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Agnaran's Agony World Info

Discussion in 'Role-play Corner' started by Ilmater's Suffering, Nov 8, 2007.

  1. Ilmater's Suffering Gems: 21/31
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    Jan 7, 2006
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    Deities of Waern (in 3.0/3.5 format right now, but I'm willing to help to create older edition compatible versions if needed):

    This reflects the deities that are worshipped through common avenues. Other evil deities then the ones mentioned exist, but they are regarded to have little to do with everyday life and are typically only worshipped by those of ill intent. If you wish to make such a character, I can give you information such deities.

    Ignore the Domain entry unless you are a 3.0/3.5 ed cleric.

    Note the power of deities in Waern is not contingent upon their worshippers, leading many evil deities to see their clerics and other members of their churches as means to achieve an end. Also, much like in Greyhawk, multiple deities can share certain aspects of their portfolio, as Waern for example, as 4 War Deities and 4 Magic Deities.

    The Amiable Rouge, The Wanderer
    Lesser Deity (Chaotic, Good)
    Symbol: A rapier and a winter rose*/a rapier through a map
    Portfolio: Adventure, daring, distance, exploration
    Worshippers: Bards, elves, explorers, outlaws, pioneers, travelers
    Cleric Alignments: CG, CN, NG
    Domains: Luck, Travel, Trickery
    Favored Weapon: Rapier

    The Stillborn Goddess, The Goddess of the Wake
    Lesser Deity (Evil, Lawful)
    Symbol: A single tear surrounded by darkness
    Portfolio: Childbirth, grief, loss
    Worshippers: Husbands and wives, those who mourn, undead
    Cleric Alignment: LE, LN, NE
    Domains: Death, Knowledge, Law
    Favored Weapon: Javelin

    The Light Footed Goddess, The Princess of Pleasure
    Lesser Deity (Chaotic, Good)
    Symbol: A woman with jet black hair dancing
    Portfolio: Dancing, mirth, pleasure
    Worshippers: Bards, revelers, satyrs
    Cleric Alignments: CG, CN, NG
    Domains: Chaos, Good, Joy, Pleasure
    Favored Weapon: Net

    The Scarab of the Sky
    Greater Deity (Good, Lawful)
    Symbol: Scarab beetle rolling the sun across the sky
    Portfolio: Brewing, journeys, light, sun
    Worshippers: Commoners, druids, farmers and peasants, monks, paladins, rangers, rulers and viziers, travelers
    Cleric Alignments: LG, LN, NG
    Domains: Law, Protection, Sun, Travel
    Favored Weapon: Khopesh

    The Schemer, The Backstabber
    Lesser Deity (Evil, Lawful)
    Symbol: A white silk glove with a gold coin between each finger
    Portfolio: Ambition, legal and political corruption, scheming
    Worshippers: Assassins, attorneys, constables, judges, rouges, rulers and viziers
    Cleric Alignment: LE, LN, NE
    Domains: Evil, Greed, Trickery
    Favored Weapon: Dagger

    Worship of Barathos is technically illegal, but really can you keep the god of legal corruption from making his worship functionally legal?

    The Wrestler, The Hero Forger
    Intermediate Deity (Chaotic, Good)
    Symbol: A brown bear
    Portfolio: Athletics, dueling, strength, valor, war
    Worshippers: Athletes, barbarians, fighters
    Cleric Alignments: CG, CN, NG
    Domains: Chaos, Endurance, Strength, War
    Favored Weapon: Greataxe

    The Witch Queen, The Spirit’s Guide, The Lady of the Graveyard
    Intermediate Deity (Good, Lawful)
    Symbol: Ivy intertwined as a circle
    Portfolio: Foresight, magic, prophesy, rebirth, underworld
    Worshippers: Diviners, druids, embalmers, necromancers, sages, wizards
    Cleric Alignments: LG, LN, NG
    Domains: Good, Knowledge, Magic, Repose
    Favored Weapon: Quarterstaff

    The Devoted Wife, The Heart’s Disease
    Intermediate Deity (Lawful)
    Symbol: An iron hand clenching a heart
    Portfolio: Rage, retribution, vengeance, war
    Worshippers: Barbarians, dwarves, fighters, paladins, rangers
    Cleric Alignments: LE, LG, LN
    Domains: Destruction, Strength, War
    Favored Weapon: Greatsword

