The Spells - Divine Spells

Level 1

Level 1 features most types of divine spells, including the inevitable useless ones.

Armor of Faith
Effective for a level 1 spell, especially at higher levels. Its fast casting time allows for casting in between attacks. Good for front liners. Note that this spell sets resistance and is not cumulative with items.

Bestows a minor combat bonus on the party, of which you can never have enough. The area of effect is only 20 feet. Cast one before combat if you can (it is cheap), but do not waste your time on it once the fight has started.

Save-or-else spell (although it will affect lesser creatures without allowing a save). The other problem (besides the save) is that it wastes one of the party' s actions as well, effectively just trading off unless you use the Cast & Attack tactic. Clerics only.

Cure Light Wounds
The lowliest healing spell. Heals 8 Hit Points every time. Not really worth memorizing.

Detect Evil
You would be surprised what is Evil in BGII; just about everything. Still, knowing this in advance does not give you much advantages. Doing quests for people you know are Evil is still worthwhile. Oh, and you usually get to kill them afterwards anyway. Paladins get loads of this for free.

A more useful side effect of this spell is its "life scan" property. It will give you a listing of all Evil or magic resistant creatures in the area, giving you an indication of what is still left to go.

Very minor effect, but no save and casts fast. One of the useful spells at this level. Note that it does not ignore magic resistance.

A level 1 stationary area disabling spell should be nice, were it not that it gives a substantial save bonus and does not really disable. Entangled creatures suffer a 2 point penalty to Armor Class. The only "druids only " spell at this level.

Magic Stone
This spell is a joke; a sad excuse for a Magic Missile imitation. It may not be a complete waste of time if mixed in between a Cleric or Druid's sparse attacks, but is hardly worth the effort of clicking your mouse button.

Protection from Evil
Minor effect, though not too bad since most enemies are Evil. Demons will attack the party anyway if not the entire party is protected. Lasts a bit longer than the arcane version. Skip this and wait for its big brother (which lasts for half an hour). Clerics only.

Remove Fear
A useful area spell that protects the whole party from a disabling effect. Does not affect enemies. Get one and cast it when you expect mages, dragons or demons. Watch out for panicked party members running out of its area of effect. Load up; it's cheap. Clerics only.

A very special invisibility spell. You can cast healing and prep spells and still not become even partly visible. Use it as you would use regular Invisibility, and to heal, prep and protect party members in combat without being disturbed. Druids miss out on this one. Unlike the invisibility bestowed by Hide in Shadows and the arcane spells, Sanctuary allows you to open chests without becoming visible. Apparently, even Paladins make better burglars than Thieves in BGII.

This spell is treated as an illusion and will be dispelled by illusion removal spells. Some creatures that see through invisibility (such as liches and dragons) see through this as well. Sanctuary is broken if you cast spells that affect others (targeted or area), including Bless. Note that Protection from Evil 10' Radius only targets the caster.

The other complete joke at this level. It is not even a real +1 weapon (just hits as one). Even Irenicus' Dungeon features better weapons for Druids, not to mention the other priests.

Level 2

Level 2 is characterised by a lack of useful spells, especially for Druids. Filling all your level 2 slots with spells you will actually cast is going to be hard.

Combines very minor healing (half that of Cure Light Wounds) with a one-person Bless. The bonus Hit Points are only temporary if they take you over your maximum. OK for lower level characters, but in BGII this is not worth the time you spend casting it in combat. Unlike in BGI, Cure Light Wounds now out-heals this one. Memorize only if you have no idea what else to do with your spell slots. It is cumulative with Bless. Clerics only.

Passable for the more fragile Druids, and can also be cast on your Kensai, wizard and Thief buddies. Still, even they should be able to find better armor than this spell provides. The Save bonus is nice, though.

The description of this spell states it provides a bonus to hit and damage rolls and saving throws for the party and a penalty for your enemies. None of that can be verified by using it, though. It does not show up in the character Record or the Extra Combat Info. A good prep spell if it works as it is supposed to (better than a "double Bless"). Be sure to memorize several if it does indeed work (it would be even more useful than the level 4 spell Defensive Harmony). Clerics only.

