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Character History stories (CJ RP)

Discussion in 'Role-play Corner' started by Urithrand, Mar 22, 2008.

  1. Urithrand

    Urithrand Mind turning the light off? ★ SPS Account Holder Veteran

    Jul 26, 2004
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    Here's Leck's history ;)

    It was a cool, calm evening in the middle of spring and the sun was slowly seeking its bed as a dark figure hopped through the bushes towards the largest, most imposing building in the village of <insert village name here>. The figure was tiny, only a few feet tall and shrouded in a thick, dark cloak. They were carrying something in a large basket, so big it almost tripped the tiny person every step they took.
    After looking around thoroughly, the figure was obviously satisfied that the coast was clear, and jumped out into the open, bounding towards the huge wooden doors of the wizard's tower. Wish a soft crooning song, the miniature person left the basket on the large stone step, and with a final touch to the cheek, dashed away into the darkness. Somewhere overhead in the massive tower, a wizard was alerted to the breaking of one of his wards, and curiously hopped down the steps of his home to open the front door.
    Aghast, he stared at the gently rocking basket. A baby's arm thrust upwards towards the old man, grasping the air. He was tiny. Had the old man felt so inclined, he could hold the child in a single palm. With a reluctant step forward and an indignant sigh, he looked closer at the babe, and moved back a bit of blanket to reveal a young baby boy with a shock of red hair that stood directly upwards. He cooed and grinned up at the elderly man.
    “What do we have here?” The old man muttered. Alongside the young babe was a collection of coins and a note. Look after my baby. The note read, he is in danger as long as he stays with me, and my hand is forced if I wish to save his life. Please teach him to defend himself. I enclose enough platinum to live comfortably for a number of years.
    There was nothing else, no real explanation, but the old wizard grunted, annoyed. “What in inconvenience!” He snorted, “I am not made to look after children...” Despite continually muttering about the incredible inconvenience of the child's arrival, he took the basket inside, and closed the door against the night's quickly chilling breeze.

    Magran the aged wizard sat scowling deeply, his brow furrowed with thought. The text he sat poring over was written in orcish, and the reddish brown ink gave off an unpleasant smell. He mumbled aloud as he read, but was suddenly interrupted by a loud, insistent but cheerful humming that erupted from the other side of the room. Turning angrily towards his fiery-haired ward the old man threw a small pebble at him which struck him in the side of the head.
    “Ow!” Leckith exclaimed, promptly bursting into laughter. When he saw the old man's scowl however, he guiltily fell silent, rocking backwards and forwards on his chair. After a few moments, he sighed loudly, completely ignoring the open book in front of him and staring out into the bright, sunny day. After another noisy sigh, the elderly wizard looked up at him again.
    “If you can't be still young man, leave me to my studies in peace!” He growled. “You have studying to do yourself. Go read in the sun if you wish.” He scowled deeply once more and waited for the child to leave the room. Leck jumped up excitedly and closed his book with a snap. When he lifted it, the tome was nearly as big as he, just topping two and a half feet, yet full-grown. Scurrying up his master's desk, he planted a gentle kiss on the old man's forehead before droppng back down to the floor and running outside, returning after a bare moment for the book he;d forgotten.
    Magran sighed, watching after the young scamp and shaking his head slowly. A soft smile crept over his face and stayed there as he returned to his text.
    Leck the halfling hopped and skipped down the stairs to the large tower and pushed open the door, safely crossing the master's wards now they were attuned to him. Other children appeared out of nowhere and despite being considerably older than they, they were considerably taller than he. Before he even had a second to adjust to the bright sun, one of the children grabbed his book, and sticking out his tongue, he ran away with it, inviting the tiny boy to follow. Leck took up the pursuit with a vengeance, laughing merrily all the way until he athletically jumped, landing on the boy's shoulders and putting his little hands over his eyes.
    “Alright midget!” The boy giggled, “You can have yer musty book back!”

    Leckith jumped back to the floor and graciously received his book, retiring to the shade of a large oak tree in the center of the village. Before re-opening his heavy tome, he looked happily around the village he called home, watching the playing children with delight. Leckith was 18 years old, a good 10 years older than most of his friends, but in halfling terms still a child, and his never-failing good humour was better matched by children than the often moody adults of the village.
    His entire life to date had been spent studying under the wizard Magran, who had taken the child in as a baby when he was abandoned on his doorstep. This was as much as he knew of his early life, he'd never heard from his mother or father, and didn't know who they were. The wizard was all the family he had, and often he and the old man clashed horribly. Leck was a lighthearted boy, always one to laugh and play loudly, and not inclined to spend time looking through books at all, but his foster father insisted rather pointedly that he learn magic whether he liked it or not.

    Leck's life continued in a similar manner as this for a number of years. At the grand age of 26, Leck was approached by a beautiful woman, tall and slender, almost elven in appearance. He was swinging high in the huge oak, by far his favourite tree, and falling out more often than not for climbing was never one of his best skills, when suddenly she appeared below him. Had he not known that teleportation was extremely complex, and only very old, learned wizards would possess the skill and knowledge, he would have sworn she just appeared there from thin air.
    “Leckith?” She called, smiling. Her smile was charming, and he found himself instantly endeared to her. “That is your name, isn't it?”

