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Halfmen : OOC

Discussion in 'Role-play Corner' started by Rotku, Nov 28, 2008.

  1. Rotku

    Rotku I believe I can fly Veteran Pillars of Eternity SP Immortalizer (for helping immortalize Sorcerer's Place in the game!) New Server Contributor [2012] (for helping Sorcerer's Place lease a new, more powerful server!)

    Apr 13, 2003
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    Okay, as I mentioned in the other thread, I'm willing to get a game up and running - although want to try using a new set of rules. Tri-Stat dX seems to fit what I'm looking for. To save everyone having to master the rules, I'm going to sum up how to create the characters below (as well as other details about the campaign). If you want to see the full Tri-Stat dX rule book, it is a free download from RPGNow.Com (the company wanted to offer the core rules free, to get players hooked on their other products).

    I'll post a brief introduction in another thread, to give everyone an idea.

    Halfmen Roleplay - Game Details
    Setting: Earth, in the near future - during and after a 'earthshaking' event (more details below).
    Number of Players: Given the nature of the internet, I'd like at least 4 players before I begin, just so if someone goes AWOL there is still enough to keep going. Going to put a cap at 8.
    Campaign Speed For the next three or so weeks ('til after christmas) I am probably only able to post 3 times a week, but after that I plan on posting once a day.
    Campaign Type: Given the nature of PbP games, combat will be a minimum. And I can garentee that we will be staying on earth (sort of), in the same time frame, the entire time - so there's no need to prepare for out of space travel, medieval warfare or plane hopping. Well, when I say garentee, you're welcome to do it, I just can't see a circumstance in which it'll happen, at this point.

    Character Types: Your characters are what is described in the Core Rule Book as Post-Human. They're the top their is - if you're a sports person, you're the one who will be breaking all previous records; if you're a scientist you are the one who will be leading your field to major break through. Note the WILL BE - you don't have to currently be 'successful', but the potential is certainly there (infact, a Defect you can select during character creation is Famous).

    Other than their potential to do great, your characters are ordinary people, living ordinary lives - at least until the day the campaign begins.

    If you want to be something out of the ordinary (maybe some top SAS officer or high ranking politician) you're welcome to talk it over with me.
    • WARNING: I will be making serious changes to your characters as part of the plot, within the first few days. Their personalities and background will NOT change. I know some people like to plan how their character will develop ahead of time. If this is you, look at the spoiler tag below. Otherwise, the surprise and descovery is part of the fun! :)
    Due to certain events, your characters, over a course of time, will descover special 'super powers'. There are a range of them listed in the Core Rule Book (I'm not going to list them here). It will be a slow process. If you wish to have a say in what powers and the likes they will develop, PM me and I will provide you with details.

    Introduction: It was a mid-June day, the day the world changed. What caused it, no body could tell you. For some unexplained reason, a sudden pain struck everyone - like someone was tearing apart their very soul - before collapsing unconscious. By the time people came to, the world was different. Or at least they were. It seemed the world had been divided into two types - Grey and Grey. No longer were their colours to people - no one could turn a red blush, or have blue eyes. People were grey - their skin, their hair, their eyes, everything.

    But it wasn't just a cosmetic change. No, the nature of humanity had changed, for better or worse (well, obviously for worse... a campaign about a whole world filled with butterflies and bunnies would be boring).
  2. Rotku

    Rotku I believe I can fly Veteran Pillars of Eternity SP Immortalizer (for helping immortalize Sorcerer's Place in the game!) New Server Contributor [2012] (for helping Sorcerer's Place lease a new, more powerful server!)

    Apr 13, 2003
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    Ruleset:Tri Stat dX (all info below comes from their Core Rule Book, which can be downloaded for free, as explained in the above post). As we're avoiding magic in Character Creation, it becomes fairly straight forward and simple.
    Dice Type: If you want to read the rules in detail, we are using a d8.
    Basic Steps:
    1. Assign Stats (Stats - Body, Mind, Soul - are bought with Character Points (CP), to a max level of 10. These represent the core of the character)
    2. Select Attributes (Attributes are bought, and 'upgraded' with CP - to a max level of 8. These represent aquired or innate talents)
    3. Select Skills (Skills are bought with Skill Points, to a max level of 4*. These represent areas in which the character excells at)
    4. Select Defects (These give Bonus Points (BP) to be spent on futher attributes or Stats. These represent weaknesses in the character)
    5. Calculate Derived Values (Combat Values (Attack & Defence) and Health)
    Character Points: Your Character (PC) starts with 90 CPs (go excess abbreviations!). These are to be spent on Stats and Attributes.