    The World Eater, The Lord of Ruin, The Lord Ever Present
    Greater Deity (Chaotic, Evil)
    Symbol: A wild boar’s head
    Portfolio: Conflict, destruction, disease
    Worshippers: Barbarians, centaurs, commoners, crazed cultists, fighters, half-orcs, hill giants, monsters, orcs, outlaws
    Cleric Alignments: CE, CN
    Domains: Chaos, Corruption, Destruction, Evil
    Favored Weapon: Trident

    The Knower of Man, The Gentle Hand, The Bringer of Hope
    Greater Deity (Good, Lawful)
    Symbol: Three white lilies
    Portfolio: Healing, honesty, mercy, purity, rebirth
    Worshippers: Commoners, healers, monks, oppressed and poor people, paladins
    Cleric Alignments: LG, NG
    Domains: Community, Good, Healing, Liberation
    Favored Weapon: Flail

    The Lady of Hidden Desires
    Lesser Deity (Chaotic)
    Symbol: An androgynous humanoid face with both eyes closed and a third eye open on the forehead
    Portfolio: Illusion, magic, sleep
    Worshippers: Fey, illusionists, sorcerers
    Cleric Alignment: CE, CG, CN
    Domains: Chaos, Dream, Magic
    Favored Weapon: Dagger

    The High Father, The Dread Judge, The Voice of Truth, The Judge of All Things
    Greater Deity (Good, Lawful)
    Symbol: A four pointed star with an elongated bottom point and rays of light extending from the top point (the Star of Truth)
    Portfolio: Judgment, justice, truth
    Worshippers: Attorneys, commoners, constables, dwarves, fighters, judges, monks, nobility, paladins, rulers and viziers, sages
    Cleric Alignments: LG, LN, NG
    Domains: Glory, Good, Knowledge, Law, Wrath
    Favored Weapon: Heavy mace

    The Dry Lord, The King of Sand
    Intermediate Deity (Evil)
    Symbol: A sand dune
    Portfolio: Desert storms, drought, famine
    Worshippers: Druids, farmers and peasants, rangers
    Cleric Alignments: CE, LE, NE
    Domains: Evil, Fire, Sand, Thirst
    Favored Weapon: Scimitar

    The Warrior’s Desire, The Victor’s Prize
    Lesser Deity (Lawful)
    Symbol: An upright longsword with nightshade entwining the sword
    Portfolio: Conquest, territory, victory
    Worshippers: Athletes, barbarians, fighters, nobility, rulers and viziers
    Cleric Alignments: LE, LG, LN
    Domains: Destruction, Law, War
    Favored Weapon: Longsword

    He Who Settles the Gods
    Lesser Deity (Neutral)
    Symbol: A snowy field with sprouts pushing through
    Portfolio: Balance, seasons
    Worshippers: Commoners, druids, farmers and peasants, giants, rangers
    Cleric Alignments: N
    Domains: Plant, Summer, Winter
    Favored Weapon: Quarterstaff

    Mother Nature, The Lady of the Land, The Life Giver
    Intermediate Deity (Good)
    Symbol: Mother goddess figure
    Portfolio: Agriculture, birth, creation, harvest, life, motherhood, nature
    Worshippers: Druids, elves, farmers and peasants, fey, gnomes, halflings, healers, husband and wives, mothers, rangers
    Cleric Alignment: CG, LG, NG
    Domains: Creation, Good, Healing, Plant
    Favored Weapon: Sickle

    Grunla was formerly a Greater Deity, who lost some of her divine power protecting the inhabitants of Waern.

    The Horse Master, The Divine Archer
    Intermediate Deity (Chaotic)
    Symbol: An archer on horseback
    Portfolio: Conflict, horses, skill-at-arms, swiftness, war
    Worshippers: Archers, combat instructors, fighters, rangers
    Cleric Alignments: CE, CG, CN
    Domains: Animal, Destruction, Travel, War
    Favored Weapon: Battleaxe
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  2. Ilmater's Suffering Gems: 21/31
    Latest gem: Pearl

    Jan 7, 2006
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    The Ice Queen, The Maiden Goddess, The Heartless Bitch
    Intermediate Deity (Evil, Lawful)
    Symbol: A winter rose* encased in a block of ice
    Portfolio: Cold, death, night
    Worshippers: Anyone who fears death, barbarians, druids, farmers and peasants, frost giants, rangers, winter wolves, white dragons
    Cleric Alignments: LE, LN
    Domains: Cold, Death, Evil, Law
    Favored Weapon: Shortspear or spear

