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Element: Space - Announced

Discussion in 'Game/SP News & Comments' started by RPGWatch, Jul 12, 2018.

  1. RPGWatch

    RPGWatch Watching... ★ SPS Account Holder

    Jul 28, 2010
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    [​IMG]@Gamasutra Element: Space is an isometric turn-based RPG set in space, and due for release Q4 of this year on Steam.


    Element: Space is slated for release in Q4 of this year for PC on Steam, with the possibly of other platforms to follow.

    "We love classic narrative-driven games and turn-based strategy. But we're also mixing in the things we always wanted to see in the genre - refining turn-based tactical combat on hand-crafted levels while delivering a big story that changes and evolves with your actions," said Entelman.

    In Element: Space players take on the role of spacecraft Captain Christopher Pietham, leading his squadron of various companions into intergalactic conflict and dealing with the consequences of their choices throughout a deep story and combat which are altered by the player's choices and actions.

    The single-player game has core aspects of a classic squad-based tactical RPG but, rather than procedurally-generated missions, each is hand-crafted, non-linear, contains free-form combat, and is revealed based upon the player's selection of factions, ideology, companions and more. The game must be replayed to experience the entire universe and story. Woven throughout the game is the power of the 'Sixth Vowel', which can best be described as humanity's capacity for altering reality by manipulating sound, light and motion at will.

    Element: Space features...
    • A story and gameplay where every choice matters. Players' selection of ideology, faction alliance, squad mate companions and behavior affect the weapon availability, skills, loyalty and the direction the story will take. "We want players to feel the pressure of each decision they make to advance the story," said Entelman.
    • 24 branching hand-crafted missions/submissions. Players experience 8 non-linear missions or submissions each time they play, determined by their choices, for an estimated 12-15+ hours per playthrough.
    • 8 faction worlds to explore (+3 non-playable). Each one represents a vastly different culture, agenda and architectural style, making the final game visually rich and diverse. Factions also provide unique bonuses depending upon how well you bond with them.
    • 8 potential companions to join you on your mission. Recruit your 'party of five' from eight unique squad-mates as you race against time. Each unlocks different stories, weapons and/or specialized combat skills. However, Entelman added, "you'll have to play the game multiple times to see just how different each potential ally works for your team."
    • A compelling battle system. Turn-based free-form combinations of movement, skills and attacks enables a unique team-based approach. A selection of 32 melee and ranged weapons, some unlocked based on faction relationships; Companions each have unique skills and develop 2 of 6 archetypes, with no two characters having the same combination; each set of enemies combine their abilities to challenge the player in a new way - all of this combines for complex combat and high replay-ability.
    The scope of Element: Space makes the game and IP the first of its kind to be developed in a Spanish-speaking Latin America country, so the team realizes the opportunity to change perceptions about the emerging market and put the region on the map.

    "It's our goal to show a greater level of quality and talent from this largely untapped region, said Emiliano Giacobbe, studio CCO. "Raising this bar is key, as it is an industry growth investment for LatAm, and will change worldwide perception of what the region can develop independently."

    Sixth Vowel's parent company and the game's publisher, Inca Games, is currently seeking co-publishing partners to help bring the game to a global audience. Element: Space is scheduled for release in Q4 2018 for PC, with the possibility of console versions to follow. For additional information, please visit www.element-space.com.

    About Sixth Vowel

    Sixth Vowel is the in-house development studio of Inca Games, brought together by a shared passion to create exciting and creative experiences for gamers around the world. The company was born out of a commitment of making high-quality products with the goal to become one of the largest studios in Latin America. The team consists of talent from different countries and cultures with the conviction to tell amazing stories.

    From the beginning we have assembled a talented team from different countries and cultures with the conviction of telling amazing stories. Please visit www.sixthvowel.com for additional information.

    About Inca Games

    Based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Inca Games is the first Spanish-speaking Latin American games publisher with both a regional focus and global scale. Inca Games helps the LatAM developers bring the best games of the region to market, fosters the burgeoning games community with better access, and provides opportunities for worldwide co-publishing partners within the region.

    A privately-held company with additional offices in the Netherlands and San Francisco will also release Team Guazu's Shadow Brawlers and Gaulicho Studio's Tango: The Adventure Game through its incubator and publishing arm. For additional information, please visit www.incagames.com.
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