Charm Person or Mammal
Basically Charm Person that will also affect mammals. The latter are not exactly the most fearsome creature type in BGII, so that does not add anything. It also has a much longer casting time than the regular Charm Person. Wait for Mental Domination if you wish to charm things. Druids only.

Draw Upon Holy Might
Gives big stat bonuses for a short time. The bonuses are cumulative with item bonuses (though still capped at 25). The Strength bonus is especially effective, the Dexterity bonus is OK. Non-warriors will not really benefit from Constitution scores over 16. Clerics only.

The bonus Hit Points bestowed by this spell and any additional Constitution modifiers make this spell passable self-healing as well.  Cast before resting to bring your Constitution over 19 and regenerate while you rest.

Find Traps
Turns the priest into an infallible trap detector. Memorize a couple if you venture anywhere indoors without a Thief or Monk. Detection is automatic; the priest does not need to concentrate on it the way Thieves and Monks have to.

Flame Blade
"Upgrade" to Shillelagh that has one use and one use only: Troll slaying. Memorize only if you are at the D'Arnise Keep or the Druid Grove and somehow managed not to find loads of Arrows of Fire or Acid.

Good Berries
Not that good, actually (excuse the pun). Fun to script characters casting, trading and chewing these things, but even Aid heals about as much as these. A slight advantage of this spell is that you can stock up on the berries. Eating a berry still counts as a spell-equivalent action. Druids only.

Hold Person
Decent save-or-else spell; being disabled usually means a swift death. This spell is actually an area spell (very small party friendly area), which means it will ignore annoying spell protections. Paralyzed enemies are automatically hit when attacked. Lots of creatures are immune to Hold, and many do not fit the definition of "person". Clerics only.

Know Alignment
Same problems as Detect Evil, and even less advantages. Who cares whether someone is Chaotic, Lawful, or Neutral in Baldur's Gate?

Resist Fire/Cold
A sad spell, even though priests have plenty of slots to burn at level 2. Gives only 50% resistance (which is no good) and does not last long enough to conveniently cast in between battles. Memorize when you enter fire giant lairs or plan to stare down red dragon throats only.

Silence 15' Radius
Save-or-else lose one round cheesily casting Vocalize with ForceSpell(). Hold Person does all this and more. Clerics only.

Slow Poison
The lowliest of the two cure poison spells. Will neutralize weak poison and "downgrade" strong poison. Much more useful than in the PnP game, where a failed save versus Poison usually spells immediate death.

Spiritual Hammer
Gives you nothing whatsoever you should not already have picked up somewhere. Unlike the PnP version, this hammer cannot be thrown. Druids are spared this spell.

Level 3

Druids face an absence of a good spell selection at this level (again). Fortunately, this is partly remedied by the presence of Dispel Magic (which is always handy).

Animate Dead
Gets you overgrown Skeleton fodder (between 1 and 3) unless you are level 15+, in which case you get a powerful Skeleton Warrior. They last for hours. The skeletons are undead, which bestows lots of immunities (such as Poison, Sleep, Panic, Charm, Confusion and Mind Flayer Psionic Blast), but also means you have to be careful in turning undead. The skeletons are rather slow and tend to lag behind. These creatures are vulnerable to your own attempts at turning undead.

The Skeleton Warrior is 90% magic resistant and therefore very effective against spellcasters and Mind Flayers, and allows you to cast area damage spells at the creatures they are engaged with. A very good summon if your level is high enough. Druids miss out on this spell.

Call Lightning
Too bad this cannot be cast indoors. This spell does awesome damage (think several Flame Strikes here). Be sure to memorize some if you expect a fight out in the open. Druids only.

Cure Disease
If you get Diseased, be happy that it was nothing serious... Nothing waiting around for a while won't cure. Remember it also cures Blindness and Deafness.

This spell cannot be fully scripted because STATE_DISEASED is broken.