    STATS: These represnet the core of your character. Body represents the physical aspects of your character - health, strength, endurance, quickness, rate of healing, manual dexterity, and ability to withstand trauma. Mind represents the character's mental ability - high mind characters might be intelligent, witty, and quick-learning characters. Soul represents luck, willpower, determination, and spirit.

    Stats can be purchased to a Max of 10.

    Attribute Point Costs :
    Attribute Point             Cost
         1                       1
         2                       1
         3                       2
         4                       2
         5                       2
         6                       2
         7                       3
         8                       3
         9                       3
         10                      3
    Stat Value Description:
    Stat Value          Description
         1              Inept/Infant
         2              Significantly below adult average/Child
         3              Below adult average/Teenager
         4              Average Human Adult
         5              Above Average Human Adult
         6              Significantly above average human adult
         7              Highly capable
         8              Extremely capable
         9              Best in the region
         10             Best in the country ([B]MAX ABILITY FOR THIS CAMPAIGN)[/B]
         11             World-class ability
         12             Maximum human capability

    The three Stats represent your character’s basic abilities, but his or her more specific acquired or innate talents and abilities are known as Attributes.
    Below is a quick list of them, with some quick details, followed by a more detailed look at them.

    Attributes can be purchased to a Max level of 8.

    Attribute List: (Name, CP Cost/Level, Progression, Relevent Stat)
    • Agents, 5, S(low), S(oul)
    • Armor, 1-3, L(inear), B(ody)
    • Attack Combat Mastery, 3, L, N(one)
    • Defence Combat Mastery, 2, L, N
    • Extra Attack, 8, L, N
    • Extra Defence, 3, L, N
    • Gadgeteer, 2, S, M
    • Gadgets, 2, L, N
    • Highly Skilled, 1, L, N
    • Henchmen, 1-2, S, S
    • Massive Damage, 2-5, L, N
    • Organisational Ties, 1-3, Special, S
    • Servant, 2-6, L, S
    • Wealth, 3, Medium, N

    Attribute Details:
    • Armor
      Armor in this case, represents either body armor of some sort (eg. bullet proof vest or highly protective clothing, that provides protection from normal attacks. For 1CP/level, the character can have a shield, which protects 20 damage/level, but only protects when the character is actively using it. For 3XP/level, the full body armor protects 10 damage/level, even when not actively defending.
    • Attack Combat Mastery
      Allows a character to pick up and attack with any old weapon and be 'dangerously proficient' with it (removes negatives associated with using unfimilar weapons - see rule book for details of these negatives, as I'm not going to explain the entire combat system here...)
    • Defence Combat Mastery
      Allows a character to pick up and defend with any old weapon and be 'dangerously proficient' with it (removes negatives associated with using unfimilar weapons - see rule book for details of these negatives, as I'm not going to explain the entire combat system here...)
    • Extra Attack
      Character gets one more offensive or non-combat actions per round.
    • Extra Defence
      Character gets one more defensive or non-combat actions per round.
    • Gadgeteer
      The character has an innate knack for creating, modifying, and working with complex machines. Unlike someone who is merely well trained in a particular technical skill, a Gadgeteer is a natural and is able to flip through a tech anual for an advanced technology in 30 seconds and figure out a way to repair the machine in an hour or so. Most Gadgeteers have high Levels in Electronics and Mechanical Skills as well.
    • Gadgets
      The Gadgets Attribute represents a character’s access to useful equipment. Characters do not need to spend Character Points for items that are legal, inexpensive, and mundane in the campaign setting (such as clothing, a backpack, a knife, or consumer goods). For example, “a complete tool box” could be a single minor Gadget; a single wrench is mundane.
      For each level in Gadgets, the character gets +1 Major gadget (eg. Mechine Gun, Grenade launcher, car, workshop motorbike), and +4 Minor gadgets (eg. Handgun, Nighvision goggles, camping kit, buglary tools, personal computer). For 2 or more major items, a very major item (eg. helecopter, science lab) may be bought. You may swap 1 Major for 4 Minor (or vice versa).
    • Highly Skilled
      +10 Skillpoints per level
    • Massive Damage
      You know exctly where and how to hit someone. For 2CP/level you may choose one specific attack or weapon, which inflicts an extra 10damage/level. For 5CP/Level, this +10 damage /level applies to all physical attacks.
    • Organisational Ties
    • Wealth
      You're rich.

    Last edited: Nov 28, 2008
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