    The Mistress of Coin, The Watcher of the Road
    Intermediate Deity (Neutral)
    Symbol: A camel heavily burdened with trade goods
    Portfolio: Commerce, trade, travel
    Worshippers: Merchants, rouges, travelers
    Cleric Alignments: CN, LN, N, NE, NG
    Domains: Luck, Protection, Travel, Trickery
    Favored Weapon: Morningstar

    The Moon Maiden, The Moon Archer
    Intermediate Deity (Chaotic)
    Symbol: The head of a white hart with golden antlers against a full moon
    Portfolio: Archery, hunting, moon, wild beasts
    Worshippers: Archers, druids, dryads, elves, hunters, nymphs, rangers
    Cleric Alignments: CE, CG, CN
    Domains: Animal, Chaos, Protection
    Favored Weapon: Shortbow

    The Champion of Good, The Fearless Lord, The Golden Samurai
    Intermediate Deity (Good, Lawful)
    Symbol: A pair of hands holding out a sword
    Portfolio: Courage, honor, loyalty, valor, war, zeal
    Worshippers: Defenders, fighters, guards, monks, nobility, paladins
    Cleric Alignments: LG, LN
    Domains: Good, Law, Nobility, War
    Favored Weapon: Bastard sword

    The Face of Beauty, The Lady of Inspiration
    Lesser Deity (Good)
    Symbol: A painted fan
    Portfolio: Art, beauty, music, theater
    Worshippers: Actors, artists, bards, elves, lovers, musicians
    Cleric Alignments: CG, LG, NG
    Domains: Artifice, Charm, Good
    Favored Weapon: War fan

    The Crown Breaker, The Peasant God
    Lesser Deity (Chaotic)
    Symbol: Unlocked manacles
    Portfolio: Freedom, rebellion
    Worshippers: Barbarians, commoners, elves, farmers and peasants, oppressed and poor people, outlaws, rouges
    Cleric Alignments: CE, CG, CN
    Domains: Chaos, Destruction, Liberation
    Favored Weapon: Kama

    The Ocean’s Fury, The Crushing Hand
    Intermediate Deity (Chaotic, Evil)
    Symbol: A waterspout
    Portfolio: Sea, storms, thunder
    Worshippers: Barbarians, coast dwellers, druids, rangers, sailors
    Cleric Alignments: CE, CN, NE
    Domains: Chaos, Destruction, Ocean, Water
    Favored Weapon: Heavy flail

    The Iron Crown, The Black Knight
    Greater Deity (Evil, Lawful)
    Symbol: A spiked iron crown with bloody tips
    Portfolio: Chivalry, honor, nobility, tyranny
    Worshippers: Fighters, hobgoblins, nobility, tyrants
    Cleric Alignments: LE, LN
    Domains: Law, Nobility, Protection, Strength
    Favored Weapon: Greatmace

    Malaun Wu
    The Earth Dragon, Father Earth
    Greater Deity (Good)
    Symbol: A mountain that’s peak is lost in clouds
    Portfolio: Creation, earth, fatherhood, mountains, stone
    Worshippers: Druids, dwarves, good dragons, gnomes, rangers, stone giants
    Cleric Alignments: CG, LG, NG
    Domains: Creation, Earth, Good, Protection
    Favored Weapon: Claw bracers

    She Who Breathes Life into the Land
    Intermediate Deity (Good)
    Symbol: A winding river surrounded by fertile soil giving rise to plant life
    Portfolio: Fertility, rivers
    Worshippers: Druids, farmers and peasants, fishermen, rangers, sailors
    Cleric Alignment: CG, LG, NG
    Domains: Good, Plant, Travel, Water
    Favored Weapon: Khopesh

    The Breath of the World, The Bringer of Change, The Wild One
    Intermediate Deity (Chaotic)
    Symbol: A single leaf swirling about on the wind
    Portfolio: Air, wind
    Worshippers: Druids, rangers, sailors
    Cleric Alignments: CE, CG, CN
    Domains: Air, Chaos, Destruction, Travel
    Favored Weapon: Longbow

    The Starry Watcher, The Celestial Guide
    Intermediate Deity (Good)
    Symbol: A blue sky with the constellation of a woman stretching over the sky
    Portfolio: Horizons, rain, sight, sky, stars
    Worshippers: Astrologers, cloud giants, diviners, druids, farmers and peasants, rangers, sages, scholars, storm giants, travelers
    Cleric Alignments: CG, LG, NG
    Domains: Air, Good, Knowledge, Travel
    Favored Weapon: Sling