Cure Medium Wounds
Upgrage to Cure Light Wounds, but still not very exciting. Do not use in combat (or at all...).

Dispel Magic
Very multifunctional spell, but also a liability as it is not party friendly. Especially druids should load up on this, as they are not going to find much else at this level.

Glyph of Warding
Disregard most of the stuff in the manual; this is the divine "equivalent" of Skull Trap, although its use is greatly lessened by the save. Go for Holy Smite, unless you wish to use it as a trap. Clerics only.

Hold Animal
Most monsters are not "animals". The ones that are tend to be easily defeated (even in BGI; remember all those bears?). Give this spell a wide berth. Clerics are spared this spell.

Holy Smite
Almost a combination of Glitterdust and Abi-Dalzim's Horrid Wilting! Great spell if you have no Evil characters in the party. Since most of your enemies are Evil (even the Harpers you fight), this spell gets you good value for its level. It is useful even if you do have Evil party members; treat like a Fireball but ignore non-Evil party members in the area. Druids really miss out.

Invisibility Purge
Go for True Sight if you can, otherwise having one of these is not too bad (it removes some annoying spells). Does not affect the party.

Miscast Magic
Enemy spellcaster scripts will not be aware of an 80% spell failure effect and happily keep trying to cast. Rather limited use and not spectacular.

Protection from Fire
Elemental resistance isn't worth much, but fire damage is reasonably common. This spell will make you 100% resistant to all fire damage, so memorize this if (and only if) you expect to run into lots of enemies with fire based attacks. Does not have a different effect on the caster than on other targets. Not too great. Clerics have much better options here, but Druids might fill the odd slot with this.

Remove Curse
It is nearly impossible to get cursed in this game. Druids are spared this spell.

Remove Paralysis
Area spell, but would you wait around until several party members were immobilized before casting this? Specific use spell; memorize only when you know you need it. Clerics only.

Rigid Thinking
Causes Confusion in a single enemy; compare that to Hold Person. Pathetic.

Strength of One
Unwieldy prep spell that may come in handy depending on your party makeup. Take care not to weaken your warriors with this spell if they already have a decent Strength (either naturally or through an item). Send already strong people out of the area of effect to prevent them from being affected.

Summon Insects
The first Insect spell, not a very good one (the target may save, though at -4). Still, Druids do not have many alternatives at this level, and at least it works indoors. Druids only.

Unholy Blight
The Evil version of Holy Smite. Practically worthless; Good enemies are pretty rare (unless you like having a Reputation of 1). Druids are spared this spell.

Zone of Sweet Air
Stationary area damage is easily turned against your enemies because of your vastly superior tactical insights... Right? Be grateful when someone casts Cloudkill, do not get rid of it. Clerics and Jaheira only, for some strange reason.

Level 4

Animal Summoning I
The lowliest of the divine summons. Not very impressive, but still fodder.

Call Woodland Beings
A great summon. The nymph is very fragile but has a variety of useful spells. Her spell list consists of:

The nymph loses most of her effectiveness in the second half of the game because of the high amount of save-or-else spells, but the Mass Cure alone is worth memorizing this spell. Clerics miss out on only one spell in this level, unfortunately this one.

In most battles, have the nymph start off with Confusion, followed by Call Lightning or the Mental Dominations.

Cause Serious Wounds
Pathetic. 17 damage is not much, especially considering you spend two rounds to inflict it, and the casting time leaves the priest open to attack and spell disruption. Not very practical for a melee spell.

Cloak of Fear
Variation on Horror with a pretty limited area. The nastier enemies do not even have weapons to drop. Skip this.

Cure Serious Wounds
Practically the same as Cure Medium Wounds. This is supposed to be an upgrade, but heals only three pathetic Hit Points more. Go for it only if you really need the healing. Druids are better off getting an extra Call Woodland Beings in any case.

