulder was a strange marking, a brand of some sort that had been burned upon his flesh.
    "What does this mean?" she asked as she reached out to touch it.
    And immediately the Dwarf gritted his teeth and snarled in pain. A flood of scalding memories washed across him, and every sinew in his body strained, his knuckles whitenened, and the cords on his neck went taut.

    And then the moment was gone, and the Dwarf's body relaxed, and he opened his eyes and studied Jaleen. She was a picture of serenity and grace, but he could see the uncertainty in her eyes.
    "I remember now," he said quietly. "Tis a rune. A dwarven rune. It means, 'Exile.'"
    "You were exiled?"
    "Aye," he said grimly. "I was a Hearth Guard, a bodyguard to my King, and I had betrayed the Oath of Stone."
    "Oath of Stone?"
    "Amongst my people, the Oath of Stone is the final ceremony to become a Hearth Guard. Part of the oath states that in a Time of War, the Hearth Guard must stay and protect the family of the King. For the Hearth Guard must have no family of his own, and therefore no obligations but to those of the King's family.”
    “But,” Jaleen looked troubled, “that means not only can you not have a family, but you must abandon the ones that reared you. How injust!”

    “Be not so quick to judge. Hearth Guards are honored above all other classes in my society, and they are chosen only once every hundred years. They are not picked at random, nor dost one choose to become a Hearth Guard. It chooses thee.”
    “I apologize, ” she said, “My people are very different and I was wrong to judge. Please continue.”
    “Twas a dark day," the Dwarf said as he sat up. "We were under siege by a new enemy, one that we had never seen before. They were akin to thee, tall and fair, except their skin was black like warsmoke, and they delighted in our suffering and woe. And they come upon our people by surprise, thousands of them, and all about them was a black devil magic, and they slew our King at the front gates, and many died, and they streamed unchecked into the Hall of Histories. Several us knew if we could hold them in the Grand Hall, even for a few hours, then that would grant us enough time until reinforcements arrived. We were desperate, and every axe counted. And so I made the choice. I left my post. I left the King's family unguarded. And we staunched their advance. And we won this conflict. And we sent back to the Abyss those red-eyed elves of smoke and flame."

    "But, the King's family? Did they remain safe?"
    "Aye, they were safe."
    "So, you did the right thing! You saved your people!"
    "Aye, but I broke the Oath. Above all things, the Hearth Guard must hold true to the Oath of Stone. The Oath of Stone is meant to be unbreakable, inexorable, and stands symbolic of our people’s faith, trust, and loyalty."
    "I still don't see why you should be punished for saving your people."
    "Fair lady," the Dwarf began, as he grabbed both her hands gently and stared into her eyes. "If a Hearth Guard is allowed to break the Oath of Stone, the most revered law amongst my people, if he is allowed to break this Oath, then what is our civilization for?"
    Jaleen slowly nodded her head as she studied the earnest faith smouldering in the Dwarf's steel-grey eyes.
    "Thus, the Clan Elders deemed that such a crime is punishable by death….Instead, they chose exile....and that's how I came by this mark upon my flesh. The Elder Council, in spite of my requests, refused me Death."
    "Don't speak of such things," Jaleen cried in dismay.
    “Nay, I speak only the truth. In their judgment, they also stripped my name from me, for I was no longer worthy of the Dwarven tongue. I am the Dwarf with No Name, a Hearth Guard without a Hearth, a Dwarf without a home, a betrayer to The Oath of Stone.”

    "Your tale saddens me. But I am glad you shared it with me in this final hour." And then she reached under the Dwarf's cot and pulled forth a great hammer of war. It's heavy handle was wrapped in well-worn leather,and each of the hammer's heads was the size of a man's head. "When we found you among the wreckage, we also found this."
    The Dwarf looked at it in wonder, and slowly reached his hand to grasp it.
    "I see now," he said, and then his mouth dropped and his eyes opened wide. "It is so clear now, like a bolt from the blue." And the Dwarf dropped to one knee and bowed his head. "Forgive me, Moradin, for doubting thee."
    "I don't understand," Jaleen said.
    "Neither did I, until now. Dost thou believe in fate, Jaleen? That there are things greater than ourselves guiding our steps?"
    "I believe that--"


    And the whole cavern shuddered, and screams of terrors erupted around them.


    “Those are the barricades!” Jaleena cried jumping up. “The others have fallen! Quickly everyone, prepare your cups!”