    The Knower of Earth’s Secrets, The Salt Seeker
    Intermediate Deity (Neutral)
    Symbol: a salt crystal
    Portfolio: Metal, mining, secrets, tunnels
    Worshippers: Dwarves, sages, scholars, smiths
    Cleric Alignments: CN, LN, N, NE, NG
    Domains: Artifice, Earth, Knowledge
    Favored Weapon: Heavy pick

    The Fresh Faced Goddess
    Lesser Deity (Good)
    Symbol: A ripe apple
    Portfolio: Endurance, fitness, youth
    Worshippers: Athletes, guards, healers, sentries, travelers
    Cleric Alignments: CG, LG, NG
    Domains: Endurance, Good, Healing
    Favored Weapon: Boomerang

    The Faithful One, The Lord of Romance
    Intermediate Deity (Chaotic, Good)
    Symbol: A golden harp
    Portfolio: Family, friendship, love
    Worshippers: Artists, bards, elves, husbands and wives, lovers
    Cleric Alignments: CG, NG
    Domains: Charm, Community, Good, Joy
    Favored Weapon: Unarmed strike

    Waern’s Watchman, The Steward of Good Men
    Greater Deity (Lawful)
    Symbol: A bearded man with a face on the four sides of his head
    Portfolio: Discipline, duty, protection, watchfulness
    Worshippers: Constables, defenders, dwarves, fighters, guards, judges, monks, nobility, paladins, sentries
    Cleric Alignments: LE, LG, LN
    Domains: Destruction, Knowledge, Law, Protection
    Favored Weapon: Flail

    Lady Luck, The Incorrigible Rouge
    Intermediate Deity (Chaotic)
    Symbol: Two dice with blank sides where the ones should be
    Portfolio: Humor, luck, tricks, wit
    Worshippers: Bards, gamblers, gnomes, halflings, practical jokers, rouges, those wishing luck
    Cleric Alignments: CE, CG, CN
    Domains: Chaos, Luck, Trickery
    Favored Weapon: Sling

    The Avaricious One, The Bounteous Lord, The Seducer
    Intermediate Deity (Evil)
    Symbol: A ruby with a smiling face inside
    Portfolio: Abundance, greed, wealth
    Worshippers: Looters, merchants, nobility, rouges
    Cleric Alignments: CE, LE, NE
    Domains: Charm, Evil, Greed, Trickery
    Favored Weapon: Dagger

    The Church of Sarvag is technically neither legal or illegal.

    The Goddess of Golden Tears
    Intermediate Deity (Neutral)
    Symbol: A red rose wreathed in flames
    Portfolio: Fertility, life, passion
    Worshippers: Everyone
    Cleric Alignments: CN, LN, N, NE, NG
    Domains: Charm, Healing, Luck
    Favored Weapon: Unarmed strike

    The Hand of the Deep, The Master of the Sailor’s Sleep
    Lesser Deity (Evil)
    Symbol: A kraken’s tentacle surrounded by swirling dark water
    Portfolio: Drowning, ocean depths
    Worshippers: Druids, kraken, merfolk, rangers, sahuagin, sailors
    Cleric Alignments: CE, LE, NE
    Domains: Blackwater, Death, Evil
    Favored Weapon: Harpoon

    The All Knowing, The Archwizard, The Lord of Books
    Intermediate Deity (Lawful)
    Symbol: An open book
    Portfolio: Engineering, knowledge, learning, magic
    Worshippers: Architects, artisans, monks, sages, scholars, scientists, wizards
    Cleric Alignments: LE, LG, LN
    Domains: Knowledge, Law, Magic, Rune
    Favored Weapon: Kusari-gama

    The Sky Rager, The Thunderer
    Intermediate Deity (Chaotic, Evil)
    Symbol: Three forked bolts of lightening
    Portfolio: Sky, storms, thunder
    Worshippers: Barbarians, druids, farmers and peasants, rangers
    Cleric Alignment: CE, CN, NE
    Domains: Air, Chaos, Destruction, Storm
    Favored Weapon: Trident

    The Unspoken Lord, The Eternal Torturer
    Greater Deity (Evil, Lawful)
    Symbol: A coiled whip dripping blood
    Portfolio: Fear, pain, suffering, punishment, torture
    Worshippers: Assassins, fighters, monks, rouges
    Cleric Alignments: LE
    Domains: Destruction, Law, Pain, Spite
    Favored Weapon: Whip

