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Another crawl thru Chateu Irenicus

Discussion in 'Creativity Surge' started by Shrikant, Jan 27, 2005.

  1. Shrikant

    Shrikant Swords! Not words! Veteran

    Apr 23, 2003
    Likes Received:
    [​IMG] Another one starts this game of SoA, another fanfic is born :sigh:

    Whats all this pain? Where did it come from? My brain still hasn't woken up.
    Where am I? A cage? Footsteps. Who's there!
    "It is time for more ... experiments." Who said that?
    PAIN I will KILL you! Who are you? What's going on? I demand an explanation. Is that a golem? Hey YOU! Where are you going? COME BACK!

    Someone's shaking me by the arm. IMOEN! You are scarred. Who did this to you? Get out? Yes, lets get out of this hell.
    She leads me to an armory of sorts. Hey golem, Im talking to you. Who is your master? Where are we? Cant you say anything other than go back into your cage? Serves me right for banging my head against a golem.
    What pathetic weapons, sheesh. Atleast there is one Katana in this pile of junk. Might as well take another sword for my left hand.
    Wonder what this key is for. Forget it.
    I will never be able to understand how people move is those suits of armor. No thanks.
    Stop fiddling around with that painting Imoen. Healing potions! Great, we will need those. Come on.

    I open a door there and bump into a memphit, yuck. Kill it, move on. This door is stuck. Lets try another way.
    Whole lot of dead people lying on the floor. Look like rouges. Imoen, you stay back and I'll take on whoever is up front. More memphits, sheesh. Imoen this, whatever it is, seems to be summoning these memphits. Try and close it. She does, but not before I have killed half a dozen of these creatures. Moving on.

    A genie! I wish to get out of this dungeon. What! no wishes. Oh, jeez. A question, fire away. What sort of question is that, of course I would push the button and save my sister. This Ogre is attacking me, die Ogre. Seek Rieleve and release him? Cant you Genies not talk in riddles?
    I'll scout ahead Immy, stay back. Goblins! This is getting worse by the second. What crummy axes, wont take those. Memphits then goblins. I would hate this guy just for this one reason. How can anyone live with these things, they stink, yuck.

    Whats with all these glass jars? Imoen, dont cry. I'll get you out of here. I'll protect you. Hey, you got a bow now. Stay back and pickem off with it ok, and I'll protect you.
    Hey mister golem, whats up! Yeah Im your master, now come. Eh, what stone, cant you move without it? Ok, later.
    What are you. Rieleve? Hey what release do you seek? Death! Guess so. Ok, I'll take these cells but I dont want to talk to more dead things. Whats this stone?
    Hey mister golem! Right, now perform your duties. Where did he run off to, let's follow him.
    Aargh! What is that fat ugly thing? Imoen, use your spells on it. Lets go forward.

    Nice room. But... What do we need to get this portal going? Lets find its key.
    Oh! Dyrads! I love Dyrads. Yes, I'll help you beauties.
    Irenicus. So thats his name.
    Wow, nice room. Did an alarm go off? Imoen got rid of the traps. Summon up some help Immy, I think something is wrong.
    Golems attacking us! Die. Lets go thru that portal, lets get out of here.

    Portals are NOT supposed to throw you down on the floor. More hate.
    Yoshimo? sure whatever, join us. But you stay ahead and scout, I dont trust you to be behind my back.
    You take the memphits, I'll take the portals. Yoshi boy is hurt is he, hehe.
    Now you rouges are trying to kill me too.
    Hey pretty lady, I'll help you with that mean rouge. What? Are you crazy, girl. I just saved you. Alright then, die.

    Stop everyone. That thing just chunked that rouge. Wait. Ok, those wands on the pedestals are responsible for this. Yoshimo, try picking them. What, these key things? Cool, we get those wands.
    This looks like the exit. Hey punk, get out of my way. I dont know anything about your guild war. Ok, you die.
    This is the exit. What Imoen? Oh yeah the dyrads. Yoshi, you are too hurt. Go on out thru the exit. We have work to do.

    Let's see what else is on this floor.
    Eek. A vampire. Kill it. I hate it when they run away like that. Where in the nine hells did this madman bring us!
    What else will I see in this dungeon.
    Druegar. This looks like a smithy. These guys are responsible for the knives. They scarred you Immy. Damn, they are dead already.
    Old man, why are you imprisoned. There is something odd about you. You! You are a shapeshifter. I'll get you out alright. I'll get you out to kill you.

    The dyrads! Where can I find those seeds. Lets go back down. OUCH! Damn these portals.
    Go back and turn right. Bookcases. Reminds you of candlekeep eh Immy. Yeah they do, dont they. Seeds, lets go on.
    More druegar. Im gonna ..., eww Imoen. You didnt have to stink up the place. Yeah sure pick em off with your arrows, you got their knives as bad as I did. Seeds, yay.
    An open door, lets make sure no one sneaks up on us from behind. A Cambion, die monster. Hey Immy, a little help here.

    Lets check out that door now.
    Golem making rouge sushi. Cutie says help, I says yep. Golem is dust.
    Hi Chole. Like how you move. Yeah I think we can work together. Three girls against the world. Are you hitting on Imoen?
    Lets see what else is here. More bloody memphits. Immy has an idea using some spell globe. Didn't make much of a difference I think. Wiped up the floor with these things anyway.
    Another Genie. Again no wishes. Is there a pattern here.
    You have something of mine and need a flask in return. I get to meet the dyrads again, wee.
    Dyrads are happy to see me, Genie is happy to see me, I'm not happy. He gave me Sarevok's Sword. Jerk.

    Imoen says Jaheira and Minsc are trapped in here too. What? Ok, lets get them out. Everyone pick whatever you can. We are leaving.
    Not the portal again. :( Out of this damn dungeon at last.
    Out into the light. Finally.

    Finally we see Irenicus.
    More rouges attacking him. Didn't last long.
    We are going to kill you you monster. Where did Immy get that last Magic Missle?
    Who are these guys? Magic is barred in this city? Imoen did nothing wrong.
    NO! You cant take her away. This is Irenicus' game, cant you see!

  2. Kelvon Shadowmane Gems: 12/31
    Latest gem: Moonstone

    Aug 24, 2004
    Likes Received:
    Try placing the dialog between "...". Got it?
  3. Lantus Gems: 11/31
    Latest gem: Bloodstone

    Mar 9, 2004
    Likes Received:
    /me looks at Shrikant...
  4. Steeze Gems: 10/31
    Latest gem: Zircon

    Oct 19, 2004
    Likes Received:
    Good work Shrikant
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