Death Ward
Protects against some of the nastier spells. Although there are more effective ways to do that (Improved Invisibility, Spell Turning or disrupting enemy spellcasters to name but a few), none of them have the lengthy duration of Death Ward. Use versus Beholders if you do not have anything to reflect their rays, or when going up against high level Mages (Time Stop followed Symbol, Death..., Finger of Death, Wail of the Banshee).

This spell protects against the insta-kill powers of some NPCs that are not supposed to be killed (such as Arkanis Gath).

Defensive Harmony
A very useful effect, though offset by the limited duration.

Mug enemies with summons without ever showing up yourself! Very effective if combined with the right summons for the job (almost cheesy, but what else could this spell have been designed for?). Try sending a Nymph at enemies that start out with a blue circle (such as the sewer party) and have her cast Mental Domination on the spellcasters (the rest will not turn hostile).

Free Action
Specific use spell. Unlike Remove Paralysis, this also has preventative use. Memorize only when you know you will use it (such as when facing Balors or Mind Flayers); save Dispel Magics for the odd Hold effect. Clerics only.

Holy Power
Gives a THAC0 bonus of 1/3 levels and gives you some Hit Points, which are good, but the Strength modification can actually be detrimental. Casting Draw Upon Holy Might after this is a sure way to turn your Cleric into a combat monster. Clerics only.

Lesser Restoration
Level drain is often avoidable (equip your front-liners with the Improved Mace of Disruption or the Amulet of Power), but the risk is often present (if only through those annoying Energy Drain traps). No need to memorize this if you are not vampire hunting or otherwise exposed to level draining creatures (such as the Shadow Dragon). Druids miss out here.

Mental Domination
Decent save-or-else spell; the most powerful charm available. This spell will affect any creature regardless of type, though immunities are very common. This spell is exactly the same as the arcane version in BGII. Clerics only, though the nymph from Call Woodland Beings does a fine job at this.

Negative Plane Protection
Would be handy when hunting Vampires, were it not that it has to be cast in advance but lasts only 5 rounds. Try the Improved Mace of Disruption +2 or the Amulet of Power instead.

Neutralize Poison
The other cure poison spell. Will cure any poison. Though this spell is rather expensive at level 4 (you could just memorize more healing spells), it is the only real solution for curing heavily poisoned spellcasters (face heavy spell disruption if you do not).

Does awesome damage at higher levels, but is really just a variation on regular save-or-else spells. Clerics are better off with Mental Domination (or skipping save-or-else entirely here). Druids should try the spells the Nymph from Call Woodland Beings can cast.

Protection from Evil 10' Radius
Truly great spell. Not just useful for demon calling. Since at least half your enemies are Evil, this spell is comparable to Defensive Harmony, with the major difference that this will last much longer. Druids miss out here.

Protection from Lightning
Waste of a level 4 slot. Lightning damage is pretty uncommon.

Level 5

Decent stuff at this level; good damage, healing and protection spells.

Animal Summoning II
More animals, this time tougher ones. Decent summon and a good upgrade to number I.

Cause Critical Wounds
Doing 27 damage with a spell and an attack is still not good (you could cast Flame Strike and hit someone over the head in the same time!). The item created by this spell hits as a +6 weapon.

Chaotic Commands
A must when fighting Umber Hulks or Mind Flayers, handy when fighting vampires and spellcasters. Protects soloers from those annoying game-ending Maze traps. Load up if you have slots to spare.

Cure Critical Wounds
Cures the solid amount of 27 Hit Points, making it one of the few healing spells worth casting in combat. Of course, those Potions of Extra Healing that practically lie in the streets do the same, only faster. Mass Cure makes this spell obsolete at higher levels.

Champion's Strength
Basically a Holy Power that can be cast on someone else. Takes away your Cleric's spellcasting abilities, so it is quite useless. Clerics only.

Flame Strike
Very damaging single target spell. Great combat spell, one of the few for priests. Fill up on this. It's only real drawback is that it does not work on the bigger baddies. Demons and dragons tend to be fire resistant, and liches and mages often bounce spells. Druids miss out here (but then again, they get Iron Skins).