    The Master of the Forge, The Master Smith, Roughhands
    Lesser Deity (Neutral)
    Symbol: A forge and bellows
    Home Plane: Scorched Furnace of Godforge
    Portfolio: Crafts, smithing
    Worshippers: Artisans, blacksmiths, dwarves, gnomes, jewelers
    Cleric Alignments: CE, CG, CN, LE, LG, LN, N, NE, NG
    Domains: Artifice, Fire, Rune
    Favored Weapon: Warhammer

    The Sea Mother, The Mistress of Gentle Waves
    Greater Deity (Good)
    Symbol: A fishing net full of fish
    Portfolio: Abundance, creation, motherhood, sea
    Worshippers: Coastal dwellers, druids, fishermen, merfolk, mothers, rangers, sailors
    Cleric Alignments: CG, LG, NG
    Domains: Creation, Good, Ocean, Travel, Water
    Favored Weapon: Net

    The Unwanted One
    Lesser Deity (Evil, Lawful)
    Symbol: A hideously deformed humanoid face
    Portfolio: Ignominy, isolation, ugliness
    Worshippers: Outcasts
    Cleric Alignments: LE, LN, NE
    Domains: Pain, Spite, Trickery
    Favored Weapon: Falchion

    *The winter rose is a fictious rose with white petals and an ice blue stem and thorns found only on Illorun's home plane which gather incredible amounts of negative energy. In pnp they are considered minor artifacts.
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  3. Ilmater's Suffering Gems: 21/31
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    Jan 7, 2006
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    The gods of Waern are worshipped in a similar fashion to a pantheon of deities. Most people simply worship whatever deities have the largest effects on their life, regardless of how the two deities relate to each other. Inhabitants of Waern also pay little attention to the particular alignment of a deity and it isn't unheard of to find a LG worshipper of a CE deity or several CE deities.

    The most important deity to rural areas and most wilderness areas is Grunla. She is understandably also the most worshipped deity in such areas for her control over agriculture and nature.

    In urban areas Elonid is the most important deity and usually the most widely worshipped (though in some regions Mairadon and Pyltharam draw more worshippers).

    However, in terms of overall worshippers, Sedenira surpasses all other deities. She represents sex and the fertility of all creatures who reproduce through sexual means, therefore all those who are trying to conceive or are sexually active and trying not to conceive throw prayers her way, as do those who are trying to attract members of their sexual preference as per her passion aspect (though Sedenira frowns upon homosexuals who fail use their reproductive abilities). While not EVERYBODY worships Sedenira there is general type of worshipper Sedenira, an ogre berserker is just as likely to worship Sedenira as a halfling commoner and the majority of ogre berserkers and halfling commoners will worship Sedenira.

    Vailorath is the most feared of deities while Illorun is the most hated (though still one of the most widely worshipped).

    Most deities are worshipped privately through the use of personal idols, attending church when they feel they need to make a sacrifice to a deity or have a pressing and specific need that needs divine assistance. Churches tend to act more as a base of operation and a training ground for the clergy rather then a place of worship.

    Atheism is very uncommon in Waern for atheists tend to find themselves as playthings for the gods, especially evil ones. Gods are rarely willing to kill the follower of any other deity with their own hands for fear that the other god may retaliate and kill one of their favorites. Atheists are typically only found in the profession known as an ur-priest.

    Most people in Waern do not address the gods by name unless they are trying to attrach divine attention, instead using their titles. Elonid is never addressed by name, as none desire to have his justice and judgment directed at that. Vailorath is so greatly feared that he is rarely ever spoken as anything other then the Unspoken Lord as so that he does not turn his gaze on them.

    In terms of mythology, Grunla, Malaun Wu and Yuteko are regarded as the creator gods, responsible for the Material Plane and those who inhabit it. The outer and inner planes along with the inhabitants of those planes are rarely considered as creations of the three creator gods. The fourth creator god is rarely mentioned, a creature of chaos and evil, who is held responsible for the creation of many of the evil creatures in Waern. This deity was eventually killed by some of his creations, the abominations known as the hecatoncheires, who have become known as murderers of the gods themselves over the thousands of years that have passes since then. This fourth god is rarely mentioned except in respect to how the chaotic and evil spider god known as Xithax burst forth from the god's form upon his death.

    Following the creation of the world, for untold millennia, the world was dominated by the seemingly invincible Xithax, the god of darkness, insects, poison, spiders and wilderness, making the development of permanent settlements impossble. However Xithax was finally defeated in an epic battle against Caelryn, guided by the prophesy of what Waern was suppose to become and the spider god forced to withdraw deep into the Spiderweb Forest where he remains to this date.