    Leck dropped from his branch, landing on the ground so he had to stare almost straight upwards to see her face. She politely sat down on the grass to be closer to his height. “Why yes indeed, you seem to have the better of me, lady.” He politely replied.
    “My name is Leanna.” She responed. She was graceful and courteous. “And your mother sent me.”
    Leck stared in amazement and silence. The woman said nothing more, but he could do nothing but stare. After a time, he found his voice. “What do you know of my mother?” He whispered.
    “Nothing much.” The woman shrugged, “She hired me through correspondence, we've never met. She hired me to come here and bring you to her.” She didn't realise, but the smile had disapeared from her face, and a slightly disturbing glint in her eye made Leck nervous. “You should come with me now.”
    Leck nodded with a broad grin, pretending to not have noticed her eyes. “I'll just tell my father where I'm going.” He began to walk away towards the tower, but the woman stepped forward and grabbed his shoulder. A sudden fear took over Leck, and he wrenched himself free of her grip and ran as fast as he could towards the tower he called home, calling all the time, “Father! Help!”
    As he crossed the threshold of the tower, she grabbed his ankle and as he slid over the wards, her connection to him allowed her to travel across unhindered. Leck stared fearfully at the woman and kicked her hard in the face, making her let go of his ankle. Running as fast as he could up the stairs, he ran straight past his father and grabbed onto his robes. Despite spending his whole life studying magic intently, he was still unable to cast spells.
    “Father, help!” He puffed, pointing at the woman pursuing him. The elderly wizard pointed a long rod at the woman who stopped dead, nervous now.

    “Turn your stinking sorcery around and get the hell out of my tower.” Magran growled. The woman laughed and hurled a fireball directly at the pair. It had been a single movement, no effort involved, no incantation. Before the fire struck either of them, Magran touched his hand to Leck's head, and he felt a chill run down his spine. As the fire engulfed them, it felt as a pleasant warmth on a summer's day.
    The woman cursed, and pulled out a single gauntlet. Pointing one finger at the halflng, he waited nervously, unsure of what power this artifact might have. Seeing the claws of an animal where fingers should be, Leck realised in an instant what the glove would do, and tried to warn his master, but there was no time. As a light erupted from the end of the glove, Leck put his hand on his father's arm and a strange sensation took him. There was a kind of magnetic pull that clamped them together for a moment, and when Leck pulled away, he held a handful of light. He hurled it at the sorceress just as the glimmer struck him in the chest
    Acid splashed all over him, and he was impaled by some magic spell, by the burning sensation he guessed it was an acid arrow. Leck fell to the floor unconscious, and the sorceress lay dead or knocked out, Magran wasn't sure which. Leck had survived the spell, but he was unconscious and panting heavily. In a blind panic, the wizard roared and struck the floor heavily with his staff, causing a door to open in front of him, and he grabbed the boy and stepped through.

    After a few minutes, Leck came to. He was in darkness and sort of floating. “Where...” He stammered, but all he heard in response as a disgruntled hmmph
    As his eyes adjusted, Leck could just make out the slightly darker section of darkness that must have been his foster father. “F.. father? Are we dead?” He asked in a whisper.
    “You would be if I wasn't so damn tied.” The old man growled. He seemed utterly furious. “Wen we return to the prime, you are to leave my tower. I don't care where you go.” He coughed painfully. “You filthy spell-thief.” He added. “Never in all my days has anyone had the gall to suck the very magic essence out of ME because he didn't have the skill to protect HIMSELF!” He started shouting, Leck couldn't believe his ears. “I would have protected you, but no, you'd rather STEAL my magical essence and try to fumble some magic yourself, trying to cast magic without the years of study everyone ELSE has to go through.” The rant continued, on and on. Within minutes, Leck was curled up in a ball, floating in the darkness and crying.
    Magran stopped ranting for a moment, Leck wasn't sure if it hadn't all been a dream, but after a long silence, he heard his master chanting. The words were the spell polymorph other but Leck couldn't see anyone in the immediate vincinity. He vainly tried to cast a light spell for the millionth time, but still couldn't hold the energy still.
    In a sudden flash of reddish light, Leck felt as though he'd been struck by something massive, all the wind was knocked out of him. “See how you like this magic then you little thief!” the mage laughed as Leck vomited painfully. He was doubled over in pain, when he felt fur pushing through his skin and a massive pain in his backside. A tail burst through his pants, and he felt his head miserably. He had been turned into a monkey.
    “Master!” He tried to say, but it came out as a frenzied shrieking. He wasn't able to talk. The transformation was complete.

    Magran stepped through the door he had created back into the prime. The sorceress lay dead on his steps where he had left her, and curled up asleep in his arms, the monkey in clothing was wet with tears. Guilt ripped through him as he pondered what to do. The child had stolen his very defining essence, sucked the magic right out of him. Having said that, however, it was to defend himself and his master. “I cannot teach a thief.” He whispered. “He has never been correct for my teachings.”
    Slowly, he began to mumble a spell, pointing his finger at the curled up monkey on his desk. Just as he got to the crucial part of the spell, however, he did something he hadn't done in decades. He sobbed. The spell nearly fizzled, but he thought he had it down ok, releasing it in the boy's direction. Slowly, the fur began to recede and his body returned to its normal size and shape. With a satisfied smile, Magran looked the boy up and down and was just about to turn away when he saw the mildest flicker of flaming red...
    Turning him onto his front, the mage closed his eyes guiltily. The boy had a tail. Flaming orange-red like his hair, it was longer than he himself, and slowly curled around him like a hug while he slept. “Punishment enough.” The mage tutted, ashamed at his own lack of discipline in the casting.

    Leckith left the village the next day. He was both pleased and mildly horrified when he awoke to find his body had a new limb, but he quickly grew accustomed to it. In the weeks that followed, he would travel far and wide, not knowing for what he was searching. Why had the sorceress been after him? Who were his parents? He sighed, knowing he would likely never know, and shrugged as he walked slowly into the sunset.
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 22, 2008
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