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In short: The avenger druid has seen great wrongs committed against Nature and wanders the land seeking justice. This loner acts instead of talks. The avenger receives an additional weapon proficiency, but suffers a -1 reaction penalty when dealing with people.

Description: The Avenger druid has seen Nature suffer great wrongs. Avengers no longer hold the defensive. Instead, they roam the world seeking wrongs to right and foes to fight. And whether their opponent is a brutal king cutting down an ancient forest to build a fleet of war galleys, or an evil vampire menacing a peaceful halfling village, the Avenger acts to stop him. Permanently.

This druid is a grim, strong, and silent warrior of the wilds. Avengers have little time for anything but their mission, although they are as patient as spiders when it serves their plans. Loners, they avoid love or friendship, fearing either could compromise their mission; if they associate with a party of adventurers, they treat them as allies, but not as friends. The Avenger rarely speaks more than absolutely necessary to humans and most demihumans (although he may talk to animals or sylvan races like wood elves). He doesn't bother to explain or justify his actions. The Avenger dislikes remaining in one place, and frequently moves on after finishing a particular job.

Equipment: Avenger druids should spend their initial allotment of gold pieces entirely on equipment, for they lose any unspent starting money in excess of 1 gp.

Special Benefits:

The Avenger receives an additional free weapon proficiency slot to use for any proficiency his branch allows.

Special Hindrances:

The druid's grim and silent demeanor gives the character a -1 penalty to reaction adjustment from people in encounters. No Avengers can have henchmen, hirelings, mercenaries, or servants until they reach 13th level. They can have any amount of treasure, but cannot own more treasure and equipment than they can carry on their back - any excess must go to a worthy cause.

Source: The Complete Druid's Handbook
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