    Though most humanoid inhabitants of civilized lands know little of the evil gods whose worship is frowned upon (though they are apt to know these gods' names if they hear it), all are aware of three who are greatly feared and sensationalized in society. First off the is greater deity Belzales, the god of illusion, intrigue, lies, planning and wit, who is generally regarded as the god of evil in the minds of most. Only Vailorath is feared more then Belzales for Belzales is the master of words and disguises, appearing in any form, saying what ever is wanted to be heard in order to lead good men to the path of evil. He is often said to appear as a blue fly. Second is Felusia, the intermidiate deity of freedom and vice, seen as the embodiment of sin and corruption. She is a libertine to the extreme reveling the gravest of perversities and immoralities. She is the daughter and opposite of Mairadon, who she is some times implied to have seduced and formed an unholy relationship with, though whether such is true is yet to be seen. She is the most sexually ravishing and charismatic of the deities, seemingly oozing raw, debased sex. The third is the greater goddess Neithutet, whose portfolio is killing, massacres, rage, revelry and slaughter. Feared even by her fellow deities, having murdered more deities than any other creature in Waern, Neithutet has become something of a favorite villain of stories. Once renown for having intended to slaughter the entire human race, only to be stopped by flooding fields with beer until she drunk herself to the point of passing out, Neithutet is often associated with her aspect of drunkenness and her other aspects of revelry when appearing in stories. Considered one of the four most beautiful goddesses and notorious for her exposed breasts, she is a favorite of storytellers having heroes stumble upon her incapacitated form. When drunks become belligerent or violent they are often said to have been possessed by the spirit of Neithutet (even though drunkenness is the only thing that sates Neithutet's violence).
  4. Ilmater's Suffering Gems: 21/31
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    Jan 7, 2006
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    Government: Divine Absolute Monarchy
    Ruler: Pharaoh (Lawful Neutral Demigod)

    The first nation of western Waern, Akhunein is built along the mighty Munepses River, whose yearly floods keep the otherwise arid and infertile soil lush and fertile. Akhunein was founded by Amuset, who was the first to adopt the mantle of Pharaoh. Amuset abdicated the throne after a failed coup by traitorous nobles. The title was then picked up by Amuset's son. This second Pharaoh was murdered by Neithutet several thousand years later. The slain Pharaoh was succeeded by his son, the current Pharaoh. Akhunein is the most powerful kingdom in western Waern in both terms of military might and economic resources. Akhunein is dominated by temples and statues of Pharaoh and his divine kin, though his aunt, Neithutet, is understandably excluded from these works as Pharaoh has an immense desire for revenge against her. Akhuneinians do not build pyramids or mummify their dead, instead dead members of the nobility are placed on ceremonial boats on the Munepses river and float down the river out to sea, symbolizing the passage to the afterlife. Poor members of society are left on stone slabs in the desert as to "be absorbed by Amuset". Akhuneinian culture is often viewed as scandalous by other kingdoms as most elements of their society is sexually permissive, facilitated by a culture that emphasizes motherhood and pregnancy as beautiful. Akhunein is also sensationalized for their noblewomen who are bare breasted in public. Northern Akhunein, which is not part of the traditional Kingdom of Akhunein does not adopt such cultural practices. Akhunein is surrounded by a vast desert known as the Burning Wastes which is a tendency to be the home of powerful wizards and evil churches.

    Unlike real Ancient Egyptians, Akhunein is not biracial in phenotype. In order not to clutter Waern, the traditional fantasy cultures (i.e. white western and oriental) take place in Waern, where a sister set of worlds holds the more exotic African and Native American type cultures. That world also contains a Egypt type culture, but is more Nubian/Ku****e while this one in Waern is more Semitic (Mesopotamian).

    Government: Feudal Monarchy
    Ruler: King Belard VII (Lawful Evil)

    The cultural capital of the western lands of Waern, Auvelaine is predominately pastoral farmlands, with massive and booming cities found along it's coasts and major rivers. It's robust economy has lead to a sizable surplus of income amongst the nobility for many years, giving rise to enormous and grandiose temple complexes like the Cathedral of the Righteous Path, near constant knightly tournaments and extensive patronage of the arts and music. The Church of the High Father (Elonid) is certainly the most powerful institution in the land, surpassing the nobility in power and untouchable even by the Crown. The aged Grand Prelate, Adestian IX, a cleric of considerable power, has become involved in a messy political conflict with the young king of Auvelaine over the nature of man's responsibility towards other men. In south eastern Auvelaine lies the desert formally referred to as the Auvelainian Desert, but has recently come to be called the Dragon's Desert after the clever female young adult blue dragon named Ysaurandion. Until recently Auvelaine was ruled by the just and benevolent king, Belard VI, but was forced to abdicate the throne in order to avoid going to war against his own son, the current king, who was threatening to forcefully remove his father if he did not step aside. King Belard VII is renown both as a horse trainer and for his madness.