Greater Command
Souped-up Sleep that affects any creature. Any creature without the all-too- common immunity, that is. Skip this.

Insect Plague
This spell is an area spell that will affect all enemies in its area. It is a party friendly area damage spell that disrupts spellcasting and may cause panic. Druids only, one of their best spells.

Iron Skins
Stoneskin for Druids, need we say more? OK, it is even better; it cannot be Breached. Just too bad Clerics do not get it.

Magic Resistance
OK when soloing. Do not memorize unless you know you will use it.

Mass Cure
The only area healing spell, can even be cast from a distance. Starts out as a "Cure Medium Wounds 10' Radius" but levels up to the area equivalent of Cure Critical Wounds. Good casting in combat; much better than Cure Critical Wounds.

Pixie Dust
The divine equivalent of Invisibility 10' Radius. Exactly the same uses. Druids only.

Raise Dead
Powerful spell, but hope you do not need it too often. Even more so, hope no- one suffers the "chunky death", polymorph or disintegration. Druids miss out here, but Jaheira gets Harper's Call (which is essentially the same). Memorize if you do not have sufficient cash to keep a well-charged Rod of Resurrection.

Repulse Undead
"This powerful spell..." Yeah, right! Especially compared to the others at this level. The only advantage over simply turning undead is that it always works. Still will not repulse Liches, because they are immune to level 1-5 spells. Druids are spared this spell.

Righteous Magic
Combines a slight healing effect with very good combat bonuses. A must for Clerics that like to bash heads; makes them resemble Kensai. Clerics only.

Slay Living
Why go through the trouble of casting and hitting just to deliver a save- or-else suffer minor damage spell? Unlike Finger of Death, this does not even have a save penalty. Clerics only.

True Seeing
The Divine equivalent of the Arcane spell True Sight (different name, same spell). Priests do not get many anti-illusion spells, but they do get the best. You will not need any of the others if you have even one of these. Will dispel (and keep dispelling!) just about all annoying illusions (so cast up front when battling nasty Mages). No need to memorize this if you have an Inquisitor (such as Keldorn) in the party; they get it for free.

Level 6

Several strong summons at this level.

Aerial Servant
Starts out invisible and is much tougher than a Mountain Bear. Its invisibility and immunity to normal weapons make it extra useful. An excellent spell. Clerics only.

Animal Summoning III
Summons slightly tougher stuf than its predecessor, as it should. The animals still do not compare to the Fire Elemental. Pick this one if you are more interested in quantity than quality.

Blade Barrier
Your very own portable sushi machine. Keep your priest away from the rest of the party. Does huge damage, but unfortunately a succesful save or magic resistance check negates all. It will also not hit as often as you might have hoped; only once per round, which is often wasted because no enemies are nearby. Clerics only.

This spell can be dispelled by Breach.

Bolt of Glory
Long casting time makes this less useful than it could have been, but it ignores magic resistance. Memorize if you expect demons. Clerics only.

Conjure Animals
Animal Summoning III gets you several more HD worth of creatures on average, Aerial Servant or Conjure Fire Elemental gets you a better fighter. Pick this one if you need summons, cannot get the Fire Elemental and prefer quality over quantity.

Conjure Fire Elemental
Even the basic Elemental is pretty strong and the 24 HD Elemental is awesome. Can't go wrong with these; they hit as +4 weapons, so they can damage practically every creature in the game. Druids only.

Dolorous Decay
The slow effect has no save, but lasts for only two rounds; not worth the trouble. The damage is pretty useless because it has a save. Skip this and help yourself to an extra Fire Elemental. Druids only.

False Dawn
A suitably powerful anti-undead spell, but rather specialized. By the time Clerics get this, they are already able to turn most undead anyway. Clerics only.

Fire Seeds
Makes grenades. Small area of effect and unimpressive damage, though purely fire damage and not affected by (magical) weapon immunity or spell protections. The things stay for half an hour, so you could cast it well ahead of battles. You can give these things to party members (don't get carried away; they're not worth it). Warriors throw them at their increased attack rate. A pain to script. Druids only.

