Thanks to the following people for their help, comments, and input

Cool Jerk(for posting my fiction on his Web page)
Kat S(for giving me his MM7 looting research data run results)
Kaptain Caveman
Elara(for her excellent non-gold monster looting methodology)
Tennessee Ernie Ford(for providing me a MM7 save game and also giving me input and comments)
Robert(for his excellent MM8 artifact/relic location list)
Greywolf Hunting(for the nice .jpg file on the front page)
Steve Church(for his assistance in helping me on the MM8 Bounty Hunting List)
Lord Roberts/Salamander
Steve Jaqvaar
The Guild of the Wooden Flute site
(for providing a holding area for my HTML files)
The 3DO MM6 Message board
(for keeping those old message posts)
Web Monkey for their excellent HTML reference guide