    Government: N/A
    Ruler: N/A

    The birthplace of chivalry, Calornea is the breadbasket of western Waern. Currently in the throws of a civil war, Calornea was a representative monarchy until recently, featuring both a king and senate that represented the landed aristocracy and trade interests. The civil war was initiated over royal revenue and has since lead to the execution of the the King of Calornea. Currently the Merchant Faction, the chief opposition of the king, calling themselves Senatarians, have turned their attention to the king's brother, the Duke of Parrest.

    Citadel of Devotion
    Government: Oligarchy
    Ruler: Angelic Counsel (three lawful good solars, three neutral good solars and three chaotic good solars)

    A fortress standing on a cliff over looking the water just south of the Niflhelm Ice Sea and a port nestled at the base of the cliff, only accessible from the sea or through the fortress itself. The Citadel of Devotion was founded by the angelic orders and the city is populated by celestial beings and good mortals (with the occasional good leaning neutral). The purpose of the Citadel of Devotion is to hold the forces of Illorun and the other beings of Niflhelm in check.

    Government: Absolute Monarchy

    A city state found just south of Auvelaine that thrives on sea trade. Corluna tends to have much of it's internal politics dominated by the evil transmuter known as Arbryn Ronaeza, often referred to as the Monster of Corluna. Unlike the true kingdoms found in Waern, the nobles of Corluna do not derive their wealth from land, but from rights to place tariffs on certain trade goods that enter the city. Corluna, despite it's affluence is not regarded as a city that is a patron to the arts, but due to the influence of Arbryn Ronaeza is a center for botany.

    Government: Oligarchy
    Ruler: Council of Six

    An opulent merchant state that is currently in a state of decline, the Kingdom of Leppenza consists of the great city Leppenza, the second largest city in the western world, and predominately farmland. The Kingdom of Leppenza has a royal family, but they are essentially held captive by the Council of Six. The Kingdom of Leppenza is effectively ruled by the Council of Six, a nonhereditary council appointed for life in a closed door process by several guilds, the most notable of which is the Arcane Order. The Council of Six is notorious for being puppets of the Arcane Order. The Arcane Order holds its headquarters in the city of Leppenza, the Tower of Mazaren, as well as their magic college, the College of Ellymottin “Gempowder” Badgerhill.

    Government: Absolute Monarchy

    A city state found to the south of Corluna, who also relies upon sea trade and whose nobles rely upon tariffs rather then land for their wealth. Lonaeza has recently ended a costly war with it's wicked neighboring city, Dracayor, the Citadel of Scale. Though Lonaeza emerged victorious, the final battle was a disaster in which, the noticed mercenary, a sorceress of incredible power and unpredictable motive, Vhadra Sandspell, destroyed not only the much of the army of Dracayor, but Lonaeza's army as well. Lonaeza considers itself to be one of the greatest patrons of painting and many great painters can be found in this city.

    Government: Feudal Monarchy
    Ruler: Queen Lornessa I (Lawful Evil)

    One of the two island Kingdoms of Western Waern, Lyonesse is a prosperous nation, falling behind only Akhunein and Auvelaine in terms of wealth and military power. Lyonesse has given up much of its native culture in favor of the culture supplied by the mainland replacing it's petty chiefs and warrior-elities with nobles and knights. Though identical in phenotype to the inhabitants of Old Lyonesse, the cultural redefinition of the Kingdom of Lyonesse has been built upon the idea of the inferiority of the inhabitant of Old Lyonesse who hands on to his barbaric and savage ways. Beings, like the fey, who remind Lyonesse of it's past have found themselves of an on going attempted extermination and most druids and rangers engaged the forces of Lyonesse centuries ago and in defeat where driven from the kingdom or slaughtered. Worship of Caelryn has been outlawed and worshippers of nature deities have been pressured to convert to other deities, specially followers of Grunla. Lyonesse has been engaged in a lengthy and costly war against Auvelaine that lasted 21 years before coming to an end six years ago, bankrupting Lyonesse in the process. Five years ago saw the death of King Alroth IV without a male heir, passing the crown on to his daughter, Lornessa, a pious follower of Mairadon. Lornessa I has earned the moniker The Hangman's Queen for her brutal enforcement of the law. However despite her harsh and burtal methods, Lyonesse as come to profit, despite the ruined kingdom her father left her with. Lornessa is currently a widow, having executed her last husband for treason. Lornessa is infertile and is currently looking for a follower of Mairadon for her younger half-sister, Viorna, to marry to ensure the nephew who succeeds her is a follower of Mairadon.
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    Old Lyonesse
    Government: Tribal Chiefdoms
    Ruler: N/A