Interesting spell against big, powerful creatures. If you manage to hit the intended victim the fight is practically over.

The ultimate (single target) cure and healing spell wrapped into one. Use whenever you feel like it, but keep in mind that the Rods of Resurrection do the same (only quicker).

Physical Mirror
Go for an extra summon instead; that tends to care of archers just as well, but has plenty of other uses.

Sol's Searing Orb
Another anti-undead spell. Simply Turning Undead could be more effective, though this spell has some use against non-undead. Not much, though; it does minor damage, takes up an attack and basically does to one target what level 3 Holy Smite does to several. Clerics only.

Wondrous Recall
You do not get to choose which spells to rememorize. It will go for the highest level spells, prefering the ones in the "first " spell slots. It will "rememorize" spells that have been added to your spell scroll after resting, so if you find yourself in dire need of a particular spell, place it into your spell slots and remove all "cast" instances of spells of equal or higher level that come before it. It will not rememorize arcane spells.

Whether two level 5 spells are more valuable than one level 6 spell is a tough judgment call. Ranger/Clerics will probably love the extra Iron Skins this generates. Some possibilities:

Level 7

Lots of good stuff at the top.

This spell has absolutely no business in the top divine spells. It is not even that good for a level 4 arcane spell!

Conjure Earth Elemental
Comparable to its level 6 brother, the Fire Elemental. Memorize only if you really need one more tough summon. Druids only.

Creeping Doom
Very similar to Insect Plague. More damaging but takes almost twice as long to cast. The damage is good, but Nature's Beauty is better. Druids only.

Damage is so-so, disabling effect is marred by the save, although it is a tough save. The aftershocks are a mixed blessing at best; a double-edged knife.

Finger of Death
Save-or-else suffer some minor damage anyway. Either way, save your precious level 7 slots for something good. Clerics only.

Does about 100 damage over 4 rounds and ignores magic resistance. Not bad if you like area damage.

This spell calls in a nasty Pit Fiend that is unaffected by +2 weapons or lower. It has several annoying area spell-like abilities (Fireball, Symbol, Fear and Dispel Magic), so do not get close to it. It is immune to fire. It strikes as only a +1 weapon. Use the needed Protection from Evil (preferably the 10' Radius version), run out of its sight, or be prepared to fight it yourself.

Note that the divine version of this spell casts almost twice as fast as the arcane version.

Greater Restoration
If you do not have Throne of Bhaal installed this is essentially a Heal and Lesser Restoration in one. Memorize if you do not need any of the other level 7 spells. If you do, it becomes an area spell. An excellent way to turn the tide in a losing battle. Clerics only.

Holy Word
Great for killing lesser foes, but are you willing to fork out a level 7 spell for that? Non-Evil Clerics only.

Nature's Beauty
Awesome spell; it will blind regardless of the save. Will affect liches and dragons (provided their magic resistance does not stop it), and ignores spell protections. Permanently disable almost the entire battlefield with this one. Clerics miss out here.

Not an awe-inspiring healing spell. The advantage of Regeneration over other healing spells is that it can be cast before you get hurt, but the duration is a bit short and the damage healed is less than fantastic. This spell is not in the manual.

Raise Dead and Heal in one (works on living targets as well). Druids miss out here.

Shield of the Archons
The divine equivalent of Spell Deflection. Certainly not the best conventional spell protection, but the only one available to priests. Priests can make much better use of this than wizards, though. Enemy spellcasters tend to simply target the nearest party member, and unlike wizards, priests have the needed Hit Points and Armor Class to stand in the front line (and thus absorb spells).

Like all spell protections, this spell does not absorb Breach, Lower Resistance, or any area spells.

Will do over 1000 damage to undead that fail their save. This is a work-around to make it fatal to undead that are immune to certain insta-kill effects. By the time you get this, you'll be able to Turn most undead to bits. Clerics only.