    The Dwarf caught her arm as she reached for a goblet at a makeshift table.
    "What dost thou mean, 'cups'?" he growled.
    "It's a poison. We are to drink when the barricades fail. We cannot allow ourselves, our children, to suffer at their hands!"
    "Then I have one request of thee. And thou must trust me. Do not drink from these thy cups!"
    "What will you do?"
    "Know this, fair lady: it is by no accident that I am with thee here in this darkest hour. I will force them to pay a heavy price to enter here. This day they do battle with a Hearth Guard, and it will be a battle they are not likely to forget."
    "And if you fail--"
    "Then thou'st may drink, and perhaps we shall meet again in the next life. Farewell."

    And the Dwarf strode to the front of the cavern and stood calmly, warhammer in one hand, and a piece of discarded timber in the other, and waited. Jaleen herded her people to the rear of the cavern where they crouched anxiously in the shadows.


    And the barricade was sundered in a cloud of dust, smoke and splintered wood, and the Dwarf was engulfed in the billowing dust, and then a silence followed. And when the dust and smoke cleared, the Dwarf stood firm, unmoving, jaw set, completely covered in a thick brown layer of dust and debris, and the light from outside streamed in through the entrance and splashed across the Dwarf's mighty frame and form, and silhouetted him like some mythic champion from an age primordial.

    In poured the Morg-Kelzi, a writhing twisting mass of screaming savages, their bodies painted a chalk white and a pitch black, and they wore nightmarish visages upon their faces, masks made of bone and skull, painted in the likeness of faces of madness and horror, and they hurtled their bodies headlong through the cavern entrance, swinging wicked axes and spiked flails and weapons crafted with foul intention.

    And they almost rushed by the Dwarf, for he appeared to be a statue to them, and he emanated no fear, for they could smell it, for that odor came from the rear of the cavern.

    But with a twist of the wrist and a shrug of the shoulders, four bodies thudded to the ground with crushed skulls. And then the howling Reavers quickly became aware of the threat, and the battle was joined. The Dwarf never moved, save for the hammer that swung in a deadly arc, whistling as it sailed through the air, accompanied by the steady cadence of cracked skulls and crushed sternums. And the corpses piled high around the Dwarf, until the entire entrance was choked with corpses of the Morg-Kelzi, and he stood upon them as if they were battlements, while the Reavers scrambled up the sides only to join the fallen.

    Three times they charged him. Three times they crashed upon him like an angry sea. Three times did that sea crash and falter, and recede back. Their fallen could no longer be counted, so great was their loss. And the Dwarf stood sure-footed atop the mass of the fallen, besmirched in blood and grime, his great chest heaving, his sinews rippling, but he showed no signs of fatigue.

    And then came the Beast of which Jaleen had spoken. The once fearless Reavers fled before its approach like flooded rats. It lumbered into the cavern, and the earth groaned beneath each of its footfalls. It was a great winged thing, nearly twice the height of man and equally broad. Its skin was like a mottled fungus, and its head was crowned by deadly horns the length of broadswords, it's clawed hand clutched an ebon spear whose shaft was thickness of a small oak, and its eyes burned with a bestial light.

    And its roar, like an avalanche, thundered throughout the cavern, and all who heard it through themselves to the ground in pain and dismay. But the Dwarf with No Name stood firm as rock, and his grim glare blazed through his bloody countenance in defiance of the beast.

    "I am Death, miserable creature!" its voice rumbled like the sound of boulders grinding, and its wings unfolded and stretched behind him on foul leathery pinions.

    "Then make thy claim, creature. I do not parley with base Hellspawn!"

    And the battle that ensued was the stuff of legend. So titanic was their struggle that they battled through day and deep into night. But the Dwarf never flagged, never wavered, never fatigued, and the Demon became more and more enraged by this opponent who would not yield, until finally, as the rays of the morning sun crept into the cavern to light up the combatants, the Dwarf took such a blow that he sunk to his knees. And, to the Demon's surprise, the Dwarf did not rise. And the Demon hesitated, for he knew this was his hour, and that the Dwarf awaited the deathblow. And the Demon cackled in hideous delight so great was his pleasure, and he lifted his foul spear high above his head and brought it down with such violent force that it sank deep into the rock where the Dwarf had stood.

    But the Dwarf was not there, for during the moment in which the Demon hesitated, the Dwarf tumbled through the Demon's legs, and as the spear plunged through the rock, so was the Dwarf's hammer shattering the spine of the monster.