    Bordering the Kingdom of Lyonesse to the west and north lies Old Lyonesse. Inhabitants of Old Lyonesse rely on communal subsistence farming rather then agro-industry implimented by the nobility of Waern's kingdoms. Old Lyonesse is a warrior culture and much of it's local economy involves making war, especially against the Kingdom of Lyonesse. Old Lyonesse has a strong druidic tradition and this has led to Old Lyonesse to be a hold out for fey and similar creatures. Recently, Queen Lornessa's cousin, Essellia Beccester, has fled to Old Lyonesse after having her treasonous plans uncovered and now tries to rasie the clansmen of Old Lyonesse against her cousin in hopes of placing herself on the throne of Lyonesse. Essellia currently has the backing of Gwalydd Celwydson, a berserker without par and easily the most influencial man in Old Lyonesse backing her.

    Princedom of Foltzgard
    Government: Feudal Monarchy
    Ruler: Princess Elsandra Foltzgard (Lawful Neutral)

    The weakest of the five princedoms, this princedom lacks both resources and population to make it a significant political actor, though it's current ruler, Elsandra Foltzgard, has done much on her own right to make this princedom politically significant. This princedom often finds itself in conflict with Loskgrod as raiders often spill in from Loskgrod, along with Elsandra's frequent manipulation of nobles as well as the royal family of Loskgrod.

    Princedom of Gretzen
    Government: Feudal Monarchy
    Ruler: Prince Olhard Gretzen (Lawful Good)

    The wealthiest and most politically influencial of the five princedoms, the Princedom relies on its southern ports to generate much of this wealth. Of the five princedoms that formed out of said empire that came before (sorry I still have to come up with name for it), the Gretzens have the closest blood ties to the ruling family of the empire. The current prince, Olhard, is but a mere sixteen years of age.

    Princedom of Hozenval
    Government: Feudal Monarchy

    Mired in a history of betrayal and suspicion of dark practices, this princedom is the favorite for many horror stories. The Hozenval family is forever stained by the fact that it was the betrayal of their ancestor that led to the death of King Gotmund V and the fragmentation of the empire into the five princedoms. The dreaded Castle Vothyretz can befound in this princedom, home to Duke Vothyretz, his wife and daughter, vampires who are the favored servants of the dark god of undead, Kelgoryd.

    Princedom of Karngaal
    Government: Feudal Monarchy
    Ruler: Prince Bairald Karngaal (Lawful Neutral)

    Currently overrun by orcish invaders, human control remains wherever individual nobles can hold their castles against orcish aggressors. Clerics of Cerborar are largely responsible for this, first inciting a rebellion and following that by sending in their orcish allies to finish the destruction. This response came in reaction to Bairald Karngaal's increased persecution of clerics of Cerborar. This princedom is one of two with sea ports.

    Princedom of Maranhold
    Government: Feudal Monarchy
    Ruler: Prince Rynvald Maranhold (Lawful evil)

    The furthest north and most martially oriented of the five princedoms. This princedom is largely undeveloped and it's people tend to have a harsh, savage aspect to them, akin those who inhabit the Northlands. The Maranholds have a strong association with Vailorath and every generation has at least one sibling who serves in the church.

    Government: Autocracy
    Ruler: King Hargeld Bluetooth (Chaotic evil)

    A kingdom of vikings and other raider types located in the Northlands. The ancestors of these men banded to gether to resist the influence of Illorun and her followers. This kingdom predominately raids Lyonesse and Auvelaine because of the amount of wealth centered in that kingdom, but they raid where ever the waterways take them.

    Government: Tribal Chiefdoms
    Ruler: N/A

    This region is the northern most region in western Waern and like Old Lyonesse is a warrior culture. It's peoples are predominately substance farmers, some of whom supplement this with raiding. This entire region largely dominated by the forces of Illorun.

    Well I'm wearing down. I think this will be enough to go on for now. There are other little places, but...
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