Symbol, Death
Save-or-else area spell that has a rather small area and will not even affect anyone with 60+ Hit Points (by the time you can cast this, that will be just about everyone). Waste of a level 7 slot. Can be set as a trap and goes off when something comes in range 8.

Symbol, Fear
Tougher save than Symbol, Death, and at least it will affect healty creatures. Running after panicked enemies is no fun. Still a waste. Can be set as a trap and goes off when something comes in range 8.

Symbol, Stun
The only Symbol spell actually worth memorizing sometimes, of marginal use when set as a trap. Goes off when something comes in range 8.

Unholy Word
Unless you like having a Reputation of 0, Good enemies are hard to find. Druids and Good Clerics are spared this spell.

Quest Spells

The final level. Lots of good stuff here. Too bad they have to share the level 7 spell slots.

Aura of Flaming Death
Combines a number of moderate effects in one spell. The whole is not greater than the sum of its parts here, so it is doubtful if this spell is worth its slot. Note that the "protection" it provides merely consists of retaliating with fire damage. In the case of spells and ranged attacks, the retaliation is made only if the attacker's circle touches the caster's circle. Melee attacks allow for a little gap.

Elemental Summoning
Gets you two decent fighters (69% of the time) or one amazingly powerful Elemental Prince (31% of the time). Good, but there's better. Druids should pick Greater Elemental Summoning after this to guarantee summoning Princes, Clerics should go for the Devas. The only downside to this spell is its short duration. See Greater Elemental Summoning for the details on the Princes.

Globe of Blades
Souped-up Blade Barrier with all accompanying drawbacks of shredding your summons and allowing a save against the damage (Stoneskins are destroyed before the save is made). Get a Deva (or Planetar) to do this (and much more) for you.

Unlike Blade Barrier, this spell is available to druids. Yay.

Greater Elemental Summoning
The ultimate druidic summon, these guys kick butt! All three have fighting abilities comparable to a level 15 Fighter, good magic resistance, loads of hit points, immunity to weapons of +2 enchantment or lower and appropriate elemental damage resistances. They can see the invisible. Their fists strike as +3 weapons and dispel magic on a hit. The princes don't count as summons (unlike other elementals), so they're immune to Death Spell. Each of them has further individual perks:

Like its little cousin Elemental Summoning, this spell only lasts a short while.

One of the rare Divine damage spells and sort of an improved Bigby's Clenched Fist. Only affects one target but Holds without a save, does good Blunt damage (few creatures are immune to that) and bypasses magic resistance! Insane damage dealing is best left to mages, but if you need your cleric to do it this will serve you fine.

Mass Raise Dead
If you need to cast this spell you're probably going down no matter what. Your party members will be unarmored and near death. Try to avoid this fate by using (Rods of) Resurrection instead and choosing a better spell here.

Storm of Vengeance
Three rounds of area-wide party friendly spell disruption and the damage is not too shabby either. Causes so many different elemental damages that totally resistant enemies are extremely rare. The poison causes 4 damage per second on a failed save, nothing if the save is made. Vastly superior to Earthquake. Use when swarmed by hordes of spellcasters.

Summon Deva
The ultimate clerical summon. Calls forth a powerful Solar armed with a mace that destroys undead, dispels magic and Stuns on a hit. The thing's fighting ability compares to that of a level 10 Fighter, has good magic resistance and is immune to various elemental damages, insta-kill effects and weapons of less than +2 enchantment. It regenerates and can see the invisible. The Deva is actually gated instead of summoned, so it's unaffected by Death Spells.

The Deva is a decent Divine spellcaster (with a touch of Arcane) with the following spells memorized:

Not nearly as powerful as the Planetars, but then it's no level 9 spell either. One of the best Divine spells. Paladins are lucky to get these as a class ability. Good and Neutral clerics only.

Summon Fallen Deva
The Deva's evil twin. Ever-so-slightly less useful because it cannot stand in the blast radius of Holy Smites. Gets the same spells as its Good counterpart, except for two extra Globe of Blades and Cure Serious Wounds. Evil and Neutral clerics only.