    And its howl deafened those in the cavern, and echoed off the hillsides. And in panic it tried to free the spear from the rock, but it held fast, and the Dwarf came upon the Demon in a passionless fury, and blow after blow rained down upon the beast until it was upon its knees, its wings limp. And the bestial light in its eyes was snuffed. And the Dwarf, with one final blow, knocked the head so soundly from its shoulders that it tumbled outside and rolled down the slopes and came to a rest at the feet of the remaining Morg-Kelzi. Their spirit then was completely sundered, and they fled for fear of the "Elf Demon" who had come to punish them for their wickedness.

    So complete was the Morg-Kelzi's defeat that they never again troubled the peaceful Arandiri.

    And Jaleen crept from the corners of the cavern to where the Dwarf stood silently, alone, amidst the gruesome carnage. She reached a trembling hand to his shoulder, and he turned slowly around, and the hammer fell away from his hand. His body was rent from wounds too many to count, and his eyes were distant.
    But his focused in on hers, and he said, "My hearth."

    And he fell to the floor, and Jaleen tried to catch him, but his girth was too great and she was borne to the ground as well. But she was able to hold him, and cradle his head, and she sang an old Arandiri lullaby as the last breath left his lips, and as she held him she felt a surge of heat upon her hand where she gripped the Dwarf's shoulders. She moved her hand and saw the Rune branded upon his shoulder shine with a soft white light. It flared for an instant, and she shielded her eyes, and then the light was gone.

    And no trace remained of the branded Rune.

    And thus the legend was born, how the greatest champion of the Arandiri was not an Elf, but a Dwarf. A bond was formed among the two peoples, and the Dwarf with No Name was named anew by his kin, though his body was laid to rest in Arandir, and a great cairn was built around the cavern refuge where he had fallen. And it was built by the hands of Elves and Dwarves alike, and this monument stood, like a beacon, and shined as an emblem of hope and faith between the two nations.

    It shows that you should choose the Blooded feat on character creation. Now i do know that you can only choose Blooded at level one...BUT how the heck can you do that? I have been trying to do just that the past 3 hours? :help:

    At the moment the Bioware forums are having problems else i would have first asked there. But since i am sure that some one here should know how to do this, i ask.
  2. Tarrasque

    Tarrasque Whoever said Paladins had to be charismatic? ★ SPS Account Holder Veteran New Server Contributor [2012] (for helping Sorcerer's Place lease a new, more powerful server!) Torment: Tides of Numenera SP Immortalizer (for helping immortalize Sorcerer's Place in the game!)

    Apr 21, 2004
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    What exactly is the problem? Is the Blooded feat not present in the list?

    Using my copy of NWN with SOU/HOTU, blooded is certainly in the list of feats to choose, and AFAIK is one of the feats that need no requirements to gain.
  3. henkie

    henkie Hammertime Resourceful Adored Veteran New Server Contributor [2012] (for helping Sorcerer's Place lease a new, more powerful server!)

    Jan 13, 2006
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    It shows up in my game of SoU & HotU as well. Did you install the most recent patch (1.69)?

    If it still doesn't show up, there's no harm done, though. It's not a required feat for this build, though I suppose it would add to the high initiative that this build is seemingly geared towards. Not that I can think of a reason how this build would really benefit from a high initiative, but whatever.
  4. Amdis

    Amdis Note to self, claws are not toothpicks

    May 4, 2008
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    Well when i click create new character, i can set gender/race/portrait/class/Alignment/abilities and then then comes packages. There with customize you can only reset the skill points nothing else ofcourse. When creating a new character i do not get the chance to choose the feats Blooded and Weapon Focus. Although Weapon focus Longsword is already pressent for a fighter so that isn't the problem.

    I realize how Noobish this all sounds right now, but it has been a long time since i played NWN with SoU/HotU.

    Yup the full 463.7 mb. :D
  5. Munchkin Blender Gems: 22/31
    Latest gem: Sphene

    Apr 18, 2007
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    Did you click the Config button when selecting the abilities for a 1st level character? If you don't click config the system will select he pre-config type of character you have highlighted.
  6. Amdis

    Amdis Note to self, claws are not toothpicks

    May 4, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Doohh :doh::bang::doh: i am realy getting old here. I did press customize on the abilities page but after that i did not click...you guessed it..the button with OK on it. :doh: :o

    Somebody kill me please. :o

    Nevermind, someone already contacted 2 assassins. :D

    Last edited: Oct 9, 2008
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