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Colony Ship - Update Notes

Discussion in 'Game/SP News & Comments' started by RPGWatch, May 13, 2021.

  1. RPGWatch

    RPGWatch Watching... ★ SPS Account Holder

    Jul 28, 2010
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    [​IMG]Some updates for Colony Ship:


    Update notes for May 12, 2021

    Party Management:
    • Click on the party icon to the left of the inventory icon to open the Party Management screen
    • Set designated specialists to handle skill checks when clicking on objects (to avoid switching characters manually)
    • Heal your characters with medkits (the amount healed is modified by your biotech skill)
    • Set auto-heal after combat (using available medkits).
    • Set auto-reload weapons after combat (starting a fight with an empty gun is a thing of the past now)
    • You can now give implants to your party members based on their preferences
    • Added more party banter in the Armory and Hydroponics
    • Added new interactions when exploring Hydroponics
    • Added an option to steal a badge from the Regulators HQ
    • Added a sneaking opportunity in Camp Reid in Hydroponics
    • Added some loot in Zeke's backroom, plus a different way in
    • Added two extra stashes in the Pit
    • You can now train party members (for now the same trainers as before, will consider adding more based on the feedback)
    • Can't see beyond the vault door in the Armory before you open it (limited 'fog of war')
    • You can now use Streetwise to get a better reward from Abe
    • You can now use Persuasion to get a reward for Zeke
    • You can now squeeze some money from Braxton and Jonas for helping them
    • You can now ask Sarah for a reward because helping someone for free doesn't sit well with some players

    • Improved traveling in Hydroponics
    • Added check value to doors and containers.
    • Tweaked Explorer reputation
    • Sarah's price for healing is tied to how badly you're wounded
    • Cloaking field base thermal detection resistance is 10 (from 25)
    • Cloaking field base detection chance is 35 (from 25)
    • Thermal vision is now properly reduced by thermal detection resistance
    • Distortion Field evasion is 30 (from 35). Energy damage is 1-3 (from 2-4)
    • Super Soldier stim: removed evasion bonus, AP increased to 5, reaction increased to 15
    • Smoke Grenades' (low and mid) ranged penalty is 50/75 (from 60/80)
    • Bulldog II is a bit harder to get, but it's a bit more powerful
    • Added +1 damage to shotguns
    • Reduced melee damage by 1
    • Tweaked armor stats
    • Tweaked the prices of several items.
    • Items now sell for 10% of the price.
    • Starfish now recovers 10 HP when draining
    • Starfish DR is now 10/8/6 (from 6/4/3)
    • Tweaked enemies' equipment: they have more weapon variety and extra thermal vision.
    • Changed Faythe's Assassin feat. Bladed THC +10, CS Chance +5, Penetration +10, Takedown +15
    • Changed Faythe's Thief feat. Noise -1 and stealth skills' increase
    • Gunfighter: added "Grazes do +2 damage"
    • Removed Master Trader feat and refunded 1 feat point to characters that had it
    • Increased weight of misses on defense xp distribution.
    • Slightly reduced skill gain from attack and defense XP
    • Improved AI attack selection, especially for shotguns when the enemy is engaged in close combat
    • Fixed a door in the Armory being usable in stealth but not in combat.
    • Power Vest properly reduces initiative instead of increasing it
    • Fixed issues with the Armory's elevator with a party member selected
    • Fixed scav stealth dialogue coming up twice if you clicked repeatedly when interacting with it
    • Removed infinite attack XP exploit on turret
    • Fixed the character name text field caret bug
    • Missed frog attacks now can trigger counter-attacks, reported properly in the textbox
    • Fixed some cases when grenades could be thrown through the floor (from the first floor to the second)
    • Fixed T-pose animations happening in some rare cases
    • Starfish sounds are now affected by volume controls properly
    • Fixed Swing attack becoming unusable after spending AP on other combat actions
    • Fixed doors incorrectly executing opening/closing scripts on game start
    • Gadgets don't stay active after ending/exiting stealth anymore
    • Fixed incorrect combat rolls when attacking turrets
    • Fixed shots sometimes missing starfish if it's displaced after the 'hug'
    • Fixed graze being reduced more than intended when uncapped THC was lower than 5
    • Fixed unreplaced tags in energy shield bullet miss message
    • Fixed pressing R when grenade is selected replacing hand slot weapon with grenade
    • Fixed incorrect items being sold when CC has 0 credits left
    • Fixed Caleb's dialogue issues
    • Fixed missing sounds on armory doors
    • Fixed weapon hand resetting to 0 after spending last grenade in the belt
    Last edited by a moderator: May 15, 2021
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